I Survived 200 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft In An Ocean Only World.

13. feb.. 2021
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I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.
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  • So how about that 300 days 👀

    Not PaulGGNot PaulGG14 dager siden
    • Yessssssssssssssssaaaaaa

      Mr. LadsMr. Lads7 dager siden
    • YESssss

      Murilo Cáceres De OliveiraMurilo Cáceres De Oliveira13 dager siden
    • Yessssssssssss

      Andrew MayesAndrew Mayes13 dager siden
    • Oui

      The chosen oneThe chosen one13 dager siden

      Thomas DesmaraisThomas Desmarais13 dager siden
  • level 15 the best for debris, i’ve gotten over 50 just from mining it

    mckinley_allenmckinley_allen16 minutter siden
  • Texure pack?

    NaivarkenNaivarken29 minutter siden
  • Finally you made a new 100 -200 episode its bin a long time that I forgot about it

    Jayden LiuJayden Liu41 minutt siden
  • basically just LTN but with memes. I approve.

    CJ the bringer of doomCJ the bringer of doom50 minutter siden
  • 300 days!!!

    Trevor PietruszkaTrevor PietruszkaTime siden
  • Best series so far.

    ImDumbImDumbTime siden
  • Pls 300

    Soso BlackSoso BlackTime siden
  • The adhesive gong desirably bore because citizenship internationally stay against a actually man. greedy, sordid fear

    Laytoya ThomasLaytoya ThomasTime siden
  • “Lucky they decided to leave me alone. Forever.”

    Oofi studiosOofi studiosTime siden
  • Armadillo

    - 1- 12 timer siden

    Emma FeinsteinEmma Feinstein2 timer siden
  • Yes please do 300 days!

    Lydia ProchaskaLydia Prochaska2 timer siden
  • 300 DAYS

    Danevanjake111Danevanjake1112 timer siden
  • R.IP Villager 1 and villager 2

    Bly BurnettBly Burnett3 timer siden
  • Nooo chicken is dead 💀

    Shuang LiShuang Li3 timer siden
  • what resource pack do you use?

    William HarbaughWilliam Harbaugh3 timer siden
  • 300

    Carlotta CCarlotta C4 timer siden
  • Hey Paul, you can't buy a map because you have to have emeralds AND a compass to trade with.

    William abrahamullasWilliam abrahamullas4 timer siden
  • 10000 days

    Mark HanMark Han5 timer siden
  • 10000

    Mark HanMark Han5 timer siden
  • It’s pronounced eeletra

    Jp the pugJp the pug5 timer siden
  • You have the voice of Putther bro

    01 -4401 -445 timer siden
  • RIP island chicken

    Caleb HeathCaleb Heath6 timer siden
  • Please Paul we need 300 hundred days

    NYK WillNYK Will6 timer siden
  • Day 116:Enderman “man today is a good day” *gets hit*

    LevronepogiGamingLevronepogiGaming6 timer siden
  • Where’s the seed

    BeautyBeauty6 timer siden
  • ah yes because I also buy the entire woodland mansion off villagers...

    Max HooiveldMax Hooiveld6 timer siden
  • I suck at Minecraft and I think just watching the first and second video I think I just got better

    JazzyMilk99JazzyMilk996 timer siden
  • You are my faworite youtuber

    Máté SzoboszlaiMáté Szoboszlai7 timer siden
  • Do 300 PLS

    Emily PlayzEmily Playz7 timer siden
  • The book and trident was in the wrong slots

    Story NotchStory Notch7 timer siden
  • You didn't fished?????

    Sebastián Emilio Fernández EscobarSebastián Emilio Fernández Escobar8 timer siden
  • Evel

    Eithan FelipeEithan Felipe8 timer siden

    Gaming With AnuragGaming With Anurag9 timer siden
  • So I don't play minecraft but I wanted to let y'all know these videos are brilliant plus your commentary is incredible

    TERRIBLE - visionTERRIBLE - vision10 timer siden
  • XDD Chicken

    Dream DreamDream Dream11 timer siden
    • Hello

      Dream DreamDream Dream11 timer siden
  • 26:09

    MordiyXDMordiyXD11 timer siden
  • 300 days all achievments

    Spiele Spiel SPSPSpiele Spiel SPSP11 timer siden
  • for basalt based builds you can make a basalt generator i think illmango made a design that makes 150,000 basalt blocks a hour he even made one thats so efficiant you dont need a storage system just something to burn the items with because the items fill up the chests incredibly quick you can get a full inventory of basalt in 2-3 seconds its crazy you should really check it out

    creamMCcreamMC11 timer siden
  • Should’ve said I need to start making serious profits. Also you can use a silk touch on gold ore in the nether and you’ll get an ingot

    A PersonA Person11 timer siden
  • 20:09

    Max HallMax Hall12 timer siden
  • Rip chickens

    Kaine MotleyKaine Motley12 timer siden
  • The nostalgic sunday acly train because taxicab gully drip modulo a cut sheep. chemical, lowly nancy

    Affan SiddiquiAffan Siddiqui12 timer siden
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    Noah JacobsNoah Jacobs12 timer siden
  • The unarmed actress atypically fool because chalk nationally obtain inside a sweet jellyfish. paltry, rich agenda

    travis grahamtravis graham12 timer siden
  • you really like circles😂😂

    Jaylen MasonJaylen Mason13 timer siden
  • R.I.P baby villagers 😔

    Itz_Anichka_ RajItz_Anichka_ Raj13 timer siden
  • I thought emerald is dark green

    Chairul Taufik HChairul Taufik H13 timer siden
  • Like for 300 days

    Naruto AnimeNaruto Anime13 timer siden
  • you now not paulgg used to work for DOPE OR NOPE

    dripz_dripz_13 timer siden
  • 300!!!!!!

    Filipe MouraoFilipe Mourao13 timer siden
  • RIP chicken 103

    CristoferKCristoferK14 timer siden
  • Lazarbeam made an emerald beacon so u should make a netherite beacon

    JJ CampJJ Camp14 timer siden
  • I love that name the chicken forest lol

    Belinda LawnBelinda Lawn15 timer siden
  • Not sure if it’s that much more effective if you have fortune three but silk touching the gold in the nether then smelting it into a gold ingot might be more beneficial moving forward

    Austin SteelAustin Steel16 timer siden
  • Why didn't you use a stone cutter

    Gruesome PuppetGruesome Puppet16 timer siden
  • You can grow grass by using bone meal on a fully grown dirt block

    Brayan CamposBrayan Campos16 timer siden
  • 300 300 plssssssssssssssssss

    Jamirh Allen MarananJamirh Allen Maranan17 timer siden
  • i lov how this is forge labs stuff and hes just continuing whre he lft off

    N0Fac3N0Fac317 timer siden
  • You can combine the trident! you put them in the wrong way

    LuxuriantCarrotLuxuriantCarrot17 timer siden
  • My friend got Weather skeleton hat blaaaaa her first try

    Dino VS bunnyDino VS bunny17 timer siden
  • I saw the first chicken

    Chrissy CovingtonChrissy Covington17 timer siden
  • He had a chicken x2 suffocate in trees in the first 100 days that didn’t get graves

    Mark JohnsonMark Johnson18 timer siden
  • Plz

    Green RacerGreen Racer18 timer siden
  • fact: when charged creeper blows up a stray, it'll drop wither skull head

    NoiNazNoiNaz19 timer siden
    • @NoiNaz cool

      Jp the pugJp the pug4 timer siden
    • @Jp the pug "i saw that on reddit"

      NoiNazNoiNaz4 timer siden
    • I didn’t know that

      Jp the pugJp the pug4 timer siden
  • Can't grass blocks be made by leaving placed dirt blocks alone, then mining them with silk touch?

    WonkawizWonkawiz19 timer siden
  • Ok

    Anthony YTAnthony YT20 timer siden
  • Eres abusador porque mataste a los ardeanos bebés

    Anthony YTAnthony YT20 timer siden
  • You are awesome, and your vids are 100% lit !

    Jenny roseJenny rose20 timer siden
  • please go to 3 hundred days

    Danny ZimmermanDanny Zimmerman20 timer siden
  • Hey 300 days

    Javayne ScarlettJavayne Scarlett20 timer siden
  • We just glossing over the gentle nudge of villager children off a nether cliff huh....alright carrying on....

    Dom SenseiDom Sensei20 timer siden
  • What is this seed I can’t find a seed like this :(

    PayThePrice0928PayThePrice092821 time siden
  • 300 days please

    강미경강미경21 time siden
  • Did I just witness murder??? 3:30

    PayThePrice0928PayThePrice092821 time siden
  • There’s a cat in the nether. WHAT.

    Alinur SeytoffAlinur Seytoff21 time siden
  • 300!!!!!!

    Brothers inc.Brothers inc.22 timer siden
  • 300 day

    foxyscott 16foxyscott 1622 timer siden
  • The unequaled polish fundamentally invent because mouse kelly chew at a sassy candle. guiltless, truthful theater

    Lolohenry oiLolohenry oi22 timer siden
  • 10000000000. Days ?

    Adrianthegamer 2313Adrianthegamer 231323 timer siden
  • I would like to see a 300 days

    Hodog PHodog P23 timer siden
  • Not PaulGG y do you say the brown pearl everytime u go on you boat?

    Hodog PHodog P23 timer siden
  • You can have riptide and channelling you just did it in reverse....

    AshenFallAshenFallDag siden

    LJeezy PlayzLJeezy PlayzDag siden
  • I

    LJeezy PlayzLJeezy PlayzDag siden
  • 155

    Dreama RogersDreama RogersDag siden
  • U should try surviving 365 days.

    SplintexSplintexDag siden
  • Toytally not coppied sb737

    Ben GriffinBen GriffinDag siden
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    Edmund ChenEdmund ChenDag siden

    Jayden Esbri-LopezJayden Esbri-LopezDag siden
  • Level 15 is the best level for netherith

    WWE ManWWE ManDag siden
  • WHAT THE HELL YOU TROW A KID IN LAVA IN DAY 112 AM A KID AM UNSUBSCRIBING. am still going to watch because your videos are good

    Jayden Esbri-LopezJayden Esbri-LopezDag siden
  • 300

    Jack'sJack'sDag siden
  • It is obvious that you deserve to have my like and my subscription and I am sorry for being late 😅😅 I am new by the way

    Mariana IzaholaMariana IzaholaDag siden

    33syska33syskaDag siden
  • Only technoblade wants to trade that much potatoes

    VaussuVaussuDag siden
  • 20:00 When he made the beacon he said somthing 2 times in a row

    Zaidyn SorensonZaidyn SorensonDag siden
  • I love ur vids

    Daniel RossDaniel RossDag siden
  • Simte

    Laura LoganLaura LoganDag siden