If 2020 Gave Us Zombies Instead Of A Pandemic

6. aug.. 2020
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  • I get all my news from patriotbattletruth.info

    Ryan GeorgeRyan George5 måneder siden
    • @Cheyenne yeah lol

      Gianni GiordanoGianni Giordano15 timer siden
    • Has anyone here actually tried clicking the link?

      CheyenneCheyenne15 timer siden
    • Hmm

      Gianni GiordanoGianni GiordanoDag siden
    • yes

      GuavocadomanGuavocadoman2 dager siden
    • I wanna click the link....but thag link really is sketch as hell

      DarkHeart GamingDarkHeart Gaming3 dager siden
  • it people like that i shoot in the kneecap to escape zombie horde and to save my sanity.

    KaberialKaberial30 minutter siden
  • "Thats just basic science" says who? "I dont believe in science"

    Danni AndersenDanni AndersenTime siden
  • Every karen

    Nelson jr FloresNelson jr FloresTime siden
  • I would laugh if it was not true............

    Leeann CountsLeeann Counts2 timer siden
  • America would have non with the amount of guns they have

    Kermit Killer666Kermit Killer6663 timer siden
    • LOL. Many years ago, I was watching my then radically libertarian brother play "Dead Rising." I asked, "Why is the army there? Shouldn't the free market deter a zombie apocalypse?" He said, "Let me tell you: With a well-armed private citizenry, this zombie situation would be solved in about a day." That thought occurred to me about a year later while watching "Shawn of the Dead." The zombies in that movie were slow and not especially aggressive, but because the story was set in London, there was apparently only one gun in the whole town, and there was legitimate debate about whether the gun was even real. To be clear, I am not making a statement one way or the other about private gun ownership. I am just trying (and possibly failing) to be funny. OK, that's the whole story. Thanks.

      Patrick DPatrick DTime siden
  • No it already is happening my brother has bin eating brains

    Justin AielloJustin Aiello3 timer siden
    • That's, like, the one part of an animal you are really not supposed to eat, cuz of encephalitis or something. I don't know. I'm not a medical professional, and I am pretty drunk at the moment. But if nothing else, please tell your brother to consult with a pathologist or a dietician or something before eating any more brains.

      Patrick DPatrick DTime siden
  • I got so triggered right now

    TroxikTroxik3 timer siden
    • How so?

      Patrick DPatrick DTime siden
  • karen zombies, the horror

    Arish BaigArish Baig4 timer siden
  • I legit had a cab driver tell me he goes to Walmart and yells at the employees there because he refuses to wear a mask.

    The DaagooThe Daagoo7 timer siden
    • @Patrick D yeah he said, I cannot hear you when, I told him my address, I said obviously because of the mask then he bragged about not wearing one and said he cannot wait to see Biden cry when he gets thrown out of office he was very hostile now, I do not use that cab company anymore they are missing out on $400.00 every two weeks because too many of them keep voicing their political opinions to me.

      The DaagooThe Daagoo44 minutter siden
    • You got in a cab with a mask-denier? Wow, you must have been in a hurry.

      Patrick DPatrick DTime siden
  • Common leftist tactic: present an argument that cant be argued, because it's apples to oranges, and doesn't pertain to reality in the way they think it does.. also, if I try to invalidate a point he's made, I'll get hit with "it's satire, learn to take a joke" except, if he were making satirical jokes about how a racist old man with dementia has 87% of the black populations vote, all the smooth brained lefties would be losing their shit. Also, it may be presented as satire, but that loops around to my first point: he's making serious points, using satire, which effectively nullifies any kind of response that could possibly be conjured. Look back to point "B" for an example.

    Frosty the SnowmanFrosty the Snowman8 timer siden
    • Maybe just wear a 50-cent mask while in public during a pandemic, and don't make this a political issue.

      Patrick DPatrick DTime siden
  • Well, he got some good points

    Tech DunkTech Dunk10 timer siden
  • This should be on the future is dumb

    Balance of The hillBalance of The hill18 timer siden
  • its sad how accurate this still is

    Brandon WithnellBrandon Withnell18 timer siden
    • I mean zombies don’t exist Yet

      Balance of The hillBalance of The hill18 timer siden
  • This is an exact representation of regular 2020 XD nothing will change

    Timesphere 5Timesphere 519 timer siden
  • It's ok. if the zombies can smell the brain through the ears, the guy with the cap would be fine, if you catch my drift.

    PrancingPandaPrancingPanda19 timer siden
  • I wish

    HectorHector20 timer siden
  • Not that diferant

    Matthew WeinmanMatthew Weinman21 time siden
  • Tiktok

    Julio TJulio T22 timer siden
  • Karen

    BlG x DAD idkBlG x DAD idkDag siden
  • I like how this video is basically saying how people are not responsible

    Gavin WeiseGavin WeiseDag siden
  • Lmao he should have said that if you wear a pair of headphones you become a patriot and that guy would do it for days on end

    EpicInfernoEpicInfernoDag siden
  • It's exactly the same.

    Hhh PestockHhh PestockDag siden
  • Newsom, from a golf course: Stay inside, safe from the zombies! Only go out if you're gonna burn a small business to the ground! And absolutely no singing Christian songs!

    AtarahDerekAtarahDerekDag siden
    • Do you have any other tangential political issues you would like to add to a common-sense public safety discussion?

      Patrick DPatrick DTime siden
  • It hurts so bad yet it’s so true...

    MonsterBros 1MonsterBros 1Dag siden
  • well the sad part is that there would still be Karen's if it was Zombies

    the derpy sandwichthe derpy sandwichDag siden
  • Why didnt I see this sooner?

    Hogg156Hogg156Dag siden
  • You know America's gone to shit when the government forces you to wear a seatbelt. :,(

    Lil SteveLil SteveDag siden
    • I have often thought you should get a pass for wearing a seatbelt if you can show the cop you have comprehensive medical insurance. Of course, the insurance provider might charge you extra for not wearing a seatbelt.

      Patrick DPatrick DTime siden
  • What?

    Lil SteveLil SteveDag siden
    • Also you can't make me wear a seatbelt

      Lil SteveLil SteveDag siden
  • I hate how accurate this is

    Chester from dont starveChester from dont starveDag siden
  • Lol dudes a karen

    Jose M ReyesJose M ReyesDag siden
  • 2021: Now this looks like a job for me.

    MicrowaveMicrowaveDag siden
  • Huh, just like america, thank god i dont live in there

    Enrique KenzieroEnrique KenzieroDag siden
  • *Microsoft then proceeds to make a machine to communicate with the dead*

    Jacob ArnettJacob ArnettDag siden
  • ryan if this was a real movie. it would be my fav

    SpooptiSpooptiDag siden
  • xD

    SkyOnOsuSkyOnOsuDag siden
  • Цфдьфке дл фыекщ фн лол

    R HR H2 dager siden
  • Would honestly probably be better or the same

    Kawaii rainbow panda cookieKawaii rainbow panda cookie2 dager siden
  • Heres a message to anti-mask people: the scientists who say masks don't help are the 1 in 10 dentists who don't recommend

    Connzer JessConnzer Jess2 dager siden
  • this video completley sums up covid

    Sarah KleinSarah Klein2 dager siden
  • Ryans comedy is always good but this is on a whole other level!.. 😂 this is smarter than it has any right to be 🤣

  • Actually the seatbelt conversation happend in Reddit, turns out the anti masker guy is against that the government force you to wear seatbelts, he said "I'll wear them when I'm going fast but I don't like that the government force people to do wear them"

    lahiru erangalahiru eranga2 dager siden
  • If I came across a person like this in an actual apocalypse I'd go full Shane Walsh on his ass. Danger to the world, more than the zombies

    Just JamesJust James2 dager siden
  • Elijah fosho! 🔥

    Hm BelHm Bel2 dager siden
  • I truly hate a large portion of America and I am tired of trying to change them. It's time to move; I will vote, donate, phone bank, whatever i can from outside the country but I can NOT be beholden to these fucking morons anymore.

    whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat2 dager siden
  • I love how there's dislikes on this... WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE

    gaastsgaasts2 dager siden
  • If they don't die then obviously they are right.

    K'hari JordanK'hari Jordan3 dager siden
  • Wow this is all a huge metaphor but explained

    Adam KurentAdam Kurent3 dager siden
  • I'm close to giving up on humanity already and everyday I grow more ashamed to be part of the human race Learning USA history sure as heck ain't helping

    Lunargacha girlLunargacha girl3 dager siden
    • This position has often confused me. The very fact that we know we should try to be better than we are is one of humanity's greatest strengths. Do you think ants, cattle, dogs, ect, sit around thinking, "Why is my species so morally and intellectually deficient?" I don't know for sure, but I suspect not. The fact that so many humans so often say, "Humanity has to do better than this," is, I think, the reason we are just slightly better off each generation than the one before (on average. There are setbacks, to be sure.) Hang in there. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, ""The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." I'm no MLK, but I would add that it also bends toward reason.

      Patrick DPatrick D51 minutt siden
  • your ears wouldn't be uncomfortable if you were wearing raycons

    Darkness & DiscordDarkness & Discord3 dager siden
  • This video was made by a bemcrat

    Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson3 dager siden
  • dude I had the worst nightmare zombie apocalypse yesterday. absolutely terrifying. I was scared to get out of bed because my nightmare took place in my room and parts of it in bed. It felt so real 0-0

    RubiesAndRavensRubiesAndRavens3 dager siden
  • Man i hate Ryan.. the one with a cap ofcourse..

    Vishnu RKVishnu RK3 dager siden
  • I mean, I’ll take zombies

    DaReal 0GDaReal 0G3 dager siden
  • There is only one downside of the headphones is that if you ware them for too long they could Start a ear infection and could go to the brain.

    Tyler AtomicTyler Atomic3 dager siden
    • That’s if you don’t clean them

      ESP PupsnKitsESP PupsnKits22 timer siden
  • Throwing a thought in with all the comments on how a zombie virus would spread, but i alwas thought the fear the walking dead had it right starts of in the have not/homeless and those on the fringes of civilization slow spreading in cold water flats and abandoned buildings till it leaks out, what everyone thought was a riot was acutaly handfull of zombies attacking folk, now its too late you got a hoard size of 100 plus and fair few where taken to the hospital, Just my thought but i think such a virus would need a fair hand to get up to the overpower everything numbers.

    alex shinraalex shinra3 dager siden
  • Definition of ,,Karen"

    MrCartoonyMrCartoony3 dager siden
  • Strange now they are making health passports in the UK. So you cannot leave the country unless you have been vaccinated. The tracking you down and keeping you in control isn't so far fetched now lol.

    Rob MiRob Mi3 dager siden
    • Oh no, we don’t want shit spreading more than it already has!

      ESP PupsnKitsESP PupsnKits22 timer siden

    KJXD 101KJXD 1013 dager siden
  • This guy's funny. I just wish I agreed with more of the stuff he's trying to say

    Tristan ColesTristan Coles3 dager siden
  • This makes me really sad at how accurate it is...

    Elisabeth HawkeElisabeth Hawke3 dager siden
  • I like headphones

    k_r_i_s_o_ ps4k_r_i_s_o_ ps43 dager siden
  • I hope this doesnt happen.

    jazo brojazo bro3 dager siden
  • So, is this technically a robot apocalypse?

    Andy BAndy B3 dager siden
  • It’s hilarious watching conservatives rabidly defend themselves surviving a pandemic on a video that shows how they are incapable of surviving a pandemic

    JaysenKovJaysenKov3 dager siden
  • Wouldn’t zombie virus be a pandemic

    Shadow SoulsShadow Souls3 dager siden
  • I'm tipsy and this is annoying. Well, the stupid selfish guy is annoying.

    Troy LewisTroy Lewis3 dager siden
  • It’s pretty cold over here in all that shade he threw

    Jack FonesJack Fones3 dager siden
  • We have the headphone problem: Except with masks

    Inferno AntInferno Ant3 dager siden
  • Hahaha when you get stuck with a Karen during an apocalypse

    JlinusJlinus3 dager siden
  • What trump supporters don’t get

    Bruce ZoellerBruce Zoeller3 dager siden
  • Wait wait wait, I know I'm 5 months late but... Are you telling me people with covid aren't zombies?

    Edus DrawingsEdus Drawings3 dager siden
  • These video has a deep message besides its funny, the corona virus was provoked by bill gates and richest people on the world to create a vaccine with a microchip and put it on us, to control our selfes. Also the headphones represent the face mask

    Bryan Stuart • 6 years agoBryan Stuart • 6 years ago3 dager siden
  • Let the other person die he is a male Karen

    William SikesWilliam Sikes3 dager siden
  • This would be more fun tho lol

    Sara MuxworthySara Muxworthy3 dager siden
  • In this universe there would be a vid called "if 2020 gave us a virus instead of zombies

    blitzoblitzo4 dager siden
  • The vaccine thingy... Hes telling the truth.. Bill Gates is creating chips, DNA chips.

    Wait _Wut?Wait _Wut?4 dager siden
    • you're joking right

      poiuuioplpoiuuiopl3 dager siden
  • That's um. That's I don't know what to say

    QWERTY1QWERTY14 dager siden
  • I mean, I also think there is a certain amount of infringing on liberties (I follow the guidelines even though I don't believe in it for other people's sakes, just to be clear) but damn if this isn't accurate about some of the nut jobs out there.

    Briana LambertBriana Lambert4 dager siden
  • Real name of video....'maga folk in a 2020 apocalypse' 🤣🤣🤣

    Chibuzo Slim IkontaChibuzo Slim Ikonta4 dager siden
  • My cousin told me last year when we went on lock down that she prefer this over covid

    Louis MoralesLouis Morales4 dager siden
  • Great point you got there, and foe whining a lot about any thing. and do not use common sense. Denmark From before December 800/week infect, to 3500/week at the end December. Do not sound like a lot but mutation chance are also adding with same % rate. Pandemic = a child game of staring contents. If we stay home, more then 2 meter distance, protection, avoid most things that have to do other. It might die off 3 month. If 0.001%+ do not, it can take years instead. and economy's are breaking and chance of deadly can be = Pest whit out a cure.

    Gepard micGepard mic4 dager siden
  • Just watching this reminds me of people who refuse to wear masks and I just feel bitter anger

    Moews Failed at GameplayMoews Failed at Gameplay4 dager siden
  • To be fair, I would much rather obstruct my ears than my nose and mouth. That said, masks are a godsend during allergy season!

    LadyClassicalLadyClassical4 dager siden
  • This is not going to age well.

    Recurver527Recurver5274 dager siden
  • If you keep rewinding at the start it sounds like he is saying man nuts

    PizzaDeDoggoPizzaDeDoggo4 dager siden
  • Personally I surprised this DIDN'T happen

    Steve WhiteSteve White4 dager siden
  • I like how they said headphones instead of a mask lol

    Jasmine RJasmine R4 dager siden
  • Honestly zombies would have been much better

    brandon puddybrandon puddy5 dager siden
  • I like how this video shows the thinking of a lot of people: 1. Fuck, pandemic, I better sit at home and on occassions when I do get out, try to find some alcohol based sanitizers, buy some food. 2. Fuck, it's been a whole month, I can't do this anymore 3. Fuck, people, why are you so scared, just take a lot of vitamins and go sit in the restaurants, no biggie

    MacReadyMacReady5 dager siden
  • So, no difference.

    Space Fish AviationSpace Fish Aviation5 dager siden
  • He should’ve said the headphones will block out the 5G and radio waves

    Kieran NashKieran Nash5 dager siden
  • A Karen

    Skylar DaileySkylar Dailey6 dager siden
  • It’s sad about the seatbelt because there was a CAMPAIGN to make people not put it on and my DAD was in it

    wisdom duckwisdom duck6 dager siden
  • 5/10 not enough zombie killing. 2 people in the same room without an AR15? Must be a blue state or Canada

    King PBJamesKing PBJames6 dager siden
  • Gun stores will be flooded with customers.

    Mr RainbrowMr Rainbrow6 dager siden
  • Ryan such a good guy he actually made the site in the video and has a donate link at the bottom that takes you to a charity!

    JkaeJkae6 dager siden
  • Red cap really on character

    Josh HirotiJosh Hiroti6 dager siden
  • Yeah, why would I wear a seatbelt . . y tho?

    GAMING KING 10501GAMING KING 105016 dager siden
  • This is so true

    matin rahimimatin rahimi6 dager siden