How To Make Powerful Double Bowfishing From Giant Bike Wheel | Wheel Bowfishing VS Huge Fish

15. nov.. 2020
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How To Make Powerful Double Bowfishing From Giant Bike Wheel | Wheel Bowfishing VS Huge Fish
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    • Do you know how many lbs or kgs the bow ended up producing?

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    • amazing cool 😘👍, I hope someday I'll make a movie as

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    • Why don't you add a fishing line to the arrows with a reel attached to the bow

      Luke SnyderLuke Snyder26 dager siden

      Яйцо Муля дуляЯйцо Муля дуля29 dager siden
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  • Wow. Could easily attach a spool of line to the forefront part of that bow, attache it to the arrow, and wouldn't have to go chasing your arrow after a shot. Just reel it back in.

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  • I decided to mass-produced these and sell them a secondary benefit I don't have all the neighborhood kids making all that noise in the street riding their bikes.

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  • ...way, Way...WAY more impressive is the camera guy standing directly in front of a arrow fired from bicycle rims and pink plastic wheels.

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  • Bit sloppy after the initial shot. Never prolong the suffering of your prey, even if you don't care about treating things humanely, it makes the meat taste bad when the animal is under stress.

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  • Yeah! it's a good working bow for fishing But my suggestion is that if he doesn't want to run to catch fish quickly. Add a fishing line on the bow when realeasing

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  • I found a bike outside my house, then out of nowhere I saw this video. I watch it until the end and learn the whole process of making a bow. and now the owner file a police complain about his missing tires

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