Irish Guy PREDICTS Champions League Last 16

13. feb.. 2021
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The Irish Guy predicts the Champions League last 16 ties this week, including Barcelona v PSG, RB Leipzig v Liverpool and Chelsea v Atletico Madrid.

  • whos here after chelsea beat atleti

    Christopher ReynoldsChristopher Reynolds2 timer siden
  • Goddam how can you be so wrong

    AckermanclanAckermanclan11 timer siden
  • Welp he was wearing about chelsea away game

  • Whos here after chelsea beat atletico?

    Awwab BlackAwwab BlackDag siden
    • Chelsea fan here but it's the first leg we have to finish the job at the bridge coyb💙🔵🔵

      Chibuikem HenryChibuikem HenryDag siden
  • 1-0 Chelsea lets go. We should have som with more goals

    jonte zayajonte zayaDag siden
    • @jonte zaya yeah

      Chibuikem HenryChibuikem HenryDag siden
    • @Chibuikem Henry yes i Know but we have to hope for the best. They actually didnt have a shot on target

      jonte zayajonte zayaDag siden
    • Second leg is still available tho we have to remember what happened to united against leipzig

      Chibuikem HenryChibuikem HenryDag siden
  • Chelsea fan watching this after the game today...... ahem

    HammyHammyDag siden
  • Even if we lose the 2nd leg you are still wrong for expecting to win the first leg

    Avir 101Avir 101Dag siden
  • Here after Chelsea won the first leg

    DaKingDaKingDag siden
  • time to say goodby juve fans, the predictions are out

    JustaYokaiJustaYokaiDag siden
  • Real madrid 🤝🏼 barcelona Being shit anywhere else besides La farma

    Fiba_dan 6Fiba_dan 63 dager siden
  • Who is here after Barcelona 1-4 PSG

    Ciarán ReynoldsCiarán Reynolds4 dager siden
  • Bayern got cursed they just lost to Frankfurt 😂😂

    Not MeNot Me4 dager siden
    • Or did they

      jojo Bryanjojo BryanDag siden
  • Oh no, the Irish guy has cursed Atletico Madrid 8:19

    cheese pizzacheese pizza4 dager siden
    • Lmao

      Avir 101Avir 101Dag siden
    • LOL Chelsea actually won

      DaKingDaKingDag siden
  • How has he said Dortmund and Sevilla are a UEL team and gotten away with it

    Josh Cr3Josh Cr35 dager siden
  • Breaking news Liverpool keeper Allison has caught the Adrian virus Sorry thats the only explanation or conspiracy I had in mind

    ceerw butyceerw buty5 dager siden
  • Please don't start betting you will end up living in a bin behind wetherspoons

    dan kaylldan kayll5 dager siden
  • 7:34 "Sergio Concecow"? Also, that didn't go well lol

    DNB120DNB1206 dager siden
  • bitch i play volleyball

    ItzArditrusItzArditrus6 dager siden
  • You guessed the Dortmund game perfectly 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Val JacksonVal Jackson6 dager siden
    • “Or being beaten by a team with Danny Simpson at right back.” shows image of Wes Morgan

      ceerw butyceerw buty5 dager siden
  • Mustafi kept a clean sheet last game, now time to eat a stick of uncooked broccoli Irish guy😂

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni6 dager siden
  • we are 4 games in and there are already wrong predicitons

    Natanael Cardoso PereiraNatanael Cardoso Pereira6 dager siden
  • Being a porto fan I think the irish guy yh is officially cursed

    Leonardo SilvaLeonardo Silva6 dager siden
    • I'm happy he predicted real madrid to lose lol now we might win

      hamdy karimhamdy karim4 dager siden
  • Horrible predictions lol

    Brett GarboBrett Garbo6 dager siden
  • I'm no physician but I'm pretty sure your testicles are not supposed to be lodged in your own throat. Someone else's at a pinch, but never your own.

    Damo CarrollDamo Carroll7 dager siden
    • winners: liverpool city porto psg atletico dortmund bayern atalanta

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni6 dager siden
  • Irish guy: ronaldo will strike fear in these porto players, and this is one of the most inevitable juve-wins ever. Porto: are you sure about that

    ThommelomThommelom7 dager siden
  • I'm from Tanzania and we dont have west coast?

    no sleepno sleep7 dager siden
  • The porto one aged well ahahaha

    João FernandesJoão Fernandes7 dager siden
  • Your predicts totally wrong .

    Dean DibraDean Dibra7 dager siden
  • these predictions are absolutely terrible 😂

    391 Dave Pulical391 Dave Pulical7 dager siden
  • HITC does these predictions for comedy. He is never right

    Tyrone CodnerTyrone Codner7 dager siden
  • Irish guy: This is the most easy to predict , juve will undoubtedly win Next Day Porto 2 - 1 juventus

    Mo4 4Mo4 47 dager siden
  • 2_0 last night

    Connor SimsConnor Sims7 dager siden
  • “Or being beaten by a team with Danny Simpson at right back.” *shows image of Wes Morgan*

    talnwdrwtalnwdrw7 dager siden
  • it would be so funny... ??

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy7 dager siden
  • Anyone here after the first 4 champions league games?

    Steven JaureguiSteven Jauregui7 dager siden
    • Now I have more hope of winning since he predicted real to lose

      hamdy karimhamdy karim4 dager siden
  • what are you talking about chelsea to go though you predicted chelsea lose now we gonna win

    christiano lagoschristiano lagos7 dager siden
  • Anyone here after porto won ???😂😂

    Doy BoyDoy Boy7 dager siden
    • @jacob Murphy lol no it wasn’t nowhere near a draw porto dominated 1 half and juve got a lucky goal in 😭😭😭 stop trying to make excuses both barca and juve are mis teams

      Doy BoyDoy Boy7 dager siden
  • winners: liverpool city porto psg atletico dortmund bayern atalanta

    zwebackshyperzwebackshyper7 dager siden
    • Who is here after Mbappe makes camp nou his bitch

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy7 dager siden
  • 😂😂 Battle of the Southampton Managers lmao.

    5thDawg5thDawg8 dager siden
  • 10 years ago Dortmund were about to be in a championsleague final

    Evan HaighEvan Haigh8 dager siden
  • Irish guy deserves a raise for how wrong he gets these predictions

    Edmilson LennonEdmilson Lennon8 dager siden
  • mignolet is a capable goallie , instant best in belgium... if only there was no german nepotism at liverpool at the time being and some thrust, no better than courtouis but still better than Karius even on his best days, just watch bruge in the europa league, able to outperform themselves :)

    Jo MoJo Mo8 dager siden
    • would be funny if you did also a europa league prediction :p

      Jo MoJo Mo8 dager siden
  • Who is here after the Mbappe

    C.O.GC.O.G8 dager siden
    • Yh

      rinserinse7 dager siden
    • Hatrick*?

      C.O.GC.O.G8 dager siden
  • Well done Irish Guy

    emmanuel ugwunneemmanuel ugwunne8 dager siden
  • Anyone here after the 4-1 win by PSG against Barca in the first leg ?

    MAHIUNMAHIUN8 dager siden
  • TBH, I think that someone is doing a real life Carrer Mode with Atalanta

    Zac Universe ProductionsZac Universe Productions8 dager siden
  • The Irish speaks so fast

    Hussainali KhalifaHussainali Khalifa8 dager siden
  • Who is here after mbappe scored a hat trick 😂😂🙂🙂😅😅😭😭😭😭

    Osman HersiOsman Hersi8 dager siden
  • Who else is here after PSG 4:1 Barca

    Tyler AndersonTyler Anderson8 dager siden
  • ''Wrong Paul. Yeah, it's Logan like from X-Men!...''

    Dan McPhersonDan McPherson8 dager siden
  • Who is here after Mbappe makes camp nou his bitch

    DxnyyDxnyy8 dager siden
  • i really think you shoud do a stand up show REALLY!

    Majid AbdiMajid Abdi8 dager siden
  • chelsea win 3-1

    Julian Calderon-DiazJulian Calderon-Diaz8 dager siden
    • @wonderful human being with a great character ya

      NigerNiger6 dager siden
    • @Niger You're a Liverpool fan, right?

      wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character6 dager siden
    • @Julian Calderon-Diaz they've conceded 13 league goals,mate I underestimated them last year and we got fucked

      NigerNiger8 dager siden
    • @Niger but that doesn't matter atletico madrid also have many weaknesses meaning no team is impossible to beat.

      Julian Calderon-DiazJulian Calderon-Diaz8 dager siden
    • Atleti are top 3 teams itw atm

      NigerNiger8 dager siden
  • Did he just say the west coast of Tanzania 🇹🇿😂😂👌🏾 classsyyyy

    2Kid Official2Kid Official8 dager siden
  • Are people forgetting RB Leipzig made it to the semi finals last year and they also beat an atletico Madrid team that kicked Liverpool out of the champions league last year post lockdown.

    Luggi GrantLuggi Grant9 dager siden
  • Lol jus typing today because I woke up feeling that RB Leipzig will beat Liverpool

    Luggi GrantLuggi Grant9 dager siden
  • Leipzig will knock out liverpool

    Andy MiguelAndy Miguel9 dager siden
  • lol

    SploxzSploxz9 dager siden
  • Alright Irish Guy, I put all ur 1st leg picks in a parley $5 to win $3000 🤞

    giganterlgiganterl9 dager siden
    • Oh no

      Football FrenzyFootball Frenzy8 dager siden
  • The west coast of Tanzania is very scenic by the way!!

    Ben MainaBen Maina9 dager siden
  • Barcelona will beat PSG in both legs

    Jermaine ButlerJermaine Butler9 dager siden
  • I put a 5er on your Liverpool vs rb and barca vs psg prediction.... I'll be sure to let you know how it goes 👍👍🤣

    darrodogg1 random bulldarrodogg1 random bull9 dager siden
    • You owe me a fiver 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      darrodogg1 random bulldarrodogg1 random bull8 dager siden
  • Sérgio ConceiCOW is a great manager to be fair.

    Jack Francis BreathnachJack Francis Breathnach9 dager siden
  • Im literally 4 months older than leipzig

    ShackmanShackman9 dager siden
  • The Irish guy saying a 7 hour car ride is long distance. I had to go that far on a regular in high school to play games and that was in one state.

    Bigboy69Bigboy699 dager siden
  • LOVE IT!!!!!BTW I'm irish as well

    Hawthorn BallacollaHawthorn Ballacolla9 dager siden
  • Me, when Irish guy insults Little Mix: 😫🥺😥

    AmmieAmmie9 dager siden
  • Ok so now flip all his predictions around and you have the actual results

    datboidiegodatboidiego9 dager siden
  • I think that Barcelona will win against peg and progress to the quarter finals.

    Abdulrahman AlqawasmiAbdulrahman Alqawasmi9 dager siden
  • I also predict atalanta will beat real madrid they are kinda shit now

    Tracy KavanaghTracy Kavanagh9 dager siden
  • Dortmund *makes CL knockout every year* Irish guy: *sleep*

    Evan TsioropoulosEvan Tsioropoulos9 dager siden
  • Bayern is already on the finals

    Phantom KnightPhantom Knight9 dager siden
  • do not underestimate sevilla. they will beat dortmund imo not to mention they are on a 5 match win streak in the league and just beat barca in the copa del rey

    Diego RamirezDiego Ramirez9 dager siden
  • "Juventus will find this easy" this guy hasn't watched porto in the ucl nor juve this year...typical uk/irish take

    The LusogermanThe Lusogerman9 dager siden
  • Very harsh to call Dortmund a Europa League team...

    Sam GollingsSam Gollings9 dager siden
  • "Ronaldo will instantly strike fear into this Porto team" hmmm are you forgetting Porto has Pepe??

    Rafael SantosRafael Santos9 dager siden
  • Idk As a madrid fan Atalanta looks more ready then madrid at the moment but it’s fútbol anything can happen 🔥

    Flashie -Flashie -9 dager siden
  • The home Liverpool game has to be played in neutral grounds cuz Leipzig can’t go back to Germany

    Jaireo父Jaireo父9 dager siden
  • You should never predict anything mate, has this man ever been right?

    LarryTCLarryTC10 dager siden
  • Your voice irritates me

    Steelers FanSteelers Fan10 dager siden
  • Europa league predictions????????

    Sam BainSam Bain10 dager siden
  • This guy doesn't know shit about football

    Walid bendlalWalid bendlal10 dager siden
  • At 10:25 if anyone understands him plz tell me

    Jacob EyreJacob Eyre10 dager siden
  • Dude i i thi k u undrestimate madrid fear factor they may just edge it against atlanta

    Odaro UworuyaOdaro Uworuya10 dager siden
  • Disagree with Sevilla vs Dortmund, think it will be a good fixture

    kyrokyro10 dager siden
  • Eden hazard is a glorified Lucas Vásquez. At least Lucas Vásquez isn’t always injured though.

    Prince Vegeta’s Burner AccountPrince Vegeta’s Burner Account10 dager siden
  • The idea Real Madrid fans want Zidane at the club is complete fairy tales pretty sure it’s the board keeping him there

    Scag 1Scag 110 dager siden
  • Man City is winning the UCL

    Young TurkYoung Turk10 dager siden
  • Leipzig is gonna beat liverpool

    Mr. P. EnisMr. P. Enis10 dager siden
  • the fact that the Irish guy has predicted barca to lose against psg gives me more confidence on barca making it through because of his track record in predictions

    Aryan KeniAryan Keni10 dager siden
  • 7:12. in the mud. lmao

    Kwame kwartengKwame kwarteng10 dager siden
  • my god I can't understand almost anything...

    Alessio RapinoAlessio Rapino10 dager siden
  • The Quarter Finals of the UCL 20/21 will consist of: Liverpool Barcelona Sevilla Juventus Atletico Madrid Bayern Munich Atalanta Man City

    Tierney SZNTierney SZN10 dager siden
  • 4:12 haha sweet home alabama

    Bernhard SonnBernhard Sonn10 dager siden
  • 3:30 even worse than all the other valentines days

    Bernhard SonnBernhard Sonn10 dager siden
  • 3:03 sadly not, that idiot 😭

    Bernhard SonnBernhard Sonn10 dager siden
  • 2:09😂

    Bernhard SonnBernhard Sonn10 dager siden
  • 1:55😂

    Bernhard SonnBernhard Sonn10 dager siden
  • Shitting on leipzig even though theyre one of the best run teams in the world? Id forgive them for not even qualifying with the talent they've been selling yet the machine continues to challenge in every competition. The fact the club was founded in 09 to promote red bulls sports brand makes their position even more remarkable. As for the manager.. pretty sure chelsea tried to get nagelsman over tuchel? Hes one of the most wanted gaffers in modern football

    Alex FieldsAlex Fields10 dager siden
  • Unpopular opinion: I don't mind RB Leipzig. They're a club with no history created to sell Sports Drink, but given what happened to East German football after reunification I think I can look past that. Their clubs had a massive decline and were stripped of their assets, with good players all moving to the West. A good football team can be great for the area and I think East Germany needed some success and an injection of cash. I think Roman Abramovich should have bought Sheffield United or Sunderland for the same reason, so I'm probably not the best at economics or football journalism.

    Dom 1432Dom 143210 dager siden