6. april. 2021
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We all know I give Ben Askren minimal chance of beating Jake Paul and this was my chance to explain to Ben why I think this...
Great conversation. Good Guy & I wish him luck.
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  • Thank you for watching this. Sorry about the edit, won’t happen again 🙏🏾

    VIDDALVIDDAL11 dager siden
    • No problem my G

      Blane BBlane B3 dager siden
    • Viddal you should react to the NOworldrs that were boxing eachother to get onto the event

      SamSam3 dager siden
    • Viddal can u just box Jake and make him cry.

      AvAv4 dager siden
    • When are you fighting jake LOL

      Robert JordaanRobert Jordaan4 dager siden
    • All g good shit go Ben!

      Caylem FarquharCaylem Farquhar4 dager siden
  • Fok jake paul get em ben

    Yanisnicboy6 999Yanisnicboy6 999Time siden
  • Ben seems to be a nice person good luck to him

    don't call me apussdon't call me apuss2 timer siden
  • i would have asked ben how serious is he about this fight? i dont think hes taking it serious and it will be over in 1 round, maybe 2

    dean skinnerdean skinner2 timer siden
    • ben can afford to lose this fight, no big deal. jake CAN NOT afford to lose this fight, its over for jake if he does(he wont,which is a shame coz i fucking hate the guy)

      dean skinnerdean skinner2 timer siden
  • For once, I’m actually interested in this fight of jake’s.

    Bassist 224Bassist 2242 timer siden
  • Excellent interview. No nonsense no bias. Subscribed.

  • You need to sack your audio engineer

    Steven KershawSteven Kershaw3 timer siden
  • Hey Vidal, Ben, like JJ, is a fighter which Jake isn’t. Ben can beat Jake if he has the right guidance. I myself am a kick boxer but I feel that Ben CAN beat Jake but only if he has revived the right guidance like JJ received from you. He’s a fighter and he will FIGHT but Jake will BOX and I always believe that a FIGHTER is far far FAR stronger than just an amateur and BEGINNER Boxer.

    Kanishka KasarabadaKanishka Kasarabada4 timer siden
  • Viddal seems to think he knows more about fighting than Ben.

    JohnnyBoy3000JohnnyBoy30006 timer siden
  • Jakes got everything to lose

    Kxng S4f3Kxng S4f312 timer siden
  • If the fight goes on for more than 3 rounds, Ben's got this.

    Kxng S4f3Kxng S4f313 timer siden
  • "rough him up"

    RobinRobin13 timer siden
  • i got so much respect for Ben Askren i hope he embarrasses Jake

    fiduciafiducia13 timer siden
  • Cant wait to until ben kill his ego

    ShebSheb21 time siden
  • Most people that comment and engage in polls WANT Ben Asquith to win and so they make him the favorite. With the betting companies most of the money is going on Jake Paul and so they have to make Jake Paul the favorite so they have to pay out less if Jake Paul wins (by reducing the odds pay out).

    Frankie Ag NostosFrankie Ag Nostos21 time siden
  • Leon is annoying as shit in this video!

    Lol999supercar9Lol999supercar9Dag siden
  • Mad ting my brudda💯🔥

    Joe MommaJoe MommaDag siden
  • I hope Ben smashes his face in but if Jake does win then I think Vidal needs to do us solid and sort him out 😂😂

    It’s BIGginge43It’s BIGginge43Dag siden
  • Vidal carries himself so high. Respect.

    Power YouPower YouDag siden
  • This guys teaching everybody to be a better version of them selfs top block

    carl Walkercarl WalkerDag siden
  • These comments are so chill. its weird to see a NOworld comment section that isnt a cess pool of bullshit

    Jonathan BrooksJonathan BrooksDag siden
  • Ben kinda look like ah more grown up Pat Cee Cee😂

    DevoDevoDag siden
  • “Don’t tie your ego to the outcome” love it

    dolita windodolita windoDag siden
  • Josh Kelly king of fast twitch.. Can't fight for more than 3 rounds

    JMS xJMS xDag siden

    NabSterNabSterDag siden
  • I mean even though Ben just started his proper training for boxing. but just look at his cauliflower ears, he shouldn’t be a guy that can be easily mess with or easily got beaten.

    LukasLukasDag siden
  • Omg Ben is murdering Jake on the trash talk front. It hurts to watch 😂

    Samantha GirikhanovSamantha GirikhanovDag siden
  • If Jake or his team had confidence they’d call out lower level boxers or mma guys known for striking. But no, he calls out a retired wrestler known for bad standup. I think that says a lot. But they underestimated the value of just being a fighter and because of that Jake is going to get his ass kicked. That’s what I think but we’ll see.

    Samantha GirikhanovSamantha GirikhanovDag siden
  • Dang Ben is literally everywhere promoting this fight.

    Samantha GirikhanovSamantha GirikhanovDag siden
  • Best Ben interview has 2 fighters perspective and each of them is new to professional boxing 🥊

    Real SunniReal SunniDag siden
  • I think if Ksi loses to Jake VIDDAL steps in and wins

    Teros GamingTeros GamingDag siden
  • at aroun like 12 min or so, that is one of the best descriptions i’ve heard in a while bruh

    Tommy MataTommy Mata2 dager siden
  • If jake beats ben which i doubt vidal should mop the floor with jake end his boxing career i don't see ksi actually fighting him

    GamingWithMaddogGamingWithMaddog2 dager siden
  • the quality is making you look bad man

    James CartwrightJames Cartwright2 dager siden
  • I wish Vidal would’ve mentioned he is also a fellow Olympian like that’d of been so school for Ben to realise that Vidal is very similar in the sense that there beginnings of their careers were the same

    Gabe KevillGabe Kevill2 dager siden
  • you uploaded it too late man

    Ahlk JessAhlk Jess2 dager siden
  • Awesome interview..Great job guys..

    Tay. tatesTay. tates2 dager siden
  • The fact he’s not afraid to lose which is gonna win him this fight

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa2 dager siden
  • Ben and Logan both have the same competitive drive, which isn't a lot. Mayweather should be boxing Jake and Logan and Benny boy should be fighting. That would make more sense and be more entertaining to watch.

    Annie NAnnie N2 dager siden
  • What a guy ben askren is! As it gets later and hopefully ben grabs his arms and pulls to get them tired jake will gass badly. Make it a dirty boxing match he won’t know what to do

    Andy JAndy J2 dager siden
  • I Love Leon !

    Ruari Catani-BrownRuari Catani-Brown2 dager siden

  • Great convo! I’m glad I found this channel. Ben is introducing us to channels I would’ve otherwise know about.

    Kiss AnalogKiss Analog2 dager siden
  • leon is a real poplar don mad for me watching this cah hes from my ends and he's doing big tings

    Luis JacksonLuis Jackson2 dager siden
  • Idk why people make Ben out to be such a bad guy. I’ve watched the press conference and two podcasts (including this one) and he seems like a very likeable, levelheaded guy. Got nothing but respect for him and hope he does well in the fight.

    Jackson FisherJackson Fisher2 dager siden
  • Whats gwarning with viddals moustache here🤣

    Mr. BlueJoeyMr. BlueJoey3 dager siden
  • Win or lose Ben is is a stand up guy. Great interview

    Jc Blu_357Jc Blu_3573 dager siden
  • Why you guy hyping up Ben he gonna lose 😆

    Primal PPrimal P3 dager siden
  • Great interview. Looking forward to the BJ Flores one because you will ask the right questions. I think Ben is criminally underrating Jake. It’s only 3 years but it’s an extreme commitment with the best recovery, great coaches and high level sparring partners. If you surround yourself with great people it will surely rub off on you. The fact the BJ Flores head coach is Jake’s cut man. I mean you are getting tips and great advise from every angle.

    Josh TJosh T3 dager siden
  • How tf is Ben so likable?

    Jonas HorlacherJonas Horlacher3 dager siden
  • Ben bringing up the fact that jake is being protected in his camp really shows that he is not only training but he’s studying and learning about who jake is

    bilishu alissbilishu aliss3 dager siden
    • @erlend Apparently his coach tells his sparring partners to go easy on him, therefore protecting Jake during the camp. Although his coach denies this.

      MrMongoose221MrMongoose22114 timer siden
    • Wdum by protected in his camp?

      erlenderlendDag siden
    • @hoiy vinosa Very true couldn’t agree more

      Kayne_eny4KKayne_eny4K2 dager siden
    • Ben Askren is one of the most self-confident, mature adults I’ve heard speak. Really impressive and makes him super-likeable and chill.

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa2 dager siden
  • i love ben but there is next to no chance he wins this fight. he doesn’t box, he doesn’t have the reach or speed or the hands. jake hands aren’t anything in terms of actual pros, but he’s done it for 3 years with legit trainers. ben has heart and a chin but teqnique and experience (albeit limited) beats straight heart and grit. if u don’t box u don’t box. simple

    Markus RussellMarkus Russell3 dager siden
  • Ben about to triple my BTC

    DjaygizmoDjaygizmo3 dager siden
  • Now this was so much better than the Logan impaulsive version. You two guys were very respectful and asked the right questions. Ben is a genuinely nice guy too.

    Mike PMike P3 dager siden

    NabSterNabSter3 dager siden
  • I don't think I've ever been this engaged into a podcast. Amazing content guys!

    ____3 dager siden
  • Wow really good interview, you ask the good questions and get good conversation going. subbed 👍🏻

    Chase TelihaChase Teliha3 dager siden
  • Ben being this honest puts a lot of pressure on jake maybe it might cause a lapse of judgment on jakes behalf

    Uk BayleeUk Baylee3 dager siden
  • Bens not a NOworldr can’t get cancelled for losing 😂 don’t even kno what it is

    PyramidStePyramidSte3 dager siden
  • Sad how he takes big swig After he asks main question. Fail.

    lloyd livseylloyd livsey3 dager siden
  • Ben sounds like a GTA character

    PrinceReactsPrinceReacts3 dager siden
  • Disrespect!

    hitherehithere3 dager siden
  • He's not a good looking guy at all but you guys did him dirty with that thumbnail

    Jhosh UrenaJhosh Urena3 dager siden
  • ego to outcome? Didnt GSP said that very recently in Joe Rogan podcast? haha....

    AmNAmN3 dager siden
  • Even if ben doesn't technically win, I would still call him a winner with the respect he has won and how much he embarrassed him

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 dager siden
  • NOworld boxers be like

    Accidental IntellectAccidental Intellect3 dager siden
  • the fact that ben understands leon is magic

    Liam SmithLiam Smith3 dager siden
    • i didn't expect this but i learned multiple life lessons from this interview thnx ben, im rooting for you 100%!!

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 dager siden
  • loved this knuckles down britsh interview with askren well done

    Liam SmithLiam Smith4 dager siden
  • Leon seems like an awesome dude. I love his energy.

    Jay PrescottJay Prescott4 dager siden
  • I wish Ben wins, but hope he doesn’t at the same time cause I want JJ to finish Jake off and Ben beating Jake will kinda kill the hype. But go Ben

    Elijah KimElijah Kim4 dager siden
  • Ben you should feel great after winning. You did the world a huge favor.

    Nashane HindsNashane Hinds4 dager siden
  • Nice podcast- bit embarrassing though brothers. Ben Askrin to clever for You both. Win for him..

    WNFWO7WNFWO74 dager siden
  • Ayo Ben got cauliflower ear that’s a sign not to fuck with him 😂

    GurkGurk4 dager siden
  • if ben wins he should try to fight logan keep getting that bread lol

    Omg DookieOmg Dookie4 dager siden
  • “ My ego is not tied to the outcome.”

    ZenusZenus4 dager siden
  • I want Ben Askren to knock tf out of Jake but I don’t know

    N43U N4ZN43U N4Z4 dager siden
  • Ben is an exception to the rule when it comes to the fight game. He is articulate, understands it’s a job, has the ability to separate his private life and shares his perspective respectfully. Great show men....stay safe, thks🙏🏻❤️

    BlueFMBlueFM4 dager siden
  • Why people watch this guy from the uk 🇬🇧 this trainer wannabe teacher have no skills imagine how the real world work what you do in the ring is sad 😢 lol

    banana peelbanana peel4 dager siden
  • Guy called us an immature crowd :( I'm 21 and loving this dumbass yt boxing :p

    Pyro bossPyro boss4 dager siden
  • i didn't expect this but i learned multiple life lessons from this interview thnx ben, im rooting for you 100%!!

    d en ad en a4 dager siden
  • Jake is not a good boxer not by a long way i will even knock jake out

    Robert JordaanRobert Jordaan4 dager siden
  • Is this on Spotify?

    Eli PostEli Post4 dager siden
  • If Jake thinks of himself as a real fighter than why does he act like losing to him is some career ending embarrassment. Note: My full faith is in Ben Askren to beat the shit out of Jake

    Jake AntilJake Antil4 dager siden
  • Cant wait for the new boxing game ! And just seen you're in it 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Martin MontiethMartin Montieth4 dager siden

    JoannaJoanna4 dager siden
  • Day one with Askren, no worry though this wagon got so much room jump the Fu on.

    Michael HoganMichael Hogan4 dager siden
  • Ngl Ben's taking it lightly

    Shihab shamsShihab shams4 dager siden
    • Ben is really wise. Made a huge fan out of me

      JoannaJoanna4 dager siden
  • we saw it with ksi bc he didint have the best form but the heart was there same with ben

    DAB_ 05DAB_ 054 dager siden
  • outro song?

    Sleepless GuardianSleepless Guardian4 dager siden
  • love the real talk here man, VIDDAL!, top man bro & ben just go do your thing, you will eat jake for breakfast

    sproc01sproc014 dager siden
  • Jack can't fight. I don't know why people can't see that.

    One D OnlyOne D Only4 dager siden
  • Ben, you will knock out Jake Paul and render him useless in life from here on out. For all of the bad things Jake Paul and his followers did and said leading up to this fight will be the blessings showered on you. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Vengeance is mine says, the LORD.

    Preston SpringerPreston Springer4 dager siden
  • lol viddal backtracking when he's on a call with ben askren

    JinisbaeJinisbae4 dager siden
  • I love Ben’s personality! Regardless of what happens we know that Ben is on a whole other level on his own and at the end of the day he will always be the winner. But seriously, Jake Paul needs his ass kicked.

    Jay SJay S5 dager siden
  • Ben really had BJ flores life here🤣🤣

    LewisLewis5 dager siden
  • The term “your career will be over” only applies to the NOworld scene. Real athletes know that losing is a part of the game you sign up for.

    ItzBishopItzBishop5 dager siden
  • Crazy how he went from most hated to most beloved fighter

    LittleFlairTee - Etsy Tshirt StoreLittleFlairTee - Etsy Tshirt Store5 dager siden
  • Christ the Lord rose from the dead, purged your sins and is the way to heaven. Once you believe you have eternal life. Salvation is a free gift provided by the blood of Jesus.

    Scott MassingScott Massing5 dager siden
    • @Ben Oh yes it is. Whosoever believed shall not perish. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Do yourself a favor and watch Renee Roland on NOworld.

      Scott MassingScott Massing4 dager siden
    • its not only if you believe

      BenBen5 dager siden
  • Ben should have his own podcast or tv show he’s f-ing so likeable!!

    charliehockey78charliehockey785 dager siden
    • He does

      Umberto RSUmberto RS20 timer siden
  • Pay a better wifi plan my g

    SCMSCM5 dager siden