I Opened A 5 Star Restaurant On A London Bus

24. april. 2021
2 952 718 Ganger

I decided to challenge myself and take my mayor campaign to the next level by turning a london bus into a 5 star restaurant.
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    NDLNDL12 dager siden
    • I've been watching since 500k

      PinwarriorPinwarrior8 dager siden
    • lolololol

      OmerlalaOmerlala10 dager siden
    • Yessir

      -YoshiSuperSaiyan --YoshiSuperSaiyan -11 dager siden
    • Repent , Jesus is coming back, Jesus loves you , he died so that we can live❤❤❤..

      tinaj sewstinaj sews11 dager siden
    • @i love hammers Repent , Jesus is coming back, Jesus loves you , he died so that we can live❤❤❤..

      tinaj sewstinaj sews11 dager siden

    LegendaryAlexLegendaryAlex5 minutter siden
  • Could have called it a bustaurant

    LegendaryAlexLegendaryAlex11 minutter siden
  • VOTE FOR NIKO Fuckaz

    DemonshadowIADDemonshadowIAD19 minutter siden
  • Your killing it atm with these vids Niko, keep it up, creative and entertaining

    Mark MMark M2 timer siden
  • Can't even lie, his devotion is admirable

    Charlie Shaw-PentekCharlie Shaw-Pentek2 timer siden

    Anonymous CAnonymous C3 timer siden
  • Lol the ppl who dislike are racist

    Gamers GuideGamers Guide3 timer siden
  • 7:39 got me 😂

    Black BoyBlack Boy4 timer siden
  • me and my cousin wrote “vote niko for mayor” on notes and stuck it all over the neighbourhood 😭

    soinhu foitusoinhu foitu4 timer siden
    • Legend

      CooltheFoolCooltheFool51 minutt siden
  • Amazing sights...bruv you took them to hackney and islington 🤔

    Sleepy TerrorSleepy Terror5 timer siden
  • 2.9k ppl are racist utterly disgraceful just disgusting

    Sarrinah Abubakar TahirSarrinah Abubakar Tahir5 timer siden
    • Hands down the funniest NOworld channel

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu4 timer siden
  • 4:23 True

    AdvadenAdvaden7 timer siden
  • Yess,NDL,for mayor.

    Sahed AhmedSahed Ahmed8 timer siden
  • Fine you win Niko. You finally got me to start subscribing after watching him for 3 or so years 😂 whatever you’re doing here you been so committed and dedicated and put in sm hard work. Respect for that ✊🏾 P.s its not your “you’ll have bad luck if you don’t like and subscribe now” comments that got me 😅

    Fav UzoFav Uzo12 timer siden
  • please be serious bc i actually want you to win lmao

    AbduelO .SAbduelO .S12 timer siden
  • tosspot

    Winny YaleWinny Yale13 timer siden
  • I ticked 1st and 2nd vote for you boss. You're better than the other clowns and major party. That bin guy was about to get that second vote...lol But seriously London is being shafted not by the mayor only but Boris. Screwing the funding trying to get a Tory in that position

    RiyazatronRiyazatron13 timer siden
  • Black and white unite

    Simulated EmotionSimulated Emotion14 timer siden
  • Vote 4 niko

    hamzajacksonfan86hamzajacksonfan8615 timer siden
  • So what are your plans for the millions of small businesses who are hugely affected by plan demic?

    Bourgeois MediaBourgeois Media15 timer siden
  • I voted for him because of my 10 years old son🥰 keep going bro

    jamila hassanjamila hassan16 timer siden
  • the new Hitler is rising

    EmanuelFNEmanuelFN16 timer siden
  • Amazing ndl

    -_--_-17 timer siden
  • Insane fam ✊🏿

    Official LuckyLuciiOfficial LuckyLucii18 timer siden
  • My mom chose for u

    Saqi BoyeeSaqi Boyee19 timer siden
  • Hands down the funniest NOworld channel

    J FJ F20 timer siden

    HyperGamesHyperGames20 timer siden
  • my bro has gone to vote for u

    Habibur Rahman 1Habibur Rahman 120 timer siden
  • They left their dad. It’s usually the other way around🤣

    King Frxstyy FNKing Frxstyy FN21 time siden
  • Wheres my million pounds

    Behram's Pot Of MemesBehram's Pot Of Memes22 timer siden
  • NDL!!1111!!!111

    ceicei22 timer siden
  • 8:57 it can’t be just me that saw Percelle Ascott

    tiannatianna22 timer siden
    • @Ryan Syed he’s an actor

      tiannatianna22 timer siden
    • who dat?

      Ryan SyedRyan Syed22 timer siden
  • HAHAHAHAH the guy's face at 2:33 is soo funny LOL

    LONEWOLFLONEWOLF23 timer siden
  • “They left their dad. It’s usually the other way around.”

    CassieCassie23 timer siden
  • 7:41 Niko" "he's carrying 8 pounds of crack" Me: HOLY S- XD

    Roman's Trains And FansRoman's Trains And Fans23 timer siden
  • I vote for Niko Yw

    Roman's Trains And FansRoman's Trains And Fans23 timer siden
    • @Cassie no idea

      Roman's Trains And FansRoman's Trains And Fans22 timer siden
    • Instrumental name? 12:28

      CassieCassie23 timer siden
  • Honestly, Politics + buses never ends well in the UK...

    ExcessPixelsExcessPixels23 timer siden
  • Everyone is vibin on the bus take me whit you I pay you 50Ponds

  • My mum said she’s not voting for you I’m really sad 😔😭😢☹️😕🙁

    FWP - FATEFWP - FATEDag siden
  • “They left their dad it’s usually the other way around”

    Henry DowlingHenry DowlingDag siden
    • I fucking chocked when he said that

      poppypoppy2 timer siden
  • cringe

    pop Alinpop AlinDag siden
  • Lets do what Wall street bets did to the stock market to the political market 🙌🙌🙌

    kais mahmoodkais mahmoodDag siden
  • 4:20 hahahaha

    نيات يوسفنيات يوسفDag siden
  • Repping Dalston.. yup!!

    Kwame OtiendeKwame OtiendeDag siden
  • if you fit a demographic that is known to commit more crimes, not only in the uk, you're probably more likely to be stopped and searched if youre acting suspicious in even the slightest bit

    Big Boy JBig Boy JDag siden
  • He is a joke but I did vote for him and even though he is incredibly funny I honestly hope he makes it 😂

    Andre SilvaAndre SilvaDag siden
  • 2,9k people out of 431k are racist

    Gabg2 DorceGabg2 DorceDag siden
  • Man just vote for this man already

    Zarif AhmedZarif AhmedDag siden
  • make this guy the supreme leader of our galaxy

    Bijoy Chandra RoyBijoy Chandra RoyDag siden
  • just put in my vote!

    Doneout 21stDoneout 21stDag siden
  • Instrumental name? 12:28

    j 157j 157Dag siden
  • NIKO FOR MAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MrDuckMrDuckDag siden
  • That German girl is stunning, guten Morgen :)

    Eddie WhiteleyEddie WhiteleyDag siden

    GamingWithAryanGamingWithAryanDag siden
  • NDL forever

    13ZPLAYZ13ZPLAYZDag siden
  • Im so suprised they left their dad its usually the other way around - niko🤣🤣

    Mimi CostelleMimi CostelleDag siden
  • My friend referred to you as neeko earlier so I gave him a knuckle sandwich

    JackerTheHackerJackerTheHackerDag siden
  • Tomorrow’s your big day Niko, you could become Mayor LMAO

    Jacqueline’s Game BoxJacqueline’s Game BoxDag siden
    • Well done Niko. Im literally gonna move to the UK just to vote for you

      hen kohen koDag siden

    xx slayer _ muhxx slayer _ muhDag siden
  • 2.8m views for totally stale shit content. Wow.

    Andrew BurridgeAndrew BurridgeDag siden
  • I've only been watching Niko for about a month now and he's already one of my favorite NOworldrs. Keep up the good content man

    Zachary AdamsZachary AdamsDag siden
  • 4:09 Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit moment right there

    LUCAZADE _3LUCAZADE _3Dag siden
  • I really want this guy to win

    ToxicSniperToxicSniperDag siden
  • Omg I am in high school and I voted for u

    The EmilyZ GamerThe EmilyZ GamerDag siden
  • vote for niko or your racist 0_0

    Ayden WardAyden WardDag siden
  • This vid is jokes

    Stealth BazzyStealth BazzyDag siden

    Pro21ooferPro21ooferDag siden
  • 4:24 lmaooo im dyinngggg

    CubicIsCubicCubicIsCubicDag siden
  • "they left their dad, its usually the other way around" - Neeko Omilana, London Mayor

    archie c33archie c33Dag siden
  • Well I get a heirloom

    i Grimi GrimDag siden
  • 8:56 I can’t be the only one who saw percelle ascot from shiro’s story 😭😭

    Rahel AmalahaRahel AmalahaDag siden
  • Well done Niko. Im literally gonna move to the UK just to vote for you

    Sports Card JunkiesSports Card JunkiesDag siden
  • Mr mayor fuhrer we love you bro

    Joe ZulloJoe ZulloDag siden
  • Me: *Gets a Nims Obunge ad while watching "FUCK OFF"

    ace_fryteace_fryteDag siden
  • Nikooooo

    Ria RichardsonRia RichardsonDag siden
  • No more Back Kicks .... as a Mayor 😂

    YuupNokYuupNokDag siden
  • A 23 year old GOD

    TechnicalLimboTechnicalLimboDag siden
  • Ur vids are sooooo funny u should be maory because ur vids are funny I am only 10 but I will tell my fam to vote for u

  • neeko

    Diogo FariaDiogo FariaDag siden
  • Imagine working in Starbucks 9-5 and then you look up from the counter and see a man with a (whatever it’s called) shouting YOU HAVE NO CUSTOMERS ANYMORE STARBUCKS and then the bus just moves on

    Paddy MapperPaddy Mapper2 dager siden
  • “They left there dad it should be the other way around” LOL

    Mr HallowsMr Hallows2 dager siden
  • the 2.9k racists: (-____-)

    PasrivalPasrival2 dager siden

    Breno BorgesBreno Borges2 dager siden

    Breno BorgesBreno Borges2 dager siden

    Breno BorgesBreno Borges2 dager siden

    Breno BorgesBreno Borges2 dager siden
  • reminds me of a mr beat style "prank"

    shootingfrenzzyshootingfrenzzy2 dager siden
  • Niko you’re a legend

    I’m built different.I’m built different.2 dager siden
  • .......shush 🤫

    IA OtohikilisosIA Otohikilisos2 dager siden
  • A question for all Tiko fans out there doesn’t the guy at 11:13 look like him?

    Ominus GadflyOminus Gadfly2 dager siden
  • “They left their dad, it’s usually the other way around” 😂

    Ptao TomPtao Tom2 dager siden
  • niko omilana is the only person changing society, look at all the smiles he should be the mayor of london

    RealJoeMpRealJoeMp2 dager siden
  • Watching people eat food while I'm fasting is like hell to me

    nin_flamenin_flame2 dager siden
    • 11:02 On May Sik

      Ptao TomPtao Tom2 dager siden
  • Is that justice young ?

    Dutch Van der lindeDutch Van der linde2 dager siden
  • you are amazing The funniest man on NOworld I believe in you iwe had Donald Trump as president you should be the mayor

    Wisama AhmedWisama Ahmed2 dager siden
  • I like NEEKO'S persistancy

    Mpho Jan TsokelaMpho Jan Tsokela2 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure he won't win, but big props man. If he tries again the next time, he might get it

    chely ಌಌ chanಌchely ಌಌ chanಌ2 dager siden
  • How did he not say "Justice will be served" when the guy called Justice refused to be served??????

    Harry BlakeHarry Blake2 dager siden
    • Underrated

      Vedanth GaneshVedanth GaneshDag siden
  • You qualify to be the leader of a sect

    Miguel MuñozMiguel Muñoz2 dager siden