How to grow safe and clean vegetables yourself - Living off grid // Free Life Ep.17

1. mars. 2021
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How to grow safe and clean vegetables yourself - Living off grid // Free Life Ep.17
In this viedeo I will share with you the process of collecting firewood, storing firewood and how to store it in storage for cooking for a long time. At the end of the video I cook a minced meat porridge from delicious pepper ingredients! Hope you will always support my free life.
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      Brady ToddyBrady Toddy14 dager siden
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      Rons JahatRons Jahat22 dager siden
    • @Mary Mussi There is a guy who claims this is his sister. He builds a watered powered hammer in the 'forest' and he is using concrete. These people are scammers Who totes bags of cement into the forest? They have video cameras and computer equipment. They use power tools in the forest.

      Keith AmeeraliKeith AmeeraliMåned siden
    • သူ႕စတိုင္ေလးအရမ္းခ်စ္တယ္

      maythae kabyarmaythae kabyarMåned siden
    • @Mary Mussi She is not in any forest far from home. In some background there are buildings. She has a camera person filming and she uses power tools. She is destroying the environment.

      Keith AmeeraliKeith AmeeraliMåned siden
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    Emerson SantosEmerson Santos5 dager siden
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  • Hi there jungle woman, You are more pretty than the flowers in your jungle garden sweetheart .. Of course you know that someday your going to have all of your food right there .. I need to go for now, a friend is waiting for me .. Bye

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  • What brand of tools do you use? I like how the parts can be interchanged and they're not too big for smaller hands.

    Elaine BrockElaine Brock29 dager siden
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  • Why your brother never upload new video?is he in good condition?

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  • it is all fake electric tools in the forest far from everything you have a generator or power on a connection or solar panel I don't think so when you're done filming, go home

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