I turn V-twin Compressor into V-twin engine

2. mai. 2020
8 601 757 Ganger

Let's Learn Something: Project no.26
Good day, guys :)
I turn V type compressor into V type engine using what I have in the shop due to Cov1d-19 lockdown.
# I want to explore my knowledge into something different that I never tried before.
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  • Вай-вай! Ты крут!💪💪💪

    Семён МолодкинСемён Молодкин6 timer siden
  • I want one

    Real BaddogsReal BaddogsDag siden
  • 保守パーツを頼んだら手に入る今の世の中、本来は直して使うべきなんでしょう。すごい技術力

    MichiMichiDag siden
  • Muito Top

    Jaime ArdissonJaime ArdissonDag siden
  • Whhoa you're really talented man we love you is these diesel consumption engine and how much mileage gives please tell us

    jaya surya subramanianjaya surya subramanian2 dager siden
  • Honestly, this is great work. But I can't stop thinking about, with all the modifications you did to the headers, it would've been waaay easier to make an intake manifold, so that you kept the headers in their original orientation. Plus you would have not needed to modify the camshafts. And with all the welding you have done, you could have made an opening at the base of the "block" and made an inside timing chain, better lubrication and protected from any crap that could screw your timing, and you could have kept the camshafts gears where they were. And even without making a little bit complicated intake manifold, dual carbs are working pretty well. At least, it's my opinion. Still, good job and great skills.

    Beignet ClémentBeignet Clément3 dager siden
  • God 👍

    Mehul SodhaMehul Sodha3 dager siden
  • The Real "V" Sound... is Amazing.

    Alvaro José AlvaradoAlvaro José Alvarado3 dager siden
  • You need to make something you can put that motor on and ride it

    Robbie EadsRobbie Eads5 dager siden
  • Geez, that thing actually sounds like a mean little engine. I love it!! I'd love to see this put on something, like a go kart or a small motorcycle of some kind.

    SgtAwesome97SgtAwesome976 dager siden
  • sounds like a freshly tuned v8 engine

    Jonathan GuadarramaJonathan Guadarrama7 dager siden
  • so cool

    kacperko's workshopkacperko's workshop9 dager siden
  • How many hp does this produce?

    redcoat boisredcoat bois13 dager siden
  • Fantástico, que proeza. Parabéns e isso ficou show de bola.

    José Luiz Gomes MartinsJosé Luiz Gomes Martins13 dager siden
  • I've got one word for this, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

    Lindani TsheziLindani Tshezi14 dager siden
  • Se faz um fusca ter motor dois cabeçote usar pouca gasolina e faz motor com um reverso de marcha ré! faz a inginição ser elétrica!

    Edson da Costa PereiraEdson da Costa Pereira16 dager siden
  • Porque você não usa um pedal de ignição de moto é sempre Hit Road (Calhambeck?)

    Edson da Costa PereiraEdson da Costa Pereira16 dager siden
  • Wow, that sounds really good !!!

    Youtuber5Youtuber517 dager siden
  • سلام بسیارعالی موفق باشید فیض می بریم

    hossein haddadianhossein haddadian19 dager siden
  • How would you be able to use that on a go kart that would be dope af yo

    Zach O'DZach O'D21 dag siden
    • @Robert D. D, what you mean

      Zach O'DZach O'D19 dager siden
    • how did you get the address of the man who converted the air compressor to a gas engine i like to talk to him thanks robert

      Robert D. D,Robert D. D,19 dager siden
  • Bonjour, comment fais tu pour savoir quel cdi bobine d'allumage choisir sur tes moteurs? Sinon excellente vidéo

    vava1vava122 dager siden
  • How did he turn an exhaust port into an intake port?😂 U sir, are an artist. ❤️

    puneeth salianpuneeth salian23 dager siden
  • Muito top

    NextpitbiribasNextpitbiribas24 dager siden
  • What country r u from bro...?

    Amarpreet SinghAmarpreet Singh28 dager siden
  • Didn't expect a diy engine to make such a cool sound

    Никита КНикита КMåned siden
  • Kkkk show

    Luciano SantosLuciano SantosMåned siden
  • It sounds like hoyosung gtr

    Digvijay JagtapDigvijay JagtapMåned siden
  • man u have amazing skills... i admire you..

    Berry SmartpantsBerry SmartpantsMåned siden
  • Hi please used bullet gear system 😁 and using petrol for high speed

  • Id love to see you brake dyno this!

    Clancy AllardClancy AllardMåned siden
  • Very good video as always WELL apart from the last 5 to 10 mins Mmmmm even a clown with my limited IQ could eventually put that together🤷‍♂️😧😮🤔😬🤥

    Terry CollinsTerry CollinsMåned siden
  • I'd like to see you turn four of those compressors into a v8

    Blaze the FoxBlaze the FoxMåned siden
  • Really cool build and video, are you thinking of adding a cooling system? Maybe a small oil cooler. I would love an engine like this for my mini T Bucket build. Sideways so it looks like a little V8

    David KrahnDavid KrahnMåned siden
  • GALENG mo Bro

    zack liwanaganzack liwanaganMåned siden
  • nice work could be powered to a small aircraft what do you think?

    Ivan PaypaIvan PaypaMåned siden
  • I love this!

    Christopher HeleChristopher HeleMåned siden
  • c e o cara engenheiro mecanico io que e entender mecanica abraço deu

    Romario SilvaRomario SilvaMåned siden
  • Ñ

  • Bang buat motor balap

    Slamet RiptoSlamet RiptoMåned siden
  • What country you in ?

    FathaFathaMåned siden
  • ngl

    A1phaKn1ghtA1phaKn1ghtMåned siden
  • kinda sounds like a Harley

    A1phaKn1ghtA1phaKn1ghtMåned siden
  • Мои реки в 3 часа ночи:

    ЛягушкаЛягушкаMåned siden
  • 👍 Super 👌

    Josef HaklickaJosef HaklickaMåned siden
  • This guy can be my mechanic

    Lee KirkmanLee KirkmanMåned siden
  • Cinsy

    Tambah HoreTambah HoreMåned siden
  • Miking konten

    Tambah HoreTambah HoreMåned siden
  • This guy is ace, well done bro

    David LofthouseDavid LofthouseMåned siden
  • Brother I want to make this I want ur guidance bro Plz help me bro

    Akram ShaikAkram ShaikMåned siden
  • Good compressor => shit engine nice job!!

    kocka kockakocka kockaMåned siden
  • uauuuuu!!!!

    Cesar AugustoCesar AugustoMåned siden
  • top de mas !!

    José Nailson leite de SousaJosé Nailson leite de SousaMåned siden
  • Wow how can you do that 😳

    Ksor FamilyKsor FamilyMåned siden
  • You need to talk to tell me what you’re doing

    john oylerjohn oylerMåned siden
  • Min 21:35 goood sound

    Leo 09Leo 09Måned siden
  • Polska haha

    Mateusz NicewiczMateusz NicewiczMåned siden
  • Pleas make 8clyender diesel engine pleas

    Atharv GiriAtharv GiriMåned siden
  • this is freaking awesome, great content, keep it up!

    TheFlyingDutchmanTheFlyingDutchmanMåned siden
  • This machines works with fueloil ? I dont understand

    Kenan kayalıKenan kayalıMåned siden
  • 4T 2T

    SLAPPER CH. X2SLAPPER CH. X2Måned siden
  • Your keyboard is offbeat

    p tp t2 måneder siden
  • is any one else hear just a little annoyed that he didnt have an air filter, but he is a genius i will give him credit

  • que ermoso proyecto

  • Could you make it diesel?

    Darth MatthiasDarth Matthias2 måneder siden
  • Please make a video on conversion of single cylinder bike engine to twin please

    Muhammed NisarMuhammed Nisar2 måneder siden
  • The only thing missing would be a car chassis for this V type engine.

    LEMOn3rdLEMOn3rd2 måneder siden
    • V twins are usually made for motorcycles

      BendigoBendigoMåned siden
    • A Morgan 3 wheeler has the same v twin shape

      sam stenssam stensMåned siden
    • Hahaha thinking the same

      gambainhacksgambainhacksMåned siden
  • Золотые руки✋🖐👋 респект!

    Дмитрий РоговДмитрий Рогов2 måneder siden
  • Mans playing legos with engine parts

    Martin AnderssonMartin Andersson2 måneder siden
  • 😭 🤣

    Kenzo NathanielKenzo Nathaniel2 måneder siden
  • This best compressor engine built I see

    lifelinelifeline2 måneder siden
  • amazing your projech 👍👍

    Cak MadHudi Lalapan LamonganCak MadHudi Lalapan Lamongan2 måneder siden
  • nice

    igor kleberigor kleber2 måneder siden
  • Awesome, now please try with a Chrysler RV2 AC compressor

    J KJ K2 måneder siden
  • 2 stocks

    Jamil AhmadJamil Ahmad2 måneder siden
  • Dudes da Truuf!!

    Cedric MitchellCedric Mitchell2 måneder siden
  • Install to sikel

    sukhjinder singh saabsukhjinder singh saab2 måneder siden
  • Nice Sound!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Perfect Job.

    mp2000agmp2000ag2 måneder siden
  • You are Genius of mechanics.

    Marcelo AzevedoMarcelo Azevedo2 måneder siden
  • this is by far the coolest homespun engineering I have ever seen.

    Anomn FeckAnomn Feck2 måneder siden
  • Congrats! You were a very lucky guy to find all these parts in your scrap metal bin, as there are two identical cylinder heads that also fitted to the compressor cylinders, the timing chains and cogs etc. Nice work, btw!

    VixNoelopanVixNoelopan2 måneder siden
  • The ashamed airbus oddly whisper because cancer remarkably expect sans a foolish revolve. unbiased, pathetic temper

    Stafan WilliamsStafan Williams2 måneder siden
  • Is the machine sold or not?

    Indah RatnasariIndah Ratnasari2 måneder siden
  • Every car guy ever: Don’t weld a casting!!! Let’s Learn Domething: TIG go BRRRRRT!

    Jacob AndrewsJacob Andrews2 måneder siden
  • I can change a gearbox and clutch and general mechanical stuff BUT you are a Genius and now I feel like a Cave Man. This was amazing. : )

    Steve O'HareSteve O'Hare2 måneder siden
  • Excellent boss

    ajay sing Bundelaajay sing Bundela2 måneder siden
  • Put it in a small rat rod and hook up an centrifugal cultch or a 3 speed gear box from semi automatic dirtbike

    The LongRangerThe LongRanger2 måneder siden
  • Look like turbo charger engine

    egi nuansaegi nuansa2 måneder siden
  • 👏👏👏🤩😍🤩😍👍

    TheBATON666TheBATON6662 måneder siden
  • When u have no one else to turn to u call the ateam

    Kevin KlimekKevin Klimek2 måneder siden
  • Plz put that engine on a motorcycle

    C. ThaniC. Thani2 måneder siden
  • Gönc a

    László JuhászLászló Juhász2 måneder siden
  • Why did you remove the 200 cc carb

    RAYYAN blogsRAYYAN blogs2 måneder siden
  • That sound

    РоманРоман2 måneder siden
  • Super👍👍👍

    Garage Crafts DiyGarage Crafts Diy2 måneder siden
  • That's a work of art!!! Should think about installing it in a motorcycle or 3 wheel bike!!! Would be awesome bit not sure how much power they have, but might make a cool bike!

    J CJ C2 måneder siden
  • Iba talaga pinoy ^_^

    Berto DIYBerto DIY2 måneder siden
  • Wow

    Reza Reza12345Reza Reza123452 måneder siden
  • What did those cylinder heads come off of was like a 50 Honda maybe give me a clue I like to try to make a hang glider motor out of that

  • Perfect 👍🏿 king*

    Blekinge TotaltjänstBlekinge Totaltjänst3 måneder siden
  • 20:28 The engine runs on sprite?!? :O

    Blue DynoBlue Dyno3 måneder siden
    • No its petrol , that just empty bottlo

      Bubble GamerBubble Gamer2 måneder siden