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In this video SwaggerSouls shows off his various different minecraft inventions using the create mod. These minecraft inventions include a drill, elevator, and a grinder. I used these inventions to troll streamers such as Twomad, Jschlatt, Minx, Ftz, on the Epic SMP.
Schlatt's a big guy with a big brain so it only made sense to partner up with him, after all he is a business man! Such a good business man that I am taking direct inspiration from his descriptions because I also want to optimize my views! Just be warned, this is no minecraft Dream speedrun manhunt video made for kids, but I'll still take their views with a big grin under my helmet. Is SwaggerSouls a genius or what?
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  • I was in roblox and my fucking boys thought I was Swaggersouls because I was wearing a fucking crusader helmet Now that’s pogy pog

    TheKeyTheory PapaTheKeyTheory Papa35 minutter siden
  • This vid remembers me about the time when I played with OpenComputers mod. Story time! I did a computer that would trigger specific nanomachine input (thing that gives you effects, based on what input you triggered and their random configuration), and then I made a dispensers that fills the corridor to my base with lava. And then I called my friend to my base. Lava appeared in the corridor and i went straight. Nanomachines I had gave me fire resistance, when exactly that specific nanomachines input was triggered, so i didn't died. But there was a funny thing - my friend had nanomachines too, and for him that input did instant damage. I thought he would not be able to come to my base, but instead of that he died because of his nanomachine configuration. tl;dr - Security entry to my base killed my friend by random.

    EpigoneEpigoneTime siden
  • What is the mod being used?

    PhytonitePhytoniteTime siden
  • There should be a comment here where everyone just spews out ideas for what swagger should create next

    EtherealRoninEtherealRonin2 timer siden
  • 6:17 dream who?

    JoshieJoshie2 timer siden
  • Swagger you should play gorilla tag vr

    Sad BoySad Boy3 timer siden
  • What mods is he using?

    Hayden LageHayden Lage5 timer siden
  • I wish I had a friend group like yours 😔 I got nobody

    Me likes lewds and memesMe likes lewds and memes6 timer siden
  • What modpack is this?

    Danny KemmererDanny Kemmerer6 timer siden
  • Mod name?

    MelkMeneerMelkMeneer6 timer siden
  • The oafish baboon nationally blush because oboe modestly permit anenst a defeated replace. lackadaisical, moaning disgust

    Hunter LillyHunter Lilly7 timer siden
  • I watched until the end xD

    Antonio El aweonao que sube cosas de GD y ShitpostAntonio El aweonao que sube cosas de GD y Shitpost9 timer siden
  • 4.69 million subs nice

    chicken stripchicken strip9 timer siden
  • people say i sound like baby swagger souls i click one of his videos i would like to say i don’t sound like i’m choking on my tonsils

    IrpynIrpyn9 timer siden

    ipodnono5ipodnono510 timer siden
  • Have you met AYO_BOFA in cod ww2 zombies because that was me,and if it wasnt you iet someone on there with the same voice as you i think it was last year i dunno when though

    caption_ gamesalotcaption_ gamesalot10 timer siden
  • What happened to minx was tragic but amusing hahahahahahah

    Cra2y_ MeCra2y_ Me12 timer siden
  • Swagger is low-key smart no actually high key nvm

    HELP MEHELP ME12 timer siden
  • Bet swagger souls hangs puppies

    carloscarlos19 timer siden
  • What mod is this

    DeanaLing QureshiDeanaLing Qureshi20 timer siden
  • Aye it’s Richie from the vrchat

    Richard ColinsRichard ColinsDag siden
  • What is this mod and how do I get it? no hate please

    Noah MartinezNoah MartinezDag siden
  • mod name?

    Summer PinguinSummer PinguinDag siden
  • 7:30 Ah woman.

    ErierCandyErierCandyDag siden
  • When will you play cs:go with Fitz again

    mustachcat 2421mustachcat 2421Dag siden
  • What shader is he using

    Drew9140Drew9140Dag siden
    • @mikea hiooi how does that relate to shaders?

      Drew9140Drew91407 timer siden
    • Only .nbt files for the schematic table unfortunately.

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiDag siden
  • your voice sounds familiar

    David,koresh Did,nothing,wrongDavid,koresh Did,nothing,wrongDag siden
    • I wanted to make an SMP so bad but then I remembered "Oh wait, I need friends in the first place... Fuck."

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiDag siden
  • Your Youtooz still sits next to me

    Jimmy JoeJimmy JoeDag siden
  • Bruh why is his voice like dat 😂

    ArgenoArgenoDag siden
  • SWAGGER YOU GOT 4.69 Subs!

    BurberzBurberzDag siden
  • Use TNT on top of Redstone and you can have bombs

    NightmareNightmareDag siden
  • proof swagger is a genius

    Trowah BussisTrowah BussisDag siden
  • Swagger is the 🐐

    CloaxCloaxDag siden
  • how is this mod called?

    Fox_zgamerFox_zgamerDag siden
  • EW circles

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  • Hxghfkzjg

    AlexPlaysYT876AlexPlaysYT876Dag siden
  • Hurry up and post the next 1

    toxic element344toxic element344Dag siden
  • Someone PLEASE tell me the mods that are used in this. I haven't played minecraft in years, but with all these awesome machines it honestly looks like a blast.

    NeucoreNeucoreDag siden
  • 4.69 fucking subs bois

    YaBoi DaGoatYaBoi DaGoatDag siden
  • Should do more of this series

    Mythical FireMythical FireDag siden
  • I wanted to make an SMP so bad but then I remembered "Oh wait, I need friends in the first place... Fuck."

    Kyra Universal AKA Agent KKyra Universal AKA Agent KDag siden
  • Only .nbt files for the schematic table unfortunately.

    BecauseMovieBecauseMovieDag siden
  • Someone was on rec room sounding exactly like you

    some_ paper_galsome_ paper_galDag siden
  • All we know about his real face and body is he’s chubby he don’t got the n-word pass and he’s a ginger

    Chris WasonoredjoChris WasonoredjoDag siden
  • What’s the mod

    An Average Gun Loving AmericanAn Average Gun Loving AmericanDag siden

    Kyle CaroKyle CaroDag siden

    Rylan FieneRylan FieneDag siden
  • Dude it's been one month and the amount of content from everybody adds up to a f****** mile

    Valdirian φαρμακευτικόςValdirian φαρμακευτικόςDag siden
  • wait I thought that sound was the windmill-

    Clear ShClear Sh2 dager siden
  • lmao someone need to create OSHA now

    Soft TacoSoft Taco2 dager siden
  • Can someone make a playlist of this serece in order

    Soviet dogo and catSoviet dogo and cat2 dager siden
  • Swagger... Im out shopping with my younger sister and brother. My brother goes „that ring is pimpin“ And my sister WITHOUT HESITATION says „its pimp chimpin!“ She’s ten. You have the kids under your control 😂

    T TuckerT Tucker2 dager siden
  • "AYO THE PIZZA BRUH- " Twomad's final words before falling to his death

    aola wiliaola wili2 dager siden
  • Epic

    BatmanTheGamer67BatmanTheGamer672 dager siden
  • Somebody came on gorilla tag pretending to be you

    Ko0f PatchKo0f Patch2 dager siden
  • Bro your videos are great man they have really helped me through my depression after my gf cheated on me keep up the good work man

    Nrt TascNrt Tasc2 dager siden
    • Made a bad day a little better

      aola wiliaola wili2 dager siden
  • its naruto

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  • Swagger i join the server yes?

    Freddy FungiFreddy Fungi2 dager siden
  • 4.69 subs

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  • EatShit.Schematic LMAO

    Darren ArtlipDarren Artlip2 dager siden
  • i swear minx is delusional

    DeyashDeyash2 dager siden
  • I like how swaggersouls is probably one of the biggest powers in the server.

    Aj TurnerAj Turner2 dager siden
  • Make a VR video there gold and its bitchin

  • weller hub is a good song

    Kimmy JepsenKimmy Jepsen2 dager siden
  • Sus out my channel if you want some fresh content fellas!

    GazGaz2 dager siden
  • oh shit it's trevor .. damn that brings back some cowchop memories

    MoonPhoonMoonPhoon3 dager siden
  • What's the mod?

    Joey PetersonJoey Peterson3 dager siden
  • damn swagger i hate your voice

    jayjay3 dager siden
  • Ok so I haven't watched minecraft for like 5 years and I'm in shock people can do stuff like this.

    Alex ReichartAlex Reichart3 dager siden
  • Of course the shortest one is the dwarven miner

    Daniel LamielleDaniel Lamielle3 dager siden
  • Made a bad day a little better

    Darian BarberDarian Barber3 dager siden
  • SwaggerSwatstika

    __3 dager siden
  • The minx person is so annoying she is not even funny

    Carter HeitmanCarter Heitman3 dager siden
  • The proximity chat made my headphones audio so weird but cool woah.

    Lady Eve • 50 years agoLady Eve • 50 years ago3 dager siden
  • minx screaming "milion dollar minx" is kinda cute ngl

    alida flusalida flus3 dager siden
  • what mod is this?

    Gulur GaurGulur Gaur3 dager siden
  • Dr. stone but in minecraft

    William OvergaardWilliam Overgaard3 dager siden
  • The OSHA violations

    willofdodge1willofdodge13 dager siden
    • Did you have a stroke? Why is your voice like that?

      alida flusalida flus3 dager siden
  • Cavemen in awe

    Navirouu yeNavirouu ye3 dager siden
  • Twenty-seven

    Find Your PassionFind Your Passion3 dager siden
  • Swagger and shlatt are the best duo on the epic smp

    IceeBoioIceeBoio3 dager siden
  • swagger throughout the video be like “yeah we do a bit of trolling”

    Starch LordStarch Lord3 dager siden
  • what is this mod???

    o2 Chronixo2 Chronix3 dager siden
  • I'm really happy Swagger and Ted are bonding well especially when they were not willing to play with each other before due to the Carson + Fitz + Katerino incident but now that they are bonding, it gives me happiness and nostalgia.

    Jesse The KingJesse The King3 dager siden
  • Come one Swagger! More Minecraft Videos!

    Piotr WysockiPiotr Wysocki3 dager siden
  • I need the "Never Trust Australians" rust video from ages ago. I need it Swagger.

    KandyKhanKandyKhan3 dager siden
  • NGL your creativity is fucking amazing. I'm actually really jealous

    Masta BlastaMasta Blasta3 dager siden
  • Yo i just met you in rec room i think its you but itd maybe a voice changer

    Fortubee lolFortubee lol3 dager siden
  • He’s playing as an Artificer

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  • whats the mod? i want to download it

    W.D. GasterW.D. Gaster3 dager siden
  • what mod pack is this

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  • At 10:45 I thought schlatt was gonna make a swastika for the letter he was building

    Cold SpoonsCold Spoons3 dager siden
  • Did you have a stroke? Why is your voice like that?

    MyNameJeffMyNameJeff3 dager siden
  • its not worth watching without carson king.

    D QD Q3 dager siden
  • I just realized how much Swagger would probably enjoy Space Engineers.

    SarcasmIsFunSarcasmIsFun3 dager siden
    • @Thorne Yeah lol no kidding

      SarcasmIsFunSarcasmIsFun2 dager siden
    • If it was way better optimized, probably.

      ThorneThorne2 dager siden
  • With all the shit going on this is the best outcome. As a wise man once said. “ aye yo the pizza bro”

    Someone 1254Someone 12544 dager siden
  • I can’t get over the fact swagger sounds like Donald trump

    pii. geonpii. geon4 dager siden
  • how did you get the create mod?

    The SniperLyfeThe SniperLyfe4 dager siden
  • Minx was literally the “LET ME IN!!” meme

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi4 dager siden