I really miss you... Chill vibes

17. okt.. 2020
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I really miss you... Chill vibes
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Hi guys, every day I update the channel with lyric videos of the newest pop, chill tracks, indie pop, pop soul, pop r&b and chill vibes playlist / best chill out music mix/ sad - beautiful love songs for my subscribers.
♪♪ So, chill with some lovely songs and tell me about your feelings in the comments.
Thank you so much for your support ^^

  • Listen to this: bit.ly/Harry_Hudson_Closing_Doors_Official

    Love Life LyricsLove Life LyricsMåned siden
    • @Jerome Emery checking it out now. Looks to be working :)

      Westley NicolasWestley Nicolas15 timer siden
    • Dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for insta portal password hack xD

      Jerome EmeryJerome Emery15 timer siden
    • My grandpa passed away And I miss him so much

      Kayden HodgesKayden HodgesDag siden
    • ,😚🤗d,😗🤠

      Yawar bhatYawar bhat10 dager siden
    • @mia Griffin q11

      Gokul SoniGokul Soni10 dager siden
  • Titles?

    Leslie Joy SorianoLeslie Joy Soriano3 timer siden
  • me encantaa esta canción

    Jannisestefany Arteaga chavezJannisestefany Arteaga chavez9 timer siden
  • ❤️😭

    Bethany Sanchez RodriguezBethany Sanchez Rodriguez11 timer siden
  • Just had conversation making plans for lunch phone rang not answer sigh myself later through facebook he is no more.what a short life😔 love when you can Missing bff

  • cool

    Brandy PBrandy P15 timer siden
  • ☻♥♥♥

    ghaidaa yaserghaidaa yaser19 timer siden
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    MN ZENMN ZEN19 timer siden
  • i LOVE

    ศิริลักษณ์ ศิริเวชศิริลักษณ์ ศิริเวช23 timer siden
  • All song heart o laga 😭mon bala nay all time huni 😓Tnx u so much 😞🥀

    Greatest Love SongsGreatest Love SongsDag siden
  • *I'm so sorry but the last song ruined this playlist.*

    chonkschonksDag siden

    Bee SengmanyBee SengmanyDag siden

    pearlpearlDag siden
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    lela34_ shlela34_ shDag siden
  • i miss my mom and dad who left me and my three sister for drugs

    Shealynn ShortShealynn ShortDag siden
  • i Love this so muth do mrone

    Addison YaburAddison YaburDag siden
  • Who's the artist?

    Ashley CadetAshley CadetDag siden

    Sa'Ryh J'Mya AllenSa'Ryh J'Mya AllenDag siden
  • "Ashie.." He whispered. Ashie looked at the dark brown haired boy. "Just..Shut up, Trevor." Her hands were sweating as she looked at him. "Ashie I'm so sorry, after everything, I really am." "I hate you." Ashie growled. "I miss the old you, the you where we hung out with each other, where we kissed and relaxed.." All the words were spilling out now. "Every time I see you I hurt. I love you more then I should. But I can't." Trevor stared at Ashie, bringing his arms to hold her. "Don't touch me!" She gasped. "You can go have Casey, I know you never gave a damn about me." Turning around, Ashie began to walk away knowing that all the pain would come crashing down on her. "Ashie wait!" She heard his words for her being called behind her. She began to run, running as fast as she could, slipping under the fence into the forest. The girl ran to the river that ran though the forest. Jumping over it, she landed next to a tree. The ginger haired girl pressed her hand against a heart carved into it with the words, TxA forever. Rage burned in the pits of her stomach, pulling out her knife, she stabbed the heart, ripping the knife down, creating a broken heart and a line between T and A. *(If this gets 100 likes I'll make a part 2

    Ashie !Ashie !Dag siden
    • @Aliya Bobo Thanks!

      Ashie !Ashie !17 timer siden
    • @Aliya Bobo yeah

      gacha puddinggacha pudding17 timer siden
    • This is amazing!

      Aliya BoboAliya BoboDag siden
  • why do people dislike this

    Liam BallLiam BallDag siden
  • Names of all the songs by timestamp?

    daddy&MEdaddy&MEDag siden
  • #ilovethisong

    rachel starkeyrachel starkeyDag siden
  • #weilovethisong

    rachel starkeyrachel starkeyDag siden
  • Beautiful sound, ton, voice ... but .. names , words... SIN..can kill .. D is dangerous in names , in hair ( blond with blond hair is aseme , many aseme , more happy, with face , collors în hair , names , many in comun , can change bouth a few in FB, attention; are important's all date în identitate card , father , mather, city , Cowntry , jobs , how present în FB ) , in names jobs , car's..can make you DRINK , SIN , better without D .. without speack clearly happening bad thinks... More good make good wishes...pray ...in every day .. have Peace/Calm , Sante, Luck (in Love , in what propose ..) Beautiful Live altime from you ,from all, evè 😎🍀🌎🍀💕🌈😇

    Lyana BLyana BDag siden
    • 😥🍀😏🎉☺😉😎🍀🌎🍀😇🎉⚘🌷🌺💕❤

      Lyana BLyana BDag siden
  • God, I love this song! Lyrics and music blend so perfectly.

    Marlene BecknellMarlene BecknellDag siden
  • Soo Before You Go

    cj gangnamcj gangnamDag siden
  • Song 8:40 ?

    Nathalie BonnerNathalie BonnerDag siden
  • These songs are amazing ✌️💕

    Gabba Gobba AlienGabba Gobba AlienDag siden
  • You enjoying the music then the ads suddenly appear🤦‍♀️

    Jella HidocosJella HidocosDag siden
  • When im angry i always listening to music

    Jullian Keizer ClarinJullian Keizer Clarin2 dager siden
  • Muito legal som da hora.

    Walter JoseWalter Jose2 dager siden
  • it really hurts when your best friend stops talking to you

    messiwydmessiwyd2 dager siden
    • And ignore you like you dont exist

      KrystleKrystle8 timer siden
  • I think this is a hour idk

    Hong WuHong Wu2 dager siden
  • Wow they worked.

    Bo RinBo Rin2 dager siden
  • Yang kesini krn vyn like

    Memes idMemes id2 dager siden
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    hoivan banlahoivan banla2 dager siden
  • Mas bisa gk sblm kelampung kita ketemu dulu..

    Daily piepie 만세Daily piepie 만세2 dager siden
  • Amazing

    ARMY BTSARMY BTS2 dager siden
  • i miss you the moon

    HARI AWANHARI AWAN2 dager siden
  • This brings back memories for me.... It's good and bad. I can sit down and cry for 20 minutes just listening to this... This is the perfect in the feels playlist

    Destiny's GamingDestiny's Gaming2 dager siden
  • it's not the real name to the song it's before you go

    Viki AldridgeViki Aldridge3 dager siden
  • It hurts when You should choose between stay or leave. Stay but it really hurt , leave but u have so much memories .-.

    Audrey ThendralieAudrey Thendralie3 dager siden
  • jung kooks voice iis good in my ear

    John Mark NasolJohn Mark Nasol3 dager siden
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    Janine CookJanine Cook3 dager siden
  • נשמה יקרה

    Mikhael BinyaminMikhael Binyamin3 dager siden
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    Jon WagnerJon Wagner3 dager siden
  • everytime im playing this. I see my parents and they seems to enjoy every song that played and i feel happy because they remember every memories they had in past. And thanks for this because my parents are so happy to hear this 🎶🎶

    Best Music AcousticBest Music Acoustic3 dager siden
  • GO TO GOD AND JESUS AND FOREVER Forever God and Jesus

    Liko ArreolaLiko Arreola3 dager siden
  • Once a smart man said:"when you're happy you enjoy the melody, when you're sad you understand the lyrics"

    Christian CastellanosChristian Castellanos3 dager siden
    • I am the sad

      jimPix435jimPix4358 timer siden
    • i would like youre comment but i like the number so much

      fisch hi hi Fischstäbchen _LP's Fanfisch hi hi Fischstäbchen _LP's FanDag siden
    • True hehehe like me

      golden girl99golden girl992 dager siden
    • This is true actually

      Richard MillerRichard Miller2 dager siden
    • I used to listen to the words but im finally enjoying the melody ❤️

      Alisha LAlisha L2 dager siden
  • yes , but just 1G OM

    Hocine NordineHocine Nordine3 dager siden
  • thfopyttgcct. ytot tth r

    Fauzi AhmadFauzi Ahmad3 dager siden
  • 💔💔

    Kitsune playKitsune play3 dager siden
  • none nows how u feel only music does

    Besma HebloelBesma Hebloel3 dager siden
  • i listen to this in class every day

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    Andrea VictorsAndrea Victors3 dager siden
  • the person that made the best memory to you she/he became a memory -Yashiro

    Bluxbrry ChanBluxbrry Chan3 dager siden
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    MN ZENMN ZEN4 dager siden
  • this reminds me of my mother she is mentally ill and it happened when i was born-

    Duckie Club :3Duckie Club :34 dager siden
  • How to tell him that I missed him. 😢 #friendzone.

    Ina MarlinaIna Marlina4 dager siden
    • Be Brave,just forget him,find another boy who really love you.I trust you can!

      Gordon_Aviation_ LifeGordon_Aviation_ LifeDag siden
  • I broke his heart which broke mine even harder

    tumie segokgotumie segokgo4 dager siden

    malak karinarmalak karinar4 dager siden
  • I'm so sad already I cried in the car back from my dad's home i am full with tears rn

    Ellison SkylaEllison Skyla4 dager siden
  • I loved

    Pamela Tolentino T.Pamela Tolentino T.4 dager siden
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    Mareks CalitisMareks Calitis4 dager siden
  • This song makes me feel like i lost something bc i did

    Madison BurdickMadison Burdick4 dager siden
  • I really miss someone..but i need to stand up again with my own..🥺Im getting old..but i didnt lost hope to meet someone again to love me 99.9%

    • Cowerd. You just not give up

      KrystleKrystle8 timer siden
  • ❤️

    Vincent VolkVincent Volk4 dager siden
  • which software is this video made by?

    MORTEX MMORTEX M4 dager siden

    Artea CuevasArtea Cuevas4 dager siden
  • Love??

    JR內馬爾的粉絲JR內馬爾的粉絲4 dager siden
  • Hey guys, how you doing? I hope you're well. Anyways, always remember to take care of yourself!

    music connectedmusic connected4 dager siden
  • Lewis Capaldi - Forever. Noted.

    Hello FanHello Fan4 dager siden
  • "Nobody said that it would last forever" Damn that hit hard💔

    Listen To Music FeelListen To Music Feel5 dager siden
  • everything changes

    Joli MallariJoli Mallari5 dager siden
  • the song that for Ari is really bad

    Ghadir AliGhadir Ali5 dager siden
  • this playlist reminds me of all hurt,punch,slap,and trowing stuff from my mom hands

    Gavrila PanjaitanGavrila Panjaitan5 dager siden
    • It's ok at least not death(,:

      shadow boishadow boi4 dager siden
  • i love this song!!

    Bradley SwallowBradley Swallow5 dager siden
  • I miss my besties! 🥺 Diden’t seen them in 6 months, because of the lockdown. 😭💔

    Rea ReiszRea Reisz5 dager siden
    • I don't even have beasties I have betrayers and I haven't have friend for 1 year now I'm nine ),:

      shadow boishadow boi4 dager siden
    • at least you still have besties, my besties and crush betrayed me ! yikes!!

      RimelaRimela5 dager siden
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    Sophie SchubertSophie Schubert5 dager siden
  • We're not gonna talk about that last song?😬

    Kianna SkinnerKianna Skinner5 dager siden
  • perguntei???????

    lucineide oliveiralucineide oliveira5 dager siden
  • And people hate nickelback

    Gabriel FloresGabriel Flores5 dager siden
  • idk, just feel sad.

    Nury RahmawatiNury Rahmawati5 dager siden
  • it's nice to be able to sleep

    Harry FlorHarry Flor5 dager siden
  • i really miss my best friend but she dont like me

    Mungun BattserenMungun Battseren6 dager siden
  • When your the one that let go: ....

    ItzgamerCandyItzgamerCandy6 dager siden
  • we live in on a floating rock

    chrollonicls // almchrollonicls // alm6 dager siden
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    Danny MerinDanny Merin6 dager siden
  • Jaja :")

    Allison RecaldeAllison Recalde6 dager siden
  • i love this song so much

    Khang Nguyen MrKhang Nguyen Mr6 dager siden
  • i miss the times he always tease me,play with me ,annoy me and gimmi all his attention ......everytime he always tell me he love me ...he wants to marry me and we would plan our baby's names ....i loved him and still love him..but i was stuck between his words and ways...he said i was the only one he lied we were 7............

    mabrieemabriee6 dager siden
  • i miss my family who died while saving me being killed

    Hien PhamHien Pham6 dager siden
    • How are you living bro of your still alive just pray for forgivness

      shadow boishadow boi4 dager siden
  • I miss him so much he never shows that he cares about me but I pretend it's not happening and I still love him.....

    *-*Sister_Boba*-* *_**-*Sister_Boba*-* *_*7 dager siden
    • Geovana MirelaGeovana Mirela7 dager siden
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    Jaycee FloresJaycee Flores7 dager siden
  • 🥺🥺💔💔

    Uu BUu B7 dager siden
  • :( my bff too😭😭😭😭😭

    Uu BUu B7 dager siden
  • Loved songs I listen to them all the time they are SOOO GOOD!

    Whitney & Grant GardnerWhitney & Grant Gardner7 dager siden
  • anazda

    prabachasaprabachasa7 dager siden
  • these ads just keep ruining my mood after each song , how annoying !

    Kimy JuneKimy June7 dager siden
  • Its been 7 years and i still remember her with blond hair we would switch rules i moved away in tears she would get hurt at class she was my first friend ever how could i not miss her one day i will find her and i will be happy but for now i think positive till the day comes...

    Siham BelhajSiham Belhaj7 dager siden