How To Build A Rotary Engine

22. juli. 2016
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Joe Ferguson from Mantella Autosport assembles a Mazda Renesis 13B rotary engine using Goopy Performance seals and refurbished housings along with Racing Beat ported irons and lightened rotors.
Dave and Joe take you on a serious rotary geekfest as they show you exactly how these engines go together and explain how the unique Wankel combustion process works as well as covering some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Renesis vs older versions of the 13B.
If you're ever at a Pirelli World Challenge race, go say hi to the guys at Mantella Autosport, tell them we sent you, and get a good look at their amazing KTM Xbow GT4 racecars.
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  • Speak too fast and too much.

    สุวัฒน์ ต.วรพานิชสุวัฒน์ ต.วรพานิช2 dager siden
  • howe do u lock the crank ?

    Martin LarssonMartin Larsson20 dager siden
  • Thumps up

    bloomerg consultingbloomerg consultingMåned siden
  • Can the camera guy just play his position and shoot the footage not distract everyone with the chatter please. Other than that, great presentation! Loved the work presented. Just please send the camera guy out for pizza and use a tripod next time.

    chordarrow1chordarrow1Måned siden
  • Wait... Who's Joe?

    Michael MancusMichael MancusMåned siden
  • @davidpratte it's been four years guys! please bring us the FD build. the itch needs scratching!

    whyshouldipickanamewhyshouldipickanameMåned siden
  • Inter-set camps, different only at Fiang

    Oppo A12Oppo A122 måneder siden
  • How about giving the 'circles' the combustion and exhaust system in the Engine Blocks and not in the Rotor just to solve those problems of frictions? Primary Color Circles?... Timing and Pressures?... Springs and Friction Plate/Pressure Pins?...

    Solomon BuycoSolomon Buyco2 måneder siden
  • Take a drink he says uhhhh...

    william cheewilliam chee2 måneder siden
  • Not that ze German goodentight method doesn't work

    E GE G2 måneder siden
  • Why not use a dog bone extension at 90* and to to spec. For the oil pump?

    E GE G2 måneder siden
  • It’s pretty safe to say at 30 years of age Joe looks like he knows what

    Craig MonteforteCraig Monteforte2 måneder siden
  • Funny comment on the Vaseline often ProfessionalmPainters that use spray rigs use a lot of Vaseline for the seals on the Sprayer and they use it to help seal their respirator on their faces a couple of my Buddies have said they have gotten strange looks at the stores LOL I’ve been a certified Scuba Diver since 1978 and back then we used it on our air supply Orings too

    Craig MonteforteCraig Monteforte2 måneder siden
  • Not good

    belic belibelic beli2 måneder siden
  • Uuuuy

    Xoxo Gossip girlXoxo Gossip girl2 måneder siden
  • Why does it look easy???

    Stephen ContrerasStephen Contreras4 måneder siden
  • I think I need to get another Mazda my last Mazda was a 87 turbo 2 blew the apex seals miss that car

    Chris DeeChris Dee4 måneder siden
  • I’ve been watching a lot of rotary building and this is the first time the apex seal weren’t super glued together and it made me feel VERY anxious and uncomfortable lol. Anyone have input on pros / cons of gluing then vs leaving them 2 pieces?

    SubieSubie4 måneder siden
  • Dorito engine

    HouseOutSideLightHouseOutSideLight4 måneder siden
  • My urge to port is increasing.

    RochX7RochX75 måneder siden
  • Great tutorial. Thank you very much. Takes away my phobia of working on my FD engine.

    William KaonoWilliam Kaono5 måneder siden
  • Restoring 94 FD soon. Doing none of the work. Lol. This was still enlightening into the newer rotary parts.

    RochX7RochX76 måneder siden
  • I did a FEA simulation of this fantastic engine.

    Advanced Abaqus FEAAdvanced Abaqus FEA6 måneder siden
  • GREAT VID!!! 1. I thought my friends and I were the only ones that loved the Sears 2. I've had several rx-7's. All 84 and 85 and loved them!! I never had a problem with them and I ran them pretty hard 3. Vaseline? I never knew. I love the rotary even more!!!...LOL 4. GREAT JOB!!! 5. LOVE THE 52MM SOCKET!!!! Thanks for the info and vid!! Keep it going!!

    MechanicalMartialArtistMechanicalMartialArtist6 måneder siden
  • Good morning, my name is Marcelino, I live in Brazil, I have a project for a rotary engine, 4 stroke, more efficient, smaller, lighter, without leaks, few moving parts, without valves; I need help to build a prototype. Do you know who can help me?

    Marcelino486Marcelino4867 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the advice I am an old 13b fan keep it up . Hey try not to say so many uhh s and umms

    Clay CockrellClay Cockrell7 måneder siden
  • They need to perfect this engine I truly believe this is the most optimal design and only true competition to the standard piston engines everyone drives

    Michael PlaceMichael Place8 måneder siden
  • That is not how you push the apex seal springs in...

    mister Locaponemister Locapone8 måneder siden
  • Should rotary engine go hybrid assisting with a electric motor?

    Sanford FahySanford Fahy8 måneder siden
  • How about mini rotary engines inside two wheel hobs for front wheel drive and mini rotary engines inside all four wheel hubs for all wheel drive?

    Sanford FahySanford Fahy8 måneder siden
  • You can use a crows foot to torque the oil pump.

    Shane SchlievertShane Schlievert8 måneder siden
  • im 9 i want to be a drifter when i grow up

    Lance YabutLance Yabut8 måneder siden
  • Fascinating. Never knew how these engines worked. Thanks guys

    J.J.8 måneder siden
  • Super sope video very informational very details thank you for makeing a great vid to share for years to come

    The Mad Doctor productionsThe Mad Doctor productions9 måneder siden
  • Really want to get into building rotary engines

    Tam-TamTam-Tam9 måneder siden
  • Sweet video !! Thx guys

    ALexo122ALexo1229 måneder siden
  • not have top potition right

    MucheeMuchee9 måneder siden
  • The grove is a guide to standardize rtv application in a factory setting

    xESPplayer500xxESPplayer500x9 måneder siden
  • how do u know the housing is the right way? ore dosent it matter?

    Andreas Ringdal FløAndreas Ringdal Flø9 måneder siden
  • 1.3m views, building a 13b, with a displacement of 1.3liters

    ryan smithryan smith10 måneder siden
  • Ive heard that vaseline isnt good to put in the engine since its petrolium based and can damage the seals. True or false?

    Plebasaurus RektPlebasaurus Rekt10 måneder siden
  • I just bought a 1988 rx7 as my first car today, it has been sitting for 5 years and dosent run now but it did 5 years ago.

    condolencecondolence10 måneder siden
  • I'm not a rotary guy but it's my third time watching this video..... after watching #robdahm im in love with rotary engine

    Zayed G RZayed G R11 måneder siden
    • 4th time watching ....18:October 2020... 2:39AM

      Zayed G RZayed G R7 måneder siden
  • "Uuhhhhh" thats all i hear from this guy. "UHHHHH"

    Cameron MayCameron May11 måneder siden
  • Great Video. 👍👍🚘🚘Greetings from Germany

    Jürgen SlongoJürgen Slongo11 måneder siden
  • Joe, I enjoy your videos. It appears you are very knowledgeable. Having the other guy it's like a comedy and it takes away from taking you seriously. I f the other guy helped you but "Always" kept quiet, " Your videos would be taken much more seriously.

    Paul GordonPaul Gordon11 måneder siden
  • Man, you are exceptional! You know your stuff and love what you do!!

    LEMMY KASEBALEMMY KASEBA11 måneder siden
  • Thank you for recording this so I don´t feel obliged to spend zillions and try to do this myself...

    Nicholas RidderNicholas Ridder11 måneder siden
  • Too many "ah's"

    Mike BrubakerMike BrubakerÅr siden
  • I use permatex gel seal on the case halves. I’ve had rtv leak on several motors.

    Strange BrewStrange BrewÅr siden
  • Hi Joe, I'm planning to use a 3 rotor rotary engine in my plane. I don't know what preparation that needs attention nor the type (13B, 20B......) Do you have the entire engine? I could buy a junk motor but I don't want junk flying me and my passengers around. What work do you recommend for a 3 rotor, 2 turbo engine (approx 600hp)? Oh, I do think a studded stronger engine is important. What else do I need and what kind of costs are we looking at? / Which block would you choose for this engine? If I mix fuel from day one can we remove the Oil Metering Pump? Would a certain porting procedure be indicated? The plane designer uses an Audi Turbo-Diesel engine, which puts out 375 hp and around 525 torque. Do rotary engines get reasonable gallons per hour (mileage) once cruise altitude is reached? Tell me why or why not would a Renesis engine or other engine would be a good choice; I don't know why certain engine blocks would be better than others. Oh, another thing, the lighter the better. I guess to do a rebuild that's designed to last is what I need. Like Silicon Nitride apex seals.

    Paul GordonPaul GordonÅr siden
    • No aircraft manufacturer has ever offered a FAA or EASA certified aircraft powered by a Wankel engine.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
    • You don't want to use a Wankel engine in aircraft. The Wankel has several fundamental flaws and disadvantages that prevents it from being a practical aircraft power plant.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
  • Also for the apex seals when you finished did you coat them with rtb? Just unsure and curious

    Parker StupifiedParker StupifiedÅr siden
  • Made me nervous when he dropped the 2nd rotor chamber down with the coolant seals already done on top, he did the first chamber seals after so I worried at first lol

    Parker StupifiedParker StupifiedÅr siden
  • Hey Joe, I'm told that the 2 cycle oil should not be marine oil or synthetic oil in a rotary engine. I found a very low ash oil is the Briggs & Stratton 2 cycle oil. Is this true about no marine oil and no synthetic oil? Thanks!!

    Paul GordonPaul GordonÅr siden
    • No 2stroke oils, Mazda only recommends 4stroke motor oil that meets minimum API SL or EC GF3. No 2-stroke oils meet these minimum oil specifications. According to the API there is no such thing as synthetic oil and considers the term synthetic a completely meaningless marketing term. The API only recognizes 2 base stock classes based on lubricity performance not formulation.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
  • I would like to ask you guys a few questions can you please email me at thank you. Charles

    Charles JohnsonCharles JohnsonÅr siden
  • That was bolshet watching to end than not firing it up

    davood rahmanzadehdavood rahmanzadehÅr siden
  • I don’t like the uhhhh ummmm and all the stupid jock of cameraman for Vaseline and magazine in his high school memories Advise: being silent wont make people think u r not able to talk So annoying but the fabricator is doing well

    davood rahmanzadehdavood rahmanzadehÅr siden
  • The Rarest Mazda RX7 The GTUs has 1100 of them made, ranking it in models as the third rarest production model. 1500 10 AE Turbo II 1400 Infini 1100 GTUs 1000 Final Edition 150 92 Verts. Here is where it gets tricky though. A car is not rare because of the parts that come on it. Those cars listed are rare because of the vin number showing that they are the models that would have come with the rare parts they have one them. Anyone could take a 10AE badge or Infini seats and put them in a base model and call it that rare model, the vin is what proves the car is the rare model and would come with those parts. Take for example my superbee clone pictured in this thread. It was a Coronet 440. This car came with a 318 small block, common coronet gauge cluster. The vin was WH23 because of this being the model it was. The Superbee is the exact same car. All the parts are the same, the car is identical outside of the motor it comes with is a 440 big block and it has a circular gauge cluster and a bee emblem. The vin for it is WM23. All the rest of the numbers tell about the plant, the colors, etc. However the model difference is only provable by the vin. The body panels for a superbee and coronet 440 reads the same through out the car. So when I started learning about this car I realized how rare it was. While it ranks third in place for rarity in model, the car itself is the rarest by vin numbers. Let me explain how this is... The 1100 GTUs models that were made are actually grouped in two categories. There are 100 that are made with the original Turbo II vin. Then there are the 1000 that had a NEW VIN NUMBER given to them making them no longer the turbo chassis vin numbers, but the GTUs specific vin. The GTUs turbo chassis models are K stamp. The GTUs non turbo chassis vins had a "X" put through the "K" and a "L" stamp issued. These are different models of the GTUs. Here is another example of what I mean. The GXL was made from 1986-1991, there are two series of them, the S4 86-88 and the 89-91 S5. The vin number shows the difference in the different versions of that same model. Another example is the Final edition vert. Say I got a s4 vert, put all s5 parts on it and then badge it as a final edition 92, the only way to prove it is not is the vin, the reason it is not is the vin. Vins make the car rare, they make the swag and models rare. So that got me thinking. How many are left??? I asked around and that is how I came to realize that there are only a few left, this car is VERY rare and I am glad to be saving it from the salvage yard it was destined for!

    Joe MaddoxJoe MaddoxÅr siden
  • If he could stop saying Uhh every few words that would be great!

    Dmitry PostDmitry PostÅr siden
  • I Don’t know much about rotary engines but it sounds like that the real reason why they won’t go with rotary engines is because as a lighter engine it would; burn less fuel, need less parts and most people would be able to work on them- all of that put together would not work well for THE ECONOMY! I speak on behalf of myself: I LOVE THESE ENGINES!!

    Mauricio ReyesMauricio ReyesÅr siden
    • Mazda doesn't make them anymore because people stopped buying them.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
  • First and foremost I learned how to “Uhhhh”.

    ppcgnamdappcgnamdaÅr siden
  • From 93 1993

    michael nnielsenmichael nnielsenÅr siden
  • I would love to own amazda RX7

    michael nnielsenmichael nnielsenÅr siden
  • Not good enough for Daytona

    Scream Scream ScreamScream Scream ScreamÅr siden
  • great video, never seen one of these assembled before.

    Your HuckleberryYour HuckleberryÅr siden
  • What is the psi of compression before the sparkplug fires? And if your scale up or down does it change the psi of compression? Also I know to produce an electrical form of fuel, you won't need fuel injection, but you do need fresh air in and burnt air out is all that needed and everything will stay cold because the fuel burns cold. Its electrical so it saturating everything, its everywhere as its needed. And aluminum works the best with this energy. With this in mind what are all the changes you could make, for example drop the coolant system, since it's all cold you could likely use rubber to make the seals instead of those metal shims???? Would you even need oil / lubrication? What else would you change???

    David ProckDavid ProckÅr siden
  • Camera dead pixel

    John LoonJohn LoonÅr siden
  • boo link me up to the tear down

    Yogii BearYogii BearÅr siden
  • Recently got into college and currently learning and man how I fuckd up my rx8 it's all good now I know what do gonne start the rebuilt soon

    Tommy GunTommy GunÅr siden
  • I was racing rx3s in Japan in 1982 and we took off the exhaust and made our own header,hollowed the intake manifold,made a template for a Holley four barrel,added mad ignition and away we go! That was the fastest car in Okinawa as I could rev to over 12,000 rpm and only a guy in a 280 z with it bored to a 3.2 l and triple dell orto carbs but he still got smoked! Good times late at night in the marines! I was a mechanic at the rebuild shop so after 1630 we worked on our stuff until midnight and that’s when the racing guys start gathering at the A&W to race!

    thomas grokenbergerthomas grokenbergerÅr siden
    • We did a lot of work on the ports too,enlargening them and experimenting with the opening for a longer intake duration and a lot of polishing!

      thomas grokenbergerthomas grokenbergerÅr siden
  • beware of petroleum jelly because it is a petroleum-based product and if you put it in another petroleum-based product, they will try to mix like the rubber gasket, after a jiffy you can scratch the rubber with your nail, the seal lose its property, you may want to use in place of the petroleum-based silicon grease to go with your petroleum base rubber, but if it real rubber from the tree name Évéa it's Ok with vaseline

    Jocelyn BriseboisJocelyn BriseboisÅr siden
  • Uh Is said slot

    dominic morsedominic morseÅr siden
  • so cool, takes me back to the times in my garage slamming a veedub back together

    Rsdunphyphotography comRsdunphyphotography comÅr siden
  • man i would of really loved to see them put 360 foot pounds on that flywheel nut.

    TheEagle21221TheEagle21221År siden
  • you use petroleum jelly, Can normal fat be used?

    No tengo dineroNo tengo dineroÅr siden
  • How wide, high and depth are the 2 rotors and housing?

    PRIDE_MarwinPRIDE_MarwinÅr siden
  • 7:29 Sounds like a pretty reasonable conclusion to a lot of unknowns.

    Dakota LallyDakota LallyÅr siden
  • All that effort and you don't even paint the serp belt pulley. Makes the entire motor look half ass done.

    Kyser SosèKyser SosèÅr siden
  • For the future, crows foot wrench on a torque wrench for those blind bolts

    Jeremy HustonJeremy HustonÅr siden
  • Gotta lube the head too

    Oli WOli WÅr siden
  • Since rotaries don’t actually “stroke”,(even with liberal use of Vaseline😄) lol, it’s probably more correct to refer to them as 4 “cycle” engine.

    racrx7racrx7År siden
    • The Mazda 13b series of engines all have a 30mm stroke

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
  • Was a diesel rotary every successfully manufactured and used in a vehicle?

    HankHill757HankHill757År siden
    • NO, some of the best Diesel engine manufacturers in the world invested millions of dollars in developing the Diesel Cycle Wankel engine but none were successful.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
  • Regarding the scored rotor surfaces, would it not be possible to say, build up the scored surface with weld, then re-machine the surface to factory spec? Is the problem that no-one does this, or cost of machining vs replacement parts?

    RockerollerRockerollerÅr siden
  • *’Y E A H’*

    KwiksilverKwiksilverÅr siden
  • Seems titanium would be a good material for this engine ,,,would it work ?

    johnnie cameronjohnnie cameronÅr siden
  • On the oil pump you could use a crowsfoot offset and torque wrench if you want to be exact on torque specifications.

    James WardJames WardÅr siden
  • A rotary engine is a one-stroke engine. It only goes one way. Might kinda sound like a two-stroke.

    RickRickÅr siden
    • All Wankel engines use the 4-stroke operating principle

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
  • Does anyone remember the steel barrier that went on the inside of the inner coolant seal to protect it from the combustion phase? When did they get rid of that?

    InsideOfMyOwnMindInsideOfMyOwnMindÅr siden
  • Nicely done video. Thanks for not making us endure a sound track. Only comment is too much oil on those tension bolts. You only need a thin film. And there are different torque specs depending on if the threads are lubed or not, and what kind of lube.

    Ravine SederRavine SederÅr siden
  • Just a bit too late, eh? We're going into the electric car age!

    szakiszakiÅr siden
  • I'm guessing the extra exhaust heat heats up the catalytic converter faster giving a better emission result

    Stephen HaystonStephen HaystonÅr siden
    • Actually it destroys the converter faster

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
  • Spark plug area causes leak on compression that ultimately upsets balance on the rotor shaft is the cause of "chatter "

    A JakovcichA JakovcichÅr siden
  • Ummmmm... Yeah.. ummmm... This..ummmmm... Is..ummmm.. Well...ummm.... yeah rotary engine umm....

    Bloop BlahBloop BlahÅr siden
  • 11:40 The correct term is Dorito.

    heaps good drifterheaps good drifterÅr siden
  • how do you know how to position the rotors on the shaft? Is there a mark?

    Michael NowakMichael NowakÅr siden
  • Interesting how the Mazda engineers seem to never figure out exactly how to control oil consumption and still get good lubrication in these rotary engines.... I mean two strokes burn oil too, but modern two strokes are quite clean burning

    Yushan ChenYushan ChenÅr siden
    • Modern 2stroke engines have better combustion efficiency because of the better combustion chamber than the Wankel engine.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenÅr siden
  • So what is the AC DELCO RTV being used here ? He is assembling immediately and only the Permatex 1 minute "right Stuff" allows that as afar as i am aware.

    KiwiaudioKiwiaudioÅr siden
  • Love this video cuz I’m learning.

    Aaron PhengthavyAaron PhengthavyÅr siden
  • Can I fit one into a 2013 Mini Cooper clubman ?

    C EdC EdÅr siden
  • He skipped all the critical seal installations and how to correctly fit them :(

    Joe PersadJoe PersadÅr siden