I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

11. okt.. 2020
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pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single

  • Food wars

    MurkkyM187MurkkyM187Minutt siden
  • Omg dark souls

    paingosbad :lpaingosbad :l2 minutter siden
  • Watching this makes me deeply regret giving my little sister my DSi years ago

    ink and fableink and fable2 minutter siden
  • What is your twitch? I really want to watch you stream😊

    Mr IcyMr Icy2 minutter siden
  • I love food wars

    Robson LikissaRobson Likissa3 minutter siden
  • You are the reason I wished for cooking mama on nintendo

    Majka PiotrowskaMajka Piotrowska3 minutter siden
  • Roblox :nope that game trash Oh oh.. ok nevermind

    Ab MarkAb Mark10 minutter siden
  • 8:53 admin card swipe be like:

    Ogen YoussefOgen Youssef11 minutter siden
  • Jaiden You FOOL by the time this came out i have already finished food wars TWICE

    JesterJester12 minutter siden
  • did u and james find out if u went to the same water park

    Henry KnightHenry Knight13 minutter siden
  • I don't know if your voice or your face is more beautiful, posdata me no se que poner así que adios

    Matrexprex COMatrexprex CO15 minutter siden
  • Jaiden's parents: Are u win... Jaiden: Yes yes I am

    MezmerLloydMezmerLloyd16 minutter siden

    Vincent PrawiraVincent Prawira17 minutter siden
  • Can we just appreciate that within this video there is Ari with a Cooking Mama head on it.

    DancingCheese65DancingCheese6517 minutter siden
  • Game looks really fun actually

    SAIGASAIGA21 minutt siden
  • Viva

    Eduardo FabiánEduardo Fabián32 minutter siden
    • México

      Eduardo FabiánEduardo Fabián32 minutter siden
  • Así que... Jaiden eres la mejor

    Eduardo FabiánEduardo Fabián32 minutter siden
  • Bueno nadie de aquí me entiende

    Eduardo FabiánEduardo Fabián33 minutter siden
  • Soy el único mexicano

    Eduardo FabiánEduardo Fabián33 minutter siden
  • Soy el único mexicano

    Eduardo FabiánEduardo Fabián34 minutter siden
  • If cooking Mama was single, then she wouldn't really be a mama would she? Unless she's a step parent....or a cougar..... Wait is cooking mama a cougar or are you adopted

    bofooit gojobofooit gojo43 minutter siden
  • Cooking wars be like: *Girl Moan* yamete

    Lean kingLean king51 minutt siden
  • Soy mexicano pero soy fan desde hace muuuuuuuuucho tiempo

    Santi YTSanti YT54 minutter siden
  • ( ‘ w ‘ )

    ROSHAN AJMALROSHAN AJMAL58 minutter siden
    • Hola jeiden (si alguien sobe español y puediera en los comentarios traducirlo al inglés lo agradesço) eres la mejor grasias por tantos años de felicidad 😁😁😁😁😄😄😄

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo43 minutter siden

    Morgan SimonMorgan SimonTime siden
  • mmm what did jaiden stren say I think it is one of finishing the last of us in 9 hours if it is to pass the complete game in the shortest possible time, no

    ldorldorTime siden
  • One more vid til 100 videos.

    Chipz4Lunch XboxChipz4Lunch XboxTime siden
  • 10 mil views in 2 weeks Nice.

    Saskia JankieSaskia JankieTime siden
  • O

    Bunbun_BunnyBunbun_BunnyTime siden
  • I had the cooking mama on the Wii and that game made me so angry. I also had babysitting mama but the only thing I remember was I didn't have the doll.

    Foofoo UnicornFoofoo UnicornTime siden
  • The next video is the 100th video

    Weird FoxWeird FoxTime siden
  • Классно

    Ярослав ШумилкинЯрослав ШумилкинTime siden
  • The funniest thing is that only 11 days later someone managed to double the time in half ... so let's go for the apple pie

    Sebasthian Molina CabreraSebasthian Molina CabreraTime siden
  • Ok... go to 14:19 The top left support member is a Jojo reference

    Oh godOh godTime siden
  • but wouldn't it be considered inc*st since she's called Cooking "Mama"?? I know she's not, biologically but still-

    elanit_lkelanit_lkTime siden
  • I would like to say I’d did this in 2:00

    Braylon GamerBraylon GamerTime siden
  • i have a yutube chanel irl the name of it is the cobra

    the cobrathe cobraTime siden
  • 1:38 Wait, i did something illegal? And what is Jaiden drawing then?

    Dual BlasterDual BlasterTime siden
  • Hola jeiden (si alguien sobe español y puediera en los comentarios traducirlo al inglés lo agradesço) eres la mejor grasias por tantos años de felicidad 😁😁😁😁😄😄😄

    franco Lujan 99franco Lujan 992 timer siden
  • Jaiden, i just wacth a youtuber make a Burning A Pie%, if this youtuber is making this, is better be careful to the speedrunners dont take you crown

    Megaman XMegaman X2 timer siden
  • Why is her voice sometime sound like she's autotune

    idiot weebidiot weeb2 timer siden
  • Me and my friend found food wars started up a episode and then laughed our asses off at the first eating scene we all know what I'm talking about if you've seen the show

    Lego TIE Fighter PilotLego TIE Fighter Pilot2 timer siden
  • She still needs to play BFBB Rehydrated

    Milo21-Milo21-2 timer siden
  • u no longer hold the record

    aden Willaden Will2 timer siden
  • Literally cooking mama used to be a game where she cooks a turkey ALIVE

    XxFruitcatxxXxFruitcatxx2 timer siden
  • Jaiden! Jaiden! Black is beat your record please call me nope that not necessary but you should reply me because I am wierd 8860198248

    doraemon the legendery gamerdoraemon the legendery gamer2 timer siden
  • Is ari a boy or a girl

    Talantbek SapitovTalantbek Sapitov2 timer siden
  • did jadenanimation became a gaming channel?

    anoraluzanntulab garyhankbobanoraluzanntulab garyhankbob2 timer siden
  • Your*

    Michele LinbargerMichele Linbarger2 timer siden
  • I really like it vids Jaden good job ur a good youtuber know wonder why u have so many subs 😲😃

    Michele LinbargerMichele Linbarger2 timer siden
  • Hey Jaiden, I am wondering what touchscreen drawing tablet you use for animation. I am working on fun animations and am trying to find a drawing monitor for my PC

    Bus9876Bus98762 timer siden
  • I’m too poor for that

    Poofthekitty PlaysPoofthekitty Plays2 timer siden
  • water

    ThePurpleGuyThePurpleGuy2 timer siden
  • eyyyu food wars, its really appropriate

    smiley facesmiley face2 timer siden
  • you have to make a gaming channel plz

    the gaming dragonthe gaming dragon3 timer siden
  • Hey jaiden's next video will be her hundredth video congrats to jaiden.

  • BONK -> eel rice bowl.

    GreenDino 59GreenDino 593 timer siden
  • bruh i feel sad for u cuz ppl make bad stuff about you on PH

    YouTube UserYouTube User3 timer siden
  • Jaiden my name is Jayden it’s spelt different

    The VR MerchantThe VR Merchant3 timer siden
  • Dear jaiden You said there should be a GWR for burning the pie And now there is

    GlaceporeonGlaceporeon3 timer siden
  • I just got 2 birds and their wings were clipped Also Thanks for the tips

    Taylor TiegsTaylor Tiegs3 timer siden
  • You Now Have Two World Records. Cooking Mama 2 And.. Being The Best NOworldr

    Pineapple ManPineapple Man3 timer siden
  • So funny

    Lincoln 22Lincoln 223 timer siden
  • Funny

    Lincoln 22Lincoln 223 timer siden
  • My favourite speed run is the fallout sex speed run lmao

    DrPixelDrPixel3 timer siden
  • so cool

    Sturgis SecondlifeSturgis Secondlife3 timer siden
  • I’ve only speedran Super Mario World 31 minutes

    renminerenmine3 timer siden
  • Guess what game is on the switch

    Horror SamaHorror Sama3 timer siden
  • 9:23 oh ye thats definetly zoro refrence

    Anh Tuyet NguyenAnh Tuyet Nguyen3 timer siden
  • Almost to 9million 😝😝😝😝😝

    Eli MorrieEli Morrie4 timer siden
  • There were people out there who had no idea about speedruns until this video

    exo-t07exo-t074 timer siden
  • 6 hours what! thats cool but you probobly heart your eyes

    Aisha Mae PanlilioAisha Mae Panlilio4 timer siden

    Supamanndat000Supamanndat0004 timer siden
  • Upload among us

    Caleb CookCaleb Cook4 timer siden
  • I agree with jaiden, cooking mama is the bEST

    Mini White CrewmateMini White Crewmate4 timer siden
  • You should speedrun cooking mama PETA edition next time

    Nompparelli Twointy threeNompparelli Twointy three4 timer siden
  • But you already did with the odd1sout and somthingelseyt. Oh yeah what recipe was the mama rice cracker.

    Paul & Tara MarshallPaul & Tara Marshall4 timer siden
  • mAkE mOrE vIdEoS!

    Amethyst_PlayzAmethyst_Playz4 timer siden
  • f a s t

    Adam AndrewsAdam Andrews4 timer siden
  • Anyone else thought she was going to do a Minecraft speedrun??? ⬇️

    d0 gEd0 gE4 timer siden
  • 0:57 = Jaiden When She Plays Mario As A Goomba

    Brody MillerBrody Miller5 timer siden
    • 100 bucks says jaiden is a real goomba

      Brody MillerBrody Miller4 timer siden
  • I like ur vids

    Brody MillerBrody Miller5 timer siden
  • lol jaidens face be like : d:

    no anime crazy frog fffno anime crazy frog fff5 timer siden
  • 0:33 That was supposed to be SmallAnt, wasn't it?

    ShadowDragon258ShadowDragon2585 timer siden
  • Now I really wanna see Jaiden speed run Dark Souls

    Seth flexSeth flex5 timer siden
  • On so you play on xbox 360 or xbox one and switch cool

    Faiza AliFaiza Ali5 timer siden
  • 11:03 is so cool

    Joana PeresJoana Peres5 timer siden
  • Jaiden oooooh boyfrend in vr ooooooooh hehe jaiden boyfrend in vr ?

    Kyle Justine pilipino Dela PeñaKyle Justine pilipino Dela Peña5 timer siden
  • Speed run a Pokémon game

    Ethan Hobson-TaherEthan Hobson-Taher5 timer siden

    Filippo SaglimbeneFilippo Saglimbene5 timer siden
  • You are 11th

    Odder than meOdder than me6 timer siden
  • I play this before its nice

    Samantha LauronSamantha Lauron6 timer siden
  • 2:11 in Einstein's theory of relativity, the bottom equation is sqrt(1 - (v^2 / c^2)). you missed minus symbol 😎

    Automatic AnimationAutomatic Animation6 timer siden
  • Im gonna be the first person to speedrun- Ad: ChEeSe caKes Oh no.

    YinYang KicksYinYang Kicks6 timer siden
  • Great job Jaiden! That’s a pretty good time for going in blind! Awesome job

    Super PVZ Bros JWSuper PVZ Bros JW6 timer siden

    the toadthe toad6 timer siden
  • Let's get this video to 10 milion views.

    TomhinsTomhins6 timer siden
  • If you don’t pin this I’m gonna drink orange juice after brushing my teeth

    シAm I Not Owl?シAm I Not Owl?6 timer siden
  • Im 12 and have watched some episodes Butt then stopped and now whenever i see food i think about food wars.... i need help ;-;

    Co0l F1reCo0l F1re6 timer siden
  • Wikipedia, text books, google searches and some other "intelegent and trusted sources": A speedrun is an activity that involves competitive gamers finish a game/a part of a game the fastest way possible, a speedruns usually have different types/challenges, for example: random %,blind,glitch involved, ETC Jaiden:the meaning of a speedrun is............. Play games fast

    Yoannes LeonardiYoannes Leonardi6 timer siden