21. feb.. 2021
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Larry Wheels: instagram.com/larrywheels/

  • I think we kinda had a glimpse of the good old powerlifting larry. Good times, also don't even tell me about muscle atrophy, I haven't touched weights since march last year, i lost a lot of gains but i still have gains left

  • Strongman that do bicep work (that is not just a high rep stretch) always destroy there bicep tendons. Larry can't not work on his biceps; therefore, he will never be able to do strongman. And then there is also is absolutely terrible genetics for strongman - starting from his tiny little ankles, calves etc..

    Joe BotJoe Bot8 timer siden
  • You are one rare strongman pound for pound. Honestly i can’t wait to see the day you become Mr. Olympia. I would say aim for 400pounds of muscle

  • Keep at it bro, no what I'm sayin?

  • Powerlifiting all the wayyyy

  • World Strongest Man is a whole different league then regular powerlifting and body building. You are not lifting, pushing and pulling level or balanced weights all the time. In some events size and height matters. In other events, speed, grip and all that stuff. Even if Larry Wheels competed in the WSM, he will be lucky to not get eliminated in the preliminaries. He should just stick to powerlifting, arm wrestling and bodybuilding for his weight class.

    Master CatnipMaster CatnipDag siden
  • Jesus loves you❤️ John 3:16- For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    D MarsD MarsDag siden

    olan onieolan onieDag siden
  • Good you're learning

    Big RobBig RobDag siden
  • you could win WSM dude

    ImRoyal _ImRoyal _Dag siden
  • Man I can't help but think arm wrestling is just as dangerous no? If you snap your elbow you can pretty much forget about breaking another Powerlifting WR... Please train carefully bro!

    eatu4teaeatu4tea2 dager siden
  • Come back to powerlifting

    Bdog SinbadBdog Sinbad2 dager siden
  • U the man Larry Wheels . Goodness prevails

    Hungry BirdHungry Bird2 dager siden
  • Hey larry!! Come back to mount V please. Ty

    sam rovinssam rovins2 dager siden
  • Sad... I was SOOO excited to see the strongman possibility’s......... BUT...... the future is finna be crazy either way!!!! Just keep getting stronger bro

    Seth SchumanSeth Schuman2 dager siden
  • he had no chance in strongman, not big enough

    Joseph DavidJoseph David2 dager siden
  • Great info about the straight lower back. Thanks.

    HashTagYTUser88HashTagYTUser883 dager siden
  • bodybuilding is boring

    andrejandrej3 dager siden
  • Dangerous 🤭🤭

    Chris LinnenChris Linnen3 dager siden
  • I really respect your honesty

    Scott WilliamsScott Williams3 dager siden
  • Larry: is worried about injuries Also larry: doing leg extensions

    David ReutersDavid Reuters3 dager siden
  • I wish I can train with him I have potential

  • 12:55, that is actually the right way for any body to go down especially at older ages, (anything above 25)( and for all ages in picking up any weight from the floor) to avoid a spinal pulp

    Joseph UjiadugheleJoseph Ujiadughele3 dager siden
  • Competitions are wsm, powerlifting or bodybuilding, choose one or else you just be a fitness-show buddy

    Joseph UjiadugheleJoseph Ujiadughele3 dager siden
  • Wheel, you torn your biceps last year. This is February 2021

    Joseph UjiadugheleJoseph Ujiadughele3 dager siden
  • This guy gym like me. The only thing that can stop wheel is injury itself. Keep injury free as first watch word especially spinal cord - that stopped Coleman

    Joseph UjiadugheleJoseph Ujiadughele3 dager siden
  • Those legs are amazing ....... Pause

    jobeast19jobeast193 dager siden
  • I think this was a wise decision Larry I started bodybuilding back in the early 80"s and many of my friends went the power lifting route and after years of this they all today have injuries that prevent them from doing many normal activity's were as, body building you can you very light weights 20-30 pound dumbells for the pump 10-12 reps this will never hurt you quit the heavy squats and dead lift these are the one that do the damage, Good luck!

    Paul AtteberryPaul Atteberry3 dager siden
  • Larry has the look and the voice and personality to become an actor or Pro Wrestler

    John MatosJohn Matos3 dager siden
  • duuuuhh. of course. Strongman is super dangerous. Should have just focused on bodybuilding, arm wrestling. (maybe a bit of power lifting)

    nabil ghafarnabil ghafar3 dager siden
  • I'm taking my talents to the Los Angeles Lakers

    Corban AgarCorban Agar4 dager siden
  • I've decided to focus on horse riding. -Larry Wheels

    krisgrafilikrisgrafili4 dager siden
  • I think that leg extension machine appeared in the Shining

    robert faillarobert failla4 dager siden
  • How can you stop something you never started? Am confused.

    Mister Matt Does EverythingMister Matt Does Everything4 dager siden
  • Larry hit that 700 bench

    KaoKaoKaoKao4 dager siden
  • I can picture Larry Wheels being the next generation “Rock”. He would be an awesome wrestling figure.

    Square BizSquare Biz4 dager siden
  • Should’ve never been on that juice my boy 😭😭

    wiley shipmanwiley shipman4 dager siden
  • Larry Larry you going to continue to get injuries all that heavy straining lifting weights Believe me brother I speak for my experience its going to catch up to you especially as you get older can't do everything brother and you shouldn't try your beating your body up and we know that you have PEDs to help you but it's still going to catch up with you if you don't slow down your young man you want to make it to your fifties or more and still have a high quality of life because without healthl Fame and Fortune is nothing

    Fred E. Sims Jr.Fred E. Sims Jr.4 dager siden
  • He isn't build for strongman anyways

  • So strongman is dangerous HuH and bodybuilding isn't dangerous lift heavy shit steroids shit ton of food HGH insulin and so forth HUH 🤔

    Joe SparksJoe Sparks5 dager siden
  • Jeez, your quads have got quads!

    LMCLMC5 dager siden
  • Came back hoping to hear he’s powerlifting again... 😔

    Colton ShilanskiColton Shilanski5 dager siden
  • its good that you did that, now you can focus on armwrestling only

    S7EVINS7EVIN5 dager siden
  • Sunday Paper

    zaki majboorzaki majboor5 dager siden
  • Quit the roids pussboy

    Vitamine ProteinVitamine Protein5 dager siden
  • Good decision health is wealth brother

    HeartHeart5 dager siden
  • Strongman is the reason why Larry tear his bicep too

    hoe hoehoe hoe5 dager siden
  • You know there's something wrong when your arms are bigger than your quads . Can't fault the strength though

    James JohnsonJames Johnson5 dager siden
  • When u started strongman i was scared and worried for u, but now u decided to quit and i'm calm again thank u larry ;D

    TryloxTrylox5 dager siden
  • To be honest you never even really started strongman. I love the content, but I'd rather see you specialize in something and be amazing at it than dabble in a lot of things and just be good at them. Just my worthless 2 cents.

    tinymahutatinymahuta5 dager siden
  • 9:50 i thought that was an lower back exercise machin, like and oppisit situp

    Magnus BentsenMagnus Bentsen5 dager siden
  • Gutted to hear but very glad your still arm wrestling, keep it up big guy!

    Adam / DuckyAdam / Ducky5 dager siden
  • Self preservation, good call you're to young to be tearing yourself up already! Get some good quality rest in while you have time! Take it as easy as you can!

    Aysia HusbyAysia Husby5 dager siden
  • Larry stop being a dummy and just stick with powerlifting, Open your eyes and realize what you are great at

    DannyBigAFDannyBigAF5 dager siden
  • He might have tore his biceps from that tight shirt🤷🏾‍♂️

    Muhammad MutasimMuhammad Mutasim5 dager siden
  • All good Larry, 4 sports done, only 7996 left to do.

    Strength Nation ZAStrength Nation ZA5 dager siden
  • that's perfect for you're bodytype and genetics to enter classic physics sir !

    Mr-Sam-JaxMr-Sam-Jax5 dager siden
  • Cant wait to see ganedi sparring with vitaly🔥

    K A I FK A I F5 dager siden
  • Believe in Jesus Christ today. receive the gift of eternal life

    k ck c5 dager siden
  • No shit lol

    Psychoz PortalPsychoz Portal5 dager siden
  • Roids dont help in strongman 😆

  • WOW JUST WOW, the best videos are about armwrestling and you are bringing top armwresterlers of the world, I can't wait

    NatardrackNatardrack5 dager siden
  • No offense, but we don't want you to end up like Ronnie Coleman, Larry!!stay safe

    Ashish Kumar DAshish Kumar D5 dager siden
  • Powerlifting and bodybuilding is your thing man. You’re great at other stuff but cmon man

    Big Natty DaddyBig Natty Daddy5 dager siden
  • 700 pound bench 900 pound deadlift u good

    Jeager XJeager X5 dager siden
  • Can't be doing too many things at the same time.

    dave fosterdave foster5 dager siden
  • Larry your amazing xoxo

    Christina SchellChristina Schell5 dager siden
  • glad your thinkin about longevity brotha. you've already done a lot of amazing things and id love to still be able to root you on in the sport. get better, get stronger and get big!!

    mugen Erimugen Eri5 dager siden
    • If he really wants longevity, he'll have to phase out the PED's and lose 70-80lbs of muscles. He's way too big for his frame. I'm afraid the injuries are not only because of strongman training but a sign that his body cannot function well at this size. More injuries will come at this size and intensity.

      dave fosterdave foster5 dager siden
  • I felt lazy doing leg day today but Larry just made me go crazy at it

    Luis CruzLuis Cruz5 dager siden
  • Quit strongman because you’re unable to compete with the best

    Kr82ed XKr82ed X5 dager siden
  • Is Larry doing open body? Or his weight class?..... I think he would do a kinda good classic body because of his quad bells are kinda small

    HadoukenHadouken5 dager siden
  • Focus on helth!/on you! Gettting welll!👍

    Patrik FurbergPatrik Furberg5 dager siden
  • Hope you get better

    Fancy White SoldiersFancy White Soldiers6 dager siden
  • Know you'll never see this but doesn't matter what you do man. Your inspiring to many people and have always kept it 💯with whatever you do, as well do everything with complete class and full effort. You're the man and I'll follow and support whatever route you go.

    Darin F.Darin F.6 dager siden
  • No more powerlifting?

    Catherine HenniganCatherine Hennigan6 dager siden
  • You could easy be a top level bodybuilder, would love to see that

    LordLorenzoLordLorenzo6 dager siden
  • Strongman is not a dangerous sport. Not more dangerous than armwrestling or bodybuilding if you compete at high level. Injuries are the result of bad technique or a bad warm up or because less awareness for the training circumstances. Its entertaining for viewers to see someone doing loglift shirtless, but you easy get cold draft. In combination with bad technique while cleaning the log (half biceps curl instead of using your hips) its no wonder to get injured while trying to move big numbers. From a business view i get your decision, but strongman sport itself has nothing to do with your injuries.

    Eisenbieger1986Eisenbieger19866 dager siden
  • too hard for you LOL

    Bruno SzambeBruno Szambe6 dager siden
  • wish you still training strongman Larry

    En InetEn Inet6 dager siden
  • try calisthenics

    elecktro man1elecktro man16 dager siden
  • i tore my lat turned black n blue jay cutler tore his upper bi had to get surgery to fix it!!

    manfreakca Harambemanfreakca Harambe6 dager siden
  • This is the leanest I have seen larry almost his legs have never been this veiny, good gains larry inspiring me to work on my legs more.

    mitch.mitch.6 dager siden
  • Where's Andrew Jacked then?

    Andrew DanielAndrew Daniel6 dager siden
  • If the other bicep is torn and wasn’t repaired does it make it less powerful or does strength come back just slower

    Landen HarrisLanden Harris6 dager siden
  • You are all ready to big, your heart must be under strain pumping blood to those giant muscles. My advice for what it is worth...take 20 plus pound off and have a real go at the arm wrestling.

    Jordan MurphyJordan Murphy6 dager siden
    • More like 80lbs off

      luong sonluong son4 dager siden
  • I'm assuming it's due to meets being cancelled due to Covid but any plans on doing more power lifting comps?

    Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson6 dager siden
  • Very good.

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  • Just my opinion as a fan and viewer. My interest as well as the interest of many of my peers had declined in this channel ever since you started arm wrestling. We all loved watching you smash PRs in a fun, eccentric and explosive way. It’s just not near as entertaining to watch you arm wrestle cause that sport is clearly more technique than strength

    John Marshall ConradJohn Marshall Conrad6 dager siden
  • Literally the first time I ever saw Larry do abs

    tiny weeetiny weee6 dager siden
  • I feel like Larry even held out till now is because he didn't want to disappoint his fans. (Ofcourse these are assumptions) I think he made a good choice with the points that he made .

    Udit kaushalUdit kaushal6 dager siden
  • Man of hydraulic

    John gulbargaJohn gulbarga6 dager siden
  • I respect the fact that he did powerlifting for so long to finally realize that he could be a body builder with his freaky strength.

    Iron InkIron Ink6 dager siden
  • At least you had a good bulk

    Vahn TomaziniVahn Tomazini6 dager siden
  • It’s a shame because bodybuilding is the most dangerous sport of all

    Ben CollinsBen Collins6 dager siden
  • you dont have the frame for strongman ,as daft as it sounds youre too fragile lol ,no doubt your built for aesthetics and strength but not moving strength ....look at the top guys they have wrists and joints as thick as a bear ,youre too delicate ,i mean look at the frame and thickness of people like shaw or Tom stoltman ...even guys your size like poundstone just have a thickness ...his hips are twice as wide as yours and hes just as lean

    John TJohn T6 dager siden
    • Larry has small joints. Look at his wrists and ankles. Larry without lifting would be half the frame size as a typical strongman's. Heavy loads will put stress on the joints. Those Scandinavians were born for this sport. Larry was designed to be a runner, not a strongman. Can't fight nature.

      dave fosterdave foster5 dager siden
  • After all..larry is just another utuber/entertainer/content creator....not a competitor

    Bma TlauBma Tlau6 dager siden
  • Come on.............

    BEAST WorkoutBEAST Workout6 dager siden
  • You’re one of my biggest inspirations!

    Josh RichardsJosh Richards6 dager siden
  • Imaginr if he got into ufc with a foundation as a striker wrestler

    2TallNegrito7 CMN2TallNegrito7 CMN6 dager siden
  • Strong man are only for men like, Shaw, Maddox, Hall, big Rob, stick to body building

    James FaraimoJames Faraimo6 dager siden