I Gave My Stream 30 Minutes to Buy ANYTHING They Want

29. april. 2021
924 514 Ganger

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  • ludwig should never say that he wants an item, that 100% means he's not going to get it

    MrBigNicholasMrBigNicholas16 minutter siden
  • damn, talk about a tax cut

    AraZanyAraZanyTime siden
  • homie wil just return them afterwards

    Alix HehnAlix Hehn3 timer siden

    StrawStraw4 timer siden
  • damn, I was thinking everyone would add a maid outfit or some shit like that.

    Worms are coolWorms are cool7 timer siden
  • Technically vetoed the Supra

    PeaNuhtyPeaNuhty10 timer siden
  • Ludwig just called anime cringe... very disappointing

    NewtNewt12 timer siden

    Jack HowdenJack Howden12 timer siden
  • How is cowboy bebop cringe but one piece isnt

    DendleDendle17 timer siden
  • I want that Cowboy Bebop figure

    Narathip AssavadejmetakulNarathip Assavadejmetakul17 timer siden
  • That nami figurine is better than tom brady.

    KurojiKuroji17 timer siden
    • Imo. 😂

      KurojiKuroji17 timer siden
  • I have that hot tub

    Madison BallMadison BallDag siden
  • The fact that you can buy a literal hot tub on amazon amazes me

    hungrywormhungrywormDag siden
  • i hope he does a video of using all of these

    JustyJustyDag siden
  • I swear Ludwig could open a theme park for children with the amount of childish items he has now.

    multiskillakidmultiskillakidDag siden
  • Not buying the car definitely should've counted as a veto

    Griffin HauntsGriffin HauntsDag siden
  • Okay but I feel like you vetoed like seven things, lud

    olivia hingleyolivia hingleyDag siden
  • what about the Psyduck

    TGI DeathroTGI DeathroDag siden
  • Whats really funny is he can write this off as a work expense

    Jess PriceJess PriceDag siden
  • This was boring dude. Chat just voted for the stuff he wanted (with a small few exceptions).

    Cole McNeilCole McNeilDag siden
  • When you finally hit that age where home goods and appliances excite you the most.

    ColonelOfIntellectColonelOfIntellectDag siden
  • disgusting doesn't even like galaga

    King BlindbeardKing BlindbeardDag siden
  • Van Nuys, CA 91316, USA

    Eliisorp EliisorpEliisorp EliisorpDag siden

    DarkarkillDarkarkillDag siden
  • nice

    mec appelé Cédricmec appelé CédricDag siden
  • That nightstand looks boujee as hell tho. I would want that

    jacobjacobDag siden
  • If it’s really anything I’ll take a multimillion dollar portfolio and some dogecoin thanks bud

    R CR CDag siden
  • does the chat get the stuff or he keep it?

    zzzzzzDag siden
  • his address is in the video

    Jalen123Jalen123Dag siden
  • Bruh, the shure ksm44a is the markiplier mic

    ElectrisomaElectrisomaDag siden
  • i swear to god if you dont put those keycaps on your keyboard permanently imma be angy

    Constantin BrouillardConstantin Brouillard2 dager siden
  • wtf man. I need my bois fix

    AutoImmuneDefficiency Syndrome SpectrumAutoImmuneDefficiency Syndrome Spectrum2 dager siden
  • Is that his credit card on the thumbnail?

    Orbz FloOrbz Flo2 dager siden
  • lol, ludwig was a band kid

    steezykrsteezykr2 dager siden
  • Ludwig does all his intros live so he can’t even redo them if he messes them up

    NikoNiko2 dager siden
    • true

      ThanosThanos2 dager siden
  • Anime Kinda Cringe. Couldn't be me 😅

    Brent ReddickBrent Reddick2 dager siden
  • the world is backwards

    Brent ReddickBrent Reddick2 dager siden
  • Time to buy an illustrator pikachu

    AVA_RadioAVA_Radio2 dager siden
  • 17:46 *points at the Zaku: “a gUndam” 😂💀

    DeadstreakDeadstreak2 dager siden
  • E

    Nike ENike E2 dager siden
  • So who sends the link for the product to ludwig? In twitch chat? I don't understand??

    venkata krishnanvenkata krishnan2 dager siden
    • @venkata krishnan true

      Totally Baited youTotally Baited youDag siden
    • @Totally Baited you If u were successful, then ur user name would be so perfect, like "totally baited u to buy a costly thing"😂😂

      venkata krishnanvenkata krishnanDag siden
    • @venkata krishnan I just remembered it was 189 thousand my bad

      Totally Baited youTotally Baited youDag siden
    • @venkata krishnan i was 3 minutes late

      Totally Baited youTotally Baited youDag siden
    • @Totally Baited you Man!!! U sre so brutall!!!😂😂

      venkata krishnanvenkata krishnanDag siden
  • Damn i wish i were on the stream.

    Retro CysperRetro Cysper2 dager siden
  • SCAM

    MaxMax2 dager siden
  • You know a player is hated when TWITCH CHAT votes no to make SOMEONE ELSE spend four grand on their merch

    Clay WaldieClay Waldie2 dager siden
  • My respect for chat for getting the nami figure 😭❤️

    Wintz02Wintz022 dager siden
  • One piece Les gooooo

    Shdh SdhdhShdh Sdhdh2 dager siden
  • Most these suggestion seem like kids suggested these things, i would of chosen like a mini gun paintball gun, a box of bees, socker boppers, etc. Something he can do with for the next videos.

    Dave inthegraveDave inthegrave2 dager siden
  • why dont you do this for a big stream and buy stuff for people. you got the money and would be donating to the fans. i think id help out alot of people in the community. Just ab idea! could be a trend setter for youtubers cause of donations whilest doing so

    Ethan LottEthan Lott2 dager siden
  • He said he had three vetos, and used one...

    Iron TwistIron Twist3 dager siden
  • Am I the only one wondering if there was an idiot who read the card number in the thumbnail?

    Ghasty 0213Ghasty 02133 dager siden
  • Flashlight was from markiplier lol

    Teddy AbbateTeddy Abbate3 dager siden
  • Next to the search bar it says that he lives in Encino, which is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, Ludwig if you see this then take that down!

    ColinColin3 dager siden

    Spider JSpider J3 dager siden
  • i just want the pretzal warmer

    Isaac LahammerIsaac Lahammer3 dager siden
  • So this is how he spent his subathon money

    NeumanatorNeumanator3 dager siden
  • you forgot "me" in the title

    AntibastianAntibastian3 dager siden
  • "You know what they are, they're spoilers for anime. Yep."

    IanIan3 dager siden
  • I would love to see Ludwig do this kind of video on like Etsy or focusing on small businesses that sell through Amazon. The exposure and the money I’m sure would be greatly appreciated by people who run those businesses. Just a thought, loved the video 💕💕

    Kaitie McPheeKaitie McPhee3 dager siden
  • When do we get to see you use these

    W YoungW Young3 dager siden
  • "…buy YOU anything you don't mind buying."

    Hans BHans B3 dager siden
  • I remember back then when he capped at 200$

    ChiquitaChiquita3 dager siden
  • Who is cutie?

    jessilee430jessilee4304 dager siden
    • @coolnathan09 I'm sorry for not knowing I'm new to this channel as well :))

      Rat MatatRat Matat3 dager siden
    • @Rat Matat Nah just girlfriend, hes married to the grind

      coolnathan09coolnathan093 dager siden
    • @jessilee430 I think that's his wife

      Rat MatatRat Matat3 dager siden
    • New to his channel, sorry

      jessilee430jessilee4304 dager siden
  • Lmfao a Nami figure

    Kyledude97Kyledude974 dager siden

    MrBananaMrBanana4 dager siden
    • How is it clickbait?

      Mr.Fishstick _YTMr.Fishstick _YT4 dager siden
  • He leaked his address 😂

    JaviatorJaviator4 dager siden
  • “Does my trumpet come with a silencer?

    Henry TsevisHenry Tsevis4 dager siden
  • “I can’t buy a car on stream” you sure, Lud?

    NovagatsNovagats4 dager siden
  • He freaks out about the hot tub but I look at it an realize that my girlfriends had has the same one

    Lethal LiquidatorLethal Liquidator4 dager siden
  • Money is no longer a factor for the community.

    Ty FrancisTy Francis4 dager siden
  • must of been hard to sleep and get paided more then anyone arnd idk how ignorant think is was funny to give tons of money to someone sleeping in their bed

    the 9009374th genderthe 9009374th gender4 dager siden
    • Wow someone’s salty. If it’s so easy then do it yourself 😃let me know how it goes

      Mr.Fishstick _YTMr.Fishstick _YT4 dager siden
  • some ppl just wanna watch the world burn

    DumboDumbo4 dager siden
  • When he said he was the fourth best at trumpet I knew what was coming

    HyperlyteHyperlyte4 dager siden
  • #mrbeast lol

    Alessio De MatteisAlessio De Matteis4 dager siden
  • Why don't you use Honey 🍯🍯🍯🍯

    HelloHello4 dager siden
  • No one said "hi youtube" :(

    Keshan ReddyKeshan Reddy4 dager siden
  • Why whenever someone giveaway money he Tag mrbeast?

    LameZaynLameZayn4 dager siden
  • 111111111111111111 I voted 20 times does that mean you need to get 20 things

    Tyler MarshallTyler Marshall4 dager siden
  • wait so if he shows the credit card on video doesn’t that mean we can use it?

    Briight SStarsBriight SStars4 dager siden
  • #Mrbeast? SHAMELESS!

    ERikERik4 dager siden
  • "uh oh an among us costume. thats pretty sus" bahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahah hahahahah lmfaooo woooooo no wonder you're the most famous and funniest twitch streamer.

    DoYouSmokeKushDoYouSmokeKush4 dager siden

      Michelle Obama foot creamMichelle Obama foot cream7 timer siden

    Gavin0828Gavin08284 dager siden
  • I mean, i dont feel too bad, he gets a tax writeoff on those items because its a business expense, and some of them are neet

    YollopukiYollopuki4 dager siden
  • I was doing my homework while watching this, as soon as 12:26 rolled around, I looked up so god damn fast

    Bryce BoukaterBryce Boukater5 dager siden
  • He could just veto the one piece figurine but ig live your best life

    Gordon is SaltyGordon is Salty5 dager siden
  • Ludwig: *exists* His fans: this is where the fun begins

    Generic PersonGeneric Person5 dager siden
  • Uhhh lud, your address is in the video you might wanna move out because now people know it in the top left during the thanos suit purchase it says deliver to encino 91316 if this isn't your house Its fine but that's not good

    Astin LindseyAstin Lindsey5 dager siden
  • 14:36 bottom left. Wtf?

    King_of_ KickingKing_of_ Kicking5 dager siden
  • He's not even giving it away lmao "Pick things for me to buy! Should I get a signed autograph oOo"

    Cloudy NineCloudy Nine5 dager siden
  • jeff bezos is laughing in his grave

    Tom McNamaraTom McNamara5 dager siden
  • N...D....L L...D....N

    UltiGoUltiGo5 dager siden
  • bro all i want is a graphics card that isnt 10 years old😪

    Soupy FnSoupy Fn5 dager siden
  • Adda boi

    Stephen FulmerStephen Fulmer5 dager siden
  • They missed the golden opportunity of adding a 3090 to the cart to increase the price by like $10,000

    Kyotori GamingKyotori Gaming5 dager siden
  • The Faye and spike figure is sick

    Jack GJack G5 dager siden
  • I really wanted Ludwig to buy a MK4 Supra

    Parth BansalParth Bansal5 dager siden
  • I hate when they waste cart space with stupid, cheap items. Get this man some quality goods people

    General BroadheadGeneral Broadhead5 dager siden
  • Ludwig would theoretically be the best person to write Twitch for dummies, he has an English degree, and he is the most subbed Twitch streamer

    Jack BJack B5 dager siden
  • I could spend that in Macy’s in ten

    Soup CampbellSoup Campbell5 dager siden
  • Doesn’t the nami figure light up I saw a demon slayer one similar and it lighted up in an insanely cool way

    Ok ButwhyOk Butwhy5 dager siden
  • What stream was this?

    RemizuRemizu5 dager siden