If A Ghost Possessed Someone In 2020

23. okt.. 2020
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    • I want one

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    • L

      Rehan SaghirRehan Saghir15 dager siden
  • The fact that i would actually do this i-

    — Yuki _ Ichika —— Yuki _ Ichika —2 timer siden
  • Oh no

    Pink FlowPink Flow7 timer siden
  • nice couch

    Mihályi MilánMihályi Milán8 timer siden
  • Ghost with unclear objectives 😂

    UpToSpeedUpToSpeed9 timer siden
  • Omg it's the tiktok man

    DrexYiiiDrexYiii10 timer siden
  • The difference between strength and numbness? 2021: screaming *NONE*

    Aurora_BokettoAurora_Boketto15 timer siden
  • No one's strong we're all just weak but we just got used to the word :l

    Ambereise MeyerAmbereise Meyer16 timer siden
  • 2021: White House Rage

    Vatic EchoVatic Echo17 timer siden
  • Oh I’d like to say stronger, but who knows

    Michelle StoryMichelle Story17 timer siden
  • I thought the sponsor was an ad and I was clicking on and on the past minute

    Zaneta jeziorskaZaneta jeziorska17 timer siden
  • accurate

    That One GuyThat One Guy19 timer siden
  • I'm surprised he didn't answer it being a bad time 100 years ago, what with the Spanish Flu and all

    Justin CarsonJustin Carson22 timer siden
  • "Evrything well be better in 1 or 2 years" God: Lol im just getting started xD

    Master YiMaster Yi23 timer siden
  • Man, do you remember possession? 2020 was so crazy, it’s a good thing all the ghosts willingly decided to go back to hell after new year’s

    Ethan SolomonEthan Solomon23 timer siden
  • Hi, this is 2021. Things are not better. One of the shaky guys' supporters tried to storm the capitol but Iron Man is the richest man on Earth so... that's something

    TheAntiTropeTheAntiTropeDag siden
  • Plans, I remember having those

    Loushendrik YungLoushendrik YungDag siden
  • Man i thought the apocalypse had more fire and brimstone like the stories of armageddon, this is just depressing. :

    Zuzii ICEZuzii ICEDag siden
  • Sans.

    CraftgamersPLYX _CraftgamersPLYX _Dag siden
  • Sansess version: iS tHiS a BaD tOm

    AxobladeYTAxobladeYTDag siden
  • Lol Corona even affected the ghosts

    Kayleigh DanielleKayleigh DanielleDag siden
  • 118 months until follow up video

    Partyrock 414Partyrock 414Dag siden
  • You absolutely crack me up!

    Helen Kapene aka HelzartHelen Kapene aka HelzartDag siden
  • "Alright grab a jacket.." at 2:24 he is already wearing a jacket!

    ArkeenyArkeenyDag siden
  • The part about plans genuinely made me laugh

    CheetaheadCheetaheadDag siden
  • Watching for the first time in 2021. HAHAHAHAHAHA! A year or two! Aaahhh HHAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    LavenderGirlLavenderGirlDag siden
  • dis guy funny

    Jayme VazquezJayme VazquezDag siden
  • I wanted to see people's reactions to this video in 20 years without context

    Shahrul ZulzurainiShahrul Zulzuraini2 dager siden
  • Aww...I wanted Zombie Outbreak for January!

    RandomGacha ;-;RandomGacha ;-;2 dager siden
  • Steve Trevor in Wonder woman 2 be like:

    Girl Wonder66Girl Wonder662 dager siden
  • its 2021 but...ive been louked in my home for mouths and now *IT STILL FEELS LIKE 2020!*

    Shadow fox 808Shadow fox 8082 dager siden
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahbahahahahahahahahahaha

    Nhi NgôNhi Ngô2 dager siden

    lololollololol2 dager siden
  • Imagine if someone who made the Coronavirus cure or vaccine got possessed and the spirt dropped the cure...

    The Lamb SauceThe Lamb Sauce2 dager siden
  • Two shaky old guys are arguing about who gets to be the president in the apocalypse omg this is so fucking accurate

    Bjorn ReeveBjorn Reeve2 dager siden
  • I'm Australian. State on fire? Try a continent on fire. The irony is being sponsored by eucalyptus sheets. Eucalyptus is why Australia burns. This isn't a complaint about the sketch I think it's actually really funny and so true.. Possession? Get in line buddy.

    Elwyn McKenzieElwyn McKenzie2 dager siden
  • that was awesome dude

    Zachary MeseckeZachary Mesecke3 dager siden
  • Best time 🥺🥺

    althafalthaf3 dager siden
  • You remember that movie 2012? I used to think I was going to tell my grandkids that I lived through that shit you know, to try to impress them on how badass we were back then. But now I realize my kids can be like "yeah? Well WE lived through 2020 so jot that down" and it'll totally steal my thunder.

    LA2047LA20473 dager siden
  • "Two old shaky guys are arguing about which one of them gets to be president during the apocalypse." *IF THAT ISN'T A WHOLE ASS MOOD RIGHT THERE-*

    Astoria PhoenixAstoria Phoenix3 dager siden
  • A ghost is possessing my best friend? Yeah okay whatever I've watched Supernatural I know what to do.

    AW ReactionsAW Reactions3 dager siden
  • Anyone that really believes 2020 was the worse year ever really needs to go study history.

    Mahtan AmandilMahtan Amandil3 dager siden
  • I subscribed and regret nothing

    Cody’s GamingCody’s Gaming3 dager siden
  • I demand a sequel!!

    Cre HengeCre Henge3 dager siden
  • Sorta be like that tho

    aidan jobaidan job3 dager siden
  • I get the beer joke

    DragontheiceDragontheice3 dager siden
  • Leaving a comment here to remind of this shitty year.

    RGOTIRGOTI3 dager siden
  • Things keep happening *watching days after the capitol riots just waiting for the January 20th riots of 21*

    Jackson B. ValentineJackson B. Valentine3 dager siden
  • is no one talking about the adstronot and the canadian? that was funnier then the sketch!

    Gayla ApollosGayla Apollos3 dager siden
  • *All the comments are from 2020 BUT I am here in 2021! I am here from the ~~~~F U T U R E~~~*

    The silent ParieThe silent Parie3 dager siden
  • imagine he does part 2 in 2030

    arkark3 dager siden
  • 2 months later Still relatible

    Magician JoeMagician Joe3 dager siden
  • Trumbnail: is this a bad time Me: *megalovania intensives-*

    Alice TVAlice TV3 dager siden
  • Getting big smosh vibs from this

    Noah HowardNoah Howard3 dager siden
  • true thats just too true

    Alex ZaragozaAlex Zaragoza3 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ra WithinRa Within3 dager siden
  • So is like possesing people your job? No Well, ok then.

    Ionut PetianuIonut Petianu4 dager siden
  • Copy and paste this comment 5 times on other youtube videos

    ROARZROARZ4 dager siden
  • heeeay maan not all spirirts are bad

    Dev RDev R4 dager siden
  • Funny thing. I just saw this skit today, but recently I've commented a couple times that "At this point, if a crack opened in the earth and demons started crawling out I'm be like "sure, ok guys, whatever. Just use a coaster, OK? The table stains easy.""

    Scott MacGregorScott MacGregor4 dager siden
  • this was posted on my b-day

    GabeTherobloxgamerGabeTherobloxgamer4 dager siden
  • Has the ghost returned for 2021 to see if its better?

    speedy01247speedy012474 dager siden
  • Yellowstone could erupt at any time, we could have a large solar storm soon

    Drift 3.1415Drift 3.14154 dager siden
  • I'll take the deer.😧

    max jonesmax jones4 dager siden
  • This has only gotten better with time

    Aki OkamiAki Okami4 dager siden
  • do this video again in one decade

    8- BitBunnie8- BitBunnie4 dager siden
  • Half of the world: *ima commit non-alive* Everyone in 2020: oh no...anyways

    DarkDark5 dager siden
  • Hello! 2029ers, you've been recommended this video cuz why not.

    ChillaxalChillaxal5 dager siden
    • In 8 years and someone comments on this I'll pay you 20 dollars.

      Raymond GreenlawRaymond Greenlaw12 timer siden
  • lol

    NotScummyNotScummy5 dager siden
  • So endeth the Year of our Lord 2020. Beginning with a General being killed and almost bringing WW3, it finished with... American civil uprisings?

    PeaceThruPowerPeaceThruPower5 dager siden
  • 2020 summed up "that may as well hapen"

    PeopleCallMeLuciferPeopleCallMeLucifer5 dager siden
  • I love how he offers the ghost a beer like he still feels obligated to be a good host after killing his hopes.

    nonamesleftdammitnonamesleftdammit5 dager siden
  • Me thinking he was Canadian till the ad..

    Cool LlamaCool Llama5 dager siden
  • *video ends* Me: sure that may as well happen

    deadrorydeadrory5 dager siden
  • "Think things will be better in a year or two" people stormed the capitol, callmecarson is convicted of grooming a minor and just several other things have happened in about a week and a bit

    The Plague DoctorThe Plague Doctor5 dager siden
  • Ghost: did it make you stronger? Dude: no it didn't. Ghost: well you no what they say...-pleaso n0-WHAT DOESNT KILL YA MAKES YA STRONGER DUDE:I DONT LIKE YOU.

    Caius HallCaius Hall5 dager siden
  • Lol the name of this video should have been how numbing people works in 2020 🤣😂

    blazen710420 blazen710420blazen710420 blazen7104205 dager siden
  • Hahahah

    George SiarovGeorge Siarov5 dager siden
  • Imagine being this guys neighbour and just hearing him talk to himself

    Haresh RaviHaresh Ravi6 dager siden
  • Lol im a canadian anx i dont like maple syrup, i dont even remember the last time i even ate maple syrup

    Peter YangPeter Yang6 dager siden
  • 👍

    Joseph1138Joseph11386 dager siden
  • ITS 2021

    Andy tipzoom BgAndy tipzoom Bg6 dager siden
  • That's funny

    PlamerePlamere6 dager siden
  • Moo

    Poggle's GalaxyPoggle's Galaxy6 dager siden
  • Missed an opportunity to mention the UFO footages getting released in 2020 as an anomaly too. Still a great video though. Thanks for the entertainment, keep it up and stay safe.

    Anthony MAnthony M6 dager siden
  • Ghost: *comes back* where is everyone . Other Ghost: they died about a decade ago do to the ice in the artic circle melting and releasing a dinosaur or a mythical demon still unsure but it gave birth to mini versions of itself and they grew up fast and mated beyond possibility and then evolved to walk and breath then they killed everyone then after they did that they died do to starvation but after that happened planet life made new life and now the theres elves and no humans . Ghost: What the Fu**....... Im done

    Ender_Wolf God In_The_RuinsEnder_Wolf God In_The_Ruins6 dager siden
  • This summed up 2020 pretty darn well.

    suicune2001suicune20016 dager siden
  • I love this kind of content

    Le_kokonutLe_kokonut6 dager siden
  • There's more evidence that ghosts exist than covid 19.

    Goodboy TendiesGoodboy Tendies6 dager siden
  • I dont need 1 more thing so I won't get put of bed

    naggiecashnaggiecash7 dager siden
  • Even Ghosts and satan is afraid of 2020

    Ur MomUr Mom7 dager siden

    Fortnite dudeFortnite dude7 dager siden
  • Literally at the start of covid we were all pretty chill and thought it wouldn't be a big deal. By the 1st lockdown everyone thought the world was gonna end. But after the 1st lockdown you would not care about covid and just accept it into our lives

    DuskyNoodleDuskyNoodle7 dager siden
  • I keep coming back to this when weird things happen, and it makes me laugh more every time. Lol

    Josiah BahuaudJosiah Bahuaud7 dager siden
  • Why does this sound so much like Daniel Thrasher?

    A Sentient Clump of AtomsA Sentient Clump of Atoms7 dager siden
  • Too good 😂😂😂

    young lordyoung lord7 dager siden
  • Not everyone sleeps, I don’t

    Xaby BoyXaby Boy7 dager siden
  • this is so true

    Naksuki_ the_ink_catNaksuki_ the_ink_cat7 dager siden
  • ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴅɪᴅ

    AlixinaAlixina7 dager siden
  • 2021: Bro 2020 was the fucking TRAILER, I'm the actual movie... *and I have sequels.*

    Nido RavensbeardNido Ravensbeard7 dager siden
    • 2020 9 I think by that point the franchise is gonna jump the shark probably end up in space or something

      Ray FernandezRay Fernandez7 dager siden