"I see all the players trying to get me out" Paul Pogba frustrated to be forced off against Granada

15. april. 2021
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Paul Pogba speaks to BT Sport's Matt Smith after playing 45 minutes in Manchester United's 2-0 victory over Granada in the Europa League quarter-finals.
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  • I really love watching this Player on the pitch

    Zolani ZethuseZolani Zethuse19 dager siden
  • "It's an honour for me to play for this club" he says, whilst shaking his head lol. The body language is totally incongruent with the verbal language.

    Scrotie McBoogerballsScrotie McBoogerballs19 dager siden
  • We need a Juve style Pogba, Man U can't bring that in him

    PapjinPapjin20 dager siden
  • Manchester United has a very serious issue with black players. Player like Paul should be give an important roles along side Bruno. Lastly, Manchester united Management should try encourage the Africa Teenager with playing time.

    Victor JosephVictor Joseph23 dager siden
  • I love how he reacts when asked about wrestling with Rashy on the left wing position. Acknowledges that Rashy is still the best at that position. Great guy

    dcoog anmldcoog anml23 dager siden
  • I Literally met him at heritage centre mosque that same day.

    Fahrenheit manFahrenheit man24 dager siden
  • He just can't handle and hear what his toxic agent say. Raiola is the main problem,not him

    harith danialharith danial26 dager siden
  • I think he flits in and out the game.Not a player I would want in my team Leeds

    Love JesusLove Jesus26 dager siden
    • He is very happy at man utd

      dcoog anmldcoog anml23 dager siden
  • He was fasting and playing aswell in the first half! Masha’allah great performance

    asioe kiouasioe kiou26 dager siden
  • him

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu27 dager siden
    • They wanted to bait him out w that Rashford question. The Sun already had the headline prepared 😂

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu24 dager siden
  • Arsenal fan but I love this man

    World CitizenWorld Citizen27 dager siden
    • Pogba needs to sack Raola

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu24 dager siden
  • Bang average player

    Just a guyJust a guy27 dager siden
  • No matter what, My love for paul pogba will never die👌💗

  • To me Paul is a good captain we need him

    diversión saben olivesdiversión saben olives28 dager siden
  • I had a dream last night of pogba signing a new 2 year contract I'm mean for real though it's quite hard to remember everything I see

    sksks sksksksksks sksksk28 dager siden
  • Nah man this can't be a good role model

    Menzi NtuluMenzi Ntulu28 dager siden
  • Just by the Title u know the media trying hard to dirty The World Champ Public Image.

    Axmed GureAxmed Gure28 dager siden
  • I would rather see Pogba keep playing in this position and providing inside passes rather than keep playing the ball in defense

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi29 dager siden

    ŋ O oŋ O o29 dager siden
  • Paul Pogba is a VIRUS.

    Joy NwekeJoy Nweke29 dager siden
  • Decent bloke, unlike his agent

    Daniel KDaniel K29 dager siden
  • Paul Pogba is his own worst enemy. Super talented player who isn't mentally in the right mind. He needs to realise Man Utd love him and standby him. Be great again Paul. Man Utd squad help him 🙏

    Joseph TurtonJoseph Turton29 dager siden
  • He is very happy at man utd

    Lucas MitchelLucas Mitchel29 dager siden
    • What does your comment even mean?

      2 Stroke smoke 782 Stroke smoke 7829 dager siden
  • Is the anchor tryina be sarky there at the end? Acting like Pogba doesn't know that u have to win the semi to reach the final of the competition and then win it.. SMH... 😌

    kingrapidkingrapid29 dager siden
  • Pogba needs to sack Raola

    Joseph ClarkeJoseph Clarke29 dager siden
  • They wanted to bait him out w that Rashford question. The Sun already had the headline prepared 😂

    soiung toiuesoiung toiueMåned siden
  • We need one centre back like Vidic or Rio. Hope Cavani stays for one more season.

    Proud IndianProud IndianMåned siden
  • Pokba is the best player in the world there is no doubt

    Pemba LopchanPemba LopchanMåned siden
  • Pogba the flop

    Pat. CPat. CMåned siden
  • This man is a Legend..we gotta respect that

    KazimKazimMåned siden
  • i love to see him happy at least!

    kuzichika okadakuzichika okadaMåned siden
  • drama

    Aaron TAaron TMåned siden
  • He wasn’t happy with mourinho, now it’s this, is it everyone else or is it him🤔

    Marz&KashMarz&KashMåned siden
  • First interview I've seen with the player being taller than the advertisement board

    JustinmondialJustinmondialMåned siden
  • How can I like this video a million times plus and so on 🤔🔥🔥🔥

    PrettyboyrobPrettyboyrobMåned siden
  • I swear Paul has grown so much

    Jacobs jacobJacobs jacobMåned siden
  • Got too much to say for himself at the minute

    Adam ButterworthAdam ButterworthMåned siden
  • Pogba❤

    Ashiik RasheedAshiik RasheedMåned siden
  • I am really sorry, Pogba should mature a bit, talking bad about Jose... Not class.

    Gallo ShankerGallo ShankerMåned siden

    IA OtohikilisosIA OtohikilisosMåned siden
  • He’s a really nice guy. I wish he would stay at United.Pogba on top of his game makes all the difference in the world.

    josh Bjosh BMåned siden
  • Why is everyone pretending like Paul pogba has no power over his agent? 😂😂. His agent literally works for him, he is his agent's client. He is hired help. He acts on pogba's desires, y'all need to stop giving homie a pass. I don't blame him either, the agent gets him the contract he wants 🤷🏾‍♂️.

    Reabetsoe MotjolopaneReabetsoe MotjolopaneMåned siden
  • I rate pogba when the interviewer asked about marcus rashford in that position he staight away said no i rate that

    Riddy ahmedRiddy ahmedMåned siden
  • Wtf is that hairstyle 😂😂😂😂😂 it looks so weird

    Friendly HomieFriendly HomieMåned siden
  • Spectacular footballer and overall genuine nice guy. Agent really screwing up his image.

    Jack ReaperJack ReaperMåned siden
  • As an arsenal fan it’s hard not to like pogba he’s a great character

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMåned siden
  • Leaves United for the first time with a full on Manc accent. Comes back to MCR and does loads of interviews on MUTV with a Manc accent and then this nonsense started 18 months ago 🤷‍♂️

    JimiJimiMåned siden
  • Out of the club

    Murphy moeMurphy moeMåned siden
    • Plastic fan lol

      rams 1709rams 1709Måned siden
  • I love Pogba

    Ashish SachdevaAshish SachdevaMåned siden
  • He sounds like Ronaldo🤔

    Joseph EgweleJoseph EgweleMåned siden
  • I see him as a good guy, not highly ambitious, and not bad for group. He feels okay if something is not going well. But everybody expects a lot more from him. So it became not his problem, but problem of expectators

    ilias milias mMåned siden
  • bullshit title

    NolaiNolaiMåned siden
  • Manu should move on from pogba era..

    Jobless DoctorJobless DoctorMåned siden
  • Stay at MUFC Paul.

    Alan MeasuresAlan MeasuresMåned siden
  • Your a waste of money

    Adam MurrayAdam MurrayMåned siden
  • Really humble and genuine person Elhamdulilah!

    Jino VJino VMåned siden
  • Time is running short buddy. We will take u this summer at Madrid if your agent can force it but we wont wait another year or two...30 year old Pogba will never come to our club or ill stop supporting the royal whites.

    ali nasirali nasirMåned siden
  • He’s a big pair of knickers

    Tom HTom HMåned siden
  • He is ok for an idiot i suppose! Money?Yes!Brains?No!

    Christopher FisherChristopher FisherMåned siden
  • Just want him to stay man😔

    ZaMeloZaMeloMåned siden
  • He’s matured a lot recently, and I believe he gets a lot of hate he doesn’t deserve because of his agent, a top class baller and he’s playing well at the moment I hope the best for him

    I henry II henry IMåned siden
  • Just leave for madrid. I dont understand why he still sticking around there.

    DA7TEGDA7TEGMåned siden
    • Pogba's agent is the main reason why he get's so much criticism. He seems to be a very disruptive influence on him at times.

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu27 dager siden
  • A money grabber who was/ is over hyped n maybe has one good game a season. Him n his agent have been laughing n will be laughing to the bank

    Fèlix LéonFèlix LéonMåned siden
  • Dramada effect

    Doni DanielloDoni DanielloMåned siden
  • Very Misleading Title. Where has he said that??🙄🙄

    Roxana . Beb, Follow my LinkRoxana . Beb, Follow my LinkMåned siden
  • The way Ozil and Pogba have been treated in the premier league is annoying

    ItzAJDItzAJDMåned siden
  • When he is in form he is unstoppable. He can still do wonders , just hope he stays consistent

    Raghav SharmaRaghav SharmaMåned siden
  • I was surprised he did not blow his tops. Dude is getting calmer now.

    Mark RentonMark RentonMåned siden
  • He chooses his agent, so therefore he condones what he says. I’m not surprised as he’s only interested in playing around for social media and his attitude away from the camera stinks.

    Daniel BryansDaniel BryansMåned siden
  • Since his agent make a tour to sell Haaland, dortmund are so furious..now Haaland failed to score in some matches while greedy mino just care about his 20mill

    Robbie BandasaRobbie BandasaMåned siden
  • He miss the semifinal? 1st leg

    Ettore ColamarcoEttore ColamarcoMåned siden
  • Too lazy and way over rated.

    DocDocMåned siden
  • Go to juve. Paul. Italian football needs u

    Luv my mumLuv my mumMåned siden
  • "why didn't pogba score 30 goals in the game?" "He doesn't wanna play for man u if he did he'd score 30 goals a game" greame souness and his critics 🤣🤣

    MrThedudejamieMrThedudejamieMåned siden
  • This guy has been a flop. Joining united killed his career. There's no denying he had the skill to go to the next level, but he never came close. Not half the player he was at juve.

    Andy CAndy CMåned siden
  • Go join Lingard at West Ham mate!

    Shorty BoyShorty BoyMåned siden
  • A fraud.... And in Fergusons words.. A big time Charlie...

    james kellyjames kellyMåned siden
  • What an absolutely misleading headline, the most toxicity in sport and in life is invented by the media for a story. How sad

    DreTheChronicDreTheChronicMåned siden
  • He should have been made captain before maguire in my opinion he would have matured a lot quicker but oh well.

  • Sad he always gets the hate when he never puts a foot wrong on the field .

    RideQuebecRideQuebecMåned siden
    • 😂

      DocDocMåned siden
    • Well thats not entirely true. He had made some stupid mistakes this season and last season that cost us points. But then again he has been the player that has won us points and big games.

      J MJ MMåned siden
  • Overrated player

    Master YodaMaster YodaMåned siden
  • Trash

    kshitij tiwarikshitij tiwariMåned siden
  • I never knew, one had to win semifinals to win a title. Something new I learnt today from.the interviewer

    Rajat GuptaRajat GuptaMåned siden
  • Player happy makes agent unhappy as he wants the 10% cut from transfer fee...Hopefully Manutd can extend contract without too much wage increase as its already massive

    Rajat GuptaRajat GuptaMåned siden
  • Pogba the greatest footballing talent in the world. Forget Haaland and Mbappe, this guy at his best is much better.

    Birk JohnsenBirk JohnsenMåned siden
    • I am not even a United supporter

      Birk JohnsenBirk JohnsenMåned siden
    • 🤦🏻‍♂️

      Jack LeeJack LeeMåned siden
    • 🤣

      DocDocMåned siden
  • educated, pleasant guy - Mancs don't deserve such a gentleman

    Erin QuinnErin QuinnMåned siden
    • ....just a more consistent player with a better work rate.

      DocDocMåned siden
  • Can someone help me out is he out for the semis first leg

    Shane DlimaShane DlimaMåned siden
  • I would love Pogba and Cavani to stay at Manchester United. With those two players in the team I become a 63 year old, an excited 63 year old fan. Reminds me of the Ferguson years. United made a mistake allowing Ibrahimovic to leave. We can't let our best players go.

    Riedwan KhanRiedwan KhanMåned siden
  • Bruno CAM,Pogba LM Rashford RM Cavani ST😋😋

    Duncan HarrisDuncan HarrisMåned siden
  • greedy. & toxic. just like his agent.

    Mark LawrenceMark LawrenceMåned siden
  • Now Pogba is much more mature then before, with all the financial crisis involving big clubs I guess he knows that only ManU can pay his full salary for the time being

    Mohamad NizamMohamad NizamMåned siden
  • Raiola is a great agent, he gets his players so much income and I wish he was my agent

    Dozzio CalseeoDozzio CalseeoMåned siden
  • Don't get why he's mad, the boys value his ability and we need him in the semis and the final so why would we not tak him off Iin a quarter that were winning 3-0? I want Pogba do stay btw

    Joshua O'ConnorJoshua O'ConnorMåned siden
  • He’s too good for United and would be far better at a more successful club like Arsenal with a better coach like Arteta.

    Tom RTom RMåned siden
    • 🤣

      DocDocMåned siden
    • I hope ur joking

      sxints_sxints_Måned siden
  • Lovely bloke, and he's obviously far happier and playing better than he was a few months ago. That yellow card was bizarre. The other player tried to take him out, Pogba refused to go down, the other guy went down clutching his face. If Pogba had gone down when he was fouled, the other guy may have got the yellow card. Appalling decision by the ref. I don't know what can be done about all the play acting and "winning" fouls that goes on, but it is ruining the game.

    MikefuleMikefuleMåned siden
  • PP9

    Rory EngelbrechtRory EngelbrechtMåned siden
  • I so much love this guy

    Adoramus UgonnaAdoramus UgonnaMåned siden
  • the team is getting cohesive.. great job Ole

    Andre YohanesAndre YohanesMåned siden
  • Don’t flatter yourself, ur an average player.

    Scottish 123Scottish 123Måned siden
  • Love a bit of pogs

    PureisPureisMåned siden