How to enter Setup Wars - Updated 2020

24. aug.. 2020
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Step by step guide on how to submit your setup to get featured on the show.
Wait time is 1-6 months, however, if you are an active member on my discord server, you get bumped to the top of the Queue.
▶ COPY and PAST this into a notepad◀
Setups Purpose:
Social Media Account for shoutout (optional):
Games Played on Setup:
Discord Tag (If Applicable):
▶Gear List◀
Monitor Mount:
▶Misc Gear◀
▶PC Specs◀

(Over here you can add any additional notes you want. This is for me to read. It can be anything related to your setup, the show or just in general...also please delete everything in this parantheses after pasting this in your notepad)

  • My discord:

    TechSourceTechSource3 måneder siden
    • My setup is right beside a wall that is really hard to get a 45 degree angle, is that ok if isn't at a 45 degree angle? Maybe a little less?

      SprattyMcJackoSprattyMcJacko4 dager siden
    • @Flamed you can still be on a discord server if you are above 13

      Plastik NinjaPlastik Ninja15 dager siden
    • Your mods are a bit ban hammer heavy. They banned me from the Discord after I posted a picture of my setup. When someone asked where I got the lights that I made, I said, "Check out my NOworld Channel" One of your Moderators told me no Self Promoting. I apologized and edited my statement to "Check out my Setup". The next day, I get a notification from your Ban Bot saying that I was timed out for one day. Well.....Its going on 3 days and I'm still banned completely from the discord. I cant even talk with any of your mods either. Who can I talk with regarding this? I love the community and seeing the inspiring set ups. Which is why I posted my original picture.

      II BOBOMOJO IIII BOBOMOJO II15 dager siden
    • @iammello bruh

      Plastik NinjaPlastik Ninja16 dager siden
    • Hey Ed, I just sent my setup to you a week ago through WETRANFER, but it's showing that the page will expire today or tomorrow. What should I do?

      Rayyan AzgharRayyan Azghar25 dager siden
  • Can I be here or no Bec I have a console does console works or only pc???

    tkFN !tkFN !22 timer siden

    Bulletproof SamuraiBulletproof SamuraiDag siden
  • What site do we use for sending those messages ?

    29cutz29cutzDag siden
  • Where can I send my setup to you?

    Hey BrandHey Brand4 dager siden
  • sorry guys, anyone know what application that edgar transfer photos file and description ?

    Rangga BatokRangga Batok4 dager siden
  • Do we need a pc or can we use a console setup

    Grave _gandolfGrave _gandolf8 dager siden
  • Do you allow console serups

    Rak1n 2kRak1n 2k8 dager siden
  • sent in my setup today!

    StixxerStixxer15 dager siden
  • I have a console setup is that ok?

    IcelightsIcelights15 dager siden
  • can i enter if i game on a console

    Venom KillerVenom Killer16 dager siden
  • are we allowed to enter xbox setups?

    Max GrossmanMax Grossman19 dager siden
  • Hi. I sent my setup on normal gmail. Is that ok?

    Rojus RazumnijRojus Razumnij21 dag siden
  • How do i enter if my pc is a laptop

  • well, i have a laptop but I also have another monitor, mechanical keboard, mic, mouce. so could attempt to enter the setup wars?

    A Life in AnimationA Life in Animation23 dager siden
  • Would a laptop work instead of a PC

    FishTankManFishTankMan25 dager siden
  • i somehow got banned from the discord server, for "advertising," although i didn't advertise at all. I'm new to discord. any help?

    PizNey WorksPizNey Works28 dager siden
  • But what if u dont have a pc but you have a laptop setup? is that still allowed

    centroplex 1003centroplex 100328 dager siden
  • I want to Join Crappy setup wars

    President Joe BidenPresident Joe Biden29 dager siden
  • It won’t let me copy and paste 😠

    DAVID GMNGDAVID GMNG29 dager siden
  • Can i submit a console setup too?

    InstinctOnGTAInstinctOnGTAMåned siden
  • also im always an active discord member well not always sometimes not there lol

    SkullZSkullZMåned siden
  • sent an email my user is 🌹SkullZ_yt🌹#8040 on discord hope u review i explained everything as well as i could in the email there is no photo yet but there will be soon!!! i promise hope u even see this comment XD

    SkullZSkullZMåned siden

    Rajpreet singhRajpreet singhMåned siden
  • “Cheek Clapper On MW” xD

    Broco8Broco8Måned siden
  • I dont have the beat setup or the worst so can i still enter?

    S.S håndverkS.S håndverkMåned siden
  • can i add my console settup

    Nathan KelsonNathan KelsonMåned siden
  • Yo I wanna join buuut i forgot my pc specs🤔🤔

    Rayan_Rayan_Måned siden
  • So I need a pc I have a ps4

    Captain TacoCaptain TacoMåned siden
  • when you don’t know the pc specs and you’re planning it for the future when you get your on home 🧍

    ʜᴀᴋᴋᴜ ᴋᴜɴʜᴀᴋᴋᴜ ᴋᴜɴMåned siden

    Recktless_Recktless_Måned siden
  • there should be console setup wars bc i don't have a p.c and i wanna enter

    Leon愛Leon愛Måned siden
  • Can I enter the setup wars with just a monitor keyboard and mouse I don't have a pc yet saving up for it

    Rindy FulcherRindy FulcherMåned siden
  • I’ve been trying since 2017 it’s impossible

    BassFraudBassFraudMåned siden
  • And I also have to this, when I want send a potato setup?? 😂😂

    Das LachsigeDas LachsigeMåned siden
  • The only one I could qualify for is the potato edition... I’m gonna die

    FBX pandaFBX pandaMåned siden
  • I have a good laptop, but a terrible setup using that laptop, so I might try to enter for the potato edition...

    Justin Elliot DanielsJustin Elliot DanielsMåned siden
  • Uhhh... what was the requirements again?

    9q9qMåned siden
  • Time to submit my setup in worst setup edition 🙂

    ツ Lukkeツ LukkeMåned siden
  • I’m gonna enter 😓

    123 Yeet4u123 Yeet4uMåned siden
  • 1000

  • 1000th comment

    Tech HaulTech HaulMåned siden
  • Oooooooooo okokokokok

    itz_ AlphXitz_ AlphXMåned siden
  • Can a 11 year old join setup wars?

    itz_ AlphXitz_ AlphXMåned siden
  • lol guy is it just me but I'm like yup, 2022 post about 12 pictures of my pc, done!

    BasketballBasketballMåned siden
  • I want to enter potato edition because I sit on a bed and have a seventeen year old laptop that’s super outdated

    TTV btw 0062TTV btw 0062Måned siden
  • Now I need cable management

    TheCooledVTheCooledVMåned siden
  • Me: Taking pictures of my setup Mom: Why are you taking pictures of those? Me: For setup wars Mom: For what?

    Tahsin ProtikTahsin ProtikMåned siden
  • Hey can I have the link for the notepad. I also want to participate so link for the notepad

    R VR VMåned siden
  • uhm, when i wanna be in the Budget Edition do have to list Prices ? xD

    xneonblutxxneonblutx2 måneder siden
  • Are Gaming Laptops allowed in Set up Wars?

    Squidninja superstarX_ShadowKingSquidninja superstarX_ShadowKing2 måneder siden
  • Can I enter if I play on a tv, no desk, no pc, and my chair is a couch and I can only take a 45 degree shot from one side since my dads gun safe is next to my tv. (I play on console)

    Jakelukez130Jakelukez1302 måneder siden
  • How about setup makeovers?

    Razor BlaydRazor Blayd2 måneder siden
  • i dont have a set but can i still get in i really want one?

    Deyjeann Saint roseDeyjeann Saint rose2 måneder siden
  • The kind of setup I will do is the worst setups I cannot wait to get roasted but how will I reactive the money

    Dreep UnboxingDreep Unboxing2 måneder siden
  • What if I don’t have a pc

    Soren ShinofieldSoren Shinofield2 måneder siden
  • Can you make on called trash console edition

    LiquidLiquid2 måneder siden
  • What if your banned from discord from talking about glizzys?

    Solar from the spaceSolar from the space2 måneder siden
    • bc im banned oof

      Solar from the spaceSolar from the space2 måneder siden
  • is it possible to join with just a laptop? i have a dual monitor setup with a lot of accessories but i use a laptop to power everything up.

    sakura kujosakura kujo2 måneder siden
  • I'm submitting my potato gaming pc :)

    Emolista2Emolista22 måneder siden
  • Me : I only have an Intel Celeron 2955U 4gbRam of laptop, Where can i enter a giveaway?

    Jerome Nikki G EusteJerome Nikki G Euste2 måneder siden
  • hey guys what can I do when I sent my submission but forgot 1 picture to send with the email? can I text him via twitter and send the picture there or what should I do?

    Tizian GräderTizian Gräder2 måneder siden
  • 1: Direct frontal shot of the setup (Side to side and top to bottom) 2: 45-degree angle without the chair 3: the other side 4: 45 with the chair (Either side) 5: Top view of keyboard and mouse 6: All monitors (Any angle) 7: Behind Monitors 8: Below the waist direct shot showing everything underneath the table at eye level. 9: Close up of cable management (extra pictures if necessary) 10~15: Computer (make sure to take pictures with side panels on and off as well as many angles) 16: Computer from distance (Off, without side panel) 17+: What else is in your setup, that you want to show (Speakers, consols, paintings, etc.) Bonus: Low light pictures (to show rgb strips) Optional: up to 3 videos with at least 1920 X 1080 quality

    ShukenShuken2 måneder siden
  • What about worst set up wars?

    Harleng CardenasHarleng Cardenas2 måneder siden
  • I emailed you I have a overkill console setup

    qt Jnxztyqt Jnxzty2 måneder siden
  • I sent you my 1991 laptop and there is a note with this on it: Name: The fucking uhhhhh's. And there is a single photo

    Joe LumberJoe Lumber2 måneder siden
  • What if you dont have a pc and have a console only?

    salmanboss Khansalmanboss Khan2 måneder siden
  • That laptop looks sick

    Mr AnonymousMr Anonymous2 måneder siden
  • I know you said you were going to do a console edition of setup wars so can i submit my console setup?

    Panchito_YTPanchito_YT2 måneder siden
  • can i submit my laptop for worst setups 😂😂

    zarzzarz2 måneder siden
  • 4:50 RTX 280 SUPER

    FredNeverDeadFredNeverDead2 måneder siden
  • it wont let me join your dis

    DEVIDE 59DEVIDE 592 måneder siden
  • "Pet if you have one" *Me and 13 cats in my room

    Beas TeakBeas Teak2 måneder siden
  • Ok see here is why I've. Een watch since about 1m and still dont have a buff money to buy a good labour or mouse or PC because were broke and if your doing all these give away not saying they shodnt get it but do a video with people that are broke like me

    Optic_ FizzOptic_ Fizz2 måneder siden
  • what if we have a laptop not a pc

    snitchellsnitchell2 måneder siden
  • So we cant add a console and tv

    xCammxCamm2 måneder siden
  • Im plan to make my setup new when i get my now appartment but this will happend in 2021 i think. my setup now isnt good enough to show up bcs i only have a 1 room appartment and not enough space for my setup that is in my mind. i got sooooo many ideas from setup wars i want to try out soooo hard :D and i have my 1 room appartnemnt longer than i play on pc so its a little bit "this fits there and i can play". i hope you understand with my bad english xD so maybe you get an email next year with my new setup ;) Greetings from Germany and keep up your damn great work!!!

    Illusion GamingIllusion Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Literally more difficult than a job interview I swear.

    SirSurtSirSurt2 måneder siden
  • douse it have to me a monitor

    The Mason Everything ShowThe Mason Everything Show2 måneder siden
  • just a quick question, if I have a laptop do I still have to include the specs? Thanks Ed!

    NotEmmy ʕ •ᴥ•ʔNotEmmy ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ2 måneder siden
  • my setup is almost done. cant find any rgb strips to put behind my new 32 inch curved samsung boi and of course, cable management.

    Fuze -Fuze -2 måneder siden
  • I wanna submit my setup but im temporaily bottlenecking my cpu so idk if i can

    JxckziesJxckzies2 måneder siden
  • I want to do this but i feel you are going to get nightmares from seeing my cable management

    Patrick StarPatrick Star2 måneder siden
  • @TechSource but I don't have a pc

    xd clapzy 247xd clapzy 2472 måneder siden
  • Day #1 of commenting because I got banned from his discord for no reason they said it was self promo but I just posted my intro in #gaming channel

    AlphaLegenndAlphaLegennd2 måneder siden
  • How do i enter for console adition

    HawkGamerHawkGamer3 måneder siden
  • it said The download email has been sent - your transfer is available for 7 days. smhh

    Glass_GGlass_G3 måneder siden
  • Did you get mine?

    SheHatesQtSheHatesQt3 måneder siden
  • Hello guys if you can help me that would be great . So i have an all black and red / chair / mouse / headset and some other things but my pc case came with the fan itself and they were blue i couldnt afford any better case so could i somehow change the color of them to red without buying new ones i think only the fans have rgb . THANKS !

    Sadik XhekajSadik Xhekaj3 måneder siden
  • It would be cool to enter this but I am in a college dorm with the given desk so not anything pretty. It still can look cool but not anywhere close to some of the things seen here. Not bad setup, but not great. Just average I guess

    Kyle SchulmeisterKyle Schulmeister3 måneder siden
  • Me: hmm i should start working....

    keewikeewi3 måneder siden
  • Just wondering if my rig is a laptop how do I go by show it? As you said with a desktop tower to take off the side panel while it's on and off, but with a laptop this might be hard.

    Super KittensSuper Kittens3 måneder siden
  • lmao "weebing out, occasional fap sessions" ...

    Jus tinJus tin3 måneder siden
  • What if i have a laptop setup?

    Senp41 JoffSenp41 Joff3 måneder siden
  • I have such a good setup for garbage setup wars 😂

    VlefsVlefs3 måneder siden
  • Do u have to have a pc

    PXL WestyPXL Westy3 måneder siden
  • What if my set up is shit with a laptop mousepad and thats it lol, would that make it on the broke set up wars xd?

    pro kefftinpro kefftin3 måneder siden
  • But what if I have a laptop setup? 😅

    Renato MachadoRenato Machado3 måneder siden
  • What is that desk called from 1-8 picture? I want that desk for my setup

    Daniel263Daniel2633 måneder siden
  • Can u enter with a console setup? 😅

    Ghost9-0Ghost9-03 måneder siden