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#shorts I finally did it! Now it's time to find Elon...
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  • For those who doubt the legitimacy of my journey. I have posted so much content on how I made these leaps in value. I can’t explain it over and over in each video. I'm answering your top questions in my recent uploads. For the lazy people who apparently call everything fake - 1. A random stranger gave me the wetsuits after I explained my crazy idea to him. He initially mocked me for my Facebook marketplace listing but after I explained my goal he wanted to help any way he could to get me started. I did not have a large following then and he didn’t trade for “clout”. It may be surprising but Human kindness does exist. 2. Guitar for your bus trade - trade was made back before any of the “vlog squad” crap came out. David Dobrik traded me his Hollywood tour bus for the guitar. At this point I had gained a following after documenting my journey on tiktok. (so yes it helped at this point) I started this series living in a van with a very small following, which I didn’t use for any of my initial trades. In fact my NOworld channel was pretty much dead and I had given up on it. I found my initial trades by reaching out to people on Facebook marketplace. I have never traded with a “fan”. In fact any trade offers from my followers have been mostly kids offering stuff that their parents owned (which I obviously ignored) or people messing around and trying to troll me lol The only trades you could say I used my following for where the bigger trades when I got the attention of larger creators like David Dobrik in order to make the series more entertaining. I only gained a following along the way and I never expected this series to go as viral as it did. Of course it helped speed up the process but it was a product of my journey not the sole reason I got trades. After all, I set myself this challenge so I make the rules on how I get to my goal. Nothing here is fake and I didn’t know any of the people I’ve traded with. If you hate the success of this series then that’s fine, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and that’s all that matters to me!

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    • I went to highschool with a guy that started with a broken black berry and ended up with three cars and mortercycle I know it's possible. But sand? First trade was luck the rest were believable except for the last one seems like a marketing tactic on part of the sneaker guy never heard of him until this so money well spent I would say tesla's cost more than 20k that's not an even trade even if he is a shoe guy. But hey that's technically still a trade it's just without cameras and a platform those shoes would not have gotten you a tesla and that's a fact. First trade was not affected by this fact and that's apparent. All and all good job regardless.

      Jesus AmbrizJesus Ambriz2 timer siden
    • Hi

      George ForbesGeorge Forbes3 timer siden
    • This is just that guy who traded a paperclip for a house and wrote a book about it, like 15 years ago, rehashed for the tenth time.

      LeoLeo4 timer siden
    • Send a link for mobile useres because some of us are too lazy to get on a computer and speicifcally find this short again

      Alexandru TănaseAlexandru TănaseDag siden
    • @A V C oh shut up

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  • Shame there's no way this could happen to a normal person because of the whole dobrik, nevel interaction.

    Harry ToefaceHarry Toeface6 minutter siden

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  • No one going to talk about the illegal activity of taking sand from the beach. Also never trust a seagull...

    Scrappin FamScrappin Fam17 minutter siden
  • How do how trade sand for suits.

    Jayden SondhJayden Sondh42 minutter siden
  • Could he do this if he was black and poor, prob not.

    Yellow FerrariYellow Ferrari57 minutter siden
  • Why?The sand won't catch on fire.Your safer

    Jason LittlefieldJason LittlefieldTime siden
  • You know some gullible people...after all that struggle and stress I'd just save up money for the stupid car

    NinjaKittyDustNinjaKittyDustTime siden
  • Guys I think i've found the only person in the world with maxed out charisma, speech, and barter

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  • Elon when he sees this: sandmobile made by sand that worths a tesla we promise it has sand in it every car has it but this one is worth a tesla

    CHUNKY boiCHUNKY boiTime siden
  • Congratulation

    michal mudronmichal mudronTime siden
  • Every single one of these trades involved an insane amount of good will cos the values weren't even close

    N SN STime siden
  • I'll trade you arock for the tesla

    jotaro 'dolphin' kujojotaro 'dolphin' kujo2 timer siden
  • Welp, I live close to a beach. Time to get rich

    KasukFortuneKasukFortune2 timer siden
  • Sand to wet suits is bullshit. Immersion ruined

    Allen .SpencerAllen .Spencer2 timer siden
  • The first Guy who gives the Wetsuits is iconic

    Annabelle MerfeldAnnabelle Merfeld2 timer siden
  • Kids don’t call sand worthless

    Suxi LiuSuxi Liu2 timer siden
  • When you finally get your Elon Tesla can you name it sandy 🥺

    Squidney _Squidney _3 timer siden
  • skateboard for a GUITAR oh my goodness howwww

    NIKOL LEGO GoNIKOL LEGO Go3 timer siden
  • From sand to Tesla

    PS3 Jailbreaking TutorialsPS3 Jailbreaking Tutorials3 timer siden
  • Not one but 2 wet suits. I would be rich if I thought of this idea first

    ZirumiZirumi4 timer siden
  • Him trading sand for everything Me: that has to be some mystical dust bro

    Denki KaminariDenki Kaminari4 timer siden
  • This is all just more fortunate people being slightly generous. Anyone can do this with anything. You just need to reach that slightly more generous person.

    hey youhey you4 timer siden
  • I was gona try this then I forgot I wasn’t white.

    Tremendo562 M.Tremendo562 M.4 timer siden
  • I’ll give you sand for the tesla

    Sad ChildSad Child5 timer siden
  • liar.

    Logan -Logan -5 timer siden
  • So full of sand....I mean S#@T

    Droopy ThunderDroopy Thunder7 timer siden
  • *Guitar for a tourbus* Who do you think watches your videos? Toddlers?

    Arya LatkarArya Latkar7 timer siden
  • My question is WHY???????

    Samurai _VirusSamurai _Virus7 timer siden
  • How did you trade a guitar for a tour bus 🧢

  • believe me guys my problems are definitely legitimate

    hero medleyhero medley9 timer siden
  • Yeah and I am elon musk

    Web EscapeWeb Escape9 timer siden
  • So your Clarence

    anime masteranime master9 timer siden
  • That’s me with a pint.

    GenerousMitchGenerousMitch10 timer siden
  • I traded my mom for v bucks on darkweb 🌚

    broken vibebroken vibe10 timer siden
  • Guitar for a freakin tour bus?? Dude must have been on some drugs 😂

    Alpha DobermanAlpha Doberman13 timer siden
  • NOworld algorythm in a nutshchell

    Nelson OnyaNelson Onya13 timer siden
  • Whoever got the sand. Will probably sell it at 100k in future. Small investments, and collectors love such stories..

    St MkmSt Mkm13 timer siden
  • I was in Atlanta 2 days ago

    Kryptic HdKryptic Hd13 timer siden
  • Moral of the story... be a NOworld and get shit from literally a worthless cup of sand.

    Karl HarrisKarl Harris14 timer siden
  • Appreciate the ELO background music

    Mr XMr X14 timer siden

    Mommy Love4everMommy Love4ever15 timer siden
    • Explained this several times in the past. David Dobrik traded me the bus.

      Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo15 timer siden
  • Ehhhh only reason this worked is bc you have a following and it went viral This could never be done without you explaining and showing your channel

    Damier too funnyDamier too funny16 timer siden
    • Funny enough, I only gained a following along the way and my initial trades up until the electric guitar were purely from reaching out to people Facebook marketplace. My following came during the series not before.

      Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo15 timer siden
  • Who is this guy?

    Anuka 77Anuka 7716 timer siden
  • Surely it don’t count everyone he switches with jus helping him out cos no1 wants to help

    Bekomist12# Cold War contentBekomist12# Cold War content17 timer siden
  • wait.. who would trade sand for 2 wetsuits? Thats weird

    Metal KibblesMetal Kibbles17 timer siden
    • Just a random guy who loved my idea, I’ve explained it in other videos

      Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo15 timer siden
  • This reminds of the she sells she shells on the seashore song

    Benjamin KnightBenjamin Knight17 timer siden
  • Im glad theres so many sand for wetsuit deals or this never would of worked

    Scared Of GhostsScared Of Ghosts17 timer siden
  • Ayo, check this out. I got a job and just bought one.

    STiGSTiG17 timer siden
  • Sand for wetsuits?!

    my handmy hand18 timer siden
  • People have no idea the suffering that goes on in this world.

    FirealFireal19 timer siden
  • Bullshit. U call this a trade?

    KïNGKïNG19 timer siden
  • taking sand is legal?

    ms _ms _19 timer siden
  • Dirt to hyperyon taken to the next level If you sont know what i mean serch nullze in youtube

    OR2112OR211219 timer siden
  • Who trades a 20k tour bus for a guitar that was worth as much as a $50 skateboard ?

    LTone VendettãLTone Vendettã19 timer siden
    • @Isaiah Photo Not tryna sound like I’m hating but man you should have made it clear that somebody gave you that bus and you wouldn’t have all these comments about it, at the end of the day I don’t think anyone cares that much but just saying.

      LTone VendettãLTone Vendettã9 timer siden
    • David Dobrik gave me the bus. The guitar was worth 4k and the skateboard wasn’t $50. It was an electric longboard.

      Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo15 timer siden
  • Guitar for a tour bu what he'll how

    Frankenstein 0777Frankenstein 077720 timer siden
  • Crazy how people believe this is true

    Plexstream 420Plexstream 42022 timer siden
    • Crazy how many don’t believe it’s true with the amount of video proof I’ve posted lol I guess it’s too easy just to say it’s fake

      Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo15 timer siden
  • Yeah.. but actually no...

    Trystan BissonnetteTrystan Bissonnette23 timer siden
  • Ok.. let me get this straight.... this sand.. is it made from like Jesus’ skin or something?

    chris ntarichris ntari23 timer siden
  • That totally happened

    Maxim RomanivMaxim RomanivDag siden
    • Yahh it happened 😒 oh no somebody can't read the pinned comment *Dammnn that sucks*

      ADI_IS_NOOB OkADI_IS_NOOB Ok14 timer siden
  • Who in their right mind would think 2 wetsuits is worth giving away for a pot of sand?

    Titanus GojiraTitanus GojiraDag siden
    • @Isaiah Photo oh yeah that makes sense

      Titanus GojiraTitanus Gojira5 timer siden
    • A nice stranger on Facebook marketplace who loved my idea so much he wanted to help any way he could

      Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo15 timer siden
  • You traded a skateboard for a guitar and the guitar for a tour bus wtf

    Kaiutinx *Kaiutinx *Dag siden
    • If you watch my previous episodes it actually makes sense and who traded me these items lol for example, the tour bus was from David Dobrik back in October

      Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo15 timer siden
  • So i can just get sand from the beach and sell it till it becomes a check well then

  • "Traded the sand for 2 wet suits" And with that I instantly lose interest in this guys bullshit video.

    ZjC 89ZjC 89Dag siden
    • @Isaiah Photo sorry sir but don't waste your precious time in these failures who just want anyone to get successful 🙃

      ADI_IS_NOOB OkADI_IS_NOOB Ok14 timer siden
    • If you took the time to watch the other episodes where I’ve explained this a million times you’d not make the lazy assumption that it’s fake.

      Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo15 timer siden
  • Fun fact: it's already a man who traded a pen up into a very expensive car.

    Blu and Ash 010Blu and Ash 010Dag siden
  • Meanwhile I’m homeless

    Done DonagerDone DonagerDag siden
  • Ok sad for wetsuits And guitar for your bus and 20k worth of shoes to Tesla Wich costs like 100k SURREEEE

    Kyla De KeyserKyla De KeyserDag siden
  • Wait so he gets two wet suits for sand ok buddy this is bs

    tank mantank manDag siden
  • Bruh how da fuk

    Evan VanoverEvan VanoverDag siden
  • Macro

    WolfCanyonWolfCanyonDag siden
  • who would have thought guys! being famous gets you rich guys!

    Nathan PaulsrudNathan PaulsrudDag siden
  • Is this the dude in the post mates commercial

    Faithful CalebFaithful CalebDag siden
  • The whole point of this challenge is defeated when practically all your major accomplishments are people just giving you free stuff essentially and taking major lossess on every trade to help you.

    Michael M.Michael M.Dag siden
  • “This is the best trade deal in trade deal history” said someone (we all know who I’m talking about)

    Alex SaldivarAlex SaldivarDag siden
  • Next thing is he sells the Tesla

    Arsh SinghArsh SinghDag siden
  • 2 wet suits for some sand 🤔

    Josh TaylorJosh TaylorDag siden
  • I trade the sand for no fucks given

    Gotnum PompalarimGotnum PompalarimDag siden
  • I traded a sand for 2 wetsuits, no you traded being on a video for 2 wetsuits

    gatorraidgatorraidDag siden
  • We just ignoring the fact he traded sand for fucking wetsuits

    BatmanBatmanDag siden
  • Even if I play along and pretend this is real, it's impossible for my mind to comprehend that the sand held any actual value

    Balki BartokomousBalki BartokomousDag siden
  • I would give him a whole town if I get sand

    BlueseyBerryBlueseyBerryDag siden
  • All these trade videos are the first trade being unrealistic by about $100 and the last being another youtuber just giving them whatever they were supposed to be “trading” to get lmao

    Steven KellySteven KellyDag siden
  • Yo, You are a irrational boi. Non terminating and repeating.

  • Reminds me of a story we read in class about a guy that trades a paper clip to get a house

    RasenLPRasenLPDag siden
  • Faker than my gf

    Scratch squirrelScratch squirrelDag siden
  • Don’t take sand without lawful permission it’ll get you locked up in a lot of places

    Jacob GleaveJacob GleaveDag siden
  • Its funny because the only trade I don't believe is the first one. Sand for two wet suits? Wet suits are expensive.

    Brandon JanoskiBrandon JanoskiDag siden
  • Is it just me or did he say poor the last 8 months and not for the last 8 months

    dark dimonddark dimondDag siden
  • Guitar for tour bus nice

    Nathan MarasiganNathan MarasiganDag siden
  • This is my first time seeing your channel but weren’t you in a mrbeast video?

    Samuel MotleySamuel MotleyDag siden
  • This man is the physical embodiment of Facebook Market

    Luis MotaLuis MotaDag siden
  • Isnt a wetsuit worth like 200$ or even more. And he got 2 for Sand .... fukin Sand

    Lightfire 360Lightfire 360Dag siden
  • Sand for 2 wetsuits... turned off then.

    easyuketutseasyuketutsDag siden
  • 2 wetsuits for a tiny cup of sand....

    Maxwell LaraMaxwell LaraDag siden
  • This video faker than the Elon musk character

    J MartinezJ MartinezDag siden
  • Another Tesla commercial

    J MartinezJ MartinezDag siden
  • Wasn’t this done like 15 years ago or whenever Craigslist started? Pretty sure it started with a paper lip and ended with a house...

    KCs FunhouseKCs FunhouseDag siden
  • This man got sand and made it into a tesla.... MOOOOOOM!!!

    LuischaboiiLuischaboiiDag siden
  • Sure buddy

    Draconia DrawingDraconia DrawingDag siden
  • Everyone was doggin on you for taking in store credit but look at you now

    CannonCannonDag siden