I'm So Tired of Struggling (July 2020) | FailArmy

7. juli. 2020
1 466 448 Ganger

Why does everything have to be so hard? If you're feeling frustrated, you're not alone. These people are in the exact same boat as you!
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  • 2:37 the drink he threw was perfectly fine and the chips were only a few spilled Makes me cringe

  • recycling is-a, very good yes.

    Dani SlotDani Slot28 dager siden
  • Is this the father of the Gorilla Glue Girl?

    TjalveTjalveMåned siden
  • 6:32 was terrible 😂

    kamlesh patelkamlesh patelMåned siden
  • Guy with the glue was weirdly amusing

    Anthony PintoAnthony Pinto2 måneder siden
  • "This isn't going the way I wanted it to" lol understatement of the millennium

    Dan TaylorDan Taylor4 måneder siden
  • 2:37 kids when their teachers give them homework.

    Christina RoofChristina Roof4 måneder siden
  • that’s the reason you bench without clips if you’re by yourself

    MJ OMJ O4 måneder siden
  • 2:38 was good, lmao

    JeebzTheArtist 11JeebzTheArtist 115 måneder siden
  • (First part of video) DUDE ITS JUST A GAME!

    Ram ZRam Z5 måneder siden
  • Trom-BLOW!!! CRASH!!

    Patti MortonPatti Morton5 måneder siden
  • stop that beeping

    Q2460Q24606 måneder siden
  • 6:19 This was no fail, this chick stayed standing while walking down an extremely icy and steep hill...that’s a win 👏👏

    RiceracmRiceracm6 måneder siden
  • Girl in high Heels is really a pro!

    nosarcasm1nosarcasm16 måneder siden
  • Golf...so relaxing.

    John DaughertyJohn Daugherty6 måneder siden
  • Trombroken

    Arty LenzArty Lenz6 måneder siden
  • I really felt for that guy with the Mickey D's.

    Mark SinclairMark Sinclair6 måneder siden
  • 1:22, what is that slimey brown thing he tries to move between the cans?

    swededude1992swededude19926 måneder siden
  • People complaining that have seen these before: this should be an worrying sign that you spend way too much time on NOworld watching fail videos.

    Limbo Cloud OfficialLimbo Cloud Official6 måneder siden
  • A bunch of sore losers in this one. This is the product of the everyone gets a trophy era.

    The Outdoor DudeThe Outdoor Dude6 måneder siden
  • We are such idiots

    Paula HildebrandtPaula Hildebrandt6 måneder siden
  • So many staged videos now a days

    Tom JonesTom Jones6 måneder siden
  • The dude lost like two fries, he didn't even spill the drinks or anything. He's just a little bitch.

    Chase FloryChase Flory7 måneder siden
  • I came here to see people accidentally failing and almost all I saw was people failing on purpose.

    LesminsterLesminster7 måneder siden
  • That failboat with the glue. I bet he was just trying to get high. Oh, and the last one should have had Robin Williams golf skit in the audio.

    TheCaptainLulzTheCaptainLulz7 måneder siden
  • i hate golf so much.

    Gunther Ultrabolt NovacrunchGunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch7 måneder siden
  • The guy with the weights needs to learn to always have a spotter

    unknown playerunknown player7 måneder siden
  • How often i use the same clips? Failarmy: YES !!

    Jannez010Jannez0107 måneder siden
  • 3:48 what was the aftermath

    gcz1214gcz12147 måneder siden
  • These types of people are the reason why I have to attend health and safety class every year.

    No NameGivenNo NameGiven7 måneder siden
  • hermitcraft

    Trent MilesTrent Miles7 måneder siden
  • That first clip... Justifiable homicide.

    Unit ZER0Unit ZER07 måneder siden
  • firt clip i saw thousand times

    gaudion1gaudion17 måneder siden
    • s

      gaudion1gaudion17 måneder siden
  • Who wouldn't be mad if someone unplugged their console in the middle of a game

    MinnieMinnie7 måneder siden
  • High heels are so fucking stupid... Lol.

    J HJ H7 måneder siden
  • I'm struggling to understand why I'm still a subscriber.....

    The85F0XThe85F0X7 måneder siden
  • Shite

    Mark Pey- EcoMark Pey- Eco7 måneder siden
  • The McDonalds one infuriates me. I wanted to throw my phone.

    yex101yex1017 måneder siden
  • " I can't breathe hahaha" Um your talking u can breathe.

    Travis V.Travis V.7 måneder siden
  • 2:37 RIP McDonald's 🍟🍟🍔🍔🥤

    David GDavid G7 måneder siden
  • Anybody ever saw a fail army video with new clips?

    rubbermaidablerubbermaidable7 måneder siden
  • 2:36 plans for 2020 😂

    anemicsilenceanemicsilence8 måneder siden
  • 1:39 Omg this remind me of this movie I saw who frame roger rabbit when the judge step in that stuff the same stuff this guy is using bro wtf

    DARKMIKE12345DARKMIKE123458 måneder siden
  • The struggle is real.

    Matt JasaMatt Jasa8 måneder siden
  • Ну в начале с шуткой девушки большой вопрос стоило ли так злить парня.

    Vsevolod SiladuhovVsevolod Siladuhov8 måneder siden
  • Hope that b flat trombone isn’t valuable or anything.

    Sailor ManSailor Man8 måneder siden
  • I'll never understand why people think a video camera recording them shred constitutes as a spotter. LoL

    Zach MorrowZach Morrow8 måneder siden
  • 2:39 food was still good 🤣😂

    james sjames s8 måneder siden
  • I guess he was pissed LOL

    EPTH ProductionEPTH Production8 måneder siden
  • That man dropping his McDonald’s is pretty much how everyone’s life is going right now

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly family8 måneder siden
  • Struggling....to remain.....relevant

    David LoterDavid Loter8 måneder siden
  • The first video shows younger Ronaldo, nice

    Norbert PędziorNorbert Pędzior8 måneder siden
  • 5:18 either she been sitting on toilet for hours😆 or she been sitting on something else😏

    G LoG Lo8 måneder siden
  • Well, this video marks the end of my subscription to FailArmy. You guys were always mediocre and awfully far behind anyone else. But now... you're just washing down, the already crappy video selection you had.

    The Fattest HagridThe Fattest Hagrid8 måneder siden
  • They ruined this channel so bad no one submits new clips anymore 😭

    1Willum11Willum18 måneder siden
  • 1:46 when she deals with nut for the first timr

    Steamer the ShibaSteamer the Shiba8 måneder siden
  • The guy with the glue cans was great!

    Mike DrewMike Drew8 måneder siden
  • the sticky goop one reminds me of "Fire in the Sky"

    LemurLemur8 måneder siden
  • 1st one is how a lot people around the world are acting nowadays and they think it's normal/cool while it shows them awful and stupid... IMHO! Interrupting people by plugging their game (especially if you know they'll be pissed af) isn't a joke, it's not funny. Also throwing controller to TV and break it because your stupid game is interrupted as a stupid joke isn't a behaviour normal person would have... You both need teraphy about empathy and anger issues.

    WulfgrönWulfgrön8 måneder siden
  • Looks like it shows what the affects of participation trophies do to kids.

    RedWhite&Blue 78RedWhite&Blue 788 måneder siden
  • These people are all idiots, I hope their families disown them.

    AllyOJusticeAllyOJustice8 måneder siden
  • nateslife

    Casper OpstalCasper Opstal8 måneder siden
  • 0:21 that guys expression, like whatever happens am cool

    trrashe manitrrashe mani8 måneder siden
  • Big Mac Lives Matter

    timboy2 Starnestimboy2 Starnes8 måneder siden
  • I've just got to comment on that guy trying to ice skate..... DON'T GIVE UP MY MAN!!!

    MyCatFooedMyCatFooed8 måneder siden
  • I can't understand one thing about those weirdos. If you play video games to be that angry why do you even bother?

    Carlos DinizCarlos Diniz8 måneder siden
  • The bunker in golf is a special kind of hell

    John RyanJohn Ryan8 måneder siden

    Marcelo AlbuquerqueMarcelo Albuquerque8 måneder siden
  • 6:20 club face and stance a little TOO open there lil’ buddy haha

    alex39082alex390828 måneder siden
  • I loved the man who laughed when his garbage bag was torn

    MichalMichal8 måneder siden
  • The guy in the stilts is actually kinda dumb i finish Sheetrock for a living and your supposed to put them on while standing or sitting on a ledge so when you strap up u just stand up and your ready to go

    KurapikaKurapika8 måneder siden
  • 重复的太多了,但是挺逗的

    PinocchioPinocchio8 måneder siden
  • Just why? 6:09

    BIOHAZARD-42BIOHAZARD-428 måneder siden
  • The Ball Cup Game...I felt his pain on imperfection

    TheSnowFoxPartyTheSnowFoxParty8 måneder siden
  • Dude, you forgot your milkshake...

    Piece Of MindPiece Of Mind8 måneder siden
  • Missed with the date, it's july 1020...

    joelebatteuristjoelebatteurist8 måneder siden
  • Whats Clint Eastwood doing with the glue???

    Tiana&Jeremy BrookesTiana&Jeremy Brookes8 måneder siden
  • well these videos have certainly been better, especially reddit has better videos

    douiradouira8 måneder siden
  • I feel for the man at 2:37

    domicorb30001domicorb300018 måneder siden
  • So I walk by a this chines dinner and they say they will give me some food for the cat for free and I give it to them so it was good 3:51

    bruticus gamingbruticus gaming8 måneder siden
  • 6:08 silver surfer

    KryptekKryptek8 måneder siden
  • 0:00 this is why I hate woman rights

    SeanSean8 måneder siden
  • The guy with the glue I just want to say DUH HUH nuff said

    justin coxjustin cox8 måneder siden
  • O:59 every gym bro ever at least once

    dirtbagzrusdirtbagzrus8 måneder siden
  • 3:51 lmao he screwed up the music flow and, screw this he wanna slam his acoustic guitar XD 🤣

    7EKDR-D0m1naToR77EKDR-D0m1naToR78 måneder siden
  • lilmosey

    chris lenellchris lenell8 måneder siden
  • U turn off my TV so let me break it so I can't play no more instead of turning it back on what an idiot

    Ajax 1591Ajax 15918 måneder siden
  • 1:24 that f'in salted caramel, it gets everywhere😂😂😂

    abingleyboyabingleyboy8 måneder siden
    • I feel bad for him

      Omega werewolfOmega werewolf7 måneder siden
  • Some people be dramatic asf

    Julia GilletteJulia Gillette8 måneder siden
  • pikachu

    Ece ErçelikEce Erçelik8 måneder siden
  • Gee whiz people have a short fuse. Get a grip!

    DachdogDachdog8 måneder siden
  • Contact adhesive , yeah it's quite sticky.

    paul rixsonpaul rixson9 måneder siden
  • Tablet guy: give to me i'm worth it 🔊

    Lary A.Lary A.9 måneder siden
  • Guitar guy: get out 😔 Go away

    Lary A.Lary A.9 måneder siden
  • McDonald guy: Eat the rest!

    Lary A.Lary A.9 måneder siden
  • @2.00 that must be that famous Acme glue I always used to see in cartoons when I was a kid!

    Remco van VlietRemco van Vliet9 måneder siden
  • 2:38 I can feel his pain..

    First shall be Last.First shall be Last.9 måneder siden
  • That mcdonalds part was too good lol

    Levi AlbayerosLevi Albayeros9 måneder siden
  • 0:05 thats not cool, women moment.

    3.14Thon gaming3.14Thon gaming9 måneder siden
  • The first video is why I have trust issues.

    Reverend TheoryReverend Theory9 måneder siden