I am joining a XHOSA community in South Africa 🇿🇦 [S5 - Eps. 16]

2. april. 2021
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In this episode I am riding to Bulungula, on South Africa's Wild Coast. It's hard to reach, remote and one of the least developed areas of South Africa. I am going to stay with the local Xhosa community here to learn more about their culture, believes and way of living.
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  • Had no idea such a place existed! Truly beautiful in every way.

    Michael HamburgMichael Hamburg7 timer siden
  • The file size of your upload may be big, and expensive.... but when we watch your content on a 65inch Samsung, the quality is appreciated

    Max FlightMax FlightDag siden
  • NOworld just offered you to me this week. What a wonderful discovery.

    Jennings CampbellJennings CampbellDag siden
  • Still Loving the Drone Footage !!

    Todd JohnsonTodd Johnson2 dager siden
  • Do they ever get white South African guests?

    ABCABC2 dager siden
  • Bulungula Lodge

    Lex HoltzhausenLex Holtzhausen3 dager siden
  • the beach was so tempting...

    Nisan RaiNisan Rai3 dager siden
  • Another excellent ride, you have had fabulous weather there. Safe travels Noraly!

    Gus Two WheelingGus Two Wheeling4 dager siden
  • You should drive the old road down to Port St John's. It's like the Grand Canyon, ... but green.

    Leon ScheepersLeon Scheepers4 dager siden
  • Wow! Its so beautiful!! Great :)

    Oilhead AdventuresOilhead Adventures4 dager siden
  • Dhanno miss you

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    Maju ManikuttanMaju Manikuttan5 dager siden
  • Great selection of music, very fitting for the location. Hope you get a few swims in during your stay, the beach looks good.

    Bryan MBryan M6 dager siden
  • I have been following you for sometime now and you have been to some amazing places but that ride to the Xhosa community is one of my favorites. Lovely video. Thank you for sharing.

    canica99canica996 dager siden
  • Ah lovely children, it's nice to see them excited and happy.

    Mr SteveMr Steve6 dager siden
  • Notice how Noraly waves at strangers and they reply back, mostly with a smile. People are so welcoming around the world. Indeed the earth is a happy place. Wish you more power itchy boots..and loads of well wishes!

    Raman singh SaunRaman singh Saun6 dager siden
  • Hello what a lovely place to stay 😊

    Teresa GibsonTeresa Gibson7 dager siden
  • Je zwaait wel veel hartelijker dan "Bea"haha... en er zit zeer zeker meer gevoel achter. Topper ben je.

    Ikke 64Ikke 647 dager siden
  • I can feel the elevation pressure in my ears ;) You like the stunning landscape. It is green but in my opinion boring flat. It is a pity there are’nt any forests like Norway or Sweden.

    Robert LeferingRobert Lefering7 dager siden
  • Great Norely

    Mohan TushMohan Tush7 dager siden
  • You saw that birds in he drone shot? Looks like falcons. Once I was flying a kite (single line) one attacked the kite. His talons left quite visible marks in the fabric 🦅

    Tom WolfTom Wolf7 dager siden
  • Your reports are at the same level as National Geographic and way above state sponsored television crews! The quality is amazing and every release we learn more than we could in regular tv ! Thank you.

    Akksel JohanssonAkksel Johansson7 dager siden
  • I like how there’s no trash in their little modest village.

    Lamin TourayLamin Touray7 dager siden
  • Love it, taking me back home.

    Clyde WoodsClyde Woods8 dager siden
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  • Thanks Noraly. I love that you really step in the communities along the way and get embedded in. Great to see the fantastic views but even better that we get to see and meet the people through you.

    Tahir SharifTahir Sharif8 dager siden
  • You have officially become the new National Geographic for me! All the wonderful places you have taken us that we wouldn’t know about otherwise and you present everything so beautifully! You have such an awesome future ahead of you. Please ride safe so you may continue to bring us so much joy.

    Greg WorleyGreg Worley8 dager siden
  • Wow, this seaside community looks fantastic! Sorry, I fell a week behind in watching. Looking forward to the next few.

    Sean InnessSean Inness8 dager siden
  • Yo Noraly, Deluxe accommodations I love it

    Gerald MerkelGerald Merkel8 dager siden
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  • I ride Xpulse 200 in India

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  • Hey missus where you now I need a good wife

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  • OMG so beautiful! Nice to hear you try the click sound too, hehe.

    Jonathan EJonathan E9 dager siden
  • Worries are for later yes!

    Lokwarkwar TamirkoiLokwarkwar Tamirkoi9 dager siden
  • After ( Himalayan - Bashanti ) , the new bike has a nick name or not ? Curiosity is in my mind..

    Vivo VivoVivo Vivo10 dager siden
    • She has named her Honda CRF250L Savannah.

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba9 dager siden
  • Beautiful to see my old Transkei again and the wild coast. Lived in Umtata from 1976 to 1984 before moving to Port Elizabeth. Still in PE. Love watching your channel as you move through familiar areas. You will find that the Xhosa people near the coast to be very friendly and happy people. In the smaller towns you have got to be careful though. Dont leave anything that can be stolen out of your sight. Lots of poverty and jobless people. If you are busy moving your way down to Cape Town you are in for a real treat as you will need to go through the garden route. South Africa's garden of Eden. Regards and keep the videos coming. O by the way Ugie is pronounced yougie. Respect.

    Gary LaaksGary Laaks10 dager siden
  • Ahhh the transkei, my favorite place on earth

    Nigel SwartNigel Swart10 dager siden
  • I really enjoyed this episode!

    Motardl1feMotardl1fe10 dager siden
  • Wow you make our country even more beautiful with these scenic routes.... Thank you SOUL-SiSTA ... lot's of love to your South African expedition

    Ngobese Ekhaya KwaNgobese Ekhaya Kwa10 dager siden
  • No wifi no signal people are just living in the moment

    Isac LamkangIsac Lamkang10 dager siden
  • Wow Noraly, what an awesome place that is. I have so much respect and admiration for you taking such an adventure. 😊

    Martin TraffordMartin Trafford10 dager siden
  • Ssuperbb,,,,Greetings from Kerala

    benziger antonybenziger antony10 dager siden
  • One suggession Noraly, when riding on very loose sand or gravel or dust , it's better if you ride above 30kph as it will be easier and less tiresome to control, though it drifts a bit. Enjoy your adventure :)

    Shamik SarkarShamik Sarkar10 dager siden
  • Having lived in South Africa for almost 20 years (back in America now), it is so refreshing to get to see the beautiful country again. Itchy Boots goes to many places we never experienced. Thank you so much.

    Tom WilmothTom Wilmoth11 dager siden
  • The more you demand of that Honda,the more it gives, very impressive, hope Honda PR is watching, but would also be nice to hear some stats of mileage traveled, you've proved the smaller the bike the more manageable it is in rough terrain, not everyone needs a BMW GS & your proof of that, well done.

    michael osbornemichael osborne11 dager siden
  • 👍🇦🇺🦘

    Steve’s HowtoinfiveSteve’s Howtoinfive11 dager siden
  • Riding toward the coast looked amazing

    BummvilleBummville11 dager siden
  • Backpacked through South Africa many years ago (17) and stopped in at Coffee Bay near where Noraly is for a night or two. Ended up staying a week. Absolutely loved the people and landscape. I'll never forget the beach cows! I've been dreaming of going back to the area for an even longer visit ever since! So glad to see it looks exactly the same and the people are as fun and hospitable as they were when I was there. What a magical place and people!

    Jerri StephensonJerri Stephenson11 dager siden
  • You seem to be in a hurry, Noraly. Why? South Africa is such an amazing country with so many tracks, I would rather take my time to discover more and not only scratch the surface (your word). But I really do like that you stray from the tracks and try out different things. Like riding, staying in a community... Thumbs up from Nürnberg/Germany, Günter

    EnduroMotorradTourenEnduroMotorradTouren11 dager siden
  • Super video very nice👏👏👏👏

    saahaas internationalsaahaas international11 dager siden
  • You're in the upside down. Also driving on the left side of the road, fits with the discription: upside down.

    A MA M11 dager siden
  • Thanks for this video, I spent many schoolboy holidays in that little village and I know that little house whee you got the fuel, it brings back such happy memories xx Tears are flowing at the moment, SA is truly a beautiful country .

    Eddy SmithEddy Smith11 dager siden
  • When will you come back to India again ? Norally? You look like a gem on the roads

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  • Everyone waving at the traveler...what's not to love about that land...? Great episode! Thank you!

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  • Beautiful place! Hug from Brazil

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  • Rub it still itchy ??? You got bugs ,,!,,🙉🙉🙉

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  • The kids are looking for sweets from you 😃. We used to always make sure we had big packet's to give to them individually. Take care

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  • anyway, chyna can see new place, and belt road that place, and make smart city soon, we buy the government, just a few million dolla, and take all, thank you

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  • elon was born there, and worked 22 hours a day for 1 dollar, until he escaped to Canada (with 12 million dollars stolen to buy Tesla)

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  • wow, this is an undiscovered territory, crazy girl is near Akon City just over the mountains?

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  • Amazing to see my country through your eyes , shows me how much I`ve yet to see

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  • And another great travel treat from SA. Thank you Noraly.

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  • Really loved this day. It is so beautiful. Also love the music!

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  • Noraly, super jou Zuid Afrika avontuur, ik had geen idee dat het zo'n mooi land is en ideaal om met de motor door het land te reizen. Succes, groet Cees uit Breda

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  • I am so glad that you are doing ok in your journey to the unknown. It is really a good escape from reality seing your adventures and supporting you on the way. All the best

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  • What a great adventure, looking forward to the next episode.

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  • Why don't you wear sun glasses?

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  • What a beautiful spot! Lovely drone footage to end the episode. Nice!

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  • Welcome to SA! Are you planning on visiting Cape Town? 😊

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  • Hi Norely, i started a couple of months ago watching your great adventurous video’s. Started from S1Eps 1 and totday i saw S5 Eps 16 !! Really great watching your video’s and following your trips and adventures. Keep up doing what you do !! Regards from Carlo from Brabant 😁😎

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  • Your videos have changed my perception of South Africa so much! It's a very beautiful country I wish I could visit! In the future maybe.

    Gothere-itisGothere-itis12 dager siden
  • What bike is that?

    PC Gamer18PC Gamer1812 dager siden
    • A Honda CRF250L from 2013. She named it Savannah.

      Toto ArribaToto Arriba12 dager siden
  • I was wondering about chain maintenance? Do you carry chain lube with you? Do you do, or use, anything "special" regarding the chain? Do you try to keep your fuel tank on the "top half", refilling it whenever you get the opportunity? And, about how many km of gravel can you get on a full tank? Keep riding, keep well!

    Lohi KarhuLohi Karhu12 dager siden
  • Hey, Africa is treating you well eeh? please spend more time here show the world were' not savages, we just haven't severed ties with humanity and agrarian ideals! Always a pleasure watching you. Sorry for the internet and stuff, we're working on that lol

    Miguna MugunaMiguna Muguna12 dager siden
    • I think a lot of people know it Miguna, but, being very, very cynical about it, that doesn't make headlines & sell papers/feed the 24-hour news cycle, or give politicians emotional triggers to pull.

      Dick HolmanDick Holman12 dager siden
  • Man, I would not be quick to come to the door if I saw some storm trooper standing there! You really needed to take your helmet off, I think, to get a woman, alone, to respond to your "hello..." Just saying ;-)

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  • If you are down there in South Africa... go to Namibia and hook-up with Naude and Denzil from Ocean Conservation Namibia. You can help him rescue some seals who have stuff wrapped around their necks.

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