If Video Game Companies Made Jigsaw Puzzles

15. des.. 2020
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  • This is so true of every single AAA title that comes out now. This is why I buy Indie Games $10 instead of broken AAAs for $60.

    Ben CovingtonBen Covington2 timer siden
  • You forgot the part where the puzzle is digital only and was removed due to licensing issues. And where you have to be online at all times just to put the puzzle together. Or when the puzzle has been hyped up for years only to be cancelled after countless delays. Plus when the puzzle is table exclusive and you must have the exact right table for it to work.

    YesterdaysMooseYesterdaysMoose5 timer siden
  • Well the picture was printed by a very nice printer that most people can't afford. *CD Red game footage intensifies*

    Communist PeppaCommunist Peppa8 timer siden
  • Definition of cyberpunk

    Prismatic GamingPrismatic Gaming10 timer siden
  • Cyberpunk 2077

    Inside Nathan's HeadInside Nathan's Head12 timer siden
  • We would like your money now so that we can finish the game you thought was complete

    max Fostermax Foster15 timer siden
  • Huh. Sounds like Destiny. Either one, they both did this. Destiny 2 is cut or unused D1 assets for fuck's sake.

    Johnny NebulousJohnny Nebulous17 timer siden
  • This whole trend stems from gamers demanding their games he released as soon as possible, and reacting negatively when they get pushed back. CDPR wanted to pudh 2077 back to work out some bugs, but the community wasn't having it. Hey hemmed and hollered until CDPR caved. And what did gamers get? An umfinished game. Maybe LISTEN and understand when a dev says they need to push the release back. They know better than you.

    Jason MimiagaJason Mimiaga18 timer siden
  • It's okay, just buy the missing pieces from puzzle piece booster packs. So much fun and some pieces are more rare than others. But you have to collect them all...

    nateking510nateking510Dag siden
    • "I've spent 30k bucks but all I'm getting are corner pieces...all the same corner piece." "It's surprise mechanics!"

      Rudeboy JohnRudeboy John10 timer siden
  • Cyberpuzzle 2077.

    Zap the DemonZap the DemonDag siden
  • Ah yes destiny 2

    rayan ibrahimrayan ibrahimDag siden
  • If -Video Game Companies- _EA_ Made Jigsaw Puzzles

    Jeremy HigginsJeremy HigginsDag siden
  • Dead by Daylight, anyone?

    HowlingFangVIIHowlingFangVIIDag siden
  • You can sense his frustration regarding a certain high profile release around the time of this video's release.

    G1ingyG1ingyDag siden
  • It’s just a demo

    AngeldogAngeldogDag siden

  • How do we tag CD Project Red into this convo?

    David NocetiDavid NocetiDag siden
  • Likely cyberpunk, or literally any EA game ever.

    Jason WilsonJason WilsonDag siden
    • Simcity Circa 1989 Populous, and Skate or Die, literally never received patches during their sales cycle.

      Adam FletcherAdam FletcherDag siden
  • You can see that Ryan is physically more frustrated in this video than any of his other ones. He didn’t put effort into doing his hair or perfecting the lighting. He was disgusted by this whole video game thing with a passion and just wanted to make a video about it ASAP to show his frustration.

    Luke McNamaraLuke McNamaraDag siden
  • So true it hurts.

    Cronicas VideojogosCronicas VideojogosDag siden
  • Everyone: cyber punk 2077 is taking to long to come out Cyber punk: but we are trying to fix all the bugs and properly play test it to make sure your satisfied Everyone: excuse's Cyber punk: fine we released it early happy now? Everyone: ugh it has so many bugs Cyber punk: ... WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US

    cloudTHEguycloudTHEguy2 dager siden
    • @Rudeboy John I don't get it

      cloudTHEguycloudTHEguy7 timer siden
    • @Rudeboy John huh

      cloudTHEguycloudTHEguy7 timer siden
    • You misspelled "a very small cross section of spoiled man-children" as "everyone".

      Rudeboy JohnRudeboy John10 timer siden
  • #nailedit

    T RicT Ric2 dager siden
  • The unfunny part is that developers will continue to get worse because people will buy the games despite this

    silentj624silentj6242 dager siden
    • And THEN proceed to stan the shit out of cash cows like them... What's wrong with people nowadays...

      Degenerated_weebDegenerated_weeb6 timer siden
  • Imagine it like Destiny 2 and they take some of the puzzle away and make some of the puzzle expire as they sell you more pieces to it.

    David HallDavid Hall2 dager siden
  • How much for the extended collectors edition of this video?

    SirPoofyPantsSirPoofyPants2 dager siden
  • *E A S P O R T S*

    Desmond RuhlingDesmond Ruhling2 dager siden
  • If you're gonna give me an unfinished puzzle, then give it for free, then sell it when it's done being developed.

    Aaron WhitingAaron Whiting2 dager siden
  • Why do I feel like this was made for a specific game that may or may not take place in the future?

    Shaurya DeshmukhShaurya Deshmukh2 dager siden
  • Pitch meeting games maybe.

    Only MCOnly MC2 dager siden
  • You need to do videogame pitch meeting because I'm certain that you just illustrated Ubisoft

    MEMATRONMEMATRON3 dager siden
  • Accurate

    Kyle WaroKyle Waro3 dager siden
  • Real life , no satire involved .

    Anthony McdonaldAnthony Mcdonald3 dager siden
  • I would have figured it to be more Ryan George-y if the video game company just gave him a perfectly normal puzzle and then explained that the business model is different for puzzles and the (from a business perspective) logical choices in the gaming industry wouldn't fly here, and then was like ok bye.

    Richard KorpelRichard Korpel3 dager siden
  • I never buy a game new for this reason. And don't know why anyone would.

    FirestoneXFirestoneX3 dager siden
    • majority of the time I don't encounter 9/10ths of these bugs that people complain about when I preorder a game.

      Adam FletcherAdam FletcherDag siden
  • Damn, the cyberpunk shade... I'm not even this salty xD though I have yet to buy the expansion. And probably won't until everything is fixed.

    Damien EdmistonDamien Edmiston4 dager siden
  • This is why you don't buy new games.

    Gabriel PartanenGabriel Partanen4 dager siden
  • Imagine if movies were released unedited in scenes and crashed in theaters...

    Unbreakable GlassUnbreakable Glass4 dager siden
  • I see this is made for Cyberpunk ( I also preordered it ) but it fits even better with ARK: Survival Evolved; That game has been broken since its beta in 2016 and is now getting a sequel after having like 6 DLC packs, yet it never really reached a properly playable state..

    Kaloyan LenchevKaloyan Lenchev4 dager siden
  • Cyberpunk in a nutshell:

    1AmGroot1AmGroot4 dager siden
  • Best documentary of 2020 so far. 10/10 would recommend for its in depth honesty.

    buck muskybuck musky4 dager siden
  • Did someone say Star Citizen?

    Lancet FencingLancet Fencing4 dager siden
  • Honestly first thing that came to mind was Kingdom Hearts lol.

    Kaleb RamírezKaleb Ramírez4 dager siden
  • This reminds me of Anthem

    Annette HernandezAnnette Hernandez5 dager siden
  • you're a good man, Ryan George

    LordSnoodlesLordSnoodles5 dager siden
  • "There are enough morons in the world to give us their money for something useless and never hold us accountable for robbing them, ...that we can profit insanely from the business of soley harming people with direct lies, cons, and theft." -CD Projekt Red, 2020

    benton r.p.benton r.p.5 dager siden
  • Thank god these companies don't make puzzles... They only make top-of-the-line video games.

    benton r.p.benton r.p.5 dager siden
  • EA made this nigga upset 🤣🤣🤣

    Naseer WilliamsNaseer Williams5 dager siden
  • Wolverine hair

    mr big disco partymr big disco party5 dager siden
  • As a someone who was in the game dev industry for 5 years, let me offer a little insight. Not to excuse any of these business practices. But let me explain how things work behind the curtain before you shout "greed". AAA games generally take a lot longer to make these days, mostly for technological reasons. Where once games in 3D would maybe have one or two texture maps (one for color, maybe one for specular or glossiness), now you're looking at hyper-complex 3D models with 6-10 unique maps. It takes a lot of skill and time to make those look good, even with the advanced tools we have these days. Not to mention models in, say, the N64 era would have 50-200 polygons; now you're looking at triangle counts in the hundreds of thousands to millions. It requires not only modeling skills, but genuine sculpting ability. It's hard to come by and takes a lot of time. Where an NES game could easily be made by two people (a programmer and an artist), now you have multiple departments of people fractured into dozens of departments: world building, character art, 3d art, programmers, UI, tech art, producers, testers, illustration, marketing, and more. The cost has gone up exponentially. Also games are a lot bigger. Consumers demand more content than ever, and the industry is so large that there's tons of competition, which means very little room for error. As a result, game studios are understaffed/overworked (and the game ships late), or game studios OVERSTAFF to get the game out on time, in which case it's either full of bugs or just incomplete. At which point half the staff is fired, because most of the devs are unnecessary for the regular maintenance of the game anyway. I've been laid off from both game studios I worked at as a mid-level 3D artist. It's easy to chalk this up to "greed". That's the simple explanation. And maybe that exists in some of these situations. But the fact of the matter is, most game companies bomb and don't make money at all. And if you're lucky enough to be at a huge studio with lots of titles under their belt, it's more pressure than ever to complete a project within the given timeframe. Mostly game studios are trying to hit their bottom line so they can just pay their employees. Or heck, pay them for overtime back pay that they owe. My first studio still owes me 2 paychecks. They weren't greedy studio execs, they just didn't make money in the necessary timeframe. Business is hard. And no offense, but gamers are notoriously disorderly and tend to be poor at general business practices. So they bring in CEOs to run the studio properly and people get upset that they make it about the money. News flash: it's a business. If it doesn't make money then you fail and everyone loses their job. Which happens far more often than the alternative. How many times have you heard of a blockbuster game doing amazing in sales, only to see the studio close moments later? It happens all the time. The arbitrary $60 price point just doesn't cover costs anymore for what the consumer demands. But that's where we have rigidly stuck our boots in, and that standard hasn't changed for years. All that to say, gamers expectations are a bit too high sometimes, and the imputation of motives is sometimes misplaced. Game devs love video games too. We love the industry and we want to make games as good as we can. But it's not as simple as you want to make it.

    SeraphsWitnessSeraphsWitness5 dager siden
  • FTW!!!

    Brandon ZappalaBrandon Zappala5 dager siden
  • It would be funny if it wasn't true.... and if we all would stop paying for half-finished garbage. Stupid Watchdogs Legion....

    Brian CherryBrian Cherry5 dager siden
  • Monke

    Mama MiaMama Mia5 dager siden
  • The sad thing is it’s barely parody. It’s so accurate it’s painful.

    Peter MorrisPeter Morris5 dager siden
  • I was waiting for the last bit where a game developer announces next game.

    Gaurav GaurGaurav Gaur5 dager siden
  • I didn't realise video games were like this. That's pretty annoying ...

    Laxey StuLaxey Stu5 dager siden
  • This clip while funny, made me kinda angry at the bull we have to live with as gamers....

    Tempo DorkTempo Dork6 dager siden
    • @SeraphsWitness I'm not a baby, I'm a man! Yeah sure I'm kinda short and my voice is high pitched and i have a small penis but I'm a man nonetheless...

      Tempo DorkTempo Dork5 dager siden
    • Poor baby.

      SeraphsWitnessSeraphsWitness5 dager siden
  • #CDPR

    The AcesThe Aces7 dager siden
  • CD Projekt Has left the chat.....

    Rob MiRob Mi7 dager siden
  • No Man's Sky

    David McKelveyDavid McKelvey7 dager siden
  • You know youve done something right when the like ratio is 73k to 400 🤣🤣

    Ahmed GhadhanfarAhmed Ghadhanfar7 dager siden
  • NAILED it. And it's not just games. My husband has worked in the industry since 1990 and from what I can tell every single piece of software he's worked on in recent years is exactly like this. Coders who can't jump from task to task (nothing ever gets finished) and/or coders who point out that Problems A-X mean they can't possibly solve Problem Y properly are summarily fired (for real, it's happened to him since 2010).

    Joelle WhiteJoelle White8 dager siden
  • Cyberpunk: comes out People: have this reaction Cyberpunk: “you people WANTED this!”

    Father and Son GamesFather and Son Games8 dager siden
    • Ya

      QuixoticHXQuixoticHX8 dager siden
  • Hm

    RadiicalRadiical8 dager siden
  • If EA made puzzles

    Justin S.Justin S.8 dager siden
  • hi

    Aser. AmmarAser. Ammar8 dager siden
  • so damn accurate, so damn relatable so much truth thank you. this is what i will forever show people that literaly dont know what videogames are LOLOL. bit harsher cause obv videogames are nuts but yeah company higherups sure are nuts LOL

    G. Waits4GainzG. Waits4Gainz9 dager siden
  • Remember when you paid a smaller price for indie games because you expected them to be conceptual and still under development due to smaller staff and funding? Yeah, the AAA games don't. They just took that idea but kept the AAA price tag and now have an excuse to deliver unfinished products by simply saying "we will work to improve this for years" - which they rarely do for more than a month.

    MISTER SIRMISTER SIR9 dager siden
  • not cyberpunk. any ea game

    PaulePaule9 dager siden
  • This is another comment saying that this video is very much talking about cyberpunk Cyberpunk 2077 was an extreme disappointment and it seems like this video was deliberately making fun of Cyberpunk 2077 because that's a pile of crap game

    Mascãdá Del PántiònMascãdá Del Pántiòn9 dager siden
  • Then the customer did a backflip, snapped the sellers neck and saved the day

    cookiecrazedunicorn 123cookiecrazedunicorn 1239 dager siden
  • Will you do a series of Video Game Pitch Meetings?

    WarwolfWarwolf9 dager siden
  • Cyberpunk that’s all I have to say

    Plut0 playzPlut0 playz10 dager siden
  • So.... Apex Legends?

    King NekogonKing Nekogon10 dager siden
  • Wake up Samurai, we have a puzzle to burn

    Butts CarltonButts Carlton10 dager siden
  • Ok but ProjectRed will actually fix Cuverpunk, they already did it with The Witcher 3

    AzekiaXVIAzekiaXVI11 dager siden
  • I might still be bitter, but I feel like he's talking about Destiny lol

    Jonah CunninghamJonah Cunningham11 dager siden
  • Most likely a passive aggressive video towards Cyberpunk 2077

    ReylicReylic12 dager siden
  • "Oh, I forgot to mention, you can only assemble the puzzle while you're connected to the internet." "That doesn't seem relevant in any way to assembling puzzles." "Oh, not at all. We're going to make you do it anyway."

    MWSin1MWSin112 dager siden
  • This is honestly a great analogy. But its not always the developer's fault. Corporate is annoying sometimes.

    Herobrine GamingHerobrine Gaming12 dager siden
  • You missed a chance to bag on paying to roll for random loot boxes. If you want a unique puzzle you give us some money and we will give you a piece that looks different. How will it be different? We don't know give us the money and we will send you a random piece. What if I don't like it? Send us more money and we will send you another random piece.

    Freckled TroutFreckled Trout12 dager siden
  • This is how I feel about the windows program. They suck

    KCCAT5KCCAT512 dager siden
  • Cyberpunk

    Sandy Mandy 2004Sandy Mandy 200413 dager siden
  • EA in its early days

    Epic 1Epic 113 dager siden
  • God

    Tuesday 2 ThursdayTuesday 2 Thursday13 dager siden
  • EA

    Mal KulaasMal Kulaas13 dager siden
  • Me: Starts Puzzle and picks up the first piece. Also Me: Goes to pick up another piece EA: That'll be another £10 if you want access to the second piece

    Alex Clark-ThompsonAlex Clark-Thompson13 dager siden
  • To better drive this idea home, he could've had the adstronaut appear when he opened the box.

    William MbongolwaneWilliam Mbongolwane13 dager siden
  • I forgot you did Cyberpunk 2077 advertisement.

    TheBreadbearTheBreadbear13 dager siden
  • He just gave his entire credit card 😆

    Hobobohemian —Hobobohemian —13 dager siden
  • Fking cyberpunk

    Moustafa ZakyMoustafa Zaky14 dager siden
  • cyberpunk

    Syed HaiderSyed Haider14 dager siden
  • Releasing finished games is super hard, really an inconvenience.

    Darryl HamlinDarryl Hamlin14 dager siden
  • This is why I hate models. "Here, put this car together. No, you can't play with it, it's far too fragile". Jesus smh lol

    Robert MarconiRobert Marconi14 dager siden
  • this guys videos are so relevant

    Jos ÉJos É14 dager siden
  • Cyberpunk in a nutshell

    your normal youtuberyour normal youtuber14 dager siden
  • Remember when patches couldn’t happen forcing devs to actually complete the game. Well not really the devs but the money people.

    craig browercraig brower14 dager siden
  • When you buy Cyberpunk and you have the exact specs the game recommends but the game doesn't run worth shit

    S. M. HendersonS. M. Henderson14 dager siden
  • If this is a joke about cyberpunk, they kept on delaying it so it would be the best it could possibly be, but released it early because of how much people were angry and thought it was actually going to be out in 2077

    Nintendocat 64Nintendocat 6414 dager siden
  • "it's only 30 bucks!"

    kurtcoibainjrkurtcoibainjr14 dager siden
  • EA: Not bad kid

    Diamond ArmorDiamond Armor14 dager siden