I Present: "Kwack Kwack. The Duck."

22. april. 2021
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  • I've just now realized that this nightmare duck is a part of a product series called "Electric Friends". So there is not only a cursed duck, but a cursed cat and a cursed panda!

    DigitalAlphaDigitalAlpha7 timer siden
  • *Peta wants to know your location.*

    HerobrineXPcHerobrineXPc9 timer siden
  • Please unpresent Kwack Kwack

    JacobJacob12 timer siden
  • That Scream at the beginning 😭😂

    ikoiko16 timer siden
  • the people designing this: ''hey joe what do you want your ipod speaker thing to look like.'' "maybe its a duck and the ipod plugs in its back and it leans up against its head." "hmmm good idea, HEY JARED WHAT DO YOU THINK!" "lets make that backwards" "jared are you high?" "what no no n-" (passes out)

    our remoteour remote17 timer siden
  • It always looks at you. Who approved of this product

    Jakelicous2121Jakelicous212122 timer siden
  • Look it's a duck

    Rudy GRudy G23 timer siden
  • 4:28 is that the first time we hear dank...swear?? also he sounds like when someone walked in the bathroom lmao

    Lu LuongLu LuongDag siden
  • its so funny

    ali alibanaali alibanaDag siden
  • Those eyes follow you

    great ballgreat ballDag siden
  • Omg that’s hilarious you can properly see the heads caved in when the lights off

    Gamer DownUnderGamer DownUnderDag siden
  • Even Satan himself fears Kwack Kwack.

    jaylen cobbsjaylen cobbsDag siden
  • Shudda played the duck song 😂

    DarraghDarraghDag siden
  • 4:36 What the duck are double A’s

    Corey CCorey CDag siden
  • Whatever happened to the chord mojo?

    Banana TonightBanana TonightDag siden
  • “Look, it’s a duck” Duck: *car HONK*

    Detective carnageDetective carnage2 dager siden
  • The duck is always watching

    CL.CommandCL.Command2 dager siden
  • It’s so horrible I want it but I know it won’t have Bluetooth and my phone no longer has the hole to connect it

    Duck with a hatDuck with a hat2 dager siden
  • Sorry that Frank smells bad.

    Brooks AldermanBrooks Alderman2 dager siden
  • Duck eye no moe

  • wth

  • Not the Cashies Plates and mug

    DGrizz NatureDGrizz Nature2 dager siden
  • 7:53 cavemen finding out you can eat ducks

    Terra GamezTerra Gamez2 dager siden
  • 3:19 imagine how we feel...

    LazerPlays NetworkLazerPlays Network2 dager siden
  • 1:00 I accept your apology! - A fellow procrastinator

  • Ipod duck

    Danipro19proDanipro19pro3 dager siden
  • 1:30 cat mode activated

    TyrionTyrion3 dager siden
  • I kinda like this, I low-key kinda want one

    Ellie The furryEllie The furry3 dager siden
  • L I K E A R E A L D U C K

    Something PinkSomething Pink3 dager siden
  • i'm going to have the strangest nightmares

    Emma UlyánovaEmma Ulyánova3 dager siden
  • I kinda like it...... I won't use it but I would totally get one just for lols

    NyanCat1907NyanCat19074 dager siden
  • 3:10 those aren’t scissors, those are two swords with an odd handle

    The FlamelordThe Flamelord4 dager siden
  • Fnaf new animatronic

    Adil Jaber08Adil Jaber084 dager siden
  • is that green ipad thing real

    和風盗賊和風盗賊4 dager siden
  • I honestly would love if the 1 grit montage still had commentary lol

    Zio252Zio2524 dager siden
  • The beak of the duck drawing is traced from Daffy Duck

    Zio252Zio2524 dager siden
  • The duck tried to live by turning down its volume, only to be impaled by a rock

    A Jar Of MayoA Jar Of Mayo4 dager siden
  • "...let's fact it"

    KeikoKeiko4 dager siden
  • I don't think he knows that the volume buttons are on the left and right side of the head

    Brandon MedranoBrandon Medrano4 dager siden
  • This comment will not be pinned

    ArcticPenguinArcticPenguin4 dager siden
  • 0:22 You did, you hit it with the 1. grit and thats why its empty

    Kenny McCormickKenny McCormick4 dager siden
  • "lets fact it" 1:01

    XOFOSEXOFOSE5 dager siden
  • hold switch dumbass

    Sam MinkoffSam Minkoff5 dager siden
  • nooooo, my room filling sound :'( also you gave the duck a brain deformity

    PS1 HagridPS1 Hagrid5 dager siden
  • i guess you could say its an iPod DUCK hahahahagagagfsgayafav

    Alexander QuinnAlexander Quinn6 dager siden
  • i would've put the speakers as the open mouth.

    Hydrininja DMFHydrininja DMF6 dager siden
  • 0:05 Look, it’s a duck ₕₒₙₖ

    Josephi KrakowskiJosephi Krakowski6 dager siden
  • #1grit

    Teenyping6Teenyping66 dager siden
  • You made a typo in edit you said let's fact it Yes I read the editing text I have nothing better to do also Frank does smell

    Zachary LoschZachary Losch7 dager siden
  • The virgin spongebob mp3 player vs The chad "kwack kwack the duck"

    Connor Ashcroft EntertainmentConnor Ashcroft Entertainment7 dager siden
  • I absolutely love the text at the beginning

    Coyote girlCoyote girl7 dager siden
  • Honestly though, despite being a huge waste of plastic, at least it's packaging was almost plastic free. Rare to see. Especially in that era of junk tech.

    SpamSpam7 dager siden
  • It's built okay...

    BubblyBubbly7 dager siden
  • Let's fact it, Frank smells awful

    Mia AlternativeCornMia AlternativeCorn7 dager siden
  • I didn't sleep last night and the "oh look that's where the AAH's go!" had me crying 3:53

    tired cactustired cactus8 dager siden
  • I read that long message he put in the vid

    LeVaar SanchezLeVaar Sanchez8 dager siden
  • Atleast not as terrifying as SpongeBob MP3😬

    praveena chandranpraveena chandran8 dager siden
  • Why does this remind me if Five nights at Freddy's?

    Bassel AbdulsadekBassel Abdulsadek8 dager siden
  • Frank really does smell bad, also, face*

    Why do I still existWhy do I still exist9 dager siden
  • Yo, editor here. Like what I see on @1:00 might be due to your rendering output. Try to render it as mp4 or wmv. That might fix the issue mate.

    Bumbl_loid PRODUCTIONS ch.5Bumbl_loid PRODUCTIONS ch.59 dager siden
  • No offense, but: Do you really get payed so well that instead of selling it, for whatever price, or even donating it, you just smash it? I mean overally, not just this specific duck, but the rest the stuff what could have been saved.

    gtasomogyigtasomogyi9 dager siden
  • Is that a fiat 126 maluch made in poland ?

    Andreas TheileAndreas Theile9 dager siden
  • 9:08 pause the video

  • eggs.

    Brutus B. MartinsBrutus B. Martins9 dager siden
  • poor duck. the poor guy just confused and you straight abused it i'm calling Peta

    Audi HaziqAudi Haziq10 dager siden
  • The duck looks like a creepy asset you would find in a horror game, not overtly scary, but just placed in the back round giving off unsettling vibes lol

    Steffano FumoSteffano Fumo10 dager siden
  • I'm sorry that Frank smells awful.

    Prism QuartzPrism Quartz10 dager siden
  • You have a typo dankie! “Let’s fact it I’m just procrastinating...”

    Chris Carlson - FTFDChris Carlson - FTFD10 dager siden
  • 1:01 Its fine dude dont worry about it and btw I read them

    CyberiumCyberium10 dager siden
  • nice video

    GytygobGytygob11 dager siden
  • let's fact it.

    DePuncakesDePuncakes11 dager siden
  • A+ vacuuming mate

    AlexisAlexis11 dager siden
  • I literally don't know anything about sound/headphones but your so entertaining I can't miss a single video lol love the content keep it up 👌🤙

    Browning 308xXx -Browning 308xXx -11 dager siden
  • This looks like the kinda shit you would win in a bowling alley arcade for maybe 6000 tickets.

    Phil OlderPhil Older11 dager siden
  • DuckDock

    Pauli ReinikariPauli Reinikari11 dager siden
  • *Watches a man angrily beat a duck with a rock*

    PeterMcGufPeterMcGuf11 dager siden
  • Ah yes, a MicroMate (mm)

    Kajus SlekysKajus Slekys12 dager siden
  • The poor 1# grit

    Potato TurtlePotato Turtle12 dager siden
  • i laughed at the nugget (kwack kwac thingy) for a good minute.

    Nathan GonzalezNathan Gonzalez13 dager siden
  • I wanna see him react to an i-dog lol

    KamiakiroKamiakiro13 dager siden
  • Still glad im not the only one with various states of ipod classic littering my desk.

    Couldn't mix A Pot NoodleCouldn't mix A Pot Noodle13 dager siden
  • The handle on the mug still in one piece??? Impressive

    Jared KindyJared Kindy14 dager siden

    Doug SDoug S15 dager siden
  • you should give it to quackity

    XyriaxXyriax15 dager siden
  • 9:22 How did you get Fiat 126p in Australia?

    You_are_the_bestYou_are_the_best15 dager siden
  • 4:48 That laugh was priceless.

    Jack HartJack Hart15 dager siden
  • "Room filling sound, yeah, so's a wet fart on a hard wooden table." Oh god, that's one of the best lines yet, and pretty much exactly what I imagine this horrifying thing sounding like. Thank you for putting it out of it's misery.

    Anthony ScottAnthony Scott15 dager siden
  • Sorry that frank smells awful, hope that gets better. Ps, you’re doing fine on editing :)

    danib Baillydanib Bailly15 dager siden
  • Holy shit the post-patreon bit was actually graphic

    O_L_I_P_O_PO_L_I_P_O_P15 dager siden
  • Did you just break a plate for a 2 second bit!? Mad lad!

    ムクホークムクホーク16 dager siden
  • 5:00, damn that looks really cinematic, maby use it more often to add to the "horror" and "suspention". Also I'm being stared at by this duck constantly

    AlikosAlikos16 dager siden
  • I swear no matter where he moved it as long as it was facing up it was looking at you. It eyes follow you.

    Roy BrownRoy Brown16 dager siden
  • pingas?

    InterruptRequestInterruptRequest16 dager siden
  • “Honey that man is breaking things with a rock again”

    EmeraldEmerald16 dager siden
  • 1:00 or 1:01 been there done that not editing right now.

    imark7777777imark777777716 dager siden
  • Why did you actually break your dishes 💀😭😭

    Leslie HuhLeslie Huh16 dager siden
  • How do they not lose a package after 8 months?

    justarandompersonjustarandomperson16 dager siden
  • We need to send you an adapter that’s what we need to do.

    Myles TechMyles Tech16 dager siden
  • I hate it so much, I want one

    Carlos RedingCarlos Reding16 dager siden
  • "Ray's con" this man is a genius

    Carlos RedingCarlos Reding16 dager siden