I Let The Instagram Shop Tab Pick My Outfits

6. nov.. 2020
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EDIT: as of 11/13/2020, it looks like instagram has actually put even more emphasis on the shop tab in their newest app update by placing it on the bottom bar of the app, just to the right of the "reels" tab! So, it looks like it's here to stay - and if you're looking for your shop tab, check the bottom bar!
Hello friends! Today, I return to the land of internet hauls and social media targeted recommendations - with a deep dive into the Instagram shop tab! Previously, I have bought things recommended to me via targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, NOworld, and Snapchat - and when the shop tab was rolled out - peeking its lil head out from behind the explore page - I was instantly intrigued. So I spent an evening perusing the shop tab, finding 3 different common themes of what Instagram wanted me to buy, and then purchasing those things, and trying them out. It was a WILD ride, as Instagram recommended me everything from full-on historical costumes to trendy "e-girl" fashion. Which outfit was your favorite? What's on your shop tab?
Safiya's Instagram: instagram.com/safiyany/
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  • EDIT: as of 11/13/2020, it looks like instagram has actually put even more emphasis on the shop tab in their newest app update by placing it on the bottom bar of the app, just to the right of the "reels" tab! So, it looks like it's here to stay - and if you're looking for your shop tab, check the bottom bar! xoxo, saf HELLO FRIENDS!! here is a quite lengthy deep dive into the shop tab that i had a really fun time filming - i feel like i'm lowkey exposing myself & my instagram habits in this video, but that's ok 😂let me know what's on your shop tab in the comments below! xoxo, saf

    Safiya NygaardSafiya Nygaard19 dager siden
    • I want to dress you can dress for a week! I got pretty princess style

      Aura KittyAura Kitty4 timer siden
    • You're this close to hit 10million subs omg love your channel

      zoeyy lockszoeyy locksDag siden
    • Wow hi :) I’m last lol

      Anna RussakoffAnna Russakoff3 dager siden
    • fine! ill watch dammit!

      shayla jaydenshayla jayden3 dager siden
    • those boots are banging, and this is from a 50 year old grandma

      Rose BarrettRose Barrett8 dager siden
  • love the wallpaper of tyler (sorry if i spelt his name wrong i dont know names)

    Alan HuizarAlan Huizar45 minutter siden
  • 19:25 -- WH- WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? 🤣 LMAOOOO 😭🤣

    Magick MiirorMagick Miiror2 timer siden
  • pls pls PLS cosplay as Castaspella from She-Ra you literally look EXACTLY LIKE HER

    Reyna WalesReyna Wales2 timer siden
  • “DIET GOTH” i’m literally screaming

    niduoe streniduoe stre3 timer siden
  • i lived for the witch outfit

    Megan PerezMegan Perez5 timer siden
    • Where is her phone case from? I love it

      niduoe streniduoe stre3 timer siden
  • Her skin is beautiful. She was literally glowing lol

    Marshmallow SweetsMarshmallow Sweets5 timer siden

    Jorge TrujilloJorge Trujillo5 timer siden
  • 1800 witch, 2020 witch, 2000 soft witch

    Denisse LoyaDenisse Loya6 timer siden
  • I'm gonna need a full cover of Ridin Dirty in a colonial style now, and it has to be Saf singing it. Who else is with me on this? 👀👀👀

    Diamond FoxDiamond Fox6 timer siden
  • living in Oregon and hearing yall say oregone hurts my soul.

    Melissa VillaMelissa Villa6 timer siden
  • You never post why tho?

    Ash joe BinderAsh joe Binder9 timer siden
  • #Thankmas noworld.info/video/video/vJivlNarpbiy0NU.html

    DiscoChixifyDiscoChixify9 timer siden
  • Also it’s kawaii style the pastels

    anything and everythinganything and everything9 timer siden
  • Your voice hits a similar happiness in my brain as corpse husband’s voice

    elfielfi10 timer siden
  • instagram was like: she's either a 2020's witch, or a 1690's witch

    Premeplug LondonPremeplug London10 timer siden
  • i NEED the entire goth fit

    dev devdev dev12 timer siden
  • Don’t say Oregon like that

    Samantha JesterSamantha Jester12 timer siden
  • Good job with the wig Tyler!

    TheOccasionalArtistTheOccasionalArtist13 timer siden
  • Everything is impossible until you do it. Don’t know where I heard that from but it’s not my quote. Great content 👍

    Travel DroneTravel Drone13 timer siden
  • Seeing the Jenna and Julien clip made my heart hurt. I miss them so much

    Emmy RobisonEmmy Robison14 timer siden
  • Where is her phone case from? I love it

    Maria GilMaria Gil15 timer siden

    blackpink in your areablackpink in your area15 timer siden
  • Her background was Tyler

    Volta •Volta •16 timer siden
  • Mix all the. Foundations at Sophora that are your colour together

    The official CiwiannThe official Ciwiann16 timer siden
  • mina 🥺🥺

    RedVelvetFanBoyRedVelvetFanBoy16 timer siden
  • super impressed with the stars under your eyes! great makeup job! fun video!

    Robin LundgrenRobin Lundgren16 timer siden
  • Did you guys get a house have you had a house?!!!? I’m out of the lupdeloop...

    Jess CJess C19 timer siden
  • You look like Just sharon @justsharon

    Emma REmma R20 timer siden
  • I screamed when I say mina❤️

    yeji ponytailyeji ponytail21 time siden
  • You look like an anime character... have you ever tried cosplaying?

    Prille SanzPrille Sanz22 timer siden
  • I'd wear that pink crop jacket with a little black dress

    a sa s22 timer siden
  • You should try Swedish candy and cookies

    Olivia Linnea BersicoOlivia Linnea Bersico22 timer siden

    Kim DoyoungKim Doyoung23 timer siden
  • I thought the suspender dress was slightly reminiscent of your K-POP video. You might do an episode where you see how many K-POP outfits you can make out of clothes you already have, both from your own closet and videos.

    bergamotblondebergamotblondeDag siden
  • I kept putting off watching this video because I thought, "I don't have time to watch a 40 minute video," but it doesn't feel like a 40 minute video. The production quality is good enough that there's no point I'm like, "Is this over yet." Which I think shows why we keep coming back.

    bergamotblondebergamotblondeDag siden
  • I Love the witchy shoes, I legit want them-

    Phee BearPhee BearDag siden
  • Did anyone else notice her wallpaper? Or just me? By the way that's a great wallpaper safiya

    Manisha GounderManisha GounderDag siden
    • I actually love the last look!!! I love the pink!!!!💗💗💗

      minij hooiminij hooiDag siden
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    Diana HanksDiana HanksDag siden
    • Safiya is slowly becoming more of an adams family character

      minij hooiminij hooiDag siden
  • You absolutely killed the goth lewk

    Rachel SchmidtRachel SchmidtDag siden
  • Lowkey Instagram is trying t o create another Amazon for clothes

    Amal AmooraAmal AmooraDag siden
  • I post modest clothing outfits and social justice, and Instagram is showing me a combination of both.

    Amal AmooraAmal AmooraDag siden
  • Mark Zuckerberg is trying to kill me is totally the thought of Hawaiian Natives when he was trying to occupy their land.

    Amal AmooraAmal AmooraDag siden
  • I love the Minga London style and I have so many of their items on my wishlist on instagram.

    Melody RoseMelody RoseDag siden
  • Did Tyler say Safiya is going to have "pink-ass hair" or "pink ass-hair"🤔

    Miranda GayMiranda GayDag siden
  • *the internet* safiyas pegnant *safiya* I'M A BAT

    Settlers Ridge Social CommitteeSettlers Ridge Social CommitteeDag siden
  • I love safiyas background 😂

    Settlers Ridge Social CommitteeSettlers Ridge Social CommitteeDag siden
  • 31:00 i would get rid of the jacket, maybe put the wig in pigtails :3

    Aesthetic DiorAesthetic DiorDag siden
  • I swear is it just me or does the last outfit makes her look like yammy

    Smazzi OfficialSmazzi OfficialDag siden
  • Honey has sponsored literally EVERY youtuber oh my goshhh

    Aesthetic DiorAesthetic DiorDag siden
  • please do more kpop stuff

    libbylibbyDag siden
  • Your black skirt was on backwards

    Diana ValdovinosDiana ValdovinosDag siden
  • the intro song gives me phineas and ferb vibes i don't know why, does anyone else agree?

    Mystie PatrickMystie PatrickDag siden
    • thank you for the like!

      Mystie PatrickMystie Patrick3 timer siden
  • Safiya is slowly becoming more of an adams family character

    Soph M.Soph M.Dag siden
  • I actually love the last look!!! I love the pink!!!!💗💗💗

    uriel angelauriel angelaDag siden
  • How do you know about ag ( American Girl)

    AJ’s AGAJ’s AGDag siden
  • Hey Saf, Igot an idea. How about another lipstick melting experiment, but every color has the same amount of lipstick. Like 10 reds, 10 pinks, 10 orange, 10 green? Idk something like that. Maybe you would get a different color of frankenlipstick. You always get the color of idk magenta (?) because the red, pink, and nudes are always has a bigger amount than other colors. Just an idea. Like this guys, so that Saf will see :)

    Danila AzizahraDanila AzizahraDag siden
  • the "e-girl' Is Baby doll and kawaii retro i would say !

    Frank StevensFrank StevensDag siden
  • The 3rd look is y2k

    Aimee GrayAimee GrayDag siden
  • Is she a fan of 𝐓𝐖𝐈𝐂𝐄🍭나무위키? I see nayeonandchaeyoung

    Slomi KimmySlomi KimmyDag siden
  • 22:15 I'm literally crying of laughter

    Alexander BurrAlexander BurrDag siden
  • When is the next video coming???

    Rishita SachdevRishita SachdevDag siden
  • Saf is so pretty without makeup :3

    Sakura_ Coke。Sakura_ Coke。Dag siden
  • ❤ instagram.com/castrolike/

    Quando Estiver Lendo Os Comentários Eu estarei LáQuando Estiver Lendo Os Comentários Eu estarei LáDag siden
  • Is it just me or does safiya looks just like Dua Lipa

    happily ever afterhappily ever afterDag siden
  • Omg you're this close to hit 10 million subscribers lucky you love your channel I am new but I saw your cat why don't you make a cat channel it will be so cute and handsome 😍

    zoeyy lockszoeyy locksDag siden
    • Hope you reach 10million subscriber ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      zoeyy lockszoeyy locksDag siden
  • Hi saf! You probably won't see this but, Do you think you could do a Franken-Perfume? You just LOVE bad make-up science and I thought this might be fun to watch!

    Rylie BreedingRylie BreedingDag siden
  • Corporate America sees your life going marriage, babies, then you must buy Disney. I think there is a secret mailing list you get added to when you get married. They do it to everyone 😂

    LuvlyLeoLuvlyLeoDag siden
  • I love minga london

    danidaniDag siden
  • She should try modern style aesthetic looks, like dark academia, cottage core, modern hippie, actual e-girl, etc.

    bobby chenbobby chenDag siden
  • Why is nobody talking abaout her glowup

    ani tugushiani tugushiDag siden
  • Why are you always wear black cloths

    Divya AnushaDivya AnushaDag siden
  • i like the outfits but plz remember goth isn't just an aesthetic

    RansidiousRansidiousDag siden
  • Where did you get your masks? Did I miss that park? I’m obsessed!

    Alexandria RosenAlexandria RosenDag siden
  • I love the Witch shirt!

    Loki's WitchLoki's Witch2 dager siden
  • is no one gonna talk abt itzy and twice on her explore page- omg i didnt know she likes kpop

    Haley DawnHaley Dawn2 dager siden
  • looks like she had some kind of cosmetic facial surgery. Don't you think?

    grassofficergrassofficer2 dager siden
    • yes the nose.... eh?

      grassofficergrassofficer2 dager siden
  • Her voice... just the voice is what I come here for...

    TrooperTrooper2 dager siden
    • Anyone remember about Safiya's tattoo?

      minij hooiminij hooi2 dager siden
  • The wig looked good (as in well applied not sure it’s you). I can say this in full confidence as my friends have LOADS and wear them A LOT. So I’m pretty knowledgeable on the wig front.

    Emerald LilyEmerald Lily2 dager siden
    • This looks super similar to Jenna marbles home from that one angle. Maybe it’s just me.

      minij hooiminij hooi2 dager siden
  • Love the witch outfit it looks so amazing. To me anyway 😂 Very modernesque Morticia Adams.

    Emerald LilyEmerald Lily2 dager siden
  • pink one is soft girl lmao

    Tea LakicTea Lakic2 dager siden
  • I actually really like the pink look 💗

    Kelly ByrdKelly Byrd2 dager siden
  • the virginia joke.. i feel seen

    kiwi93kiwi932 dager siden
  • She should try modern style aesthetic looks, like dark academia, cottage core, modern hippie, actual e-girl, etc.

    Fat VapesFat Vapes2 dager siden
  • How come you only post a video once a month?

    Bianca RangelBianca Rangel2 dager siden

    Becca KelleyBecca Kelley2 dager siden
  • Don't hate me for saying this bit Tyler looks like Jon Gosselin 😬🤫

    Anna CAnna C2 dager siden
  • Saf: *Thinks that an E-Girl wears pink and that sort of stuff* Me: E-Girls are kinda gothic.

    EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!2 dager siden
  • The Jenna and Julien bit made me just 🥺😢

    KTB runnerKTB runner2 dager siden

    BatmanBatman2 dager siden
  • DRINK FRANKEN-TEA OUT OF THE FRANKEN-MUG!!! (Or coffee if you're not into tea...)

    Stephanie AStephanie A2 dager siden
  • Ok ok I have a video idea for you so there a these vitamins called beervana there suppose to make you tits and booty bigger so could you do a video testing them out 👀

    Amy AlemanAmy Aleman2 dager siden
  • This looks super similar to Jenna marbles home from that one angle. Maybe it’s just me.

    Chels BChels B2 dager siden
  • Anyone remember about Safiya's tattoo?

    Kara StarkKara Stark2 dager siden
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    Casey DavisCasey Davis2 dager siden
  • I must have really bad style because I think the e-girl outfit works together.

    Salt and PiperSalt and Piper2 dager siden
  • Okay, but honey is actually super useful and everyone should have it

    J SJ S2 dager siden
  • I see TWICE❤️😂

    Jimuella AniascoJimuella Aniasco2 dager siden
  • Most of the pictures shown on that site are stolen from other brands I.e. the power puff girls top is actually from a brand called omighty, and that spray painted mannequin is from their shop and site

    Jessica Fraser-latimerJessica Fraser-latimer2 dager siden
  • 0:38 .....Once?😏

    kasane tetokasane teto2 dager siden
    • Like a bulldozerrrr

      Victoria spooksVictoria spooks2 dager siden