If Captain America Had Woken Up In 2018

30. juli. 2018
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If the Marvel Cinematic Universe had started a few years later, Steve Rogers would have entered a very different world. Still probably would have had to deal with Thanos and whatnot, but still-- a lot to catch him up on.
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  • One of now... but it’ll just be the same but an albino idiot this time...

    CoolglueCoolglue2 timer siden
  • Can you do a sequel today? Washington is a fortress!

    Heiko WeberHeiko Weber16 timer siden
  • A lot of ignorant traitors aka trump supporters in comment section.

    A. H.A. H.16 timer siden
  • 2021 nope, he's just asleep at his job or smelling kids again..

    Apollohates HisdayjobApollohates Hisdayjob18 timer siden
  • 👍🏼

    Sarah LiSarah Li20 timer siden
  • ha ha the president skin color is orange! hilarious. i even heard that the president before him was black

    kfir Mkfir M22 timer siden
  • Do this again for 2021. Because...well, just DAMN.

    Jennifer RhoadesJennifer RhoadesDag siden
  • Its prob been mentioned...but in case it hasnt....the process of separating children from parents of illegal immigrants was started during the Obama administration. Thats a fact. But the nedia didnt touch it until Trump came into office. Not defending Trump, just stating a fact.

    E. GarceauE. GarceauDag siden
    • Ok trump supporter

      Sam D26Sam D268 timer siden
  • 2021: And then there was the invasion of the Capitol ... by Americans ...

    Nuala SeamusNuala SeamusDag siden
  • RodVezRodVez2 dager siden
  • What’s that about Trump tweeting now?

    HyblupHyblup2 dager siden
  • He’s probably going to get us all killed yet here we are the day before he leaves office and he didn’t start a single war 🤷‍♂️

    Artificially UnintelligentArtificially Unintelligent2 dager siden
  • Children separated from their families ... You mean like the leftist re education camps they want to set up ? And while we are on the subject of children seperated from parents, " who built the cages ?" Gun violence? What about BLM burning down cities and murdering children. Lying politicians like Joe Biden claiming no voter fraud despite Raquel Rodriguez being arrested and charged with ballot harvesting? Or crazy theories like the deadly pandemic that has a 99.97 % survival rate. How about censorship imposed by the left that silences free speech or that crazy Californian lockdown by Gavin Newsome. Protecting American constitutional rights was after all a captain America priority. While we are on California and crazy ( those 2 things go hand in hand) , how about their new exit tax they're trying to pass. We could talk about the Democrats radical support of autonomous zones.... 100 days of rioting in Portland. The crazy conspiracy that was Russia gate. I'm sure after hearing about that , he'd be still eager to meet the president.

    Real World GamesReal World Games2 dager siden
    • @Real World Games You are a dumb trump supporter

      Sam D26Sam D268 timer siden
    • @Waluigism and on the mask policy , you do know the CDC has reversed nearly everything they've advised . Even now they are saying the lockdown was a mistake. Trust me, those masks people are wearing a d the way they wear them are not preventing anything covid related.

      Real World GamesReal World GamesDag siden
    • @Waluigism which I say again, is not the same as encouraging them

      Real World GamesReal World GamesDag siden
    • @Waluigism yoooo donald trump fucking suuuuuucks

      diabolic766diabolic766Dag siden
    • @Real World Games He told them to remain nonviolent. He completely excused their trespassing and the fact that they weren't wearing masks (A huge public safety risk).

      WaluigismWaluigismDag siden
  • Me in january 2021 staring into nothing

    Kimberly PattonKimberly Patton2 dager siden
  • we want a sequel

    Marco VeroniMarco Veroni2 dager siden
  • The amount of people in these comments who still declare loyalty to Trump after he attacked America itself hurts my fragile patriotism :/

    WaluigismWaluigism2 dager siden
  • The amount of trump supporters who are upset about this is making me happy.

    BigclutchkingBigclutchking2 dager siden
  • I’m disappointed in this channel. I actually liked some of your videos but you just had to bring up politics. Trump was the best president America has had in a long time

    Toby HogueToby Hogue2 dager siden
    • @diabolic766 just so I know can you explain to me why he sucked

      Toby HogueToby Hogue6 timer siden
    • @diabolic766 god bless your soul

      Toby HogueToby Hogue6 timer siden
    • I guess you like presidents who get impeached twice

      Sam D26Sam D268 timer siden
    • yooooooo trump fucking sucked

      diabolic766diabolic766Dag siden
    • Lol that's hilarious.

      wanderesqwanderesqDag siden
  • F u

    Ryan smithRyan smith2 dager siden
  • Better than Waking up in 2020 and 2021 where WW3 sequel is gonna happen and 6 more variants of COVID-19

    PainPain3 dager siden
  • Imagine if he woke up a week from now and someone had to explain that the president is a dementia patient.

    D MaxD Max3 dager siden
  • That is a violation to Donald trump

    BL4ZE OSHAIBL4ZE OSHAI3 dager siden
    • Trump is dumb

      Sam D26Sam D268 timer siden
    • @Don’t worry I have a bomb I am absolutely amazed how well you executed that

      diabolic766diabolic766Dag siden
    • 1. Ryan is not American so he doesn’t care 2.Donald trump isn’t the president anymore he got impeached 3. I know you are a toddler with that fortnight pfp so you don’t know what you’re talking about

      Don’t worry I have a bombDon’t worry I have a bomb2 dager siden
  • he's gonna get is all killed. Woah dude, are you psycic

    Pablo Sandoval-TapuercaPablo Sandoval-Tapuerca3 dager siden
  • atleast he didn't wake up in 2020

    SleepyBotGamingSleepyBotGaming3 dager siden
  • Watching January 2021... if only they knew😅😭😅

    Dayna CuevasDayna Cuevas3 dager siden
  • No more like special like he only cares about himself.... Me: isn’t that 2020 not 2018? With the new one? What’s his name again?

    Abby NicholsAbby Nichols3 dager siden
  • If he woke up in 2021, he'd probably try to go back to the freezer.....

    Tina LynnTina Lynn3 dager siden
  • Please stop I’m a supporter of trump and this makes me sad☹️

    Logan StoltzfusLogan Stoltzfus3 dager siden

      Logan StoltzfusLogan Stoltzfus7 timer siden
    • @Logan Stoltzfus he literally got impeached twice

      Sam D26Sam D268 timer siden
    • @wanderesq tell me why he was bad

      Logan StoltzfusLogan StoltzfusDag siden
    • You should be sad if you stick with Trump. He has been a horrible person for decades, and one of the worst presidents of all time. And it was entirely predictable.

      wanderesqwanderesqDag siden
    • @Don’t worry I have a bomb ok that’s good to know

      Logan StoltzfusLogan Stoltzfus2 dager siden
  • Captain America fighting C-19 and Trump fun concept. How? no idea. what can he do to, a insane man and a illness.

    Gepard micGepard mic3 dager siden
  • 12k people are either Trump supporters or Beyoncé haters. 🤣🤣🤣

    Bob AstonisherBob Astonisher3 dager siden
  • Yeah 2020 was bad but it's gonna get worse... Biden is gonna be president for 4 years.

    Grog GrueslayerGrog Grueslayer4 dager siden
  • Lol 2021 he cant tweet anymore lol

    Joe LobelloJoe Lobello4 dager siden
    • Suppression of speech. Seems American.

      Ryan AlderferRyan AlderferDag siden
  • this hits differently in 2021

    TheUltimateGamerDKTheUltimateGamerDK4 dager siden
  • Well, the tweets are no longer a problem...

    xadahglaxadahgla5 dager siden
  • I'm surprised this is still up... Never bring politics into youtube

    Benjamin HilbertBenjamin Hilbert5 dager siden
  • we need Captain America to wake up again

    KingUman30KingUman305 dager siden
    • yea i think he would be republican.

      Cucumber CowCucumber Cow5 dager siden
  • maybe you could meet Beyonce I bet he's a great singer but I'd like to meet the president

    KingUman30KingUman305 dager siden

    Zibrax GammingZibrax Gamming5 dager siden
  • Some don't know but Trump is actually a science experiment gone wrong They attempted to make a smart living orange, but they make a dumb living orange

    Random Gamer22Random Gamer226 dager siden
  • One thing would make it better Well if he's so bad, I captain America shall run for president

    Ivan AndradeIvan Andrade6 dager siden
  • 2020 is 2018 but more

    Zenntron SennZenntron Senn6 dager siden
  • I have lost hope for humans.

    Elias BarkerElias Barker6 dager siden
  • If he woke up on 22 January 2021, I'm sure there'd be no reason for him not to meet the President of the United States 🇺🇲.

    Trekkie from New ZealandTrekkie from New Zealand6 dager siden
  • please keep politics out of your funny videos. Ya ruined it.

    Drake ValianceDrake Valiance6 dager siden

    Nayal RazaNayal Raza6 dager siden
  • Dude really? Paying a porn star is considered a super scandal?

    Ricardo PadillaRicardo Padilla6 dager siden
  • Who cares about politics

    colnk markallcolnk markall6 dager siden
  • This didnt age well.

    Proda JhayeProda Jhaye6 dager siden
  • This is your most disliked video because of all the Trump supporters lol

    Gus CichoskiGus Cichoski6 dager siden
    • they infest the internet and they're a bunch of Karens

      KingUman30KingUman305 dager siden
  • Bro screw you

    ssmkpro. Boockoffssmkpro. Boockoff6 dager siden
    • Bruh Why are you saying that

      * stares intensely ** stares intensely *6 dager siden
  • i dont like beyonce

    Jay PeeJay Pee6 dager siden
  • the children being separated is just what is democrats want

    Endless gaminguyEndless gaminguy6 dager siden
    • But trump was doing that so you aren’t making much sense buddy

      Don’t worry I have a bombDon’t worry I have a bomb2 dager siden
  • I hate this it is not even true

    Ty StewartTy Stewart6 dager siden
  • Love the hoodie backpack cap costume 😊

    Anders BertelsenAnders Bertelsen6 dager siden
  • Just imagine if it was 2021...

    Autumn DallmeyerAutumn Dallmeyer6 dager siden
  • You should do this for 2020

    Ashley GordonAshley Gordon7 dager siden
  • 2021

    Jude the dudeJude the dude7 dager siden
  • 2021 really just read the comments of every single NOworld video and went for the clout

    Mark HaglundMark Haglund7 dager siden
  • I request a 2020 version

    DumplingduppyDumplingduppy7 dager siden
  • Was sort of hopping for a news article about corona at the end of this

    Jack BrunatoJack Brunato7 dager siden
  • Well, yeah all things considered, 2018 was a fantastic year, very little bad stuff.

    Gladius GladiiGladius Gladii7 dager siden
  • Orange man bad! Reeeee

    Ian GordonIan Gordon7 dager siden
    • pretty much

      Ayush WardhanAyush Wardhan7 dager siden
  • Need 2021 version of this please

    J AJ A7 dager siden
  • We need a 2020 version

    Devanir Nunes FilhoDevanir Nunes Filho7 dager siden
  • This didn’t age well 😬

    Max RodriguezMax Rodriguez7 dager siden
  • And this is why he makes the decision he does in endgame..

    BlazingOwnagerBlazingOwnager7 dager siden
  • >Insert funny joke about how this was 2020< >Insert sad comment about how this is still 2021< ???? Profit

    NovaflareNovaflare7 dager siden
  • It's funny, but missing context.

    XpurtM1n3rXpurtM1n3r7 dager siden
  • I love your videos, but this one video shows that you're a moron.. do you also freak out when other criminals are caught, ya know, breaking the law, go to jail, and are therefore "separated from their children"? Soooo, If you tried to sneak into France illegally and were caught, the main issue wouldn't be you breaking their laws, it would be that your family doesn't go to the same jail as you?

    Sam MSam M7 dager siden
    • @Ayush Wardhan - I suppose the kind that realizes that people *Actually* seeking legal asylum wouldn't be trying to sneak in.

      Sam MSam MDag siden
    • @Bot Talk With Gabe - Yeah its called asylum. Not liking your life in Honduras because its not as good as it would be if you were here isn't a reason to seek asylum.. and the Big thing about that that you failed to point out - IF you're actually seeking asylum, you don't try to sneak in. Also, I guess you've never looked into the staggering amount of children brought here by strangers to be sold into sex slavery. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I'd take a few days or weeks caged by people who are trying to figure out how to take care of me over no cage, but I get repeatedly anally raped.

      Sam MSam MDag siden
    • @Don’t worry I have a bomb - Will that make it that the laws of other countries don't exist anymore?

      Sam MSam MDag siden
    • 1. Ryan does not care he’s not American so that’s why he’s doing it for shits and giggles 2. If you were in a hellish country with a shit load of terrorism you would want to leave.

      Don’t worry I have a bombDon’t worry I have a bomb2 dager siden
    • @Sam M bruh what kinda dolt are you

      Ayush WardhanAyush Wardhan7 dager siden
  • He sent tweets out: Trump getting banned from twitter lol

    FOCO MTBFOCO MTB7 dager siden
    • Much fun

      Rebellious RaptorRebellious Raptor2 dager siden
  • Better than waking up in 2021

    TheOldFinalChaptersTheOldFinalChapters7 dager siden
  • Hey I have a Pitch Meeting for you; how about if we have the news just start telling people WHATEVER TF they want!?! But how? Won't that be hard? Won't people know they're full of it? No, Actually. It'll be Super easy, barely an inconvenience. Oh really? How will we pull that off? Well for instance, if we have Millions of foreigners just kind of streaming into our country though our open southern border, unchecked and unknown, and the President points out that some of those millions are bound to be violent criminals, so maybe we should, ya know, check them out first, we'll just tell everybody he said ALL Mexicans are murderers and rapists, so he's obviously an evil bigot and anyone who likes him must be too! Oh wow a double dip. Wow wow wow. Convincing people to hate others using lies is tight! But won't people be able to just watch the president themselves and Know that's not what he said? Yeah that's definitely a possibility but I figure if we just keep telling them to trust us because we're a "trustworthy news source" that should suck about half of them in and that should be enough. Ok great! Seems like you have a pretty good idea there... what about the other half, though? The ones who realize we're just making shit up? Won't they get mad. Yeah probably, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. We'll just start calling them evil liars too, turning the half that watch us against them. Oh, wouldn't that be dangerous? Aren't we running the risk of a catastrophic split in the country? Maybe. But I figure we already had one civil war so there's no way it could Ever happen again right? Right you are! Let's get those lies flowing! ****BREAKING NEWS**** NATION ON VERGE OF CIVIL WAR, DEFINITELY THE FAULT OF THE PRESIDENT AND ANYONE THAT SUPPORTS HIM

    Sam MSam M7 dager siden
    • @Sam D26 - Is English not your first language, or maybe do you have a specific question?

      Sam MSam MDag siden
    • What are you even talking about?

      Sam D26Sam D267 dager siden
  • I'm lucky that I live in Canada

    Laval The BuilderLaval The Builder7 dager siden
  • Re-do this for 2020

    A fuzzy Grizzly BearA fuzzy Grizzly Bear7 dager siden
  • "well how did he win?" "He was up against another impulsive liar" "oh that's not good" "yeah not at all" "well then at least the candidates for next year's election are better right?" "No, it's Trump against another senile old man"

    somebodysomebody8 dager siden
  • News alert Its 2021 and there is still no hope, stay in the ice if you can

    Maham ShakilMaham Shakil8 dager siden
  • This has aged soooo well

    Jaky OneJaky One8 dager siden
  • Milkshake please... “sorry the machine isn’t working”

    Jaky OneJaky One8 dager siden
  • “Yeah ya know he’s just kinda orange, ya know?”

    Leo E.Leo E.8 dager siden
  • Welp...unsubbing. Ryan got on the "hate trump" bandwagon.

    Travis RaddenTravis Radden8 dager siden
    • @Bot Talk With Gabe I dont find anything particularly objectionable. That's why. He took lil girls out of the arms of immigrant adults who just showed up CLAIMING to be their father. They were ALL reunited pending paternity tests. He didn't open our borders wide open during a time Americans needed jobs and resources for ourself. If that's the "horrible" things upure referring to, I'm just not convinced. As for stormy daniels... finding out a billionaire playboy fucked a hooker is as surprising as finding out mike pence DIDN'T fuck a hooker. Name me something "horrible".

      Travis RaddenTravis Radden8 dager siden
    • @Travis Radden *doesn't address the horrible things Trump has said and done over the years*

      Bot Talk With GabeBot Talk With Gabe8 dager siden
    • Yes, during the height of the "trump bump", when bashing our president made you one of the cool kids. I don't support shit like that.

      Travis RaddenTravis Radden8 dager siden
    • This came out 3 years ago lol

      H. OletiH. Oleti8 dager siden
    • more like hating what trump has done

      Bot Talk With GabeBot Talk With Gabe8 dager siden
  • Fuc$ u

    Jonathan StragJonathan Strag8 dager siden
  • You should make another one of these for 2020...if you haven’t already

    Father and Son GamesFather and Son Games8 dager siden
  • please make a 2020 one

    Paige PenaPaige Pena8 dager siden
  • Oh yeah I know why this was in 2018 Cause he has a beard 🧔

    SuperMarioElvin SMESuperMarioElvin SME8 dager siden
  • he's orange 😂😂

    JAiden AJAiden A8 dager siden
  • Tell him: Trump = Hitler

    Hoodedgull79260YTHoodedgull79260YT8 dager siden
  • I mean most of trump's ideas would resonate pretty well with 1945 americans so........

    tom marktom mark8 dager siden
    • @Don’t worry I have a bomb yeah a lot of americans agreed with the social ideas of Hitler just like the cancel culture liberals of today so ig ever generation has its morons

      tom marktom mark2 dager siden
    • Lots of ww2 vets and Korea vets I know hate trump and what he stands for.

      Don’t worry I have a bombDon’t worry I have a bomb2 dager siden
  • Better than waking up in 2021

    Mister GobleMister Goble8 dager siden
  • Damn. If only they know what's coming 2 years later.

    Issa musharbashIssa musharbash9 dager siden
  • This concept was explored in a comic from 1984 when Captain America wakes up in a dystopian far right fascistic authoritarian America where white nationalists run the US Government and control the control and Captain America fights alongside black panthers to free America.

    Arim OhArim Oh9 dager siden
  • Also maybe update him on the words he can't say in public

    EchoEcho9 dager siden
  • I swear I'm going to go insane if one more person requests he wakes up in 2020

    Laura ClarkeLaura Clarke9 dager siden
  • Man, if he'd have woken up in 2021 he would have probably just shot himself in the dick right there.

    Ministry Of GeeksMinistry Of Geeks9 dager siden
  • dude u make it in 2018.....

    kartikey guptakartikey gupta9 dager siden
  • Make: if capitain america woke up in 2020

    Timothy OliverTimothy Oliver9 dager siden
  • "Oh by the way black people have equal rights, segregation is illegal, being gay is legal, and women can hold pretty much any job they want" "OMG THATS TERRIBLE"

    pronumeral1446pronumeral14469 dager siden
    • Trump supporter

      Sam D26Sam D267 dager siden
    • "And black people are being murdered by police and women still don't have a right to do what they want with their bodies, but we're totally in the future I promise!"

      SaveMeMoonSaveMeMoon9 dager siden
  • Man if he woke up in 2020.... oof 🤣👌

    stateofhibernationstateofhibernation10 dager siden
  • Meanwhile in January 10, 2021... Nick Fury: Captain America, welcome to the present Steve Rogers: Thank you very much Fury: Let me know if there's anything I could do for you, nothing's off the table. Rogers: Well I'd love to meet the president, if you wouldn't mind? Fury: who? Rogers: The president. I'd like to shake his hand, tell him how much this country means to me. Fury: oh.... do you think you could wait maybe like 10 days or so? Rogers: Well I know he's a very busy man and I don't like to sound self-important but it would be a great honor Fury: It's just that we're having a lot of transitioning problems Rogers: Oh, the country elected a new guy. Is it harder for them to peacefully transition from one president to another? Fury: You could say that. Rogers: I'd imagine so with all of the new technology they've got. Fury: Well actually that's not it. The current one just refuses to give up his spot. Rogers:... what? Fury: Yeah, president Trump insists that he won despite losing both the popular vote and electoral college this time. Rogers: This time? Fury: He only lost the popular vote last time. Rogers: Shouldn't that THE deciding factor? Fury: Well apparently a collection of rural states counts more than the most densely populated ones. What are you gonna do? Rogers: Maybe pass some new laws to help balance things a bit? Fury: Yeah, like they're going to do that. Rogers: Alright so this Trump guy lost the election, but he's still claiming he won? Shouldn't congress be able to kick him out? Fury: They tried that already, but it didn't pass the Republican senate. Rogers: The Republican senate? Fury: Yeah. The house impeached him but the Republicans refused to kick their guy out. Rogers: I can't imagine a political party being this corrupt. I need to get to the Capitol immediately and give them a piece of my mind. Fury: Oh yeah... about that.. it would be a bad time for that. Rogers: How so? Our democracy is in trouble if the will of the people can't be honored! Fury: Well it's just that it was attacked a few days ago. Rogers: Attacked? Holy shit I need to get there now! Was it the Russians? Fury: Republicans. Rogers: Excuse me? Fury: Republicans. Trump's fanbase. They gathered up in a large crowd and stormed the capitol by Trump's request. Threatened to hang the VP. Rogers: Shouldn't there be police there? The army? Fury: Actually more and more evidence is coming out that Trump deliberately sabotaged the national guard's ability to intervene and there's a lot of cops who are unquestioningly loyal to him as well. Rogers: Holy shit, who won World War 2 again? Fury: It's definitely going to be a super spreader event too. Rogers: Do I even want to know what that is? Fury: Oh, right. We're going through a global pandemic at the moment so when you're outside, make sure to wear a mask and stay six feet apart from people. Rogers: I could wear the one I went to war in. Fury: It needs to cover your mouth and nose. Rogers: Oh Rogers: How bad is this pandemic? Fury: It's killing 4 thousand Americans a day Rogers: Holy shit, is the government doing anything to help? Fury: Well some people in congress wanted to distribute a 2 thousand dollar stimulus check after months of nothing to everyone recently but... Rogers: Republicans? Fury: Republicans. Rogers: So let me get this straight, right now there's a global pandemic that's killing thousands of Americans a day. The government is unable to do anything due to it being controlled by Republicans and the president, another Republican, just told his voter base to attack the nation's capitol because he lost the election. Who did he lose to? Fury: Joe Biden Rogers: Oh really? Fury: You know him? Rogers: Yeah, I was there at his birth.

    Transhumanist GamerTranshumanist Gamer10 dager siden
  • is woke up in 2020 he would just kill him self

    ayoutuberwhoplaysrobloxandothergameslikethathiboisayoutuberwhoplaysrobloxandothergameslikethathibois10 dager siden
  • Dident know you are liberal

    Elliott GriffinElliott Griffin10 dager siden