I Built a HUGE Lego Railway - Up Stairs & Underwater!

19. april. 2021
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I built a 100m Lego train track around my entire house and garden, including up the stairs, through a swimming pool, through a light tunnel, and through a rainforest dome.
Merch: halfasleepchris.com
Geodesic Dome Tutorial: noworld.info/video/video/vJ-WaJ5vpcfd2LM.html

  • FAQs: - Is there an unedited GoPro video of the train ride? Unfortunately not. I had to aim the GoPro slightly differently at different bits (such as angled left inside the rainforest dome), and occasionally edit it so I wouldn't be in the footage myself when I followed it around. Next time I'll invest in a 360 camera like many have requested and record a complete one! - How did you do the TV thing? I used the game Planet Zoo to build the cliff / waterfall / trees / train track. This meant I had complete control over the camera angles. I connected my laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable to perfectly match the real and digital track up, and then experimented with the timing. This is possibly my favourite part of the video :) - Where are the cats during the train ride? Asleep on the bed - Is this video sponsored by Lego (or Flex Tape)? No!

    Half-Asleep ChrisHalf-Asleep Chris16 dager siden
    • @Bad Triceratops No I would get too addicted. That said, I'll likely play a sequel if they release one :)

      Half-Asleep ChrisHalf-Asleep Chris3 timer siden
    • Have you tried Planet Coaster?

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    • Maybe you can do like one that goes to my house

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    • ah yes, logic.

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  • And 8:19for the train to start runnin

  • Why are there dislikes?

  • i just started to get addicted to legos and I got a cool lego set

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  • Ah the bridge rip reggie

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  • I do hope this video at least breaks even, cause that looks like a lot of time and money was spent to make this

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  • omg i remember how your made the golden bridge that feels its was soooo long ago

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  • Dear Chris, fantastic idea and work! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  • How do u have a girlfriend

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  • I’m a kid and holy crap I have the same train as him and I LOVE LEGOS and I can’t even do that

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    • I can’t even make that track

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  • 😮

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  • it's like a tour of the house

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  • I do this in Minecraft lol

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  • Rip

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  • 10:02 my fav ost

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  • when life gives you train lego sets you make a super long cool train track around your house

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  • Thank you so much I’ve never been on a train before you gave me a whole experience thank you Chris

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  • The GGB may be decommissioned but itll always be commissioned as a memorial for Reggie

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  • I wasn’t expecting hearing about a cat being dead... I’m sorry for your loss.

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  • 5:38 hi Phil Swift here for flex train!

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  • Are you from England chris

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  • RIP Reggie

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  • so cool

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  • Thank you for making my day

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  • I'm so sorry for Reggie!

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  • Amazing amount of time and work went into this. Not to mention expense. Sorry about your cat, but see in other videos you have two more. From amazon car hop trays.😊

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  • Imagine your the driver of the lego

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  • 8:17 is when the train starts going

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  • Glowsticks in the channel augh

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  • this was the greatest 12 minutes of my life also, Congrats!

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  • 8:20 Ride start

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  • Hi chris

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  • That's a lot of damage

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  • Thank you for completing my childhood dream for me

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  • We entering the glass house oh wait why it looks like a jungle but still I am impressed with your work

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  • Would look better with a drone just sayin!

  • No wonder lumber prices have skyrocketed.. my man is hoarding all the wood

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  • Wow

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  • diy for kids

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  • Not gonna lie this should be a toy for kids but not under 7 lol

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  • It must have taken hours to build

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  • I have subscribed and liked most of your videos i`m so sorry to hear Reggie died. And don`t let my icon fool you i`m a cat person like you!

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  • Dude this would be an extraordinary theme park ride

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  • 2:20 *sus*

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  • How much money that you spend on the tracks

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  • That tv transition was clean

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  • i ment reggie

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  • OHHHH I get obstacle #3 obstacle #tree

  • Or like containing giant testing tracks in big metal domes suspended in the air in a underground facility

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  • regey died oh.

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  • The little tv thing was amazing!

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  • Dude, how u do this!.

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  • If I was riding this, I would rate 10 out of 5 stars!

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  • i love trains

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  • this guy is the most wholesome guy ever

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  • This guy needs at least 1m subs by the end of this year tbh

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  • Wow that is a good Lego build

  • Hello I love your videos

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  • I found all the lego characters in the dome

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  • I will go die

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  • Half asleep Chris in money Chris>>>>>>>>>mr beast it’s true deal with it

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  • Poor danielle... 🤪😇

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  • Chris was my first youtuber that I subbed to and I love this vid

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  • i saw 5 LEGOs

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  • COOL

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  • I want to build one of these in my house

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  • A train has fallen into the river...

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  • Why did I shed a tear Lowkey brought me back to my early childhood

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  • Train crash?

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  • This should be a rollercoaster!

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