I 1v1'd pros but secretly changed the score so I always win (Rocket League)

19. feb.. 2021
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In the video, I challenge some of the best Rocket League pro's to a 1v1, but secretly change the score so I always win. Will they notice or will I get away with it? Watch the video to find out!
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  • check out Dragon City and download using my link for free rewards! dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/amustycow #sponsored

    amustycowamustycow11 dager siden
    • @Hansify lol

      Romeo_AlphaRomeo_Alpha4 dager siden
    • Better hope epic doesn’t ban u like Jarvis

      CCIXVCCIXV4 dager siden
    • 100000000000000 haha

      Tall PersonTall Person5 dager siden
    • I’m a gamer

      Cow BobCow Bob5 dager siden
    • Video idea you should do but you have to own goal

      Visionz AgarVisionz Agar5 dager siden
  • Mans high on GFUEL

    Ril HunterRil Hunter48 minutter siden
  • How can he add goals

    JoshuaJoshua4 timer siden
  • He don’t give a crap about dragon city

    Trashy Boi1867Trashy Boi18675 timer siden
  • The embarrassed bead computationally paddle because politician intradurally pour toward a endurable cellar. wise, dark community

    Maureen MendozaMaureen Mendoza5 timer siden
  • hey musty my friend keep saying mertzy is better then you i know the first 1v1 video but i think its time to make a new one. like this commet or make your own if you want them to do another 1v1

    Dawkins and FletcherDawkins and Fletcher9 timer siden
  • What’s the code for the map?

    Echo SplashyEcho Splashy12 timer siden
  • Yo

    Gaming ClipsGaming Clips14 timer siden
  • The amount of times musty Said Jesus Christ------->>

    StaticStatic23 timer siden
  • You show do this again but instead of goals you should be able to give yourself boost.

    Jerry CollinsJerry Collins23 timer siden
  • Chicago: I’m going for a solo play . Me : well what else were you going to do????

    Aidan HovdeboAidan Hovdebo23 timer siden
  • That funny

    Little GolferLittle GolferDag siden
  • My God arsenal is annoying bro

    brayden cooperbrayden cooperDag siden
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    john lavvasjohn lavvasDag siden
  • I swear to god this happens to people in ranked

    BackflippingBackflippingDag siden
  • Did I hear ayy jay say yallah when he tried to make a 2 fliprest and that’s Arabic so is he Arabian 😳🙀

    Talal EbdahTalal EbdahDag siden
  • u need to like score a few then add buttt i guess its hard to score a few in succession lol

    antoni rantoni rDag siden
  • do u play warzone or smth?

    just archixjust archixDag siden
  • Lol

    CscorcherCscorcherDag siden
  • Is that really the “arsenal pinch”? Swear I’ve seen that a lot before I knew he existed lol. Just looked like the normal wall pinch 😝 You’re awesome keep it up ♥️♥️

    Robert Segura`Robert Segura`Dag siden
  • I dont think you play dragoncity

    ZabulexZabulex2 dager siden
  • You should make it so their score go down

    JDOgg547JDOgg5472 dager siden
  • Frick

    Max LaMottMax LaMott2 dager siden
  • Saick

    CIccio maliccioCIccio maliccio2 dager siden
  • Should of spammed giving yourself goals at the end to really confuse them

    gaming nowgaming now2 dager siden
  • Waaiiit, what would the replay look like?

    Ethan WillisEthan Willis2 dager siden
  • Do a big hit box mod

    Dodge XDodge X2 dager siden
  • He should have just added a ton of points at the end to confuse them a ton more

    CriticalCritical3 dager siden
  • NOworld keeps suggesting videos like this even though I respond not to show them and I dislike the video

    Terry SellsTerry Sells3 dager siden
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    Lynn PowersLynn Powers3 dager siden
  • Arsenal is just a cool dude always humble

    Logan BreadmoreLogan Breadmore3 dager siden
  • Why is this man cracked?

    Kikis Vampire diaries321Kikis Vampire diaries3213 dager siden
  • what are the wheels that AyyJay was using

    l_idkFrosty_ll_idkFrosty_l3 dager siden
  • are we gon talk about how stratigised arsenal is?

    Lok3yLok3y3 dager siden
  • EG

    Arin QadeArin Qade3 dager siden
  • Ayyjayy had two different decals on for musty screen one for imhus screen

    Truly_motivated ytTruly_motivated yt3 dager siden
  • I literally played dragon city in facebook like 10 years ago lmao I'll clap you so hard musty

    DJ Kush420DJ Kush4203 dager siden
  • The aberrant citizenship monthly inject because single secondarily smile into a nosy catamaran. average, standing wall

    Trevor StrohleinTrevor Strohlein3 dager siden
  • I have dragon city omg Musty

    Justin AhnJustin Ahn3 dager siden
  • Your room is sick

    Karter SmithKarter Smith3 dager siden
  • Everyone noticed because they aren't blind

  • Next vid: Unlimited boost

    Niklas OberNiklas Ober4 dager siden
  • hey, thats already been done. its called cheating.

    Brandon RyanBrandon Ryan4 dager siden
  • Arsenal calling rocket league this game forgetting it’s called rocket league

    Mr. YeetMr. Yeet4 dager siden
  • haha what a coincidence i already have dragon city

    Winzent SjöbergWinzent Sjöberg4 dager siden
  • 5:57 damn musty sounds so believable that he makes it look like Arsenal has a memory problem and cant remember that musty did a musty flick on him

    Mr. Mustard DoggyMr. Mustard Doggy4 dager siden
  • He got 0-9 with arsenal but he got over 2 goals with Chicago and AYYJAYY

    zombie kidkillerzombie kidkiller4 dager siden
  • When ayyjay scored his car went from pink to yellow, explanation musty?

    XxZ1lli0nsxX c:XxZ1lli0nsxX c:4 dager siden
  • Decent counter | |

    SnipezWasTakenSnipezWasTaken4 dager siden
  • Imma put that musty on Tictok🤣

    Gunzi HeroGunzi Hero4 dager siden
  • Why are esports players so dry when they were talking after the game it was like musty was talking to a wall except for Chicago

    Keaton BlatzKeaton Blatz4 dager siden
  • Musty you should try having two pro players 1v1 or 1v2 and add points to both sides and see what happens

    Andre PurdieAndre Purdie4 dager siden
  • He said I gave myself three goals so you would have beat me by 2

    jake storeyjake storey4 dager siden
  • “That musty flick I hit on you tho” 😂😂

    Kyle OwenKyle Owen4 dager siden
  • chicago in 1s: 'let me go for a solo play here' and here you know 100% chicago is a 3s player

    KaseKase4 dager siden
  • Im on ps4 musti_140

    Mustafa Kapetanovic AlihodzicMustafa Kapetanovic Alihodzic4 dager siden
  • Your a sellout

    Isaac HazlehurstIsaac Hazlehurst4 dager siden
  • “Dragon City is 1 of my favorite games” 😂😂😂😂

    Master ChiefMaster Chief4 dager siden
    • They paid him and gave him a script

      GemmexicanGemmexican12 timer siden
    • Yeaaaah the least he could do was not lie about it.

      Rudy WolsfeldRudy Wolsfeld2 dager siden
    • On god he a liar 🤥. He knows damn well he’s never played that shit in his life

      Future PrismFuture Prism3 dager siden
  • Rocket League videos are usually interesting, not particularly funny. This one is an exceptions. Oh boy I was laughing when you were hitting those points against arsenal.

    Jay MJay M4 dager siden
  • I already play dragon city xD

    [JGRS] waquemi[JGRS] waquemi4 dager siden
  • "Oh good save by us" Arsenal: *pain* 5:14

    TyThatGuyTyThatGuy4 dager siden
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    eddie changeddie chang4 dager siden
  • Cmon now , we all know you dont play dragon city

    RitoshyneRitoshyne4 dager siden
  • Musty be honest Is the only other game you play Dragon city?

    Joe jr.Joe jr.4 dager siden
  • This is like lying about the score in pe football

    xSOLOxSOLO4 dager siden
  • What mod are you using

    MusicBeatsMusicBeats4 dager siden
  • If u see this comment I bet u clicked on this vid just because of the thumb nail

    Infinis PlaysInfinis Plays4 dager siden
  • I have dragon city it’s awsome it’s my fav game

    Baron gamer XBaron gamer X5 dager siden

    Kid with A controllerKid with A controller5 dager siden
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    Matty BeanMatty Bean5 dager siden
  • u didn’t play aswell cos you was so concentrated on the mod for goal giving

    Staticzz_KillerzStaticzz_Killerz5 dager siden
  • Wait AJ's car changed when the pov went to mustys

    Jordan McleanJordan Mclean5 dager siden
  • It would work better if you could make there score go down

    McKoy GrahamMcKoy Graham5 dager siden
  • Hi musty

    Chris HaltermanChris Halterman5 dager siden
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    Fluxuate XFluxuate X5 dager siden
  • No such thing as luck, it’s God’s plan

    Sub2SchoolySub2Schooly5 dager siden

    AlphaAaron 07AlphaAaron 075 dager siden
  • Wdym pro wen u are one

    Kundai Is TrashKundai Is Trash5 dager siden
  • The romantic fruit phenotypically wipe because class progressively carry pro a receptive temple. eminent, wanting caravan

    Aj MeenaAj Meena5 dager siden
  • Musty : I think we'd be tied right now or be down by 1 No, you'd be down by 4.

    Flop fishFlop fish5 dager siden
  • "one of my favorites is dragon city" LMFAOOO

    RealmedRealmed5 dager siden
  • U should have used it in overtime 😆

    YaboiRayYaboiRay5 dager siden
  • What would happen if u put in an xtra goal in overtime? 🤔

    Nicklas KristensenNicklas Kristensen5 dager siden
  • Musty is dog water bro lmao

    ShayAllDaYShayAllDaY5 dager siden
  • Tell Me You Have Never Touched A Girl Without Telling Me You Have Never Touched A Girl:::::::::::::::::::) (:::::::::::::::::::

  • That misty flick was so nice;)

    Femke Verhoeven-de GraauwFemke Verhoeven-de Graauw5 dager siden
  • Wow, I just want to say Musty you are a legend, you don’t have any ads apart from the end, I will watch that ad.

    thatlowrankedguythatlowrankedguy5 dager siden
  • So you challenged pros and cheated to victory wow

    Senior PugSenior Pug5 dager siden
  • I wish that at the end, you spam your button to add score and then you see how much you can get before the match ends.

    iiSlynxxiiSlynxx5 dager siden
  • man I haven't played dragon city in ages I gotta go check it and see what it's like now

    Jordanian StudiosJordanian Studios5 dager siden
  • Do a video wgere you take away the other ones goals

    th3gorxth3gorx5 dager siden
  • Wait why is it “arsenal punch”? I thought Kuxir coined that move

    GjallardongGjallardong5 dager siden
  • Arsenal needs to chilllllll

    Olivia Baker McGovernOlivia Baker McGovern5 dager siden
  • Il witch won is the i and l?

    SinisterSinister5 dager siden
  • 8:51 AYYJAYY said Yalla which is an arabic word if im not mistaken??

    ZefrxZefrx5 dager siden
  • HAHAHHAH DRAGON CITY... *for real*? hah sryy

    musicbyJONASmusicbyJONAS5 dager siden
  • Mate he is mad

    steven burnssteven burns5 dager siden
  • OH yea the vid starts at 0:00 and ends at 17:56

    Norah AssiriNorah Assiri5 dager siden
  • Wtf your subs, i watched you when u had 15 thousand

    VillsonVillson5 dager siden
  • Lets be honest you always know the score in rl.

    AmbroseAmbrose5 dager siden