18. feb.. 2021
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Valentine's Day! In today's video, Dixie and I celebrate our Valentine's Day weekend with a little surprise I put together. Enjoy!
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Edited By: David Aguilar
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  • Jesus loves you

    Jaden LeeJaden LeeTime siden
  • 3:09 Why did I laugh so hard? HAJSHAJSHJAHSJAHSJAHAJHS

    Hassa MediciHassa Medici5 timer siden
  • It’s funny bc griffin took her on a airplane and now becks doing it

    Audrey KuykendallAudrey Kuykendall5 timer siden
  • lol you know it’s Dixie when you see a girl in a oversized hoodie 😂

    Aribella MenoldAribella Menold5 timer siden
  • Dixie is really a person who will say 'Ya it was cool' if Noah asks her how was everything 🤣😂

    Alok ShahAlok Shah6 timer siden
  • 03:09 for a moment I thought 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Aruveer YadavAruveer Yadav14 timer siden
  • ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘💝💝💝

    tekle beridzetekle beridze16 timer siden
  • Name intro

    amir ahmadamir ahmad17 timer siden
  • Intro song namw

    amir ahmadamir ahmad17 timer siden
  • Y’all are saying that she is sad or doesn’t like him. You can clearly tell that she is just nervous on camera. I definitely think that if the cameras were off she would be smiling laughing and having the best relationship. Also, they are literally the cutest ever. luv u guys

    Leah MLeah M18 timer siden
  • Hi gibby

    Milani SpadeMilani Spade19 timer siden
  • dixie is such a mood

    Mollie ConstantinoMollie Constantino21 time siden
  • .

    Teeyana Ramos LewisTeeyana Ramos Lewis23 timer siden
  • Really people watch this? How come? I really don’t understand What is his talent ? Rich white man ? Sad I’m very sad

    josefjosefDag siden
  • Someone clearly doesn’t pay attention to what day of the week it is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sammy RiceSammy RiceDag siden
  • I follow Dixie on tiktok I love the video

    Ireri CaroIreri CaroDag siden
  • Dead vibe maan..hope she feels better

    بنت خليلبنت خليلDag siden
  • He nevrshowed us the book

    Khloe ScottKhloe ScottDag siden
  • Cute💖💕

    Tik Tok Balkan OfficalTik Tok Balkan OfficalDag siden
    • Oh cute 🥰

      Emily AnEmily AnDag siden
  • 💖💖💖

    Tik Tok Balkan OfficalTik Tok Balkan OfficalDag siden
    • Hey no a neck

      Emily AnEmily AnDag siden
  • Can u do a house tour

    Lily SmithLily SmithDag siden
  • Hahahah

    Marissa ZghayyarMarissa ZghayyarDag siden
  • I agree with you

    Lucas LidgettLucas LidgettDag siden
    • I agree with you brihanna

      Lucas LidgettLucas LidgettDag siden
  • *the second version of daved dobrek*

    hannah _poghannah _pogDag siden
  • I hope she's okay! She seems so drained and always tired, that depression ain't no joke! I hope she gets some soul healing!! Love y'all! I miss her little talk show on her channel!

    Amber O'BrienAmber O'BrienDag siden
  • She didn’t even say thanks you! She was kinda ungrateful......

    Annabelle FAnnabelle FDag siden
  • The thumbnail tho- 🤢🤮

    Alien ElinPupAlien ElinPupDag siden
  • Y’all all saying “it looks like she doesn’t appreciate what he is doing” nah she does she just has a bland attitude like me 👍

    XbutterxxliilyXbutterxxliilyDag siden
  • He calls her dix but I heard it so wrong at first :/

    you_you_lasyou_you_lasDag siden
  • Dear Noah, you are just a great boyfriend to Dixie. You guys are perfect for each other! ❤️

    AngelDograYT GamingAngelDograYT GamingDag siden
  • Noah treats dixie so nice but it's like she doesn't even care ugh I hate her 🙄🖐️

    Shelby RobertsonShelby RobertsonDag siden
  • 4:20 🥵

    Brody JohnsonBrody Johnson2 dager siden
  • Hey no a neck

    Spyerk SmithSpyerk Smith2 dager siden
  • Oh cute 🥰

    اروى يعقوب سالم علي بايعقوب المشيخياروى يعقوب سالم علي بايعقوب المشيخي2 dager siden
  • Dixie takes the biggest dumps.

    Kageyama RecordingsKageyama Recordings2 dager siden
  • Dixie is a mood tbh taking naps anywhere

    Daniela MontemayorDaniela Montemayor2 dager siden
  • "tomorrow is valentine's da- tomorrow will be frida- today's friday. tomorrow will be Saturday"

    Emily AnEmily An2 dager siden
  • Beautifully panned Noah great job much love ❤️ from Toronto Canada 🇨🇦

    samantha leblondsamantha leblond2 dager siden
  • 3:30 omg they are so cute I can’t-

    Evie MoonEvie Moon2 dager siden
  • Noah every time he sees Dixie “hey it’s my baby 🥰”

    Moriah GregoryMoriah Gregory2 dager siden
  • You should take a visit to the pencilvania the zip line is from all the way from the top of the mountain to the bottom coasters r also fun

    Jelly._.ViDeOsJelly._.ViDeOs2 dager siden
    • everything he’s done for you amen .

      Emily AnEmily An2 dager siden
  • Dude plans a Valentine’s weekend which really is his adventure weekend 😂

    Sajeesh AadharshSajeesh Aadharsh2 dager siden
  • i’m sorry but you know those fake cliche texting couple pranks? That’s even more entertaining than dixie towards this relationship

    amore -amore -2 dager siden
  • Everything’s so chillll

    Mad MadMad Mad2 dager siden
  • This is why you don’t go for looks, Noah has everything and Dixie just got the looks because her mom is pretty n shit. No personality there, if she’s so depressed and down why don’t she reconsider her life decisions. She’s around my age, it’s known that fame isn’t all that. Y’all hyped them both up too much, they’re just normal people as you can see. Why do they deserve fame? I wouldn’t want it because of examples like these. All Dixie was on that trip was ungrateful, fake and moody. Ewwww

    Jake HarrisonJake Harrison2 dager siden
  • 3:11 my life

    Poppy Isla CansfieldPoppy Isla Cansfield2 dager siden
  • The most boring thing I’ve ever seen 😀

    Sadia NishatSadia Nishat2 dager siden
  • Dear reader... Only 1000/7 billion people are probably reading this... If you think about that... This is good luck... And this is meant for you... People love you... You mean a lot to lots of people.... You’re 10x attractive then you look in the mirror.... Your beautiful.... Stay safe.. Stay beautiful... Stay kind... And thx for reading this message x Idk why you are still reading Bc there’s nothing else . . \___________/

    Livinia DonnellyLivinia Donnelly2 dager siden
  • If they break up ever I will quit TikTok bc it just won’t be the same Edit: I won’t actually quit I just will cry for a while..

    Livinia DonnellyLivinia Donnelly2 dager siden
  • Caught Breaking Ruleees

    Ghida .GGhida .G2 dager siden
  • Little chuwuwa 🥺

    NabsNabs2 dager siden
  • Wait we’re they for real?😰

    NabsNabs2 dager siden

    NabsNabs2 dager siden

    NabsNabs2 dager siden
  • Everyone Jesus is coming soon , give your life to him he loves you so much ,don’t ignore this please , this is a sign.repeant from your sins and pray everyday, thank Jesus for everything he’s done for you amen .

    fxrniifxrnii2 dager siden
  • Yes he treats Dixie like a queen like he is just such a good boyfriend good job Noah Beck

    Giselle RomanGiselle Roman2 dager siden
  • Sometimes youtubers might accurately forget their filming with something there interested in like dicie looked out into the view plz comment if I am right

    talia browntalia brown2 dager siden
  • Dixie’s dad be like: WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE BED!

    Liv gAmeZ AndezzLiv gAmeZ Andezz2 dager siden
  • Me watching this because I’m single and my cuz has a crush on Noah beck

    Nari WashingtonNari Washington2 dager siden
  • They are so cute together. Noah is a sweetheart and Dixie you’re beautiful. Don’t listen to the haters!! They don’t know your life

    MM2 dager siden
  • Hi noah

    Marielisr20 9Marielisr20 92 dager siden
  • Noah, you have such a pure heart don’t ever change. I love you and Dixie together, and I don’t think she’s “bland” or whatever people call it.. towards you it’s hard to explain but I know Dixie loves you.

    evelin ✨🤗🌼evelin ✨🤗🌼2 dager siden
  • Oh heck naw u cheating on meee 😢😥

    Miyohna NesmithMiyohna Nesmith2 dager siden
  • You and Musty Dimelio are so cute!!!

    PatrickPatrick2 dager siden
  • these comments are so dry and hateful. If you would open your eyes you could see that Dixie is struggling mentally and Noah is just trying to give her a break and let her relax...he does all these nice things for her its so cute and yall should really put you in Dixie's shoes...on top of depression she has so much hate as an influencer, and they are just trying to catch a dam break...give them a break plss.

    Joelle BaylesJoelle Bayles2 dager siden
  • This is the most boring Couples Video I have ever seen

    Kristina FrancoKristina Franco2 dager siden
    • Righttt like this whole video was so boring and there’s no chemistry between this couple i never watch these famous tiktokers but this was in my recommendation

      Sadia NishatSadia Nishat2 dager siden
  • The "cuwawa" looks more triggered

    Blood DemonsBlood Demons2 dager siden
  • You are the best bf treating her like the queen of england

    Dale DeWittDale DeWitt2 dager siden
  • Noah is the definition of a supporting boyfriend who takes care of Dixie everyday and that is honestly adorable and that is why I love doah. Like Noah and Dixie deserve the world

    Miley’s Crazy lifeMiley’s Crazy life2 dager siden
  • Traveling during a deadly pandemic and when asked why you respond with "it is what it is" why are people continuing to support selfish people potentially causing more deaths.

    Liam ShalamarLiam Shalamar2 dager siden
  • ok

    SapPynappY 1SapPynappY 12 dager siden
  • I think Dixie forgot her manners...

    Antonia SmithAntonia Smith2 dager siden
  • I love you

    Paige ThomasPaige Thomas2 dager siden
  • No one: Literally no one: Noah figuring out his days if the week:

    Leila’s EditsLeila’s Edits2 dager siden
  • Dam.....wish I had a boyfriend that royals me with gifts and love 😂

    victoria 1919victoria 19192 dager siden
  • They are such a cute couple

    Isabella AntonellisIsabella Antonellis2 dager siden
  • She is gorgeous you are so lucky bro 😍

    Kevin HamiltonKevin Hamilton2 dager siden
  • How does one of the best dressed guys date one of the worst dressed girls.

    Mikey DeAngeloMikey DeAngelo2 dager siden
  • Pandemic? What pandemic 🙄

    Jenna FoxJenna Fox3 dager siden
    • Noah’s actually lowkey sweet tho

      Jenna FoxJenna Fox3 dager siden
  • KOBE

    AI PurgeAI Purge3 dager siden
  • I’m never gonna get over how cute they are, if the end WHICH THEY BETTER NOT they idk what love is

    Karl JenkinsKarl Jenkins3 dager siden
  • Aww this is so cute !!!!

    XX_bethany_XX DyeXX_bethany_XX Dye3 dager siden
  • You are in my top 10 biggest simp of all time

    Gilbert TroisGilbert Trois3 dager siden

    jeremiah honorejeremiah honore3 dager siden
  • Dixie literally looks like she doesn’t wanna be there at all it’s so sad to see noah so invested and her not at all

    Mariah LongboatMariah Longboat3 dager siden
  • Noah: say hi Dix Me: WHOA #uncomfortable

    Morgan RevordMorgan Revord3 dager siden
  • Your so sweet to dix Noah your an amazing person and I will forever ship Doah

    Taylor CurryTaylor Curry3 dager siden
  • Noah you’re the best boyfriend in this world oml

    Mille Andrea BigsetMille Andrea Bigset3 dager siden
  • 😭bro I'm like 😭😭😭😭this is so sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jordyn Gabriella PillayJordyn Gabriella Pillay3 dager siden

    Juana CirioJuana Cirio3 dager siden
  • I love how Dixie is like “what do I pack?” for the Valentines weekend, and she literally wears sweats the whole time. Such a damn mood. I felt that lol.

    Ashley Watson ForgeurAshley Watson Forgeur3 dager siden
  • Nobody cares

    Anonymous UserAnonymous User3 dager siden
  • 😍

    Geraldy matrilleGeraldy matrille3 dager siden
  • Is it me or did he say nigga \

    Pixel ForcePixel Force3 dager siden
  • dixie should try harder next time.

    ARZARZ3 dager siden
  • She looks high :( I hope she’s ok.

    adsfjklasdfjlkadsfjklasdfjlk3 dager siden
  • Her hair look like a short roblox hair character 😂 😭

    The Burt FamiyThe Burt Famiy3 dager siden
  • Hi

    anel marajanel maraj3 dager siden
  • Ceux qui ont appuyé sur la vidéo pour la miniature ?

    Eva QueenEva Queen3 dager siden
  • quirky opening

    levi ackermanlevi ackerman3 dager siden