I’m done with this.

10. feb.. 2021
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  • But seriously can we talk about these toilets?

    Matt D'AvellaMatt D'Avella15 dager siden
    • So how does the toilet in the US go?

      LalaineLalaine9 timer siden
    • @G Thomson it’s called sarcasm. As Matt was sarcastic about the flow of the water in Australian toilets.

      JenHop13JenHop132 dager siden
    • @JenHop13 define wrong in this context?

      G ThomsonG Thomson2 dager siden
    • Saw a programme on the BBC (yeah that BBC) shot in a country that sits on the equator and a cool trick they do is they have a bucket with a hole in it fill it with water then stand on one side, water drains clockwise, stand the other side, water drains anti clockwise, stand on the equator, drains straight down no swirling.

      G ThomsonG Thomson2 dager siden
    • Basic geo-physics dude. Primary school.

      LaraDorren1LaraDorren16 dager siden
  • matt come on 30 days studying islam

    Abdurasul IdyrovAbdurasul Idyrov51 minutt siden
  • translit plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    minimalist aichanaminimalist aichana3 timer siden
  • Nice 👍🏻

    Angela KukhotskaAngela Kukhotska8 timer siden
  • Oh the irony.. you are making a youtube course on how to grow audience, in the same video

    Talha SyedTalha Syed9 timer siden
  • Good for you. I don’t always get time to tune into all of your content, but I always appreciate when I do. Been following you for years now, whether I am logged into a specific channel I own or not. So, likes or not, I’m always a supporter.

    Ayanna MuataAyanna Muata15 timer siden
  • This guy is done with everything every two weeks, but his channel is one of the best and useful in YT😂

    mallsuper12mallsuper1216 timer siden
  • a new laptop?

    antonivan5antonivan517 timer siden
  • matt moves to the whole other part of the planet and somehow his home still looks exactly the same

    A. M.A. M.Dag siden
  • Very importing point and totally agree with you. Keep on, don´t chase likes. Live the live!

    Yuri KostinYuri KostinDag siden
  • What if you VPN from India and get cheaper?

    imiccaimiccaDag siden
  • why you are speak so fast?:))

    Vahe EranosyanVahe EranosyanDag siden
  • But what!? When did you move to Australia!?

    Becs YoungBecs YoungDag siden
  • *giving this video a thumbs up so his mental health gets better*

    Yliana DiazYliana DiazDag siden
  • awesomenesss liked and subbed from a youtuber comedian super excited to see this happen in the states

    Awareness with AndrewAwareness with AndrewDag siden
  • 🙌🙌🙌

    Leesha RushingLeesha RushingDag siden
  • Hey Matt, great video! Can you give any tip for people who want to build a habit or be more organized but have attention problems? Shout out from Brazil!!

    Thiago JustoThiago JustoDag siden
  • Bro, why are your videos now every month? 🥺 You make the best videos!

    Jacob BlancoJacob BlancoDag siden
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to still see your metrics without them being attached to the numbers or to the colors/confetti? There should be a company that acts as an intermediary for content creators. It could provide performance feedback at their desired level. I’m thinking all the way down to a black/white line chart to show you the up or down movement with absolutely no numbers, just relative distance based on the real numbers.

    Eliot CEliot CDag siden
  • This needs to be addressed more! The spiral up and down and how it affects your personal/professional life. Thank you for providing relevant and always valuable content!!

    Valentin Bookkeeping Co.Valentin Bookkeeping Co.2 dager siden
  • Weird timing. I used to get recommended your channel a lot. I watched another video and at the bottom you were recommended.

    Jon JohnsonJon Johnson2 dager siden
  • Every work of Matt is perfect, I don't understand why people can not like something ahhahahaah)))

    Кристина ГоловневаКристина Головнева2 dager siden
  • Ultimately, lots of social media creators are relatively low performing individuals with relatively low stress tolerances as a result. This is why many may feel 'overwhelmed' by something that, to many high performing individuals, seems absurd because this is really low level stress in comparison to what would begin to challenge their stress tolerance. Also, I think you failed to understand why this is stressful. It is because we have evolved to care about what people think, and social media opens up the funnel to other's opinions and validation of oneself, to a huge extent. To an extent that we have not been evolved to comprehend. Thus, one must be in control of these things and start to boil it down into mathematical process to analyse to make it easier to understand, comprehend and cope with emotionally. If you find that, too, very stressful, then it is simply due to being a relatively low performing individual with a low stress tolerance, which you need to work on.

    LLLL2 dager siden
  • Mastodon already has this, result? Nobody's(or maybe 1% twitter users) are on it.

    Rice CakeRice Cake2 dager siden
  • I am going to do at least 150 videos (currently over 50) and I get crickets. Doing the videos is my time to be mindful, while they record. It is frustrating, but I am committed to it. Metrics really don't matter when you have none.

    Slow TVSlow TV2 dager siden
  • im hungry man

    The Future FilesThe Future Files2 dager siden
  • Thanks Matt 😊someone needed this

    Royal AviraRoyal Avira2 dager siden
  • Instagram already hide likes in Brazil too, a long time ago. But others metrics take the place of likes and create stress at The people.

    Samara HaddadSamara Haddad2 dager siden
  • “Flip faster than a vegan at a barbecue” mate, you live here now, it’s a “barbie” 😜

    Andrea NAndrea N2 dager siden
  • Hi my name is PRECIOUS am form Nigeria Please is it mandatory that I must get the 4000 watch hour within a year? what if I did not get the 4000 watch hour within a year will I still get monetized?

  • Glad you read your comments. Jesus loves you. If you're ever in Tassie, I'd love to buy you a coffee

    Harry CuthbertsonHarry Cuthbertson2 dager siden
  • Welcome to our beautiful country 🖤💛❤️🇦🇺✨

    SarahSarah2 dager siden
  • This video deserves a like!

    Jose AbadJose Abad2 dager siden
  • Love this Matt. I’ve felt so detached from creating content because I started to feel like it was just about numbers. Had to take a serious break and think about my ‘why’ for doing all of this in the first place. Love your honesty and always respect the quality of your videos. ✨

    LizabooLizaboo2 dager siden
  • "Flip faster than a vegan at a barbeque" class :-)

    G ThomsonG Thomson2 dager siden
  • A VPN makes it 65% off in Vietnam... ha ha all jokes aside though i do live in Vietnam now

    David RockDavid Rock3 dager siden
  • Lol...☺😉

    ana francoana franco3 dager siden
  • Cant believe there's not even a choice to hide your likes on platforms

    Kostas SkoulidasKostas Skoulidas3 dager siden
  • Oh man, a NOworld course with intention....sounds like something up my alley

    Alex Peroff - Personal Finance and PhilosophyAlex Peroff - Personal Finance and Philosophy3 dager siden
  • I love your videos!

    ArisauerArisauer3 dager siden
  • Wow... I mean this is really good. I have a podcast and lately, I've been a little disappointed about the number of listeners in Spotify per episode. I mean, we only have 8 months and like 23 episodes... And don't let me started with the numbers on Instagram. So I've got a little down about it and thinking that probably I should quick like: all this effort for what? But what you say here makes sense.

    Dahijo around the worldDahijo around the world3 dager siden
  • Go inside. It is the only way. Meditation. It is the secret

    Tcw 77Tcw 773 dager siden
  • One of your beat

    Lily ClarkLily Clark3 dager siden
    • Best*

      Lily ClarkLily Clark3 dager siden
  • 💖💖💖

    Mets ChellMets Chell3 dager siden
  • Did NOworld listen to you? I can't see many channels subscribers' numbers??

    Parto RayParto Ray3 dager siden
  • waiting for this update in India :(

    Shannayaa NayakShannayaa Nayak4 dager siden
  • First comment I hope to be friends ❤️🌷👍🛎️🤝 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

    KEVAN 'KEVAN '4 dager siden
  • Wait I thought everyone couldn't see likes....

    Kyle TremblayKyle Tremblay4 dager siden
  • I am here bcs of Boy breaks glass with voice lol

    Beast Philanthropy fanBeast Philanthropy fan4 dager siden
  • As an Aussie I would love to see more videos about your experience living in Australia as compared to the US! But I love your minimalism videos the most and enjoyed the reference here to the hedonic treadmill - so true. Keep up the good work xx

    Natalie RussellNatalie Russell4 dager siden
  • 🙃🤍

    Ano ablahAno ablah4 dager siden
  • I havent watched his videos for a year. Boy, he is aging and looks haggard..

    TheKerryzzzTheKerryzzz4 dager siden
  • His eye is jacked up. Did he get socked in the eye ..

    TheKerryzzzTheKerryzzz4 dager siden
  • Nice gesture with adjusting course prices. Aren't you concerned that people will use VPN to fake their location and get the course cheaper? Which leads to smaller earnings from your side. Which leads to another point that the course could cost less from start? ...just asking.

    RL 81RL 814 dager siden
  • I go to this channel when my brain is scrambled and i need to reset

    angiiangii5 dager siden
  • I deleted my insta and Facebook apps. My profiles are still there. But it has been amazing! Its been 3 years and i am really really happy i did it. I have learned another language and i have studied a lot more!

    pouya spouya s5 dager siden
  • Indian also don't have likes.

    Purabi SikderPurabi Sikder5 dager siden
  • Being a numbers and math guy this is something I struggle with a lot

    Dawsman MDawsman M5 dager siden
  • the video, Matt!

    pida siouypida siouy5 dager siden
  • very good move !:)

    Please Don't Tell BuddhaPlease Don't Tell Buddha5 dager siden
  • Must get a VPN for india

    BeYobBeYob5 dager siden
    • accent? or will you be just "visiting" for a year? :-)

      pida siouypida siouy5 dager siden
  • Great stuff, as usual!

    Iwan KIwan K5 dager siden
  • Oh those Aussie sun tanned arms.......

    Mike BaconMike Bacon5 dager siden
  • Have you tried Beyond Burgers? There's no reason for a vegan to flip, you'll flip.

    C FitzellC Fitzell5 dager siden
  • Superb Video.

    Divya BattinaDivya Battina5 dager siden
  • these david videos starting to feel like the Casey NYC days

    NathanNathan5 dager siden
  • soooooo, do we like the video?

    NathanNathan5 dager siden
  • Very good Video👍. Im from Germany and i cant see any likes on instagram for about 2 years now, i think. But i'm the only one, i dont know any other Person who doesnt see any likes. It's a Gift!! It's so destressing, ok sometimes i see myself looking into the insights, but thats ok for me. Can't see any other likes, gives me the chance to have more fun (Sry for my english 😅)

    Shizzle FotoShizzle Foto5 dager siden
  • I can still see the likes

    Gina KGina K6 dager siden
  • Here in Brazil Likes was oculten there's ate least a year

    Alexsandra LopesAlexsandra Lopes6 dager siden
  • Superb Video.

    Divya BattinaDivya Battina6 dager siden
  • Amazing video as always!

    Liubov HryhorenkoLiubov Hryhorenko6 dager siden
  • Just realised that this is your 200th video 🥳

    NdumiNdumi6 dager siden
  • Duuuuuuude thank u sooooo muuuuuuuch reeeeeeeally appreciatiiiiiing tthhhee equaaaaaal priiiiiciiiinggg thinggggg (yeah here in Algeria 145 US is a salary and yeah I was doubling those letters cause I’m excisted)

    Saber LourghiSaber Lourghi6 dager siden
  • I have just revamped my channel and I know now I am putting a video out into the void. I always liked throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what stuck.

    Serenity NowSerenity Now6 dager siden
  • Really curious if you will embrace Australian governance or you will wonder why Australia is not more American. Can't wait to see you filming your journey. Will you pick up the accent? or will you be just "visiting" for a year? :-)

    Alex WylerAlex Wyler6 dager siden

      gioyu comigioyu comi6 dager siden
  • as someone who just started off on youtube and becomes increasingly stressed out every time i check my creator studio, this video cannot be more helpful and timely for me. thank you so much matt!

    Crystal on the ShoreCrystal on the Shore6 dager siden
    • You are more flexing with the Analytics and your Stone Picture then the Biceps. Jeez, ...Matt!

      gioyu comigioyu comi6 dager siden
  • We're pretty new to NOworld and we're finding it hard not to obsessively check our metrics, especially when the 1000 subscriber number is tantalising close! I can imagine that over time this would take its toll mentally. Thanks for bringing awareness about this issue 🙏🙂

    Bucket List TravellersBucket List Travellers6 dager siden
  • So hey I know this video is already on here a week but I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for all this inspiring work, your different view on things and topics. Over the past year I really got to reflect over myself, my behaviour and I don`t know how to say my role in life? My role in this world? Something like this. I could go on and on about how your videos and your work helped me to become the me I wanted to be and in some way find peace with myself. I know this sounds all cheesy and a bit over but it just is like feel right now. So again a big thank you and keep up with this awesome work of yours! Greetings from Germany to all.

    L1pst3rL1pst3r6 dager siden
  • Yeah those number games are crazy addicting especially for small channels at their initial stages. Good advice! I'm trying to not look at the stats as much, but focus on what I do more. Cheers!

    MalewiczMalewicz7 dager siden
  • "It's easy to confuse what's important with what's easy to measure."

    gioyu comigioyu comi7 dager siden
  • Even tho I live in America mine has been gone since probably Jan 2020 and honestly I was torn at first but I do actually like it, I really do catch myself comparing myself less in hat way

    Erin O'TooleErin O'Toole7 dager siden
  • I went to check out the course but i couldnt find the Universal princing program. I am from Portugal, should i assume its the 145USD?

    Mónica FerreiraMónica Ferreira7 dager siden
  • I’m so impressed with idea of universal payment .. it’s kind and nice to think about others .. may Allah bless you .

    Search KnowledgeSearch Knowledge7 dager siden
  • This gets so old.

    Nhey CRzNhey CRz7 dager siden
    • But seriously can we talk about these toilets?

      gioyu comigioyu comi7 dager siden
  • Welcome!

    ThatGuyGimThatGuyGim7 dager siden
  • For accurate pricing based on median household spending capacity, use the big mac index. Suggestion for pricing based on the Big Mac index: Price = 149-(*US BMI* - *Country BMI)*30 This means, the US will be priced at 149, Vietnam will be priced at 67, and Norway will be priced at 163. I am norwegian so this does not benefit me, but I though maybe it would be fair? Let me know what you think Matt

    herrjonna2007herrjonna20077 dager siden
  • As an Aussie I have never noticed the toilet thing lol. Instagram & NOworld is the social media I use now. FB was deleted months ago. I use insta each day and had noticed I could no longer see how many views, likes etc. It was annoying as I PR for a business. NOworld moving where we comments has reduced me commenting. I only make the effort now if I feel compelled to. Social media has become to controlling in what people can post and making it harder to post

    Sarah JaneSarah Jane7 dager siden
  • Love that pricing feature/scale! What a wonderful way to make it more accessible!

    Katie GerdtsKatie Gerdts7 dager siden
  • Thanks for considering us. We’re so used to these disparities that I didn’t even considering asking.

    munnira katongolemunnira katongole7 dager siden
  • You are more flexing with the Analytics and your Stone Picture then the Biceps. Jeez, ...Matt!

    Dan Draper - Lost in HospitalityDan Draper - Lost in Hospitality7 dager siden

    AMAN KUMARAMAN KUMAR7 dager siden
  • Thank you Matt, as a struggling creator I so needed to hear this.

    Kyra AnnKyra Ann7 dager siden
  • Your channel is an inspiration! I am very new and I totally get the anxiety! Thank you!

    Mike Me UpMike Me Up7 dager siden
  • I’m done with this

    Suzana SuSuzana Su7 dager siden
  • Thanks!

    Snow BunnySnow Bunny7 dager siden
  • Who else is holding out for a few years when Matt has an Australian accent? Lol

    Theodore J. BurkhardtTheodore J. Burkhardt7 dager siden
  • hey matt! please do a video about your productivity work flow, how you organize things/thoughts.

    rusith manorathnarusith manorathna8 dager siden
  • You are awesome.

    Abhishek MalikAbhishek Malik8 dager siden
  • Way to go Matt! The Universal Pricing Program is a great idea. I myself have moved from the US to Spain and have noticed how certain American-based products or services cost a lot more when earning a European salary. Super excited for the NOworld course too!

    HolisticParisHolisticParis8 dager siden