If Sports Start Playing Out Like The 2020 Election

16. nov.. 2020
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  • **sigh** i liked your stuff man, but please stick to what you know and stay out of sports

    Ryan GeorgeRyan George2 måneder siden
    • Yeah, you have to be Canadian to talk about hockey. Everyone knows that

      Alisha RickmanAlisha Rickman7 timer siden
    • I'm from England so this could definitely apply to soccer (don't believe me watch managers pre & post interviews lol) are likely tho just thinking if the decision went to var if you know you know... you know.

      Only MCOnly MC2 dager siden
    • OK. This was the best response to yourself ever. The skit was fantastic. This was the cherry on top. Well done sir, well done.

      Kellic AnonymousTigerKellic AnonymousTiger2 dager siden
    • Sports are tight

      Beta_2209Beta_22094 dager siden
    • Me with my friends

      Epic DestroyerEpic Destroyer4 dager siden
  • prime time CNN

    L CL C5 timer siden
  • Luckily, none of this happened in the USA. Good luck with your crazy elections up in Canada!

    Aaron A420Aaron A4208 timer siden
  • Montreal is my fav team

    Jayden AdamsJayden Adams9 timer siden
  • I love hockey

    Cyan master VlogsCyan master Vlogs9 timer siden
  • Except in sports you can see the goals as they happen. In the 2020 election even officially appointed election observers were hindered from observing what went on. One is suspicious, the other is not.

    lol101lol101lol10199lol101lol101lol1019911 timer siden
    • @lol101lol101lol10199 dude. Stop lying like I just can’t google photos of none of the crap that you said happening. There is a reason that they never said any of that crap in court filings where there are consequences for lying.

      christianrapperchristianrapper4 timer siden
    • @christianrapper Didn't do what? Kick out observers or board up windows? Mainstream media admits both (while assuring us it was for legitimate reasons and totally not suspicious).

      lol101lol101lol10199lol101lol101lol101996 timer siden
    • @lol101lol101lol10199 no they didn’t. Not one court case said that. It’s all on video.

      christianrapperchristianrapper6 timer siden
    • @christianrapper They are watching the people who count the ballots. They are not watching the ballots from reading-distance as they are counted. And when they kicked out the observers and boarded up the windows, nobody was watching anything. Even the so-called "recounts" did not match signatures. And, as always, no voter-ID requirement. By European standards, US election security is 3rd world.

      lol101lol101lol10199lol101lol101lol101997 timer siden
    • Dude, they are literally on camera watching the count.

      christianrapperchristianrapper7 timer siden
  • the main problem with this is that you used a fan of the most democratic states hockey team

    Danny LiebermanDanny Lieberman12 timer siden
  • Exacly why did they stop counting in middle of the night? And again in runoffs ?

    rhonda tritesrhonda trites14 timer siden
    • @Snacks256 i worked night shifts lots people do lots places 24/7 u mean elections aernt impirtant enough lol plz only 6 states stopoed guess wich lol then theres inf% as 173000 votes an no regst voters wayne county thas 173000 of something that dont exist come on who you trying to fool dont believe me go look if you still cant see it then get your head out of your ass...then ratio of 100000 votes to 0 go flip a coind same side that many times theres so much question and the answer was racist lol look at the militaey he needs lol 60k troops cuz hes ligit right

      rhonda tritesrhonda trites6 timer siden
    • Gosh I wonder why they did something twice? Could it be because sometimes people sleep?

      Snacks256Snacks2568 timer siden
  • Exacly why did they stop counting

    rhonda tritesrhonda trites14 timer siden
  • Please stay out of politics. Don't mix your awesome work with that shit

    Shaun HarrisShaun HarrisDag siden
  • I find it funny how many ppl in comments are laughing about this, and how many of those same ppl said over the last 4 years Russia stole the election and Hillary is the president lol hypocrites hahahhahahha

    Jay SmithJay SmithDag siden
    • @Jay Smith Ok, I love you brother.

      Lekmannen 99Lekmannen 9912 timer siden
    • @Lekmannen 99 I'm not saying all of them did, I'm not saying most did, but some definitely did. I'm sure if this was back in may when I was still laid off and had nonstop free time, I could go through post history (lol never tried not even sure if you can on NOworld) and find examples, but sadly I work now and not that much free time anymore lol though I will also say I find it funny how many trump supporters defend the Capital riots, yet condemn the BLM or Antifa riots from the summer. I just find hypocrisy funny lol yes even my own

      Jay SmithJay Smith13 timer siden
    • Yea thats super funny ...but just for the sake of even more fun prove it. Prove that they are the same ppl.

      Lekmannen 99Lekmannen 9914 timer siden
  • Oh... sure... all fun and games until our legal team from Ursula and Associates releases the Kraken from under the ice.

    Dan WebsterDan WebsterDag siden
  • You Canadians really get us.

    Pj PerezPj PerezDag siden
  • Two months later: "Oh damn, the National Hockey League is about to declare Montreal the winner! Quick, jump the boards, we're gonna storm the ice and attempt to hang the ref!"

    FunkythulhuFunkythulhuDag siden
    • GM not coach tbh

      Cod BusCod Bus10 timer siden
  • 4,100 butt-hurt Drumpf simps visited this channel ;)

    Andrzej ŁawaAndrzej ŁawaDag siden
  • Ryan's retrumplicant fans are mad because it still aint over... Phaaaahahaha

    A. H.A. H.Dag siden
  • I didn't really follow the US election, but just wanna point out that cancelling the result of a match (or other sports competition) afterwards by the appropriate federation due to some external circumstance (e.g. performance-enhancing drugs) is totally a thing that can happen in a lot of sports...

    Michał ŚMichał ŚDag siden

    S BeresfordS Beresford2 dager siden
  • we want a sequel

    Marco VeroniMarco Veroni2 dager siden
  • Here, take a hazmat suit before going further into the comment section

    Michael UhlemannMichael Uhlemann2 dager siden
  • Too soon. 😭

    Lee BrownLee Brown3 dager siden
  • I love hockey I actually had a game today at 7:00

    Furious BearGamingFurious BearGaming3 dager siden
  • The Scoreboard was obviously made and funded by Ty Cobb to count goals for the other team. Plus, the Brewens scored _so much,_ the scoreboard didn't know how to handle it all, so it gave points to the other team instead. It's an extremely finicky algorithm, counting by ones.

    Reluctant RenegadeReluctant Renegade4 dager siden
  • A hockey goal is visual and witnessed by thousands of people. Thanks to many cameras around, replaying the goal in slow-motion, gives u the clear answer of the goal making it in or out. The US election is mainly electronic voting on digital and algorithms could be easily tampered and rigged. For mail-in ballots it's even easier. You cannot compare a goal with a vote.

    Maro MsMaro Ms4 dager siden
    • That makes no sense whatsoever. They literally filmed the count and election officials from both sides monitoring the count. They also had recounts. Elections are just about who has the most votes.

      christianrapperchristianrapper7 timer siden
    • Also, WHY do you LIKE trump? name 3 things that he has done for us BESIDES raise the economy by about 2%

      Serpent GamesSerpent GamesDag siden
    • @Maro Ms Thanks.👍

      Patrick DPatrick D2 dager siden
    • @Patrick D Computer algorithms work via input and output. They take the input and apply each step of the algorithm to that information to generate an output. ... The input leads to steps and questions that need handling in order. When each section of the flowchart is completed, the generated result is the output.

      Maro MsMaro Ms3 dager siden
    • What is an algorithm?

      Patrick DPatrick D3 dager siden
  • and there is a riot at the end, election is similar to hokey

    Roma XRoma X4 dager siden
  • Well yes exactly like that, except in if it was the real deal nobody would know how many points were scored untill the very end of the game.

    Pilot VarchevPilot Varchev4 dager siden
    • Also, WHY do you LIKE trump? name 3 things that he has done for us BESIDES raise the economy by about 2%

      Serpent GamesSerpent GamesDag siden
    • @Patrick D than that's great! As a sort of side quest, can we also finally investigate hunter biden's laptop and biden's association with Ukraine and china? With how trump was investigated about russia, i think it's only fair, neh?

      Pilot VarchevPilot Varchev3 dager siden
    • @Pilot Varchev "Weather or not your points were given to the other is a separate question, but I think it should be investigated thoroughly." It has been investigated, and debunked. All the states that Trump contested used paper ballots. Audits and hand-counts repeatedly found that the paper totals matched the computer totals. The Department of Homeland Security and other government and private agencies found no evidence of hacking. www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/6282157002

      Patrick DPatrick D4 dager siden
    • @Patrick D exactly! If for whatever reason you suspected that when you called for a timeout, some of the points you scored were given to other players would be naturally suspicious, especially if you felt you were doing good. Weather or not your points were given to other is a separate question, but i think investing it thoroughly would be warranted.

      Pilot VarchevPilot Varchev4 dager siden
    • True. An election is less like sports and more like Hungry Hungry Hippos.

      Patrick DPatrick D4 dager siden
  • Love your work, but this felt "too soon..."

    John KeithJohn Keith4 dager siden
    • To be fair, he made the video well before Jan. 6, when this whole thing went from being a farce to being a tragedy.

      Patrick DPatrick D4 dager siden
  • Gold!

    José PrazeresJosé Prazeres4 dager siden
  • Its my God given liberty to believe that 74 is more than 81! How dare you ivory tower elitists persecute me with math!

    MrSeananimMrSeananim4 dager siden
  • Well in Canada you have 2 choices. You can either be a liberal OR a hardcore liberal....So, Ryan, who lives in Canada, one of the most left countries on the planet that has censorship laws, thinks orange man is a sore looser and just plain lost fair and square....wow real shocker there

    musicman9434musicman94344 dager siden
    • @musicman9434 I am just about certain you're right: A lot of people do disagree with me.

      Patrick DPatrick D3 timer siden
    • @Patrick D allot of people not only in America, but all over the world would disagree

      musicman9434musicman943410 timer siden
    • Wait, if your only two choises in canada are right wing, how can it be one of the most left wing countries on the planet? Sounds like an oxymoron.

      dinos papadinos papa2 dager siden
    • He was mocking the candidate that made unsubstantiated and increasingly bizarre fraud allegations. Is that really a liberal or conservative issue?

      Patrick DPatrick D4 dager siden
  • This video needs a sequel. 😂😂

    HotRodsterHotRodster5 dager siden
  • Bull crap this is a reference to the election and the election was fraud

    Donald NaegeleDonald Naegele5 dager siden
    • @Serpent Games hahaha that's funny

      Donald NaegeleDonald NaegeleDag siden
    • Innocents until proven guilty. But I'm afraid that the only proof that you have is "trump said so"

      Serpent GamesSerpent GamesDag siden
    • @Beam Bleam um

      Donald NaegeleDonald NaegeleDag siden
    • It's about hockey????

      Beam BleamBeam BleamDag siden
    • Bro how is not sports it’s definitely sports

      King GuyKing Guy3 dager siden
  • Lol

    ArjunatorArjunator5 dager siden
  • xD

    SkyOnOsuSkyOnOsu5 dager siden
  • I hate the Boston Bruins I’m sorry but I just hate the Boston Bruins I love the blues and stuff like that let’s go blues let’s go to blues

    Hunter RogersHunter Rogers5 dager siden
    • Go Avs!

      Christoph5782Christoph57825 dager siden
  • Just couldn't help yourself... Great comparison except for one or two things.. The ref's did not allow the game rules to change midgame.. When there was a dispute the refs reviewed the play and the fans got to watch, then they had base their decisions on the game playing and not on games played previously... The announcers didn't spend four years denouncing the opposition team, then claim they were unbiased and could be trusted... Other than that... right on the money....

    Michael RobertsMichael Roberts5 dager siden
    • Innocents until proven guilty. But I'm afraid that the only proof that you have is "trump said so"

      Serpent GamesSerpent GamesDag siden
    • Well I mean the game rules didn’t change they stayed the same The fans got to watch the play from a distance as to not pressure the refs The game could’ve gone to anyone tbh and the winning team was just lucky nothing of the unusual The refs were unbiased and trusted they were just a random sample of citizens if they really were biased to one team that means that every single election not just this one is rigged

      John DoeJohn Doe4 dager siden
  • I personally think there was a lot of shady things about the voting. Not that I care too much who becomes next puppy but democracy does not work in the real world. Too easy (doomed) to corrupt and manipulate.

    San droSan dro6 dager siden
    • @San dro That's more an argument for a different approach to education than it is against Democracy. Many of the authoritarian leaders we've had through history have had literal genius level intellects. That doesn't mean it's preferable to live under them. It's almost always much worse. There's no reason we couldn't implement the Nordic model in America and if people shirking civic duty is a problem to you then, besides improving education, some countries like Australia make participation mandatory. It's a minor fine if you don't, but still, it seems to help.

      FrantickFrantick5 dager siden
    • @Frantick You are speaking with someone who does not believe in the concept of democracy at all (many idiots don't make genius decision, worst is, people don't even care). But yes valid points.

      San droSan dro5 dager siden
    • Trump lost like 60 court cases, often with conservative judges if not judges he appointed, and won 1. The elections were certified and observed by both Democrats and Republicans. Years ago Trump created a committee to investigate fraud in the 2016 election because of "millions of illegal votes" and his own commission didn't find significant fraud. There are a handful in any election, but noooowhere near enough to overturn the thousands of votes and three or four states needed to swing the election in favor of Trump. That's just speaking electorally since Biden won the popular vote by several million.

      FrantickFrantick5 dager siden
  • you should've worn a tim thomas jersey

    Arthur WithheldArthur Withheld6 dager siden
  • There was massive election fraud.

    Dean RajaDean Raja6 dager siden
    • @Dean Raja that never happened. That’s why they lost over 60 count cases.

      christianrapperchristianrapper7 timer siden
    • @Serpent Games Well no proof, except for video evidence, eye-witness accounts, statistical impossibilities including more votes than registered voters in many counties, records of people born in the 1800s voting, states not following their own voting rules, election monitors being refused access, and voter machine tampering and "glitches" that only favor Biden. It is also noteworthy that after the 2016 election the media couldn't stop talking about alleged election fraud, yet after the 2020 election they couldn't stop saying there was no election fraud. Cringeworthy indeed, gentleman.

      Dean RajaDean RajaDag siden
    • Innocents until proven guilty. But I'm afraid that the only proof that you have is "trump said so"

      Serpent GamesSerpent GamesDag siden
    • @Beam Bleam True.

      WaluigismWaluigismDag siden
    • Nah bruh, the video is about hockey

      Beam BleamBeam BleamDag siden
  • But the hockey teams aren't full of angry old people-

    際おに栗子際おに栗子7 dager siden
  • But what about that big dump of goals that happened when nobody was looking between the second and third periods!! And everyone knows the Canadians run a child sex ring in the attic of the Bell Centre!

    I. RexI. Rex7 dager siden
  • "It's gonna be hard to raid the capital" "Actually it's gonna be super easy, barely an inconvenience"

    JADEJADE7 dager siden
    • @Дима Михайлов bruh no one said this man is a BLM supporter. It's possible to dislike both. You can't just assume someone's political affiliation

      Robert LiRobert Li7 timer siden
    • You mean raid the capitals

      christianrapperchristianrapper7 timer siden
    • you know what's even easier? Burning down shops and looting and killing innocent people for 8 months

      Дима МихайловДима Михайлов10 timer siden
  • In actuality the Bruins won 3-1 everyone went home, and the next morning everyone found out the Canadians won 7-3.

    James PhillipsJames Phillips7 dager siden
    • "Nothing is official until the National Hockey League declares a winner" National Hockey League: We declare a winner. "Nothing is official until the lawsuit against the National Hockey League is resolved" *Lawsuit gets dismissed due to NO evidence*. "Nothing is official until... umm... until everyone agrees we won, of course"

      Serpent GamesSerpent GamesDag siden
    • Hmm yess. getting 3000 more votes in Gerogia 100% DEFFANITLY made you lose you dictator of a president

      Serpent GamesSerpent GamesDag siden
    • Innocents until proven guilty. But I'm afraid that the only proof that you have is "trump said so"

      Serpent GamesSerpent GamesDag siden
    • @Patrick D Last election Trump was declared the incumbent early like Biden was. There was hope by the left Hillary would somehow beat him, but it ended up falling through and Trump was declared the winner In this case election, Trump was winning by a maragin, but then he lost it. It’s not surprising that he lost said maragin because in the last election, he lost the popular vote but still beat Clinton. In this election, he also lost the popular vote but some of the key states decided to go against him. It’s not like thousands of voters suddenly were switched to another side, and the claims that “my vote was changed to Biden” is most certainly a bad claim. “my vote was already cast somewhere else” does make since because it has been used in the past to make Democrats lose. So it doesn’t make much since that the Republicans would lose because of that. This is a real problem that we as a people need to face, not the bogus claim that the election is rigged

      John DoeJohn Doe3 dager siden
    • @John Doe Are you saying they didn't count all the votes in 2016? I've never heard that claim before. It took longer to count the votes in 2020 than it usually does because of higher turnout and higher rate in mail-in votes. The mail votes were especially an issue in Pennsylvania, where state law prohibited officials from starting to count the votes prior to election day. All this was widely predicted before Election Day. That Trump would use the "red mirage" created by this situation as an excuse to falsely declare victory before all the votes had been counted was also predicted.

      Patrick DPatrick D4 dager siden
  • Heey thats like that KSI vs Logan thingy

    Not Dark LordNot Dark Lord7 dager siden
  • I disagree with your implied political opinion, but I still found this entertaining.

    JokerJoker7 dager siden
  • Which election ?

    Paul NolanPaul Nolan8 dager siden
    • @Patrick D Yeah, I remember now, that one

      Beam BleamBeam BleamDag siden
    • James Tyler High School Student Council in Canton, Ohio, I think.

      Patrick DPatrick D8 dager siden
  • you forgot the part where the bruins coach and his team raid the NHL headquarters

    Eli HEli H8 dager siden
    • @Patrick D ok, then just let it go.

      Eli HEli H7 dager siden
    • @Eli H Trump absolutely incited the violence. My initial comment indicated as much. And I voted for Biden, but if he or any other Democrat ever incites a mob to attack Congress, I will criticize him as well. My initial comment was not to argue with you. It was just to point out the minor point that Trump did not personally storm the building. I assume it was because of his bone spurs.

      Patrick DPatrick D7 dager siden
    • @Patrick D as much as i appreciate your sarcastic compliments, trump DID indirectly incite the violence. sorry, but if a democrat were to claim a republican stole an election, and then his/her supporters raided the capitol, you would be saying the democrat incited the violence.

      Eli HEli H7 dager siden
    • @Eli H "It was a joke." Yes, and it was hilarious. You are clearly a comic genius. Your joke appeared to be based on a misunderstanding of what happened last week, though, and I was just offering a polite correction.

      Patrick DPatrick D8 dager siden
    • @Patrick D dude. it was a joke. mind your own damn business.

      Eli HEli H8 dager siden
  • Ryan you're a freaking genius. This is so accurate.

    Chibuzo Slim IkontaChibuzo Slim Ikonta8 dager siden
    • @FalseDilly Well no because if they did do that they definitely didn’t rack up enough points to beat them

      John DoeJohn Doe4 dager siden
    • @FalseDilly oh lawd🤣🤣🤣🤣 You can't make this stuff up.

      Chibuzo Slim IkontaChibuzo Slim Ikonta6 dager siden
    • Its actually very not accurate as a matter of fact. He didn't show them adding a bunch of goal between periods when no one was looking.

      FalseDillyFalseDilly6 dager siden
  • yep accurate. works for me LOL time ot show this to everyone who has weirdly specific opinions lol

    G. Waits4GainzG. Waits4Gainz8 dager siden
  • At least this was an Unbaiest opinion so you wouldn't get any backlash, smart

    Bayka- ScottBayka- Scott8 dager siden
  • Did you hear, the Bruins have just stormed the National Hockey League building

    Idk WtvrIdk Wtvr9 dager siden
  • yup yup yup yup

    Kate MoriartyKate Moriarty9 dager siden
  • "Nothing is official until the National Hockey League declares a winner" National Hockey League: We declare a winner. "Nothing is official until the lawsuit against the National Hockey League is resolved" *Lawsuit gets dismissed*. "Nothing is official until... umm... until everyone agrees we won, of course"

    BlueBlue9 dager siden
    • @Dragonzlink thank you for proving my point.

      Thomas HajicekThomas Hajicek13 timer siden
    • @Thomas Hajicek you're not too bright, are you?

      DragonzlinkDragonzlink2 dager siden
    • @Dragonzlink you're not too bright, are you?

      Thomas HajicekThomas Hajicek2 dager siden
    • @Thomas Haijcek It’s the cops job clearly You did something wrong or you wouldn’t have gotten pulled over

      DragonzlinkDragonzlink2 dager siden
    • @Jojo39 -god comes down and declares a winner- i think he is biased we should get the entire greek pantheon to fact check

      rexrex4 dager siden
  • Then the Boston fans stoem the sports captitol

    TL Neil-E-PoosTL Neil-E-Poos9 dager siden
  • I like how the guys contesting the goals are the ones wearing caps

    Chiziterem Ndukwe-NwokeChiziterem Ndukwe-Nwoke9 dager siden
    • Yeah me too, would've been more realistic if the other guy had Kool aid hair & used the she/her pronouns 🤣🤣🤣

      VALAKALAVVALAKALAV4 dager siden
  • You forgot when the bruids attacked the heads of the league when their loss was confirmed the next month

    Hawk PantsHawk Pants9 dager siden
  • "Im going to the ice rink myself to skate and see the truth"

    KierNuggetKierNugget10 dager siden
  • Sigh.

    Sean BroganSean Brogan10 dager siden
  • What about the phone call to the referee months after the game had ended? "Come on man, I just need you to give us 4 more goals. That would give us 1 more goal than we needed. We know we won the game, we just need you to find us those extra scores"

    windspastwindspast10 dager siden
  • I got a trump coin ad on this vid, so I showed my sister and she said buy them all... So we can start a bonfire 😏

    Leopard EarsLeopard Ears10 dager siden
  • This was genius!

    JulCaosJulCaos10 dager siden
  • The best part about this is that the bruins lost.

    CrimsonfangCrimsonfang10 dager siden
    • and apparently 4000 bruins fans are pissed at this video

      matthew taylormatthew taylor8 dager siden
  • Is it over before Marchand has licked an opponent?

    Brian MitchellBrian Mitchell10 dager siden
  • Sir, you have made it to the very top of my imaginary list of my favourite NOworldrs. I never enjoyed any videos as much as yours.

    SamuelSamuel10 dager siden
  • I think it's more funnier that there is a us election thing on this video.

    Z HZ H11 dager siden
  • What if some of those ‘goals’ counted for more points than they should have, and some referees lie about the score? Maybe the announcer could lie about the score as well...

    SpelChektSpelChekt11 dager siden
    • "What if some of the 'goals' counted for more points than they should have ..." Do you mean the way the Electoral College and the Senate give disproprtionate representation to small states, allowing Republicans to have more power than they would have if all votes counted equally? I think it is a bad system, but amending the Constitution to change it is practically impossible, considering that most of the states (red and blue) that benefit from the disparity would have to agree to changing it.

      Patrick DPatrick D11 dager siden
  • “They keep track of every single goal. They know exactly who did them” Casually ignores guy tampering with the scoreboard

    TheZarcFilesTheZarcFiles11 dager siden
    • Casually ignores those claims were rejected by dozens of courts for total lack of evidence.

      Patrick DPatrick D11 dager siden
  • Oh man I really enjoy him saying "Oh my God" the way he does it

    Yaroslav MadmanYaroslav Madman11 dager siden
  • If u wanted proof that he is canadian

    Irfan AshrafIrfan Ashraf11 dager siden
  • Forgot the part where the stadium lights went out and when they came back on the team scored a few thousand goals

    Mitchell WhittMitchell Whitt12 dager siden
    • Could’ve been right after the part where the sports announcer that looks like the winning team’s coach calls the game before it even starts.

      TheZarcFilesTheZarcFiles11 dager siden
  • Subtle

    Sean H.Sean H.12 dager siden
    • Well not really it’s pretty obvious

      ghotighoti8 dager siden
  • Fun fact: if you write fun fact people will read your whole comment

    Rys PlayzRys Playz12 dager siden
    • You got me. Have an up-vote. 👍

      Patrick DPatrick D12 dager siden
  • Are you suggesting that Bruins fans are all Trump fans? cause if you are, you might be correct but I'm a B's fan and I go biden all the way

    Todd OstertogTodd Ostertog12 dager siden
    • There is a saying...Not all trump fans are bruins fans but all bruiins fans are trump fans.

      christianrapperchristianrapper7 timer siden
  • Go Habs Go

    ELECTRIC GamerELECTRIC Gamer12 dager siden
  • This isn’t at all how the election went.

    Aviston outdoorsAviston outdoors12 dager siden
  • you forgot the part where there was actual suspicious shit going on

    Colfdra LegendColfdra Legend12 dager siden
    • The fact that people don't understand our election laws is not evidence of fraud. "Perhaps if Plaintiffs' election challenger affiants had attended the October 29, 2020 walk-through of the TCF Center ballot counting location, questions and concerns could have been answered in advance of Election Day." Michigan Judge Timothy Kennt In other words, all the "actual suspicious shit" has been explained countless times, but some Trump supporters are immune to facts.

      Patrick DPatrick D12 dager siden
  • "Let's light the capital building on fire because of the fraudulent goals"

    abselbyabselby13 dager siden
  • Oh. You do highly divisive political stuff. I'm out.

    Robert CopterRobert Copter13 dager siden
    • But it's about hockey???

      Beam BleamBeam BleamDag siden
    • @Nahasapasa the fact is that this generation is just so soft, they get offended at every little thing and joke, then the cry and whine about it like children And can’t handle second opinions about things.

      CosmosKnightCosmosKnight8 dager siden
    • What isn't considered divisive these days? "How dare he insult flat-Earthers!?"

      NahasapasaNahasapasa12 dager siden
    • @Jonny Thibodeau Shame you're not clever enough to come up with an actual burn.

      Robert CopterRobert Copter12 dager siden
    • @Robert Copter shame you don't understand basic grammar enough to form a comeback

      Jonny ThibodeauJonny Thibodeau12 dager siden
  • Lmao..I like trump over biden, but this is just plain funny. I really hope you didn't loss subscribers over this

    kronic NYCkronic NYC13 dager siden
  • This just in, the Boston Bruins fans have stormed the NHL Situation Room in Toronto trying to disallow long confirmed goals! This is far worse than the Vancouver riots of 2011, after they lost game 7 of the finals to none other than the Boston Bruins! Now, back to you Ryan

    Christoph5782Christoph578213 dager siden
  • I like your channel and everything but this kinda seems one-sided 😕

    RundownOcean 2k3RundownOcean 2k313 dager siden
    • @Samuel McNair I don't even know what a "soy boy" is, so I can't bother to be offended.

      Patrick DPatrick D5 dager siden
    • @Patrick D SOY BOY DETECTED

      Samuel McNairSamuel McNair5 dager siden
    • To be fair to him all his videos are basically just fun jokes not meant to actually tackle the problem or talk in depth about it, I mean look at his dumbest timeliness video he defines covid as staying inside being the biggest issue as an obvious joke

      Connzer JessConnzer Jess12 dager siden
    • Yeah, Ryan's politics have a strong pro-reality bias.

      Patrick DPatrick D13 dager siden
  • You forgot the part where the fans of the Boston Bruins broke into the headquarters of the NHL headquarters to stop them from declaring the Montreal Canadians the winners

    Connor BolesConnor Boles13 dager siden
    • This isn’t an allegory. Bruins fans would actually do this.

      christianrapperchristianrapper7 timer siden
  • Montreal 🤣🤣🤣

    The Feeling of UnfairThe Feeling of Unfair13 dager siden
  • You forgot the part where the team was way ahead when half time intervention started but when the half time was over somehow the losing teams score was way up all of a sudden even though it was half time and even if it wasnt half time its not possible to score that many points in such a short amount of time.

    dustin fowlerdustin fowler13 dager siden
    • @Bence Baracsi Election raud f

      Samuel McNairSamuel McNair5 dager siden
    • What the hell are you on about?

      Bence BaracsiBence Baracsi12 dager siden
  • 666k viewers this whole topic is cursed

    Kieron FarleyKieron Farley13 dager siden
    • @Patrick D yeah it’s just awful I can’t believe it happened...

      Kieron FarleyKieron Farley9 dager siden
    • Five people dead. This whole topic is cursed. EDIT: To update death toll.

      Patrick DPatrick D13 dager siden
  • Who's here after the US Capitol riots?

    Abhijith SrivariAbhijith Srivari13 dager siden
    • @Patrick D Riot- a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd. Incursion- an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one. By definition it is both

      Connzer JessConnzer Jess9 dager siden
    • @TheZarcFiles Is "riot" not the correct term? I mean, I think "insurrection" is a better word, but "riot" is also accurate, I think.

      Patrick DPatrick D11 dager siden
    • “Riot”

      TheZarcFilesTheZarcFiles11 dager siden
  • We've now reached the hockey riots portion of the election.

    NahasapasaNahasapasa13 dager siden
    • “Riots”

      TheZarcFilesTheZarcFiles11 dager siden
    • Came here just to find this comment 😂

      Bryan o'LearyBryan o'Leary12 dager siden
  • More like if you where to suddenly add 7 goals after the game ended

    Daniel Van Oaks IIIDaniel Van Oaks III14 dager siden
    • @Patrick D just ask the falcons in the superbowl.

      christianrapperchristianrapper7 timer siden
    • They kept counting votes until all the votes were counted. The election doesn't end just because one side declared victory days before the counting was finished.

      Patrick DPatrick D11 dager siden
  • Trump won bro, stupid dems

    Salty FriesSalty Fries14 dager siden
    • @Beam Bleam bruh

      Salty FriesSalty FriesDag siden
    • Stop being political, this video is about hockey

      Beam BleamBeam BleamDag siden
    • @daz I bring up valid points though but sure

      Salty FriesSalty Fries12 dager siden
    • @Salty Fries Pretty much what you've responded boils down to you just saying "nuh-uh" and calling my argument "stupid" with substantiating that with anything. That's not a counter. If you want to have constructive discourse, I'm more than willing, but if you're just going to call all of my arguments stupid, then I'm wasting my time talking to you.

      dazdaz13 dager siden
    • @daz then how come I am able to counter argue you?

      Salty FriesSalty Fries13 dager siden
  • What happened was the Boston Bruins were winning 3 to 2 after second period. Everyone went to the locker room to talk strategy in between periods, then they were suddenly losing 7 to 3 when they got back

    YouTubeYTYouTubeYT14 dager siden
    • What happened was that they kept counting votes until all the votes had been counted, but the incumbent falsely declared victory days before the counting was finished.

      Patrick DPatrick D11 dager siden
  • I know the outro so well I’m humming it before the things over

    A MurphyA Murphy14 dager siden
  • Only you forgot the goals that one team scored but just so happened the score board wasn't working some of the time there, or how even though each team got a "fair" chance to score in the shootout, but they forgot to actually let one team shoot, I mean they didn't have time or something. Also notice how no one does what you did when someone actually wins a game? Why would just randomly everyone at the same time point out the same game? To be fair even though almost no one saw the "winning" team score they told us they did a lot of times so we know they must have scored when we went to the washroom that time. Funny how anyone who took time to research the game to watch it noticed that something was clearly a bit off at parts, like missing time but during that time one team scored a lot because they clearly just were a lot better in those moments there eh.

    Riley RocheRiley Roche14 dager siden
    • "Why would everyone randomly point out the same game?" Because Trump had been saying for months before the election that if he lost, that itself would be evidence of fraud. Also, because tens of millions of people have been conditioned over the last five years or so to uncritically believe everything Trump says.

      Patrick DPatrick D11 dager siden
  • It may be a joke - but this is actually how small sailboat (dingy) races are conducted in my experience. I couldn't believe the arguing that went on over every race as to who had 'right of way' whenever boats crossed paths. Every encounter was a potential disqualification no matter who actually crossed the finish line first.

    VerrucaVerruca14 dager siden
    • Golf also has some crazy rules

      christianrapperchristianrapper7 timer siden
  • Forgot the part where all the refs and other team were kicked out and goals continued to be counted with no refs present. 46% call that fraud vs 43% who say there was no fraud.

    Jacob BJacob B15 dager siden
    • Would love to see a source for those percentages.

      Patrick DPatrick D11 dager siden
    • Oh jeez, Marchand goes for a line change at a horrible time, Tuukka Rask can’t save a beach ball, and you wanna blame the NHL? It’s okay, sometimes you go full Maple Leafs and have the cars doors blown off of you, But hey, at least you didn’t lose to a 42 year old zamboni driver who works for the team! Just don’t try to storm the NHL Situation Room in Toronto, as that would be far worse than the Vancouver Riots of 2011 after the team lost in Game 7 of the finals to Boston that you guys complained about so much

      Christoph5782Christoph578213 dager siden
  • I know a certain orange-faced cry baby who needs to see this. Right now.

    PhantoMace2012PhantoMace201215 dager siden
  • I love how anything political has 4K dislikes, when he usually has around 150 dislikes. Show's just how much comedy has deformed. And the arguments with insane people in the replies. Absurd.

    Prince RalseiPrince Ralsei15 dager siden
    • Comedy= tragedy+time

      Connzer JessConnzer Jess9 dager siden
    • I think people are just ready to get politics out of their lives

      Caleb QueenCaleb Queen13 dager siden
    • That the origin of comedy, to mock a certain someone who can handle the truth and cry like a fking baby

      Feltz SlhezFeltz Slhez14 dager siden
  • And then he did a backflip, snapped the guys neck and saved the day

    AlsoTheDirtMinerAlsoTheDirtMiner16 dager siden
  • Let’s go Canes

    Upscale StewUpscale Stew16 dager siden
  • Did the Bruins coach file 60 lawsuits?

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV16 dager siden
  • I love this.

    PotatoCowQueenPotatoCowQueen16 dager siden