I'm Board: Surfing, Skateboarding Fails & More (November 2019) | FailArmy

19. nov.. 2019
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Hey there! We put together a video featuring boards of all kinds! Surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, you name it, we have it!
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  • The dude at 1:38 went for the weenie roast 😂😂

    Jason JacksonJason Jackson7 måneder siden
  • Every skateboarding accident should leave them sterile

    victor martonevictor martone8 måneder siden
  • Is it weird that I find this entertaining?

    Plazzy FNPlazzy FN10 måneder siden
  • K

    Kaan BerkKaan Berk10 måneder siden
  • Imagine having a buff mum while being a girl... tough luck

    Halo LegendHalo Legend10 måneder siden
  • Comentario 221

    Patricia RemachaPatricia Remacha11 måneder siden
  • I think we can all say a DIVING BOARD is the worst invention!! So are those stupid SAND BOARDS.

    Charles in charge.Charles in charge.11 måneder siden
  • 3:50 for joker laugh

    Raven70772Raven7077211 måneder siden

    Tejs MikkelsenTejs Mikkelsen11 måneder siden
  • i need fatty fail. haha

    Hisyamuddin HamirudinHisyamuddin Hamirudin11 måneder siden

    Demir ŞimşirDemir Şimşir11 måneder siden
  • I’m so glad dude didn’t hit his head on that rock that would’ve been horrid.. but since he didn’t imma laugh

    Melanin HoneyMelanin Honey11 måneder siden
  • 211

    Rachelle DeBoerRachelle DeBoer11 måneder siden
  • What did the first guy expect?

    David CordleDavid CordleÅr siden
  • This is how many skateboards the video wasted ⬇️

    Oliver LindsayOliver LindsayÅr siden
  • That kid just watching from the doorway in the last video though

    Pole TookePole TookeÅr siden
  • 0:21 thats not where that goes

    Mommie and Me MukbangsMommie and Me MukbangsÅr siden
  • 2:55 more like november 2009

    TombomskiyTombomskiyÅr siden
  • 3:10 perfect perfect that sounds so much like a midway game

    THE FREEEMAN 2048THE FREEEMAN 2048År siden
    • it's the same both times

      THE FREEEMAN 2048THE FREEEMAN 2048År siden
  • When people get hurrtttttt 1:04 1:10 1:19 1:38 2:01 2:34 2:48 2:58 3:09 3:17 3:30 3:49 4:16 4:36 4:56 5:09

    SickoPsychicSickoPsychicÅr siden
  • I love it man!

    SpencerSpencerÅr siden
  • AgainArmy strikes again

    You botYou botÅr siden
  • Welp. Looks like you really can only post somewhat boring fails anymore, lets check your app for better content

    Beat MeyerBeat MeyerÅr siden
  • Well, it’s good to see that people are doing something in their lives.

    Alessandro LeonAlessandro LeonÅr siden
  • 2:56 that was me failing over a decade ago. Idk how this video got here but that’s ok

    Weaver FeverWeaver FeverÅr siden
  • Fail Army was good, but yet...

    Ray UchidaRay UchidaÅr siden
  • board = bored

    JLPT N1 Japanese English FrenchJLPT N1 Japanese English FrenchÅr siden
  • Hey guys my new song avialable here 👉open.spotify.com/album/5UVibrWxbWgdenj77LFzXV?si=e-0ItBRWTAiDuUYPVqtbmg

    Daniel Charles CookDaniel Charles CookÅr siden
  • Do metallic fails.

    PengulinPengulinÅr siden
  • I’m bored too watching this 💩

    Q & AQ & AÅr siden
  • niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeęeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MraleX 5x5MraleX 5x5År siden
  • George Washington : "I cannot tell a lie." tRump : "I cannot tell the truth." tRump voter : "I cannot tell the difference!"

    Night KnightNight KnightÅr siden
  • Fail Ja Vu

    James McHaleJames McHaleÅr siden
  • How do I send u a video. It’s hilarious.

    Angel BurgheziAngel BurgheziÅr siden
  • i laughed during this vid. about ehh......zero seconds......but thats my fault i guess.

    Ego adiuvabo teEgo adiuvabo teÅr siden
  • People are stupid. Ugly and stupid.

    Chalapa EduardovnaChalapa EduardovnaÅr siden
  • Why Your Subscribers Stuck At 14.7 Failarmy?

  • I wanna know the music of minute 0:14 and 0:15

    Jose PerezJose PerezÅr siden
  • Best job ever, just keeps reposting “new” videos. Failarmy: No just retitle the videos and post. Crap 💩

    JustinJustinÅr siden
  • 0:35 chicken laugh

    Severus SnapeSeverus SnapeÅr siden
  • HEY GUYS!! Guess what!? I bet you thought you were going to get some new videos in the latest fail army episode buuut we have a better idea. Lets just play clips that we already have from 4yrs ago...maybe no one will remember. It seems to work in literally every other fail army episode...😒.

    Devil Dog GamingDevil Dog GamingÅr siden

    r,imsorryjonr,imsorryjonÅr siden
  • FAIL, bitch ass!

    Mathin3DMathin3DÅr siden
  • Que mezcla más raaaara 😑

    Iván CIván CÅr siden
  • The real fail here is vertical videos

    offtomars1offtomars1År siden
  • Some say the guy is still looking for the board in the water

    BlueFlag AlphaBlueFlag AlphaÅr siden
  • 2:51 My name is Chris?)

    Kaminari GuitarKaminari GuitarÅr siden
  • I'm a Board m...f... I'm a Board

    Kaminari GuitarKaminari GuitarÅr siden
  • 2:02 *DOUBLE KILL*

    Teen PerspektivaTeen PerspektivaÅr siden
  • Everyone : "Its middle of winter!" Fail Army : "I know! Summer time videos!"

    WMV GamingWMV GamingÅr siden
  • Fail

    Michael bondsMichael bondsÅr siden
  • I'm balls deep in boardom

    Amateur WorkoutAmateur WorkoutÅr siden
  • 100% of all these people got what they deserve

    Jonny BorgJonny BorgÅr siden
  • Greta Thunberg is proud of you Failarmy! This is 100% recycled content

    ReizaReizaÅr siden
    • Reiza It’s also free so fuck you, smartass.

      guitarista67guitarista6711 måneder siden
    • Reiza yeah after they sold the channel a few years ago it’s just reused clips.

      KurtzKurtzÅr siden
    • So is this joke. 🙄

      Jonathon BallJonathon BallÅr siden
    • Get bent Gerty ! Lol

      Metal BobMetal BobÅr siden
    • She’s proud of you as well Reiza because this joke is 100% recycled

      Jeff MillerJeff MillerÅr siden
  • Spoilers: the person falls down. On every. single. video. Yawn.

    Akicita A.Akicita A.År siden
  • I wonder when y’all will start using new clips.

    Andy GeeAndy GeeÅr siden
    • Why TF are u watching this if u hate it?

      Thorag DaulThorag Daul11 måneder siden
    • guitarista67 Lololololololololololololololololol

      Andy GeeAndy Gee11 måneder siden
    • Andy Gee When your life has value.

      guitarista67guitarista6711 måneder siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/uV_If9xoms28mqM.html Check this out

      ThanÖs GamingThanÖs GamingÅr siden
  • I was hoping there would be at least one clip with somebody getting whacked upside the head with a 2 X 4...

    EvilwhiteclownpunkEvilwhiteclownpunkÅr siden
  • 5:06 Несколько сантиметров левее и уже было бы не так весело.

    oNo CommentsoNo CommentsÅr siden
    • Ага

      Iren LunevaIren LunevaÅr siden
  • Oof

    X7aterGamingX7aterGamingÅr siden
  • 2:27 When you just don’t give a fuck about your grades, but they come back to bite you in the ass

    Logan SkinnerLogan SkinnerÅr siden
  • I was so scared the dude was going to hit the rocks 5:08

    ChristopherChristopherÅr siden
    • Marc sein who to is schumacher

      Bridget RobinsonBridget Robinson11 måneder siden
    • @Marc sein he didnt really die but he is pretty much a vegetable now sadly

      Andrei GeeabAndrei GeeabÅr siden
    • Ikr

      Mate KlecsanyMate KlecsanyÅr siden
    • Schumacher died this way.

      Marc seinMarc seinÅr siden
  • After watching so many fail army videos, I think they should make skateboards that float on water.

    Henry TehHenry TehÅr siden
  • We have a indo board. Haven't fallen yet!

    Joshua DanielsonJoshua DanielsonÅr siden
  • Que porrazos ( golpes)se dan😀🤣!!!!! Exelentes 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😘❤🇦🇷

    Andrea DtAndrea DtÅr siden
  • whole lot of pain

    MAGAMAGAÅr siden
  • 4:19 sounds like a car starting.

    Alex Tube250Alex Tube250År siden
    • i thought of a flock of turkeys

      Andrew McConnellAndrew McConnellÅr siden
    • @red foxx No

      Merrillee ParksMerrillee ParksÅr siden
  • Pretty sure she finished out her set on the last one. Not a fail.

    SleepFaster18SleepFaster18År siden
  • 3:00 “Chucky???”

    Yosafire17Yosafire17År siden
  • 05:25 name???

    De toda vainaDe toda vainaÅr siden
  • I’m board: get on board ( no nut November) | FailArmy That’s how it should be named Lmao😂

    International FanInternational FanÅr siden
  • Get on board? Naw😐✋ Get me bored Yaaahhhh😐👍

    Joe WhoJoe WhoÅr siden
  • Imagine geatting board on a board

    BKG StudiosBKG StudiosÅr siden
  • Soft bloopers. The last good era for bloopers was in the 2000s

    Ho Lee FokHo Lee FokÅr siden
    • @Gemma Walters :)

      Ho Lee FokHo Lee FokÅr siden
    • Ho Lee Fok oh makes sense now 😊

      Gemma WaltersGemma WaltersÅr siden
    • @Gemma Walters Its the 2010's next year the new era (2020's) 🙂

      Ho Lee FokHo Lee FokÅr siden
    • what do you mean? *it is the 2000’s 😂*

      Gemma WaltersGemma WaltersÅr siden
  • Ok seriously we need to address the fact that these people jump into lakes without life jackets on or go into boats without them like wtf they got the stamina of a goat or sum shit cuz swimming is exhausting

    Mc HammerMc HammerÅr siden
    • Mc Hammer or maybe you just bad at swimming 😂

      Gavin JonesGavin JonesÅr siden
  • I bet the people holding the camera that yell "I got it! I got it on film!" are the same people that write "First!" in comments,

    OJ The VikingOJ The VikingÅr siden
    • OJ The Viking for sure and no worries! have a nice day!

      Gemma WaltersGemma WaltersÅr siden
    • @Gemma Walters Oh! Lol, my bad, I completely misread your original reply then. Thanks for clarifying 🤘

      OJ The VikingOJ The VikingÅr siden
    • OJ The Viking No! like actually honestly it didn’t in fact it was actually a pretty good comment! i was just joking back at your joke!

      Gemma WaltersGemma WaltersÅr siden
    • @Gemma Walters Didn't say I struck any of your nerves :)

      OJ The VikingOJ The VikingÅr siden
    • OJ The Viking lmao what do you mean by that? 😂 i mean, ive never said ‘FIRST’ so i wouldnt know

      Gemma WaltersGemma WaltersÅr siden
  • 2:15 lmao what an awkward faceplant.

    ContingenceContingenceÅr siden
  • This is so funny

    Ameila Rosalina The HedgehogAmeila Rosalina The HedgehogÅr siden
  • Last clip was so predictable

    Kris VerduycktKris VerduycktÅr siden

    ObviousObviousÅr siden
  • 5:33 She earned it

    Franchu MirFranchu MirÅr siden
  • Zero fucks given by little girl at the end.

    Atheist OrphanAtheist OrphanÅr siden
  • HAHAHAHAHA watching the same fail all over again for the past 10 years HAHAHAHAHA

    B_DuckB_DuckÅr siden
  • Balance board is a good way to break your hip.

    LostInPALostInPAÅr siden
    • amen for that bro

      Amateur WorkoutAmateur WorkoutÅr siden
  • Hey

    Damon AagardDamon AagardÅr siden
  • I member the time when failarmy was good.. This is shit

    Angelika JAngelika JÅr siden
  • "Cool" people + board= big fail 😁✌

    PM2000PM2000År siden
  • no wonder ya bored if you keep uploading the same shit over and over

    STAG162STAG162År siden
  • November 2019 kills all boards - of course...!

    L77kim77lL77kim77lÅr siden
  • Ok

    Karim MohamedKarim MohamedÅr siden
  • Definitely excited for Thanksgiving next Thursday

    arton gamerarton gamerÅr siden
  • Lol the first guy is dumb, what was he expecting?

    Third EyeThird EyeÅr siden
  • First clip, I would've dived in after it, if I spent a lot of money on it. Otherwise, it can sleep with the fishes.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.Werewolf O. London, Esq.År siden
  • App doesn't work 🤷

    RawlitXRawlitXÅr siden
    • It's a _FAILARMY_ app, and you expected it to work?!

      Werewolf O. London, Esq.Werewolf O. London, Esq.År siden
  • Guys !! FIX you app !!

    mrygatormrygatorÅr siden
  • Who the hell made these boards?! They're kinda mortal XD

    alejandra walterosalejandra walterosÅr siden
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG the only thing funnier than snowboarding fails are diving board fails!!! I laugh my ass off every time a diving board breaks behind some fat guy, keep 'em coming, FailArmy!

    Zero AccountabilityZero AccountabilityÅr siden
  • 😂😂😂

    Luke MitchellLuke MitchellÅr siden
  • 0:38 what is this place? I'm in love

    Pronyaeva AngelinaPronyaeva AngelinaÅr siden
    • Gibraltar

      xcarraskixcarraskiÅr siden
  • Yup. She earned it.

    Jane SmithJane SmithÅr siden
  • 3:40 is that a Tuuuuuuuuuurd in the pool? Dick Tuuuuuuuuuuurd

    Pete CoventryPete CoventryÅr siden