How To Flush Your Water Cooled PC

12. juni. 2020
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A guide on how to properly flush and drain your Water Cooled PC
▶Most Powerful Mini-ITX Gaming PC:
▶How to clean your water blocks:
▶This is what you will need◀
Fill Bottle:
Compression Fitting (13mm):
Soft Tubing (13mm):
PSU Jumper:

  • Should i unplug GPU Power too? Or plugging jumper to psu is enough?

    KlarominKlaromin11 timer siden
  • This was helpful. Thank you!

    Jamieson PoirierJamieson Poirier4 dager siden
  • The thing is it's really hard as it sounds easy

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  • Y am I watching this.! I dont use an AIO

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  • Am I the only one who wanted to see this to see if the clickbait was real 😂🤣🤣

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  • The distilled water is same with the distilled water drinking?

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  • am done throwing out my pc :D jk tho lol

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  • "It starts crying and keeping u up and then some day it dies" Me: and you just let it die?

    My_PrinceMy_PrinceMåned siden
  • aaahhh 2020 a year of CORONA AND QUARANTINE besides that everything is about building a PC and playing games

    SudSWAPE _0SudSWAPE _02 måneder siden
  • 2:20 lol

    Zain aliZain ali2 måneder siden
  • Never Use Just Distilled water long term in your loop. Always use proper Clear PC fluid. You can also buy Clear Concentrate that you add to your distilled water. I use the stuff from EKWB and you mix it 1:9 with distilled water. This is what almost ALL PC builders neglect to say to you. Using Just distilled water with a couple drops of PC nuck or some bioside is NOT enough. You might not get algae growth "more then likely you still will" But the bigger issue is Plain distilled water will 110% oxidize your nickle blocks,inside of your raids aswell. You Might even get Peeling of the nickle coating. Using just distilled water for cleaning is perfectly fine. But anything longer then a couple days especially months is a No go. Unless you are using ALL copper blocks and dont mind every few months stripping the entire system down to remove the oxidization with some mild acid like vinegar or blitz cleaning kit, I highly suggest you dont use just distilled water. It will Ruin the look of your blocks and once your Nickle gets Oxidized "let alone peels" there is Nothing you can do to revert that and make it look shiny again. Even trying to polish it out wont work. Oh and this will gunk up your blocks micro fines with this black sludge of oxidation. If you dont believe me Just contact EKWB. I hate it that all these Big Content creators just tell people to use Distilled water yet themselves actually use proper clear pc fluids. I wonder how many first time water colling builders have suffered broken pumps,oxidization and clogged up micro fines bc of this thinking it was algae.

    LazeererLazeerer2 måneder siden
  • What if you were a noob when you got your PC and it's pre-built and there's no drain valve 🥺

    Payton KPayton K3 måneder siden
  • 0:57 uhhh.... are you speaking from experience on the latter

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  • Me watching this on Laptop

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  • Lol is it just me or he makes the funniest examples

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  • The thing I was thinking about is where does he put the pc’s

    Symptic HeatSymptic Heat4 måneder siden
  • what about your green hornet build? That doesn't have a drain valve. 2:54 for reference

    XtremeGamesXtremeGames4 måneder siden
  • Ok I'll throw my pc out of the window since I didn't add a drain port. Didn't find space for it

    Karl LeegoKarl Leego4 måneder siden
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  • Can I please have a setup make over please

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  • Please can you build me a pc I can’t afford one but really want one

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  • why would you ever need to flush it? shouldnt it be sealed so its not leaking????

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  • Thank God I have highly configured AIR cooled PC

    Merazul Basit ChowdhuryMerazul Basit Chowdhury5 måneder siden
  • hello.. what is the name of the ring smart you waer it?

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  • I have a water cooled pc. can someone explain the point of draining it?

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  • im never gonna have a pc because im broke yet i watch these vds lol

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  • Imagine the pain of someone watching this vid with a water cooled pc without a drain valve

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  • What are his references 😂

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  • I dont see the purpose of having a water cooled pc. I think its just too much to manage. Plus It would cost a lot just to keep it running, But at the same time it can be time consuming

    ChampRed2 GamingChampRed2 Gaming5 måneder siden
  • TechSource i know you wont see this but if you do can you do a vid of how to cable manage a pc?

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    • he already did

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  • My dreaming pc

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  • So beautiful build

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  • Why am i here i dont even have a water cool or a pc lol

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  • Ed in the thumbnail 😲

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  • this actually a very educational video Ed, i really enjoyed it. thank you :)

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  • Who got the video when he got robbed in their recommendation from 1 year ago

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  • You should tilt the system about to get as much coolant out as possible. Shouldn't take that much water to clear it out. If you are changing colour, you should clean the loop with Mayhems blitz pt2, which would properly clean the system without the need to take it apart. It would still be preferential to take it apart and clean everything properly as pastel coolant especially can work it's way into all sorts of places.

    Makin ComputersMakin Computers5 måneder siden
  • You could blow air to get all liquid out

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  • i game on laptop why did i watch this

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  • My pc doesn't have a pee hole😕

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  • His analogies are legendary

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  • What’s the point of water cooled pc?

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  • 13:18 👀

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  • Ya I think I'm just gonna stick with air cooled😂

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  • Very interesting video ♥♥♥! As a fellow NOworldr, I am contantly searching for fresh ideas! Great Job!

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  • "think about your baby right, every time it gets dirty you gotta change it's deapers otherwise if you don't, then it's gonna start crying, keep you up at night and then one day you wake up and it's dead" very dark example but ok😂

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  • How to avoid having to do drain your system more than maybe three times in 10 years without having to clean it: stop making Fisher Price builds and stick to clear distilled water.

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  • This is the 1st POV where I didnt fast forward until the end..

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  • Nice

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  • Hi Ed can you suggest an fm2+ proccescor im using a amd a8 7600

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  • yall should donate money so i can buy a gaming pc💙 thanks in advance $YoshiRules

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  • Why I don’t have a liquid cooled pc

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  • I’m watching 20 minutes of how to clean a water cool pc but I just have a gaming laptop

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  • Me while watching this: Does it run Cool Maths Games?

    MisterRxdMisterRxd5 måneder siden
  • I just blow in the first pipe in my loop, if you blow hard enough you can get 99% of the water out of the loop (insert sex joke here). You only need to flush 2-3 times this way.

    Adam McGeeAdam McGee5 måneder siden
  • Teacher: What are you laughing at? Me: Nothing My brain: FlUsH mY pC

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  • Who else watches these videos knowing they can’t afford a pc with liquid cooling

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  • Instruction unclear I truned the pc to an aquarium

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  • I was just wondering if I could use some food coloring in the coolant to change the color to match my setup?

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  • a 850 dollar build please

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  • Intructions unclear... flushed my pv in a toilet..

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  • better option -> get a fan cooled system

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  • Nice video man 👌 put the EK 360mm performance kit on my 3900x, long story I set everything up had to move GPU to lower slot , now it gets around 80°c with fans maxed, so got waterblock /another radiator etc for it, realized what you did and bought some extra fittings for a drain port lol I don't have a distro plate so I just got a T that I'll run drain off of

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  • Watercooled my pc one time,believe me,the last time i did it.

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  • This is the reason why i only use air cooler...

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