How YouTubers Feel After Every Upload

31. okt.. 2017
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  • Lol

    ExtremelightningExtremelightning4 timer siden
  • This hit me way too hard man 😂

    Dark Man KpakpoDark Man Kpakpo7 timer siden
  • "shaved Ryan doesnt exist, he cant hurt you" Shaved Ryan:

    Jose 84Jose 849 timer siden
  • Whenever I post a comment:

    AVVAVV10 timer siden
  • Accurate

    The CommenterThe Commenter13 timer siden
  • I had to scroll for a olid 5 seconds to find someone who's not verified

    Unsullied PiglinMCUnsullied PiglinMC15 timer siden
  • so true

    ghostofabutterflyghostofabutterfly15 timer siden
  • This comment section is really just verification ticks...

    Dr MooDr Moo17 timer siden
  • why is every indian/small youtubers getting verified on youtube.

    da captin nowda captin now18 timer siden
    • @i dont trust like that. not this. You have to get 100,000 subs then apply/get verified. Guess some people just dont apply 😐

      Jacob BauJacob Bau3 timer siden
    • because NOworld is liberal and far left so they kiss up to anything foreign or international

      i dont trust like that.i dont trust like that.17 timer siden
  • :D

    ROCKETROCKET21 time siden
  • That's true. 😅 even after hours, my videos stay at 2 views.

    GameBlissGameBlissDag siden
  • So that's technically what you felt after uploading this video🤔

    B15 7sB15 7sDag siden
  • i feel like that when i upload my recording software is kind of trash

    beacon507beacon507Dag siden
  • For me it’s the hate comment 🥲

    ShivShivDag siden
  • shoutout to paul giamatti

  • I knew that I just needed to scroll down far enough to find the non-verified youtubers-

    JewelzStudiosJewelzStudiosDag siden

    SwissSniperzzSwissSniperzzDag siden
  • The most verified comment section ever!

    Rhamme BanawaRhamme BanawaDag siden
  • Roses are Red Violets are Blue If it's less than a minute I'll give it a view

    Rhamme BanawaRhamme BanawaDag siden
  • Or alternatively: this is the best video I've ever made! After 30 mins: "This video is appealing to fewer people"

    AstrumAstrumDag siden
    • First reply to a verified youtuber

      what is a youtube?what is a youtube?23 timer siden
  • no no hes got a point

    ranga playsranga plays2 dager siden
  • Pretty much

    JamesGoesTurningJamesGoesTurning2 dager siden
  • I relate to this lol

    snowy pawsnowy paw2 dager siden
  • Me after uploading: Oh shit I need to make another video.

    Filipino FreelancerFilipino Freelancer2 dager siden
  • This place is just overrun with verified people

    Solaireofastora 599Solaireofastora 5992 dager siden
  • All the verified accounts in the comments 🤣🤣🤣

    arosequartzarosequartz2 dager siden
  • I don’t feel like that

    N1njaHawks Second channelN1njaHawks Second channel2 dager siden
  • Hahahhahahaha

    PKCPKC2 dager siden
  • I recently commented on Gus Johnson's "i just took a dna test" video, saying this was the most comments from verified accounts on a video I have ever seen, I was wrong.

    Theriderking2Theriderking22 dager siden
  • Why did this person portray me??

  • That is so true I feel like the video I film is going to be a good one but when I publish it I think it’s terriblr

    Simply KeilahSimply Keilah3 dager siden
  • why can i relate to this god

    Annika DeniseAnnika Denise3 dager siden
  • Verified people are taking over the comment section

    Some1uknow ?Some1uknow ?3 dager siden
  • This is me... literally me... every time. This funny but also sad because I'm literally seeing how I act and pretty much any NOworldr.

    McBranixMcBranix3 dager siden
  • Everyone has a tick

    Pighog DancePighog Dance3 dager siden
  • i wish i was verified then i would blend in

    PenquinPenquin3 dager siden
  • The LEGO storage bins

    Laughing Lego ProductionsLaughing Lego Productions3 dager siden
  • I may not be verified but this is so TRUE

    Mr.PorkXchop 101Mr.PorkXchop 1013 dager siden
  • I can confirm the post upload regret

    Sensu DubsSensu Dubs3 dager siden
  • I definitely felt that!

    Thin FitnessThin Fitness3 dager siden
  • still better than SW sequel trilogy, though

    Mother of DragonsMother of Dragons3 dager siden
  • Im scared looking at those ✔️

    Qi IzzatiQi Izzati3 dager siden
  • Very true

    ZykolisZykolis3 dager siden
  • Yep

    AirzAirz4 dager siden
  • What

    PlatanosPlatanos4 dager siden
  • why the fuck are there verified channels ive never heard of

    Lesi PlaysLesi Plays4 dager siden
  • These you tubers have some major low self esteem in their videos.

    Aidan FuAidan Fu4 dager siden
  • why this hit different

    mokitimo doesmokitimo does4 dager siden
  • Ah yes, the meeting place of every verified NOworldr: this comment section

    Royal GodRoyal God4 dager siden
  • I counted for you guys, as of 1/23/2021 there are 40 verified users in the comments.

    Inmate300Inmate3004 dager siden
  • when every single top comment is verified

    anoddpotatoanoddpotato4 dager siden
  • *YES*

    Ryan KazuoRyan Kazuo4 dager siden
  • Wai Phyo OoWai Phyo Oo4 dager siden
  • yeh.. I'm gonna delet.... no... be brave... I'm sure.. it will do well...

    Sikandar AliSikandar Ali5 dager siden
  • Wait till I get verified comment section

    graciousgracious5 dager siden
  • Personally I am a NOworldr a small one but still a NOworldr and for 1 year I didn’t post becuase of this and eventually I just sealed withh it but I can comfirm this is teue

    SpotsTheJaguarSpotsTheJaguar5 dager siden
  • ✔️

    BoneChill, King of the Cold DarkBoneChill, King of the Cold Dark5 dager siden
  • ᵐᵉ

    no problem?no problem?5 dager siden
  • If I magically start making content I’ll leave my channel here for if I get verified and if I do I’ll come and edit this comment to say something like “This has happened to me so many times”

    Ap0lloAp0llo5 dager siden
  • I think a lot of us (including me) can relate.......

    iLASHESiLASHES5 dager siden
  • Aka me

    Noob TwinsNoob Twins5 dager siden
  • so true.. i cringe at my videos so much

    twicechutwicechu5 dager siden
    • I know you lol

      Teudoongie JjangTeudoongie Jjang4 timer siden
    • you’re the only verified channel I recognize here 😭

      —nony.—nony.4 dager siden
    • 1st comment

      just a normal kidjust a normal kid5 dager siden
  • No gonna lie I said this is worst video ever And I got 100+ views from it then I was like best video ever

    TheGamingBerryTheGamingBerry6 dager siden
  • I don't even making youtube video but i can related to this

    CADLERCADLER6 dager siden
  • If I'm proud of it, that's good enough for me. I may not have a consistent upload schedule, but I publish videos I like! That's what matters! And yet I still feel like this every time.

    SherbetNagsSherbetNags6 dager siden
  • Why is this comment section filled with verified NOworldrs?

    Steph Liz VASteph Liz VA6 dager siden
  • Ryan: That's the worse video I've ever made Morgz: That's the best video I've ever made

    WeebcatWeebcat6 dager siden
  • yep

    RHB Relax MusicRHB Relax Music6 dager siden
  • POV:your looking for a comment that isn’t verified

    koolguy Mekoolguy Me6 dager siden
  • He probably thought that as soon as he uploaded this video

    Oolie CatOolie Cat6 dager siden
  • For once I feel different and I don’t like it

    Godspeed Killua BlazeGodspeed Killua Blaze6 dager siden
  • This is so true

    DoreliossissDoreliossiss6 dager siden
  • ):

    DoreliossissDoreliossiss6 dager siden
  • can confirm

    NintendoPsycheNintendoPsyche6 dager siden
  • That’s how he felt after this video

    N4STY 3ditzN4STY 3ditz6 dager siden
  • Nobody: The whole comment section: VERIFIED

    Indian IncrediblesIndian Incredibles7 dager siden
  • but then you get the confetti

    P-M KP-M K7 dager siden
  • Yep

    Kayen OsorioKayen Osorio7 dager siden
  • Moo

    Poggle's GalaxyPoggle's Galaxy7 dager siden
  • I have a question. How do people get verified? I only see verified youtube accounts in the comment section. How can I (for example) get verified?

    Adamski2510Adamski25107 dager siden
    • you have to get 100,000 subscibers

      Cool Top Hat YtCool Top Hat Yt6 dager siden
  • Heyy where's the non-verified gang

    IntroAidansIntroAidans7 dager siden
  • REPORT CENTRE Copyright |||Im in this video and i dont like it||| Other- CANCEL CONTINUE

    FFCFFC7 dager siden
  • Non youtuber's in comment section full of youtubers gang RISE UP

    cavanim4cavanim47 dager siden
  • Here’s a non verified guy with zero subs

    Star Platinum The WorldStar Platinum The World8 dager siden
    • @CurvingEel 51076 tysm

      Star Platinum The WorldStar Platinum The World5 dager siden
    • Now I wanna sub to prove you wrong but i won't

      CurvingEel 51076CurvingEel 510765 dager siden
  • Wrong i know that while recording, before even

    Camo 007Camo 0078 dager siden
  • Damm I agree xD

    RB BladeRB Blade8 dager siden
  • All these verified bitches

    GODHANDGODHAND8 dager siden
  • Let some non youtubers also get likes

    Im a CupIm a Cup9 dager siden
  • true

    MunchnchrunchMunchnchrunch9 dager siden
  • can confirm

    Eevee 124Eevee 1249 dager siden
  • woah why are there so many verified youtubers here

    Dee DeeDee Dee9 dager siden
  • Can relate...

    Elza엘찬Elza엘찬9 dager siden
  • I just am relieved it finally finished processing, though I would snap at how long it takes to process a 10 minute video

    Lucas FultonLucas Fulton9 dager siden
  • accurate

    Zone FateZone Fate9 dager siden
  • Why is this true?

    SmølBreannaSmølBreanna9 dager siden

    EVBEVEVBEV9 dager siden
  • Fax

    The Sidewalk MasterThe Sidewalk Master9 dager siden
  • Is Paul Giamatti your father or something?

    Mononc GeekMononc Geek9 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie my content looks like it was made by a 3 year old

    Ro GamingRo Gaming9 dager siden
  • That’s how I feel lol

    Star MagicStar Magic9 dager siden