If YouTube Video Essays Were Passive-Aggressive

12. okt.. 2018
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What if NOworld video essayists like Nerdwriter1 got a little passive-aggressive with.... their craft?
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For the record, I love video essays and Nerdwriter1 is one of the best there is! Here's his channel:
I'd also recommend Lessons from the Screenplay:
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    Ryan GeorgeRyan George2 år siden
    • Youare the voice of our generation.

      Rip tornRip tornÅr siden
    • Dude, I've been binging your videos non-stop while on vacation. You got the pretentious video essay voice down pat. Lmao.

      Courtney HaynesCourtney HaynesÅr siden
    • OMG dude, I went to the Gambino concert last September. I got that same sweater!

      Jonathan AresseJonathan AresseÅr siden
    • I love how you make a commentary on how people use that documentary voice on youtube

      Kevin VuKevin VuÅr siden
    • I submit this is about THE NERDWRITER.. dirty dish leaver

      WhatistheMatrix?WhatistheMatrix?År siden
  • We need those original videos lol

    Kc5fKc5f14 timer siden
  • this perfectly explains the entire history of the universe

    Mexican TommyinnitMexican Tommyinnit18 timer siden
  • legit thought it was an ad at first

    Bobomb1000Bobomb10004 dager siden
  • Dishes still funny asf

    DudjaDudja5 dager siden
  • Anyone noticed that roommate is wearing a sweater that says " CHILL DISH " ?

    Sandavi RathnayakeSandavi Rathnayake5 dager siden
  • My roommate sent this to me🥺

    harshit setiaharshit setia7 dager siden
  • Ryan is soooo underrated!!

    Krishna JasthiKrishna Jasthi7 dager siden
  • Is it me or he sounds like « just write »

    Merlijn BellMerlijn Bell7 dager siden
  • Me watching this realizing that I'm never gonna get to use the dishwasher at my house

    KingFoxKingFox8 dager siden
  • the fact he put in like 4 clips of marvel movies makes me think Ryan George likes them tbh i don't blame him or you

    Jared KolkerJared Kolker9 dager siden
  • I fucking died the second I opened the video and the word “DISHES” appeared on screen in big bold letters

  • I love video essay parodies a lot

    TFG TelevisionTFG Television10 dager siden
  • When I started this video I was confused what a "Video Essay" even is. By the end of this, I was like ohhhh so thats what you call them?

    damaris carrenodamaris carreno10 dager siden
  • You starting to look like markiplier

    mjay josephmjay joseph11 dager siden
  • "Living with you is one of the most rewarding things in my life." Couldn't he just live with a mirror?

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV11 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who thought it was an ad at first

    FaithnotfoundFaithnotfound11 dager siden
  • "that was actually super well made" Super easy, barely an inconvenience

    some michaelsome michael11 dager siden
  • " *Sigh* This is actually really well made." It takes a man to say that.

    ToastyToasty11 dager siden
  • lol i miss when his channel was small enough to heart react every comment :')

    MattedManxMattedManx12 dager siden
  • This sounds exactly like every fing video essay i saw!

    LoneWolfLoneWolf12 dager siden
  • I noticed that he still did not go put the dishes in the dishwasher

    BioYuGiBioYuGi12 dager siden
  • Ryan George to Ryan George "Do you have something to say to me"? Ryan George To Ryan George.."No you are barely an inconvenience"!

    stinge68stinge6812 dager siden
  • This is legitimately one of my favorite videos on youtube

    TSD TomTSD Tom13 dager siden
  • I need to show my roommate this video 🙄🙄

    Later Feraligatr2Later Feraligatr213 dager siden
  • I am getting strong aperture vibes, and I like it.

    Aimad TarekssonAimad Tareksson13 dager siden
  • I work with someone exactly like him

    Josiah BassettJosiah Bassett13 dager siden
  • The intonation is on point

    angerock49angerock4914 dager siden
  • 0:48 that look always makes me laugh out loud, like it's 'This is what you get, bitch' *turns toward his laptop*

    Batman1234Batman123415 dager siden
  • I like this Chil Dish guy

    Ace QAce Q15 dager siden
  • Alternative title: _If MORE NOworld video essays were passive-aggressive._

    Ruy VuusenRuy Vuusen15 dager siden
  • “When you sit and think about it, the odds are...” hahahaha

    Obsessed.Obsessed.15 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie you look like markiplier from the thumbnail.

    ProGamerMoveProGamerMove16 dager siden
  • Woah I guess ur not family frendily

    Jacob RowleyJacob Rowley16 dager siden
  • If you comment something random, you will get likes Pickle

    SpiderSpider16 dager siden
  • There's 7.5 billion people in the world won't it be hard to have the biggest asshole move in with me No actually super easy barely an inconvenience

    Reece RitchieReece Ritchie17 dager siden
  • I wish more people made passive-aggressive video essays.

    DiverDownDiverDown17 dager siden
  • So this is Spock Ryan

    Estefan OlivaresEstefan Olivares18 dager siden
  • When you realize it's a Ryan George video.......0:11

    AsasinoManik GamesAsasinoManik Games19 dager siden
  • over 7.6 billion people in the world and i'm a failure what are the chances

    zivosaurus -rexzivosaurus -rex20 dager siden
  • Hello Bill Murray.....

    Scotty's MediaScotty's Media20 dager siden
  • His speaking in the video essay kinda sounds like aperture, you should look him up he has really cool stud though it can make you feel worthless and that the world will end and nothing you do matters, but if you like the sounds of that he’s perfect!

    Caden MossCaden Moss21 dag siden
  • I've watched this about 5 times now

    OraEpicOraEpic21 dag siden
  • So this is basically every VideoJug video ever

    LancebearLancebear22 dager siden
  • Lolol

    TizzyRoseTizzyRose23 dager siden
  • Ryan, if you hate George just tell him

    British BlueberryBritish Blueberry23 dager siden
  • Fun Fact: A scene in Ron Howard's 2002 movie 'A Beautiful Mind' surreptitiously referenced this video essay, but Howard failed to credit Ryan George. George was so annoyed at this that he passive aggressively referenced Howard's position of TIGHT End when he used to play for the Dallas Cowboys before playing The Fonz in Happy Days and subsequently becoming a movie director, in his first Screen Rant episode which has since become his - and THE most famous catchphrase of all time - netting more than 46 billion dollars in NOworld revenue to date for George, who has since copyrighted the word TIGHT™. Howard is pursuing a lawsuit for damages, which he claims will be super easy, barely an inconvenience to win, just using the power of his mind.

    Member?Member?23 dager siden
  • Now this is how your have a true argument just make really good videos calling each other out... Oh wait that already happens

    Morgan BluckMorgan Bluck24 dager siden
  • 7 million people? Need to be sure not to let them all take a minute of your life that you will never get back! Thats 13 years & 4 months at jeopardy from guys like this.

    Hyperdrive EHyperdrive E25 dager siden
  • jfc my old roommates

    Nick HopwoodNick Hopwood26 dager siden
  • He sounds like daftpina🤣

    Gem SiffletGem Sifflet26 dager siden
  • You sounded so much like a video essay guy that I actually had to check to see if i was actually on your channel

    BlazeBlaze27 dager siden
  • HA!

    FuzzBomb XX-121FuzzBomb XX-12127 dager siden
  • Nothing will ever change my mind that this video is making fun of Chris Stuckman

    Nerd or DieNerd or Die29 dager siden
  • I read the hoody as "chill dish" because of the dishwasher issue.

    Paul WhitePaul White29 dager siden
  • The video essay guy is profiting off his roommate

    Eibon RasseruEibon Rasseru29 dager siden
  • I want someone to be so pissed at me that they pull this petty ass shit. I'd find it hilarious

    Kendra LancasterKendra Lancaster29 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does he sound exactly like LGR on NOworld? XD

    JK_est 07JK_est 0729 dager siden
  • Damn, that’s actually really close to 1 million views

    Jump ErrorJump Error29 dager siden
  • He has a childish gambino jacket on. He definitely needs to be subscribed to

    verietyverietyMåned siden
  • At least he admits the quality

    Michael BoxfaceMichael BoxfaceMåned siden
  • If you didn't like the video, why not send your roommate our last installment, "How to talk to someone like an adult instead of sending passive aggressive videos", Brad.

    PvshkaPvshkaMåned siden
  • PLOT TWIST: This was actually targeted towards Ryan's roommate

    Didactic DictionaryDidactic DictionaryMåned siden
  • I actually thought the first bit of the video is an ad.

    Mr HellMr HellMåned siden
  • If I was a director you would be on my top billing sheet for character roles and recommendations.

    Z LaskeyZ LaskeyMåned siden
  • If that's "well -made," the bar for youtube essays must be really low.

    Ichijo FestivalIchijo FestivalMåned siden
  • That video kinda reminds me of Uncle Dane and I don’t know why

    TimeWhaleTimeWhaleMåned siden
  • This feels targeted at someone

    Dr. xavier or stealth killerDr. xavier or stealth killerMåned siden
  • Stacking a dishwasher is a task reserved for the chosen ones. If you genuinely do not know how to delicately place a dinner plate against a wine glass... then GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

    Jenifer R.Jenifer R.Måned siden
  • This gives off strong austinmcconnel vibes

    ThroatyChunkThroatyChunkMåned siden
  • Sorry to hear you had to live with that guy. Did he finally move out?

    ZanshinZanshinMåned siden
  • You should either write or audition for SNL, you could make the show funny again. I started watching it during the Farley, Carvery, Myers, Sandler, Meadows, Schneider, McDonald era. Gave up on it shortly after Tina Fey..Fay? Doesnt matter the show is dead noe other than an occasional good musical guest.

    Joshua LovelessJoshua LovelessMåned siden
  • That passive aggressive look at 0:48 is really good acting.

    So MatureSo MatureMåned siden
    • Become a Christian catholic

      NeanderthalNeanderthalMåned siden
  • Roommate Ryan is the most normal and realistic Ryan in all of his skits

    GongagaGongagaMåned siden
  • Only a true Canadian can take passive-aggressive to this new height.

    Anik Samiur RahmanAnik Samiur RahmanMåned siden
  • This is actually well made

    StevejakeStevejakeMåned siden
  • Ryan has an awesome Essay voice 😳

    OneMinuteVideosOneMinuteVideosMåned siden
  • "Why is it so difficult for my roommate to load dishes into the dishwasher" - QUESTION FOR THE AGES

    Vlad PootinVlad PootinMåned siden
  • This is like that College Humor video about "How to wash a goddamn dish," but with a William Shatner twist.

    ElPayasoMaloElPayasoMaloMåned siden
  • The fact that he even made this video video in the first place

    Rick RollRick RollMåned siden
  • Why does play out exactly like an Austin McConnell video

    Circlonian MapperCirclonian MapperMåned siden
  • "If"?

    Ichijo FestivalIchijo FestivalMåned siden
  • Oh my goodness

    Janus InitiativeJanus InitiativeMåned siden
  • I like how the hoodie says chilDISH

    Omor ShahidOmor ShahidMåned siden
  • I think it's nice that he's subscribed (assuming cuz he found out quick which means he has notifications on) to his roommate that's giving him crap

    thereal_FlipFlopthereal_FlipFlop2 måneder siden
  • Bro, it really is well made

    Matthew Enter Last Name HereMatthew Enter Last Name Here2 måneder siden
  • Can we get the full video essay please?

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men Productions2 måneder siden
  • Hi there hello im the roommate

    Recommend me a PC or PS4 game to playRecommend me a PC or PS4 game to play2 måneder siden
  • He talks like colt- ieee from 90 days fiance. Probably nobody will get that reference .1🤓

    80468046804680462 måneder siden
  • "Living with you is one of the most rewarding things in ... my life."

    JamestownJamestown2 måneder siden
  • You forgot to say "In my opinion" like 100 times.

    Barokai ReinBarokai Rein2 måneder siden
  • That intro was spot on!

    Noobs UnitedNoobs United2 måneder siden
  • This is really funny

    I'm A Car ChargerI'm A Car Charger2 måneder siden
  • Why is doing the dishes so difficult for you? >its actually super easy, hardly an inconvenience Then why dont you do them? >watching you get pissed off is TIGHT.

    kevtinokevtino2 måneder siden
  • i thought intro was an ad lol

    BohanBohan2 måneder siden
  • I feel like you were making fun of nerdstalgic bere

    Generic Channel NameGeneric Channel Name2 måneder siden
  • This is my favourite video of you.

    Melonie Does StuffMelonie Does Stuff2 måneder siden
  • Mega oof!

    Livo otherworldLivo otherworld2 måneder siden
  • Oh wait isn't this basically every big video, which is a good or bad thing depending on your view of drama.

    SuperRedSpaceSuperRedSpace2 måneder siden
  • As an avid fan of video essays, you frikkin nailed this parody.

    Jonathan WilsonJonathan Wilson2 måneder siden