2. mai. 2021
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  • that weather was terrible? looks beautiful with that view!

    Sss EeeeSss Eeee2 timer siden
  • Nice

    Judith PJudith P5 timer siden
  • Patiently waiting for Jon to drop some more vlogs soon enjoy all that time with the second newborn guys 😁

    JBR 22JBR 2215 timer siden
  • My girlfriend recommends the Waver from Osée beauté (by Caroline Receveur)

    jalbennettjalbennettDag siden
  • Pumpkin with honey, cinnamon and walnuts is so good recipe to try.

    Monic ZMonic ZDag siden
  • Så kul att se Leon i bakgrunden o hitta på saker som du inte ser, 10:29 some exempel❤❤❤❤❤❤😅😅

    Filippa HFilippa HDag siden
  • Thank you. Picture quality is now great. Please throw away Sony or GoPro used in recent videos. Stick with the quality you are.

    Barney GreenwoodBarney Greenwood2 dager siden
  • Älskar din vlogg 🙂

    Sandrawallberg89Sandrawallberg892 dager siden
  • The word you were looking for is bigger barrels! For the wavy hair iron. 👍🏼 What do you talk about in your podcast? Pumpkin looks great, looks like butternut squash maybe?

    Live Your Blessed LifeLive Your Blessed Life3 dager siden
  • I love your vids! I just want too thank you sooo much! You really inspired me to start my own channel!❤️❤️

    SnacksbymeimiSnacksbymeimi3 dager siden
  • 👍👍

    Malin EdlundMalin Edlund3 dager siden
  • Hi! You can find the curly thing in Spain in shops like: mediamark, El Corte Inglés, worten... Good luck 😋

    Victoria M.Victoria M.3 dager siden
  • the 7:34 moment was very surprising

    ErikErik3 dager siden
  • Where is your cardigan from in the first part of the video from?

    Anna AdoncelloAnna Adoncello3 dager siden
  • Je hebt er veel op vinted staan .de Krul wafel tangen . mmarlou12 groetjes Annemarie ( nieuw met kleine beschadiging of verpakking beschadigd).

    annemarie pluggeannemarie plugge4 dager siden
  • Gorgeous babies 🥰🤍

    Mollie Sofia FAMMollie Sofia FAM4 dager siden
  • Tattoos ARE SO GROSS!!!!!!!!! SORRY, GUYS...UNCLASSY TO ME. STILL love the VLOGS though

    Curt AldenCurt Alden4 dager siden
  • yess you are back, so happy :) I just love your content XOXO

    BeatriceBeatrice4 dager siden
  • HH simonsen har en tång med breda vågor ☺️

    Ellinor JakobssonEllinor Jakobsson4 dager siden
  • Great vlog. Happy everyone is together.

    A RicA Ric4 dager siden
  • love to see more of leia

    TheReisetanteTheReisetante5 dager siden
  • Hey Jenni, not sure if this what you want Curlers boostbeach.com/products/wave-wand

    Michele GiraultMichele Girault5 dager siden
  • Waver from Osee for the hair

    Juliette DupontJuliette Dupont5 dager siden
  • 😮😮😮 såå fina tatueringar ❤️

    Jeanette BarbéJeanette Barbé5 dager siden
  • Janni, check out the Tony&Guy hair waver on amazon, it's amazing, the barrels are different and they really work, I love 😍it!!

    By GeryBy Gery5 dager siden
  • Try the Bondi Boost Wave Wand curling Iron!! Saw it on Instagram and it looks thicker! ❤️

    Femke JansenFemke Jansen5 dager siden
  • Gives more recipe advice.

    Luís GonçalvesLuís Gonçalves6 dager siden
  • Mermade Hair or Bondi Boost curler!!

    Maria YoungMaria Young6 dager siden
  • Here you go, they ship to Spain and it is 32mm! www.beautybay.com/p/mermade-hair/mermade-pro-waver-32mm/black/

    Jodie WoodJodie Wood6 dager siden
  • Awesome tattoos you two. Delighted to see I again Janni. I’m giggling at you with the two little ones watching you makes me wonder how I did my twins & eldest son just 22 months apart. Must have been mayhem!!! But I can’t remember ❣️

    Nicolette Le RouxNicolette Le Roux6 dager siden
  • You can find a bigger one on « osée beauty »

    Sophie LabasseSophie Labasse6 dager siden
  • Janni I think the waves look great on you ✌

    Rebecca RothwellRebecca Rothwell6 dager siden
  • Love the finger tattoo! and the bracelet tattoo is such a cool idea, never saw that before.. 👏👏

    Stella HeutsStella Heuts6 dager siden
  • Tattoos - the visual equivalent of always saying the same thing. Barely interesting on the first view then tedious for the rest of your life.

    donepearcedonepearce6 dager siden
  • The Vodana 32mm hair crimper works great but unsure if it is available in Europe: vodanapro.com/product/crimping-triple-flow-wave-iron-32mm/

    EmilyEmily6 dager siden
  • Love how Leon love being in the kitchen, perhaps learning tower would be good for him? lots of love from Australia

    AspireandInspireAspireandInspire6 dager siden
  • Where are the beautiful jeans from you wear (from about 9:40 minutes) (L)

    Eva van den HeeEva van den Hee6 dager siden
  • I think you need to check for 32mm curlers. They are definitely available on amazon (bombé is the name of the brand that provides them on Amazon) or in the UK by mermaidhair - which is kind of the original version. Hope this helps 😘

    PEACHYPEACHY6 dager siden
  • you are thriving as a mom. i like that you both making vlogs so i can watch your vlogs when Jon isnt reccording :)

    miro kojićmiro kojić6 dager siden
  • Janni ❤️ Find this curler! - Bed Head Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Hair Waver for Beachy Waves, Purple -

    Luna PleaseLuna Please6 dager siden
  • In Australia it is standard to eat pumpkin most days! We eat it like you made it, mashed, roasted (like you did) then in salads (with feta cheese yyuummm) even on pizzas (with feta cheese, then after it’s cooked put on baby spinach and drizzle with balsamic vinegar). We do it so many ways. Oh also pumpkin soup. Yum.

    Noble FlowersNoble Flowers6 dager siden
  • For big waves: Mermaid hair waver 32mm!!

    emilia bridgeremilia bridger6 dager siden
  • Hey I have the bondi boost from Australia I ordered it to the uk and it didn’t take long ! 🥰🤍

    Emily WhitfieldEmily Whitfield6 dager siden
  • Hi Janni, advise from The Netherlands: you should try Chi Onyx Euroshine 32mm, have this one myself to make natural waves. Bought it at my hairsalon it's a good quality. Make sure your hair is treated with a mask or other product to soften it upfront. I have bad experience with heat protectors, haven't found the right one yet.

    Miriam PinchettiMiriam Pinchetti6 dager siden
  • Please don’t

    Gabriel GaborGabriel Gabor6 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Margaret DionMargaret Dion6 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard when Leon sat in the sink 😂

    Everythingisbetterin PinkEverythingisbetterin Pink6 dager siden
  • Oh Nooo!!!!!

    Shine40Shine406 dager siden
  • That hairstyle is kinda fail. Sry.. better go for bigger curls

    vuggie123vuggie1236 dager siden
  • For the curling iron, you should try Mermaid pro waver 32 mm

    Mari AnnaMari Anna6 dager siden
  • Leon is becoming quite a rascal. When Leia starts to walk around, you will have your hands full for sure!

    Mari AnnaMari Anna6 dager siden
  • Where I live it was the coldest April in 20 years. Let's hope May is better!

    Mari AnnaMari Anna6 dager siden
  • Shows Leon doesn’t get much discipline! U’ll pay later!!!!! Not cute!!!

    Shirley SkiShirley Ski6 dager siden
  • insertnamehair for the hair waver!

    Dilyon AqrawiDilyon Aqrawi6 dager siden
  • Jon's tattoo looks so cool, never seen that done before. Also how did you just have a baby and look so amazing already? 👏

    venom5809venom58096 dager siden
  • Love the vibes you share janni!!!

    marie sanchezmarie sanchez7 dager siden
  • 4 ads in 2 1/2 mins

    Yassira KAYassira KA7 dager siden
    • I had 0 (I don't have premium)

      Mari AnnaMari Anna6 dager siden
  • enjoyed the video!

    William TravisWilliam Travis7 dager siden
  • Da

    Galago85Galago857 dager siden
  • The tattoos and that hairstyle look so fresh I saw the thumbnail and though Janni looked so cool !

    Vale ClarkVale Clark7 dager siden
    • En liten plasthink med lock att ställa på golvet för baby och blöjor är inte dumt att ha.

      MarieMarie6 dager siden
  • Leon has gotten so big!!! OMG

    Frederik Bach MortensenFrederik Bach Mortensen7 dager siden
  • Nice tattoos i really like the result of jons tattoo . He fixed the previous

    ΕιρήνηΕιρήνη7 dager siden
  • It's called mermaid and it's pink

    miriam kramermiriam kramer7 dager siden
  • I think if u search up on Amazon the brand and name of the curler you bought now and the bigger millimeter, it should come up

    Nicole MarthaNicole Martha7 dager siden
  • April Showers is real😲and the curly hair looks great IMO👍👍

    phynx2006phynx20067 dager siden
  • Janni can you pls try and make subtitles when you speak swedish?

    Keziah SolomonsKeziah Solomons7 dager siden
  • I love Jon’s tattoo, looks like a bracelet!

    Lorna BLorna B7 dager siden
  • You look fantastic Janni, gets tougher with 2 children but you are juggling motherhood well. Little Leia seems very content! Leon sure is growing up!

    Lorna BLorna B7 dager siden
  • Princess Leia would look cute with the hair buns.

    Callie MastersCallie Masters7 dager siden
  • Have you taught Leon how to swim yet? Now that he's running around, he needs water safety training to not end in a disaster in the pool.

    Callie MastersCallie Masters7 dager siden
  • you can try Osée for a bigger wave iron !

    Eulalie BoucherEulalie Boucher7 dager siden
  • Super🥰

    Barbara GašperinBarbara Gašperin7 dager siden
  • Look out fore Leon with the Cooker playing

    Mariam oostburgMariam oostburg7 dager siden
  • I love your blow baby blue knitted sweater 😍 where did you bought it? Look so gorgeous on you ♥️👌🏻🌸

    Robin BRobin B7 dager siden
  • Hey Janni, where did you get the cute baby basket in which Leia sleeps? I’d love to buy it for my baby that’s coming in August

    Lena MLena M7 dager siden
    • This one looks almost the same "sleepcarrier". But not sure which brand it's from.

      Noelle De HaanNoelle De Haan6 dager siden
  • Vad mysig vlogg! Jag ser gärna mer av det vardagliga mammalivet, rutiner osv 😍

    Lena HamrinLena Hamrin7 dager siden
  • from which brand is the watch that you wear in this vlog? is so elegant and perfect

    chiara favrettochiara favretto7 dager siden
    • It’s the cartier tank , 18k yellow gold

      YBYB6 dager siden
  • Let,s hope Jon not get depresed this time again after new born baby

    Zixzero SlotsZixzero Slots7 dager siden
  • make sure to wash your tattoos 4 times a day with a special soap that doesn't have alcohol, and also apply an ointment to it 3 times a day. you can find the specifics on google. don't want those nice tattoos washing away or getting damaged.

    saibotsaibot7 dager siden
    • No need to wash 4 times. But the most important thing is to follow your artist's instructions because they all have their own style of tattooing and so also their instructions for taking care of it.

      Mari AnnaMari Anna6 dager siden
  • Åh jag ser att ni också har det ”fantastiska” barnprogrammet med dom ryska pojkarna på i bakgrunden🤪. Så snyggt med tatueringarna på fingrarna😍

    Sofie RasmussonSofie Rasmusson7 dager siden
  • Not sure how you do it. But Leon is such a good boy. He is the perfect kid to have along in the vlog. It’s like he totally understands what’s going on with your vlog lifestyle such a cutie. Must be the magic of editing 😂 lol.

    Marisol JacksonMarisol Jackson7 dager siden
  • I'm living in Holland and believe me i know what rain and bad weather is, by the way i am still waiting for you guys to show us your new bathrooms 😄.

    Amir EshghiAmir Eshghi7 dager siden
  • Hi Yanni , my husband Patruck Woods sent you my suggestion for Traditional Irish Curls, I hope you will try this as it is kind to hair, without the heat of a corking tongs, and environmentally friendly too. Love your vlogs, Margaret Patricia Woods

    Margaret Patricia WoodsMargaret Patricia Woods7 dager siden
  • From my Irish wife :You could try to make the poor Irish girls curls ...Here's how :one Tea towel cut into 8 stripts. Then divide your hair into eight parts ...seperate each segment with a hairband...Then ask your husband as minded patiently to hold the top of one of Towel strips on your head then wrap the hair around the rag . Then wrap the hair around the towel strip tie securely...then leave it in overnight ...Anois tá gruaig chatach chailíní bochta na hÉireann ort!

    Patrick WoodsPatrick Woods7 dager siden
  • Beautiful family janni but I was wondering when you were ending your vlog and Jon's foot was in your shot is he wearing your socks lol great video 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴⚓🙏❤️

    Ruth LongRuth Long7 dager siden
    • Men can also have socks with polkadots lol

      Mari AnnaMari Anna6 dager siden
  • I always oven roast my butternut, pumpkin and sweet potato with cinnamon and Himalayan salt. It's honestly delish and makes your whole kitchen smell amazing

    Melissa GellingMelissa Gelling7 dager siden
  • Great vlog! I really enjoyed it!

    Lisa_ and_ChristianLisa_ and_Christian7 dager siden
  • Love pumpkin with cinnamon, I do the same with sweet potato 😋

    Sophie KristiansenSophie Kristiansen7 dager siden
  • For a bigger waver you have Osée beauté, a French brand :)

    Mathilde ClaroMathilde Claro7 dager siden
  • www.asos.com/easilocks/easilocks-the-waver-xxl-uk-plug/prd/22515700. They have bigger barrels:)

    polyannamoonbeampolyannamoonbeam7 dager siden
  • You are so beautiful. I simply love you and your family

    Tracy GreenhoughTracy Greenhough7 dager siden
  • Pretty jani sweet j'ai morning morning jani , just for the catch up, fiesta first time seeing baby Liea. Congrads JANI and JON .hmmmmm haven't see passed volgss

    Modibo NimagaModibo Nimaga7 dager siden
  • Jon bracelet can take easily 2 more names but Richard rib cage specially still having 2 teen boys.....

    Gab LexGab Lex7 dager siden
  • Make him some edible play dough, give him some plastic utensils and he will feel he is cooking with you. My son loved it when he was little.

    Our ChezOur Chez7 dager siden
  • If you have a straightening iron you can do the technique that's shown in this video to get those bigger waves. I really like it👍🏼💕 noworld.info/video/video/spevoLtoy7DYxZI.html

    Sofie DohlenSofie Dohlen7 dager siden
  • Larger wider cylinders.

    Joanne DevineJoanne Devine7 dager siden
  • 😍❤️❤️❤️ you are my favorite NOworldr ever

    Tasneem 00Tasneem 007 dager siden
  • Osee beauty for the hair styler

    isaure Chaboureauisaure Chaboureau7 dager siden
  • I live in Australia let me know what you want and I can ship it CEST Normal and I have been chatting on instagram

    Dan GareyDan Garey7 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/0nTWqc2gp7O5las.html she is using a bigger mermaid curler :)

    Li CaLi Ca7 dager siden