Insane Custom Jurassic World PC - PW29

25. mai. 2020
194 481 Ganger

Taking a look at some epic custom PC's submitted by the community!
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    TechSourceTechSource6 måneder siden
    • TechSource you don’t have to pay for window if you have a laptop that has window all you have to do was login to the account that was on the laptop and it’ll give you the option to get the window from the laptop =video from last week 650$ bugget pc

      FizzyFizzy6 måneder siden
    • He’s not gonna reply is he ☹️

      Rhyse godhaniaRhyse godhania6 måneder siden
    • Helo sir I'm from philippines

      karylle Doneskarylle Dones6 måneder siden
    • Wait is that your real card info lol

      AsnerzAsnerz6 måneder siden
    • Hey, I really need you to help me out, It’s not going to cost anything it’s just a problem with Cyberpower Pc as they are being reluctant to sought out my graphics card issue and now I have a overheating gpu, please warn people about there appalling service. Please blur my name if you use this for a video and let me know if you want to know anymore.

      Rhyse godhaniaRhyse godhania6 måneder siden
  • Why is this video is not in 60 FPS?

    EliezerGaming videosEliezerGaming videos4 måneder siden
  • 0:50 Super secure haa 🧐🤔

    Stee kiStee ki4 måneder siden
    • But, maybe it is not!

      Stee kiStee ki4 måneder siden
    • I know its fake number

      Stee kiStee ki4 måneder siden
  • Pls donate to me xd

    Neo EarthNeo Earth4 måneder siden
  • His single thick rad is perfect. Adding a second rad will do absolutely nothing for thermals.

    Jay'Von RoJay'Von Ro4 måneder siden
  • 1:46 I wanted to get a prebuilt pc because I’m new to this but seeing this pc makes me want to build the exact one can anyone just give me tips or help understand like what AMD ryzen 5 2600 is

    Rult TaeRult Tae5 måneder siden
  • I just built my own pc and when I turn it on nothing happens besides the led lights on the motherboard does anyone have an answer

    TreagleTreagle5 måneder siden
  • Any one understand what he just did on 0:51? I hope that’s a fake one 🤭

    LessPrideLessPride5 måneder siden
  • because of this series and setup wars i wanted to reorganise and redecorate my setup and whole room

    Joey Drees14Joey Drees145 måneder siden
  • finland?

    Jesse KanervalaJesse Kanervala5 måneder siden
  • 4:58 Perfectly balanced

    vaporvapor5 måneder siden
  • 8:07, does anyone know if he made that front panel himself or if i can get one anywhere

    RY4NRY4N6 måneder siden
  • 4:59 the bottom fan is upside down. Ughhhhh😩😩

    Archie Jack FrenchArchie Jack French6 måneder siden
  • Super awesome to finally be able to have my PC shown on PC Wars. I love PC Wars. Thanks! Good Day!

    Isaac MIsaac M6 måneder siden
  • This is daydream to me..😓

    MR. DeaD PooLMR. DeaD PooL6 måneder siden
  • These pc’s look so cool

    10k subs with no videos10k subs with no videos6 måneder siden
  • You should do a set up war console edition

    Maxime CharbonneauMaxime Charbonneau6 måneder siden
  • Can you make a updated monitor guide video for monitors under $300 budget?

    Sachin SharmaSachin Sharma6 måneder siden
  • Ny^

    Fabian GarciaFabian Garcia6 måneder siden
  • Could you do a season of setup makeover In my

    Fabian GarciaFabian Garcia6 måneder siden
  • Techsource can u give away me some pc not gaming plz like only 50$ pc plz i only have a aspire 4730z Plz 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😔😔😢😢🥺🥺

    Ang3loTYAng3loTY6 måneder siden
  • hlo guys please support me

    Zenvex GamerZenvex Gamer6 måneder siden
  • ♥️

    Elex DilonElex Dilon6 måneder siden
  • Wow nice cradit card number

    Kiran KateKiran Kate6 måneder siden
  • I wish I had a gaming PC like you.😞 that's my dream 😊

    Dante EyacDante Eyac6 måneder siden
  • What happens to all of the pcs he builds

    Oliver ParkerOliver Parker6 måneder siden
  • is noone talking about the address in the dashlane ad? 123 Ko Kain st... 😂

    YokaiYokai6 måneder siden
  • How do I enter my set up into the worst set up wars

    SmashBTrash 009SmashBTrash 0096 måneder siden
  • Tech source or anyone else please help me get my pc to turn on, i just got all the parts i need and it wont turn on, i might have miss plug something

    GxwsrGxwsr6 måneder siden
  • Ed, idk if you will ever see this but I think you put your credit card online in the dash line part.

    Aidan RAidan R6 måneder siden
  • Watching from the Philippines here

    SRRY MLKS LNGSRRY MLKS LNG6 måneder siden
  • From the Philippines! NIIIICE!! Big Fan from the PH here.

    Kristian GarcianoKristian Garciano6 måneder siden
  • Is there any computer Case with the right side panel transparent instead of the left side... Let's say you have the computer to your left but you still want to see everything inside. Anything like that available?

    Michael G.Michael G.6 måneder siden
  • I wanted to know if you could build me a pc that I could use to play games but I only have 180 dollars

    Steve’s LifeSteve’s Life6 måneder siden
    • I am going to get everything else I just need a pc and it Dosent need to be anything crazy

      Steve’s LifeSteve’s Life6 måneder siden
  • Good job this is sick

    trigga ktrigga k6 måneder siden
  • This guy looks like a PE Basketball teacher that is in EVERY SCHOOL IN THE US

    Oliver bongbongbongbongOliver bongbongbongbong6 måneder siden
  • Please Blow my recent Video up preciate it thank you 🙏🏾 I edited it on my phone I’m on the grind

    Glitzy ClapsGlitzy Claps6 måneder siden
  • I came here just to say whoever runs dealsource needs to be replaced, half the time the deals just link to a picture.

    LeoLeo6 måneder siden
  • Maybe I should enter. My latest build which I haven’t posted yet is super clean.

    Builds With VBuilds With V6 måneder siden
  • Do a console set up wars

    Chezzy KevChezzy Kev6 måneder siden
  • Hi I've Been A Big Fan For A While, and i was always thinking of getting a pc but my parents dont have the money for it and i really want to start creating content for people.

    abdou 123abdou 1236 måneder siden
  • Pc wars credit card edition

    oh yeahoh yeah6 måneder siden
  • Dear Edgar please make a Spider Man themed PC❤❤❤🔥

    spiDey_the_migHtyspiDey_the_migHty6 måneder siden
  • Top 10 people Eminem is afraid to diss 10. Ed from TechSource: He raps so fast in the beginning of his videos

    yaklshaklyaklshakl6 måneder siden
  • Cool Video!

    Russell Mikos CamachoRussell Mikos Camacho6 måneder siden
  • Hi can u help me buy a pc beacause since I’m a kid I want a gaming computer and i can buy a pc beacause I don’t have any money to buy a pc plss help me

    FredDomingo YTFredDomingo YT6 måneder siden
    • I am from Philippines 🇵🇭 plss help me

      FredDomingo YTFredDomingo YT6 måneder siden
  • *cries in surface book 2 as a gaming pc*

    Sc1lentSc1lent6 måneder siden
  • Can u build me a red theme pc pls

    Tom KlinerTom Kliner6 måneder siden
  • plzz give me one gaming pc plzzzzzz

    Ali SherAli Sher6 måneder siden
  • Can you post a setup without a pc

    JackalJackal6 måneder siden
  • Lul wish I had a pc

    ari barclayari barclay6 måneder siden
  • I don’t even have a pc :;

    Isaiah GarciaIsaiah Garcia6 måneder siden
  • Hello 👋 Mr Techsourse what do the viewer do to win an gaming pc cause I’ve seen some of your videos when you go to a lucky viewers house and make them a brand new gaming setup or a upgrade setup the reason why am asking cause am having trouble with my laptop and I wanna upgrade a bit so what do I have to do to win

    Vtxch YTVtxch YT6 måneder siden
  • I like ur creativity skills ❤️❤️ interior design 💯

    Gods CreationGods Creation6 måneder siden
  • Hello there TechSource! Is the RK61 Royal Kludge worth it? I want to set up my PC but I'm on budget rn..

    ツiSugoiツiSugoi6 måneder siden
  • Aye you should start setup wars but console addition

    SpazyXSpazyX6 måneder siden
  • Keep up the amazing content:) I’ll be submitting my PC in the next few weeks😊

    SfyrizoSfyrizo6 måneder siden
  • your opinion matters right now more than ever. I have to buy a gaming laptop now. so i would like your recommendation as soon as possible. my budget is $1000 with maximum features for that price. And more importantly it should be the best heat management laptop in the market. cause i damaged a laptop because of the temperature in summer in india. it goes up 50'c. i believe you can recommend the best. If that happens maybe a year later i will as your opinion for PC. Hope you will reply soon as possible.

    G A NG A N6 måneder siden
  • Could you do a pc gaming build giveaway?

    Svglion0711Svglion07116 måneder siden
  • One of my favorite pc builder.

    Lester VinezaLester Vineza6 måneder siden
  • plz plz plz can you help me with my setup it looks trash and nobody will help me with

    Ali Al AlattasAli Al Alattas6 måneder siden
  • When is whats in the box comming again

    LordGaben 123LordGaben 1236 måneder siden
  • So what happens to all the setups and PCs you build? Do you get to keep them?

    Lonewolf 501Lonewolf 5016 måneder siden
  • "Dan, if your watching i want to kiss your shiny head" - Ed 2020

    eli ibbseli ibbs6 måneder siden
    • Dennis Delgado damn, nice

      SplirfySplirfy2 måneder siden
    • @Splirfy probly 4 months of saving up. Making a dark souls themed pc now

      Dennis DelgadoDennis Delgado2 måneder siden
    • Dennis Delgado how long did it take you to finish the whole thing?

      SplirfySplirfy4 måneder siden
    • Hi, its Den. And its me. Hahaha Twas my pc my dude :)

      Dennis DelgadoDennis Delgado5 måneder siden
  • 4:22 maybe the first guy from India to participate

    david momindavid momin6 måneder siden
  • The Dashlane isn't free at all ;

    Denmark SoquilaDenmark Soquila6 måneder siden
  • loved it.

    Saad Zaeem TechnologySaad Zaeem Technology6 måneder siden
  • when you no @Techsource wont pick you for setup wars because you live in new Zealand ;(

    NZROITNZROIT6 måneder siden
  • For setup wars how o u enter

    Torad Ren GamingTorad Ren Gaming6 måneder siden
  • i want to buy a laptop for online classes and normal use for university classes,please some body tell me that the acer laptop is good for me or not . SPECIFICATIONS:AMD processor 3GB RAM 640 GB HDD Acer Laptop.

    IY Gamer!IY Gamer!6 måneder siden
  • I bought a PC from Best buy and I got scammed, I am supposed to get rx570 but I got a RX 560 so I got scammed

    Too LayToo Lay6 måneder siden
  • I wish i had this😢 I wish I had a pc💔

    Renzo JamesRenzo James6 måneder siden
  • I am nervous to make a PC and was just wondering if u could help me build it

    Semi LeanoSemi Leano6 måneder siden
  • Hey I got a question because I just starting to get in to gaming on computers and I’m trying to build my gaming set up anyway when you buy a gaming pc does it come with the cables to connect to your monitor? Sorry if this is a dumb question

    [Leaflux_[ GAMING ][Leaflux_[ GAMING ]6 måneder siden
  • Edgar, I've been banned from your server for no reason please unban me thank you

    heppyboiheppyboi6 måneder siden
  • Give me pc plase becase i need pc for gaming and for shcool

    Keneth BaraKeneth Bara6 måneder siden
  • Who still uses cad for 3d design 😅

    Wicked HateWicked Hate6 måneder siden
  • Jesus

    ZaneZane6 måneder siden
  • those look sick man

    For BeginnersFor Beginners6 måneder siden
  • Hey I’m trying to get my first gaming setup got any tips?

    Skinny_DongSkinny_Dong6 måneder siden
  • I think you leaked your info

    Use support a creator code clapz_dehartUse support a creator code clapz_dehart6 måneder siden
  • I’m running on a hp pc with 2 gigs of ram

    Hudi BirdsHudi Birds6 måneder siden
  • Its like watching fast and furious of pc

    Udit kumar PatraUdit kumar Patra6 måneder siden
  • Hey me and my brother are maybe building a pc this week 😃

    drfab _drfab _6 måneder siden
  • When is setup makeover coming and we’re do you apply

    Zen OceZen Oce6 måneder siden
  • Regular PC Builder: RGB Advanced PC Builder: JURRASIC PC

    Bot ChewyBot Chewy6 måneder siden
  • Me on a 2009 iMac with a worse graphics card than integrated graphics

    I’m the man running the standI’m the man running the stand6 måneder siden
  • Love that jurassic park build 🌿🦖

    SinnermanSinnerman6 måneder siden
  • Hey Ed, I know this isn't a GPU video but I can't find anywhere where it says the difference between a RTX 2070 Super Strix vs a RTX 2070 Strix OC. I can't decide which one I want but I also can't find what the performance difference is. (im pretty sure the strix makes a decent difference) Please help me out

    Intel GamingIntel Gaming6 måneder siden
  • I just subbed this guy is a legend so genuine 🔥👾

    JESUS MIKEYJESUS MIKEY6 måneder siden
  • Did anyone notice at 0:44 that the address what kokain?

    Harold NguyenHarold Nguyen6 måneder siden
  • TechSource ❤

    Alfred EscorealAlfred Escoreal6 måneder siden
  • You cant mix the air-cooled and the water-cooled PCs together in a video and tell people to vote. By doing that, you're not giving the people with air-cooled PC a good chance.

    Justin GJustin G6 måneder siden
  • An alle deutschen: Monte sollte mal seinen pc dahin schicken haha

    peepoGigglespeepoGiggles6 måneder siden
  • Pls make a video on full setup build of $1500

    HarshHarsh6 måneder siden
  • So creative wish i had that kind of pc lol

    ZenHDZenHD6 måneder siden
  • The best build yet

    ZenHDZenHD6 måneder siden
  • I want one I need one give me one Or I’ll buy one

    DeadManKiraDeadManKira6 måneder siden
  • Sana all

    CHAN CHANCHAN CHAN6 måneder siden
  • Who did that jurrastic park didn't say the name?/

    lukian Milinovichlukian Milinovich6 måneder siden