I Pushed The Ripsaw Tank To The Edge Of It’s Limits!

6. april. 2021
616 502 Ganger

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  • Nice Tim and Eric clip!!

    Nick DrexlerNick Drexler24 minutter siden
  • Y’all are crazy and cool at the same time! lol 😂 I love your videos guys!

    Kirk RogersKirk Rogers38 minutter siden
  • Please please please fix your audio popping sound issue!!!

    Joseph WolffJoseph Wolff46 minutter siden
  • I want one but I can't afford it

    Joey GermainJoey Germain2 timer siden
  • Ripsaw

    Adam BoldraAdam Boldra2 timer siden
  • So cool. A tank that throws roost!!

    Dave BuffaloDave Buffalo4 timer siden
  • Why did I just find this channel? I wish I would’ve found it a long time ago.

    Kody MillerKody Miller4 timer siden
  • Made in mAine? Am I right?

    Rod FrostRod Frost5 timer siden
  • You should get one custom built for the cabin trips

    Rolling With RuckusRolling With Ruckus6 timer siden
  • That thing is sick

    Rolling With RuckusRolling With Ruckus6 timer siden
  • You guys are hard workers... I damn sure hope you grabbed the steam Jenny and cleaned them back up for him

    francine ganmorfrancine ganmor8 timer siden
  • Damn dude... I got that in GTA :P

    Senna De hondSenna De hond9 timer siden
  • ever since I saw the ripsaw on howe & howe tech (noworld.infofeatured) being built ive wanted one so bad, you are one lucky duck. You gotta check out the riptide, its an amphibious version of the ripsaw.

    Dan LuckinsDan Luckins9 timer siden
  • Well that's good though because you shouldn't spin 360s on track machines. Just rips the tracks up.

    Roger WebbRoger Webb9 timer siden
  • Yellow H1, my choice.

    Savage spartan3Savage spartan310 timer siden
  • It was nice of them to double the price of the ripsaw after it became popular, seems like a respectable company...

    Savage spartan3Savage spartan310 timer siden
  • Let's see protesters lie down in front of this thing coming

    pilot guypilot guy10 timer siden
  • Now I will never be financially stable.

    Austin DanielAustin Daniel11 timer siden
  • Id take the Hummer 6x6

    Edward SmithEdward Smith15 timer siden
  • that hayeu moto kah bro, lam pap ma keuh

    SY CSY C16 timer siden
  • Emissions aren't the ripsaws best quality ! That's one smokey beast

    Tony CarterTony Carter16 timer siden
  • South Africa?? Hahahaha... Dude.. You need to travel more.. Haha... Only the Chinese have their cars armoured and the cash transit vans are armoured... The rest of us drive shit buckets a bb gun could shoot through the rust panels.. Hahaha

    Baaardman BTBaaardman BT16 timer siden
  • Ride this vehicle to pick up my date... It would be awesome!

    Anak KostanAnak Kostan17 timer siden
  • WOOOOOOOOOW THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOW !!!!!!!!!

    Mito FunMito Fun19 timer siden
  • this would be a dream. this is on my list of sh*t to do in life

    bog fosbog fos20 timer siden
  • You have cool friends

    Gauge GatorGauge Gator21 time siden
  • Can I get this in a 6.7 Cummins trim. Not a fan of powercroak or duracraps. However I would prefer the Duramax over the Powerstroke if I had to choose.

    Thomas StricklandThomas Strickland23 timer siden
  • Ripsaw

    Kyle BrandliKyle Brandli23 timer siden
  • I'm thinking I'd have to have the "RIPSAW"!!!! HECK YEAH, then head over to a few people who suck get on their front lawn and GETTER DONE!!!!

    Jay Byrd 1Jay Byrd 123 timer siden
  • I see you have found the halls of freedom and bald eagles

    Justin HillierJustin Hillier23 timer siden
  • That things fkn wicked man

    iHazPwnPhoneiHazPwnPhoneDag siden
  • it sounds like a mini leopard 2 mbt

    HeyWutSupHeyWutSupDag siden
  • ²⁴Now to Him who has the power to keep you from stumbling, and to stand you in the presence of his glory blameless and exulting, ²⁵to the only God our savior through Jesus Christ our Lord, to him be glory, majesty, dominion and power, in all ages before, and now, and into all the ages to come. Amen.

    1000 Years1000 YearsDag siden
  • I want to ride in it

    Brendan ButlerBrendan ButlerDag siden
  • Ripsaw WOW

    kenneth hookkenneth hookDag siden
  • Good job

    Special one GAMINGSpecial one GAMINGDag siden
  • That dudes garage is what ever kids imaginary garage looked like when we were lining up are hot wheels in the dirt

    Aaron McconnellAaron McconnellDag siden
  • Ripsaw all day

    Aaron McconnellAaron McconnellDag siden
  • Police Corvette: Run, we dare you. Ripsaw: lolol, k

    Kyle G-RoverKyle G-RoverDag siden
  • If he would've said the word "magical" one more time, I would've had to assume that the ripsaw was a mythical beast

    Kyle G-RoverKyle G-RoverDag siden
  • You're options for which one you can have are A. Limo H1 B. 6x6 H1 C. THE WHOLE GARAGE

    Hayden BurtonHayden BurtonDag siden
  • That yellow Hummer is awesome, where can I learn more about it? A Hummer with suspension travel and flex is a dream I long to see...

    WoOsKii 1WoOsKii 1Dag siden
  • I don't need you or anyone else to convince me that I need a Ripsaw. I mean Come On Man, everyone needs one. They are SKOOKUM AF You can also get one with a gas engine from Sonny's. A 727 ci Hemi producing 1550hp. Sonny's produces some really dependable stout engines. You can also get one with a crate HELLCAT engine. I feel that diesel is the way to go as long as it doesn't need to be compliant. Screw the DEF

    Brin KeeBrin KeeDag siden
  • Drug cartel Chase vehicle

    Floyd LarkenFloyd LarkenDag siden
  • Ripsaw

    Samantha CraigSamantha CraigDag siden
  • The great state of Maine baby! These tanks ripp!!

    Gardner521Gardner521Dag siden
  • Mother nature just shit her pants

    Dennis FDennis FDag siden
  • I wonder IF you add rearview mirrors. side mirrors , headlights and blinker.. license plates it would be legal for street use? That would be awesome weekend vehicle. 😎

    Arthur TorricerArthur TorricerDag siden
  • you know what id choose...id choose you dieseldave

    SepticSepticDag siden
  • Does the rip saw have cup holders

    Richard FalterRichard FalterDag siden
  • I'll get the h1

    Alfonso CaballeroAlfonso CaballeroDag siden
  • Jesus Christ. Skip to 11:20 if you only clicked on this video for the Ripsaw... a vehicle most of us have known about and loved for over 10 years... as a vet who spent plenty of time trapsing around the desert in HMMWV's... fuck those things.

    Sloppy SecondsSloppy Seconds2 dager siden
  • you guys are crazy

    wirenut003wirenut0032 dager siden
  • 19:50 Neutral Turn. You’re welcome 😉👍🏼

    Brown WarriorBrown Warrior2 dager siden
  • the more LEDs you put on something the cooler it is.

    virtualize everythingvirtualize everything2 dager siden
  • Damn. That looks so fun

    Lou FioriLou Fiori2 dager siden
  • THE RIPSAW!!!!!!!

    Bobby HernandezBobby Hernandez2 dager siden
  • I wish I would win the giveaway cuz I wanna start racing

    Dominic DeVitaDominic DeVita2 dager siden
  • That unit means business! Love the sound of that dmax.

    Nathan SpalinkNathan Spalink2 dager siden
  • Lol south Africa is not so bad you guys sould come visit us here

    Charl VanzylCharl Vanzyl2 dager siden
  • Now Imagine one with a twin 50cal turret.. or a recreated ERCO ball turret from a PB4Y..

    R AndersonR Anderson2 dager siden
  • When are you guy’s buying a Ripsaw?

    AtlasAtlas2 dager siden
  • Sparks asking Justin if it can go sideways: “Hey Justin can it go sidewa- YES”

    Barkley3 BusterBarkley3 Buster2 dager siden
  • I would take the anylevel I guess it’s the only thing I can drive in Germany

    meerchimear 22meerchimear 222 dager siden
  • Sick ride! You boys need some sunscreen!

    Joshua McCartneyJoshua McCartney2 dager siden
  • wish i had a buddy like justin 100 sweet video

    Alvere ParkerAlvere Parker2 dager siden
  • Thanks Heavy D, now I want one!

    Brian ShelleyBrian Shelley2 dager siden
  • the H1. I live in sout-Afrika

    Scois JoubertScois Joubert2 dager siden
  • Hi man Im from south africa and i must say we use them fpr everthing even taking the kids to school

    Juan-Dre SchultzJuan-Dre Schultz2 dager siden
  • Once you break it I'll take it.

    Providence Tidal ReefProvidence Tidal Reef2 dager siden
  • Fury Road used one for the bullet farmers rig, said out of the box they're a p.o.s.

    Tyson KonkenTyson Konken2 dager siden
  • That thing is a beast. You should have a give away for one of those. 😂 JK. Keep it up brother.

    Clifford JohnsonClifford Johnson2 dager siden
  • Dude are you feeling ok, your so outta breath

    willow Eleywillow Eley2 dager siden
  • Hi Napa, I need wipers for my 2021 ripsaw. Napa: what engine is in it?

    cpt awesomecpt awesome2 dager siden
  • Anyone else wondering what’s with the hair 😂

    Kyle RadkeKyle Radke2 dager siden
  • Thats awesome. Might have to save up my pennies.

    nathan hughesnathan hughes2 dager siden
  • I would luv to build and drive one of those!!!

    Michael KlineMichael Kline2 dager siden
  • Someday I wish I could just drive something like this for an hour is so bad ass

    elphamezelphamez2 dager siden
  • Heady d how do u not have one of these bro this is the only toy missing in your garage

    elphamezelphamez2 dager siden
  • I would love to own a ripsaw. Maybe when all my kids are grown and moved out I'll get one

    Agent RedboneAgent Redbone2 dager siden
  • Heady D was wet with this garage haha 😂 I would be 2 bad ass wips that rip saw tank man never seen one in my life not even in video till today that bad ass

    elphamezelphamez2 dager siden
  • the yellow pick up

    Brad MillsBrad Mills2 dager siden
  • The 6x6 hummer 🔥🔥🔥

    Jesus HernándezJesus Hernández2 dager siden
  • defdf the lambo or rippsaw

    MarioMario3 dager siden
  • This thing is insane. The ripsaw is such an awesome vehicle.

    Jon gJon g3 dager siden
  • Hammond drove a Ripsaw in The Grand Tour, love it.

    Andrew WhiteAndrew White3 dager siden
  • I WANT ONE!!!!!

    Kevin BuxtonKevin Buxton3 dager siden
  • Haters will be haters. Awesome video.

    SuperKnockaroundguySuperKnockaroundguy3 dager siden
  • All you did was talk show us some cool atuff

    Krystian GudajtesKrystian Gudajtes3 dager siden
  • WD could kill it. 😂

    Glenn LavalleGlenn Lavalle3 dager siden
  • I can appreciate the buzz from tracks as i did 40mph in my dads old near on retired D4 over lumpy sand.

    Peter Alan ClarkPeter Alan Clark3 dager siden
  • Pushed it to the limit!!! Drove it for maybe 3-1/2 seconds. Lame.

    jason beaugrandjason beaugrand3 dager siden
  • That is badass

    Jeffrey MountcastleJeffrey Mountcastle3 dager siden
  • I'd rather own any one of those hummers, if I couldn't sell it for cash, as I can drive a hummer across country then also up hills or mud, this cannot drive on roads, sure I bet it's awesome, for millionaires only..........like 4 million dollar buggatti are awesome for the few that can afford it.

    shane phelanshane phelan3 dager siden
  • All of them

    Will OlsonWill Olson3 dager siden
  • wait i saw taillights are these street legal?

    Noedale FlowersNoedale Flowers3 dager siden
  • This is for when people say "Guns are for hunting cus WhAt ArE YuO GoNnA Do AgAinSt tAnks" Me: I'll get a tank then?

    NiteShadeNiteShade3 dager siden
  • aw man why couldnt he be the vlogger and not you ==((((

    Paul CarrPaul Carr3 dager siden
  • Naaaa dude I’m frim south africa we only drive in armoured vehicles because of all the lions and rhinos walking around in the streets

    DJ ZwOttoDJ ZwOtto3 dager siden
  • That thing is bad @ss! I'd love to rip it around!

    Jeff HaleJeff Hale3 dager siden