If Ghosts Stuck Around After Jump Scares

29. okt.. 2018
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Why is it that in horror movies ghosts always pop out for a big jump scare and then immediately vanish? Freakin' rude ghosts. Hang out a little bit-- it's your haunted house too.
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    Ryan GeorgeRyan George2 år siden
    • @Chewbacca Bricks Freakin rude ass ghost! At least I'm alive, right? "Don't say the next line, Don't say it! 🥺🥺"

      Ahnaf AtifAhnaf Atif14 dager siden
    • I’m a rude ass ghost sooooo.....

      Chewbacca BricksChewbacca Bricks14 dager siden
    • @Ahnaf Atif what are you talking about?

      William BandellWilliam BandellMåned siden
    • @William Bandell ...spider man

      Ahnaf AtifAhnaf AtifMåned siden
    • Huge fan

      William BandellWilliam BandellMåned siden
  • Jins feed of fear

    Awesome OrigamiAwesome Origami2 dager siden
  • 0:50 “You can’t be living here..” Me: yeah he can’t. He can’t be living here, because he’s dead here

    Diana BartlettDiana Bartlett4 dager siden
  • The clown art in the background.

    Wordy GoddessWordy Goddess7 dager siden
  • Who else mistook the ghost in the thumbnail was oh'hare from the lorax movie

    Elvimore StudiosElvimore Studios7 dager siden
    • Not me

      Random ChannelRandom Channel5 dager siden
  • Random Shower Thought: If Ghosts have No Organs, How can it speak without a vocal cord?

    Kaif AhmedKaif Ahmed8 dager siden
  • Bonnie: I jumpscare! Me: AHHH!!! Also me: that was kewl.

    GalaxyRaeGalaxyRae8 dager siden
  • Can't wait til I'm dead to do that to someone

    MarastifeMarastife8 dager siden
  • Is it hte same ghost that possessed someone in 2020?

    Bar GrossBar Gross9 dager siden
  • I keep seeing Ku Klux Klan member with amputated arms raised up.

    no gono go10 dager siden
  • *Goofball the cartoon ghost is that you?*

    Preder NationPreder Nation10 dager siden
  • Your my new favorite guy, binge watching allday

    spaceman 2050spaceman 205012 dager siden
  • Lol

    soneelitasoneelita13 dager siden
  • Oh hey look he made a video about me.

    kendall millerkendall miller13 dager siden
  • Lol, I've been noticing more swears and curse words in Ryan's work I LOVE IT

    Just some guy without a profile pictureJust some guy without a profile picture14 dager siden

    Colie c:Colie c:14 dager siden
  • Does the king respond?

    CalosGamesCalosGames15 dager siden
  • Rude ass ghost lmfao

    AvighnaAvighna18 dager siden
  • Kay, here's the thing... it's extremely difficult to make me literally laugh out loud. Well done, my friend. Water out of the nose. The whole bit.

    Karyn HartKaryn Hart18 dager siden
  • Man i have grown respect for you. Ryan george talking to ryan george is seemless 😊. Great work my man 👍

    shubham tiwarishubham tiwari21 dag siden
  • 0:04 child when when I’d fart and get away with blaming it on another student

    Tom FeltonTom Felton25 dager siden
  • We should start using SALTS instead of Lmfao "Smiled a little then stopped" Btw read my name :D

    I make meme videosI make meme videosMåned siden
  • When you make a "when you" joke and dont get likes - 💀💀😬😬🔫🔫 Btw read my name :D

    I make meme videosI make meme videosMåned siden
  • wut?

    Matthew GilmoreMatthew GilmoreMåned siden
  • Now we know his size

    wild_creeperzwild_creeperzMåned siden
  • I died at the freakin rude ass ghost 😂

    Jay AryaJay AryaMåned siden
  • That would suck if i had a ghost watching me walk around naked

    Anarchy ShockerAnarchy ShockerMåned siden
  • Even the Ghost is getting tired of watching Netflix

    Michael LochlannMichael LochlannMåned siden
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    Michael LochlannMichael LochlannMåned siden
  • A Boober.

    PKMN Trainer MarkPKMN Trainer MarkMåned siden
  • rude ass-ghost

    noControlnoControlMåned siden
  • The Grim Reaper picking up a body in sims 3:

    Fox •Fox •Måned siden
  • Him as a ghost is pretty frickin scarry

    TXBC 3000TXBC 3000Måned siden
  • Later! 😂😂😭😭

    Lorraine LouLorraine LouMåned siden
  • I want to see a ghost in an Uber please

    LorrieLorrieMåned siden
  • "Frickin rude ghost"- Ryan George October 2018

    「M a i a」「M a i a」Måned siden
  • fricking rude ass ghost lol

    PhonieZGaminZPhonieZGaminZMåned siden
  • I needed that laugh. Thank you. You are a blessing in these hard times.

    Mac McleodMac McleodMåned siden
  • every man needs a ghost to tell him if his penis is big enough.

    Belal Abu SultanBelal Abu SultanMåned siden
  • LMFAO.

    The Folklore of BeingThe Folklore of BeingMåned siden
  • The alive guy is like every man

    Rick RollRick RollMåned siden
  • Top quote: "Always. All- all the always."

    BobslimytuberBobslimytuberMåned siden
  • You can tell that ghost was a big dicked alpha before he died.

    JustAGamerPersonJustAGamerPersonMåned siden
  • I mean the ghost had a point, dead is better than baby dick life I'm sure.

    sleepy snoring puppysleepy snoring puppyMåned siden
  • Ryan George keep making jokes like this

    Owen ArtetaOwen ArtetaMåned siden
  • Terrible ghost special effects are TIGHT

    Maximum MattMaximum MattMåned siden
  • "I almost peed."

    Foxtrot IIIFoxtrot III2 måneder siden
  • I like how the jump scare is just a half-hearted grunt.

    Ion ForceIon Force2 måneder siden
  • My roommates think that our house is haunted, but I haven't seen anything in the last 274 years.

    Michael BujakiMichael Bujaki2 måneder siden
  • Your bits always leave me wanting more, unlike some youtube comedians who run things into the ground.

    Samantha DrennanSamantha Drennan2 måneder siden
  • Isn't this the plot of beetlejuice?

    Matthew GivenMatthew Given2 måneder siden
  • I love how he makes the penis joke like it's a thing that everyone does, walking around naked. I mean can we really trust the validity of this guy! JK love what you do

    Ludo BagminLudo Bagmin2 måneder siden
  • OMG!!

    Vlad PootinVlad Pootin2 måneder siden
  • Such a shame they had to sacrifice one of thw Ryans for this one

    sabastian bishopsabastian bishop2 måneder siden
  • nearly spat out my drink, goddamn!

    ReadSetDataReadSetData2 måneder siden
  • Cartoonishly small...dang.

    Gary SuarezGary Suarez2 måneder siden
  • Julie and the Phantoms

    Flynn MikaelsonFlynn Mikaelson2 måneder siden
    • At least kinda at the beginning

      Flynn MikaelsonFlynn Mikaelson2 måneder siden
  • And the he did a backflip, snapped the guys neck and saved the day.

    crazy flyingroombacrazy flyingroomba2 måneder siden
  • "Just for that, I'm calling an exorcist."

    Ian HallIan Hall2 måneder siden
  • "I walk around here naked." "Well, yeah, I know, please stop doing that." "Why didn't you just ask?" "I dunno man, just busy watching you walk around naked with your tiny-"

    King_Kamatis 27King_Kamatis 272 måneder siden
  • "Why would they go?" Because they're- GO-sts

    MeliMelonMeliMelon2 måneder siden
  • Just when you thought Ryan couldn't be whiter.

    Ricardo AguilarRicardo Aguilar2 måneder siden
  • I love it when people have the script in hand and use technology to best demonstrate it, but nowadays its other way around, thats why most content on youtube and tiktok is cringy.

    Surya TejaSurya Teja3 måneder siden
  • "I'd rather be dead than have a cartoonishly small, baby dick..." Cripes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Marci Leatherboots1Marci Leatherboots13 måneder siden
  • Okay, the left turn and double back this sketch took had me wheezing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Marci Leatherboots1Marci Leatherboots13 måneder siden
  • You look a lot like Ice-T when you are a ghost. Are you his brother?

    WobiwonWobiwon3 måneder siden
  • And then the ghost did a backflip and snapped the bad guys neck...

    The Three GachateersThe Three Gachateers3 måneder siden
  • Id rather be dead then have a baby dick

    The Famous HackerThe Famous Hacker3 måneder siden
  • Ask him to pay rent and taxes and he will leave your place. Trust me, it works.

    Milda MocMilda Moc3 måneder siden
  • Proof of life after death? Priceless knowledge Dick joke immediately after proof? Man I hate 2020

    Brian KBrian K3 måneder siden
  • Imagine if ghosts started haunting people because they were tired of people showing off their junk

    Simon-peter WilliamsonSimon-peter Williamson3 måneder siden
  • I didnt realize ghosts use uber...

    Brenden RobertsBrenden Roberts3 måneder siden
  • I can't emphasize enough how entertaining this is. Thanks, Ryan. 😃 Keep being Tight!

    Ahnaf AtifAhnaf Atif3 måneder siden
  • I always wish I could become friends with the ghosts on the graveyard next door and like pay them to scare my friends lol

    Beanie BoiBeanie Boi3 måneder siden
  • I trust you and Aidan kelly Only 2 people I trust with first and first names

    CakeCake3 måneder siden
  • That ghost was out of line. Now there're Ghostbusters coming his way. I definitely would have hired them to whack a ghost making fun about the size of my junk.

    diMAN XGermanistdiMAN XGermanist3 måneder siden
  • Even the Ghost has the Ryan face

    Phoenix StPhoenix St3 måneder siden
  • October just started and I must say this is pretty spooky

    VABPVABP3 måneder siden
  • Congratulations for 600k❤️

    Profesor GamelandProfesor Gameland3 måneder siden
  • I wish I was the ghost in your apartment :P

    MichaelMichael3 måneder siden
  • Wait...Ghosts have beards??

    Hanting LiuHanting Liu3 måneder siden
  • Plot twist: the ghost only so the unerected version

    Billy HsuBilly Hsu3 måneder siden
  • People who disliked are mad cause they have a tiny pp

    Yeet 42Yeet 423 måneder siden
  • Troll ghost is really an inconvenience!

    Hugo Alberto Marin OssaHugo Alberto Marin Ossa3 måneder siden
  • boooooooooooooooooo

    geeky momgeeky mom3 måneder siden
  • Ghost :- this is my spot Sheldon:- i found my soulmate

    Lakhjeet BadeshaLakhjeet Badesha3 måneder siden
  • Imagine this segment in a movie

    Jameson SimsJameson Sims3 måneder siden
  • Ryan George was not the Impostor.

    FurryDanFurryDan3 måneder siden
  • "Rather be dead than have a baby dick to be honest..." Most traumatizing line from a ghost ever.

    growingoaks productionsgrowingoaks productions3 måneder siden
  • "Being dead is boring". Trust me I know.

    Muhammed AkinyemiMuhammed Akinyemi3 måneder siden
  • sorry ryan, i am a rude ass ghost, I can't follow you on twitter or instagram.

    Nanki SinghNanki Singh3 måneder siden
  • 😂😂😂

    Rxmi FNRxmi FN4 måneder siden
  • Lol at the creepy Clown pictures in the backgound.

    Rhonda FizzleflintRhonda Fizzleflint4 måneder siden
  • So I did a backflip snapped the ghosts neck and died twice

    Ghinaya Poetry WigatiGhinaya Poetry Wigati4 måneder siden
  • After seeing a ghost, my butt hole is *TIGHT*

    bugjuicerbugjuicer4 måneder siden
  • That was terrifiying, I never seen a ghost with a *_Mustach_*

    A Dog who apparently knows how to use the InterwebzA Dog who apparently knows how to use the Interwebz4 måneder siden
  • Hilarious! Small penis jokes are tight!!

    Curtis LoweCurtis Lowe4 måneder siden
  • Jesus Christ loves you

    chayeschayes4 måneder siden
  • I hate rude ass ghosts.. I saw one yesterday very rude.. ass ghost

    NF FanNF Fan4 måneder siden
  • This becoming a favourite channel. Great work

    angec668angec6684 måneder siden