How To Beat The FREEZING & DEATH In "Red Dot"

18. feb.. 2021
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You’re stuck outside in the frozen wilderness, with no way to get back to town, no one to call for help and hunted by unseen snipers. What do you do?
Thank you for watching Red Dot explained and review of how to beat.
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  • But like the in keeper guy is a lil bit brutal cuz like his son is a kid and got ran out yea but she has a new born baby i mean the baby just got born so why?

    Leaper GamingLeaper Gaming11 minutter siden
  • Don’t be a piece of shit human and you wont get in situations like this.

    C2welderC2welder35 minutter siden
  • Hmm maybe dont be an asshole and killing somebodies kid

    Vizo PlaysVizo PlaysTime siden
  • You missed one really important, and crucial detail in trying to survive that you didn't cover in this amazing video. If you wanna live, under no circumstances. Should you die. That's it

    Flame FierceFlame Fierce4 timer siden
  • how not to be the world's stupidest couple?

    ShangHaiShangHai6 timer siden
  • Sorry what? Which two rocks? 15:03

    sadsaddsd dasdadsadsaddsd dasdad7 timer siden
  • When stupidity hit

    Komarudin distKomarudin dist8 timer siden
  • good thing pewdiepie is alive

    Rylee Zane DonatoRylee Zane Donato8 timer siden
  • "can reach to -30 degrees" People in Edmonton: Weaklings

    Apollo MusicApollo Music9 timer siden

    DenalDenal9 timer siden
  • I can't feel bad for Thomas and his wife, they're monsters for planning and executing this sadistic and psychotic crime that got two innocent people killed. Yes David and his fiance are assholes who did a very bad thing, but they're fucking saints in comparison to the monsters who set this up. But given the circumstances I'm sure that Thomas could have gotten back at them legally instead of this sadistic game that makes me want them both to die horrible deaths and turns him and his wife into things FAR worse than them. He witnessed it with a drone, if he had a recording of their actions (which I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case) he could have gone to the police and got them for vehicular manslaughter and fleeing the scene of an accident (I know that's U.S. law, but i wouldn't be surprised if that was still the case in Sweden), that would be an open-shut case. If he didn't have video evidence he was still a witness, and I'm sure that there would be evidence of their actions on their car. Basically Thomas and his wife could have been the better people in this situation, but instead they made themselves look SO MUCH WORSE than their kid's (accidental) killers. By the end the only thing that Thomas and his wife deserve is a bullet to the head or worse.

    AshenTycoonAshenTycoon10 timer siden
  • There was a shootout in the gas station video

    Blood LordBlood Lord10 timer siden
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    Arkade CinemaArkade Cinema12 timer siden
  • 7:11 and you said someone who takes care of their dog like that more than likely won’t hurt someone else’s then why tf is their a dog head? And you got me messed up if you think I’m tying my dog up for a distraction more of the other way around I’ll tie myself up as a distraction so my dog could escape

    35BloodSavage35BloodSavage13 timer siden
  • The cluttered south korea pivotally confess because sheet immunohistologically amuse atop a delicate biology. hushed, laughable bread

    Elliot Vers SongElliot Vers Song13 timer siden
  • Me: Literally No one: This dude: being smart while someone is killing him

    YoNatiYoNati13 timer siden
  • The yellow forest complementarily lighten because cone phylogenitically moan concerning a somber modem. panicky, axiomatic tooth

    Chic RondonChic Rondon13 timer siden
  • This was a four way mistake: 1. Father of child flies the drone over the highway while he knows the child is chasing the drone. 2. Driver distracted by a potential B.J. 3. Driver never reports accident. 4. Father seeking revenge and not showing the police the drone footage he has . Duaah.

    morgansandsmorgansands14 timer siden
  • "He didn't set a proper killing room" FBI: Interesting...

    GeneratorGenerator15 timer siden
  • When I found out what they did at the end, I stopped caring about their circumstance they deserved what they got

    R. JohnsonR. Johnson16 timer siden
  • Me: Eats corn before steak Him: Now that was the biggest mistake, it decreases your senses of bitting humans by .3% so you wont have as much force when you need to bite him. I would practice how to bite the steak with all my force...

    Bryce WirthBryce Wirth17 timer siden
  • Run zig zag towards the snipers? Yeah, no. Military don't do that shit lmao

    Jordan TyoJordan Tyo18 timer siden
  • They look fine without eating for days😂

    Jhits_bombs28Jhits_bombs2818 timer siden
  • The only good guys in this story are the hunters lol

    Thats a Lot of Sodium CoinsThats a Lot of Sodium Coins18 timer siden
  • What is that song?

    Ionas DBDIonas DBD18 timer siden
  • Fuck im from sweden... Sub to this guy hes cool

    VLADD IIVLADD II21 time siden
  • How I'd beat it: I'm Norwegian and I try not to be a horrible human.

    BluvennBluvenn23 timer siden
  • What about Xbox hhhmmm

    Charlie RightonCharlie Righton23 timer siden
  • they were actually criminals for doing a hit and run twice lmfao

    DenizBek20DenizBek2023 timer siden
  • that ppl are psycopaths Tho

    Douwe SmidDouwe SmidDag siden
  • Your advices to defend themselves are actually illegal and you would get jail. Self defence is illegal

    I smell DoritosI smell DoritosDag siden
    • How??!? How tf is Self Defence illegal

      Anime LoverAnime Lover23 timer siden
  • How to beat red dot, look straight on the road

    DGpoison 5276DGpoison 5276Dag siden
  • the whole movie was dum 1 i thaught pick up that gun and ofcourse they didnt 2 ask who that dude is ofcourse they dont

    RageAGuythatRagesRageAGuythatRagesDag siden
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    LoL GamerLoL GamerDag siden
  • More like poggers

    Riley GreenRiley GreenDag siden
  • Loggers

    Riley GreenRiley GreenDag siden
  • Very fucked up movie, but I enjoy it If someone could explain the plot though in greater detail I'd appreciate it

    ULTRA.ULTRA.Dag siden
  • This movie has the best plot twist...

    Luca Ahfa-WilliamsLuca Ahfa-WilliamsDag siden
  • The husband literally takes all the hits in the beginning. Bear trap, gunshot, first to see the dead dog's head, fell underwater, ect. Like damn.

    Zombie_Turtlez 499Zombie_Turtlez 499Dag siden
  • How to beat red dot? Try to help the kid you ran over. End of Movie roll the credits.

    TygerPlaysTygerPlaysDag siden
  • The well-made octagon opportunely rhyme because tray recurrently report past a kaput elephant. outstanding, zealous newsstand

    sebastian rodriguezsebastian rodriguezDag siden
  • At first I thought the boy was their child that they lost or something but the plot twist caught me off guard

    El DamiencitoEl DamiencitoDag siden
  • To be honest the couple kinda did deserve to died after running over a kid and killing the hunter and scratching their car

    Whatdat?Whatdat?Dag siden
  • 🔴

  • Me:*has frostbite* Cinnema summery: see i wouldn't do this i would get sticks then make a fire to *UNFROST* the frostbite

    rhai14rhai14Dag siden
  • i don’t care if they shoot the people but who kills a dog

    Max LloydMax LloydDag siden
  • Why did they have to kill the dog 😔, Pain.

    VSR_CalenVSR_CalenDag siden
  • Did the dog die?

    Foxxy PlaysFoxxy PlaysDag siden
  • At the end the deserved it

    Engineer gameingEngineer gameingDag siden
  • OK. They deserved to die

    Paul S.Paul S.Dag siden
  • Me not watching the video: just get a cat lmao

    Tae La KimTae La KimDag siden
  • Cool, I’m from Sweden 🇸🇪

    Bulgan PWBulgan PWDag siden
  • How to beat red dot: don’t be a crappy person 😌

    Kate MichelsenKate MichelsenDag siden
  • RIP Hunter

    747747Dag siden
  • dang he roasted them

    Travin SmithTravin SmithDag siden
  • Me the main charcter doesent die NADIA GETS HEAD BLOWN OFF

    DENIX -SanDENIX -SanDag siden
  • Worst film ever! I can't believe anyone would be this dumb....right?

    King SquirrelKing SquirrelDag siden
  • I can confirm the biting fact is true once I bit through my dads phone since flappy bird was to enraging

    Oscar2.0Oscar2.0Dag siden
  • I mean, you don't need to survive if you're that couple.

    Albert FloresAlbert FloresDag siden
  • honestly that's what they get. accidents happen, but they didn't even call an ambulance, they didn't do anything. I wouldn't wish it upon them - but I'm not gonna feel bad for them either.

    i have lemonadei have lemonade2 dager siden
  • look, I'm about the dumbest person you'll but even I know better than to turn all the lights on like they did

    i have lemonadei have lemonade2 dager siden
  • poor doggo

    i have lemonadei have lemonade2 dager siden
  • "they'll be unlikely to hurt your dog" or... will they?

    i have lemonadei have lemonade2 dager siden
  • The problem is that u want the couple to die

    Odyesp _Odyesp _2 dager siden
  • who the fuck runs over some kid and just drives off-

    VVMVVM2 dager siden
  • 2:57 jävlarrr

    YIOOYIOO2 dager siden
  • bro this guy is taking this movie seriously bruh

    DVEDVE2 dager siden
  • Those scums deserve everything anyway

    Bảo Long VũBảo Long Vũ2 dager siden
  • Well, the only way to get me on the mountain or in the winter wilderness is within the USA, which means I'd have my gun with me. I can say, you don't want to be the one chasing the guy who grew up in the mountain forest, through the snow, when he has his AR15 lol. The first time that laser hit my skin, you'd best have shot. Can't say I'd win that fight with 100% success, but I can say it'd be a 10-15 minute movie instead.

    Jazzy ZeeJazzy Zee2 dager siden
  • Damn they would have survive this if they played among us Trust issue

    LL2 dager siden
  • This is such a coincidence I literally just watched this.

    LCRobLCRob2 dager siden
  • the guy: *confused* the husband: so you have chosen death

    TGONTGON2 dager siden
  • Simple fix don’t be a pp head and run into/damage someone else’s car on purpose then take 0 responsibility then going into a cold mountain

    SGT. EXSGT. EX2 dager siden
  • Its easy. Just get a divorce

    Bruh BruhBruh Bruh2 dager siden
  • This couple is really unlikable 😒

    Maniche CarbyManiche Carby2 dager siden
  • dude, the trap in the tent wasn't a bear trap, it was a small animal trap.

    mercgamemastermercgamemaster2 dager siden
  • K

    PowboPowbo2 dager siden
  • I would wear a white really warm coat or jacket and have a gun with me and with a sniper with food and water with a level 20 vest and a level 20 helmet with a robot dog

    toa simitoa simi2 dager siden
    • Uhm...

      Wan AshmanWan Ashman2 dager siden
  • Moss doesn’t actually grow on the north side it grows on all sides

    Jake DuttonJake Dutton2 dager siden
  • Bruh grab the sniper and kill them all I am only 16 and I can deadshot from hundreds of feet away

    George WalkerGeorge Walker2 dager siden
  • Did the dog survive Edit: oh no i wasnt this far into the video

    Gian Van den broekGian Van den broek2 dager siden
  • My chances of not consulting the elder gods? Zero People who are perfect in this world? Zero My chances of surviving this? ZERO

    I must consult with the elder godsI must consult with the elder gods2 dager siden

    Fredrik DahlquistFredrik Dahlquist2 dager siden
  • (turns of ps4) I was playing battlefield !!!

    Brandon GuidryBrandon Guidry2 dager siden
  • Bro I'm just parking my car... ( 2 days later) bro why did u just scratch my fucking car!?!

    Brandon GuidryBrandon Guidry2 dager siden
  • Tips when being held down: Fucking bite him like a vampire.

    Tevvy TevvyTevvy Tevvy2 dager siden
  • how to beat red dot: bring a rifle with a scope, they can't actually duel with someone that has the same advantages

    Boris LednevBoris Lednev2 dager siden
  • Cinema: the probably won’t hurt your dog Hunters: *decapitates dog*

    TheWolf 108TheWolf 1082 dager siden
  • 2:45 how to beat vertical limit?! That would be an insane video pls pls pls!

    TheWolf 108TheWolf 1082 dager siden
  • I’d rather die than have my dog hurt.

    Odysseas TsompanosOdysseas Tsompanos2 dager siden
  • When modern day demacian visit modern day avarosa........

    Echo DelmiguezEcho Delmiguez2 dager siden
  • I mean they did kill a kid without telling a soul

    YukoYuko2 dager siden
  • bruh this couple was stupid af

    FuFu ManFuFu Man2 dager siden
  • Can you repost how to beat willy wonderland it got deleted for some reason

    Thai NguyenThai Nguyen3 dager siden
  • I’m coming back John wick style😈

    ObeObe3 dager siden
  • OK that's a little brutal, killing another persons unborn baby just because of an accident and the boy they killed was like 10 and there baby's not even in the earth yet, that's what I call physco

    Ridly Didly ASMRRidly Didly ASMR3 dager siden
  • The 2 survivers go brrr

    Ridly Didly ASMRRidly Didly ASMR3 dager siden
  • i dont want them to beat red dot. They deserved to lose.

    LioLio3 dager siden
  • Character : is born Cinema Summary: So you have chosen death

    Soosi NaatoorSoosi Naatoor3 dager siden
    • The fact that this is technically true as well

      PowboPowbo2 dager siden
  • The dog :(

    Shrek OgretonShrek Ogreton3 dager siden
    • @Shrek Ogreton dog was just vibing

      PowboPowbo2 dager siden
    • I hate the couple but the dog did nothing wrong

      Shrek OgretonShrek Ogreton3 dager siden