How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"

5. april. 2021
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You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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  • Have a damn good day

    QuinnQuinn17 dager siden
    • @Lulu is the dog lol ty :)

      QuinnQuinn2 dager siden
    • Cute cute cute face!!!!!

      Lulu is the dogLulu is the dog2 dager siden
    • AY

      Mxdow_versMxdow_vers3 dager siden
    • @Infinity Ricardo 0_0 No u.

      TerfixmaxTerfixmax3 dager siden
    • yessir.

      SinSin4 dager siden
  • he stole his daughter cuz that guy may torture when she grown up. Maybe...

    ManzxfusManzxfus20 minutter siden
  • As a finnish man that hit hard

    Silenced ._.Silenced ._.48 minutter siden
  • I saw a different ending when I saw this movie

    Chris ArmstrongChris ArmstrongTime siden
  • Id like to see this dude actually try to survive one of these because honestly i don't think he could. Unless he just uses his brain

    GeneralFox26GeneralFox263 timer siden
  • Why did he have to do that to the girl he could’ve just shot the man

    Karter RupeKarter Rupe3 timer siden
  • “This may seem cold-blooded, because it is. I REALLY don’t wanna die.” Sir, I would be honored to survive a horror movie with you. Screw those guys, let’s go home. 👍🏾

    Tynamic ThymeTynamic Thyme4 timer siden
  • You chose the wrong ending. That was the alternate ending. The cinema ending was Paxton's slices that dudes throat in the bathroom. Which I felt was the better ending.

    Chris KaymanChris Kayman6 timer siden
  • Watch how Harry Tasker in True Lies escapes. That's how I will escape.

    Chris KaymanChris Kayman7 timer siden
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    Anna EvansAnna Evans9 timer siden
  • Why is this so addicting?

    BujabooBujaboo9 timer siden
  • Uhmmmmmmm that's not the ending I saw on my dvd of Hostel??? In mine that man was alone and Paxton killed him in that restroom. I never knew this! So which one is the original ending?

    yarima rooversyarima roovers11 timer siden
  • I learned Amsterdam is a country today 2:43 Very nice yes

    KuKoBroKuKoBro12 timer siden
  • No wait wait I saw an another ending of this movie on Netflix where the American guy ends up killing the businessman in the restroom and then leaving the station I was surprised to see this different end here🤔

    Sneha KapoorSneha Kapoor12 timer siden
  • hostel protagonist looks like you :D

    Rongs SenjuRongs Senju12 timer siden
  • Not gonna watch your vid anymore becausw im a get scared and think this is real

    ツVIBE KINGツVIBE KING13 timer siden
  • I thought it was pronounced "hoe-stell"

    LHKamiLHKami13 timer siden
  • Can we have a "How to beat every trap in Anime"

    Рандомный АлхимикРандомный Алхимик15 timer siden
  • I thought Paxton killed the business owner in the toilet not abducted his daughter

    Jono AddiJono Addi15 timer siden
  • In the version I watched he drowns the guy in the toilet at the end

    AlbertAlbert16 timer siden
  • This man really worked hard to get ads on this video

    AlbertAlbert16 timer siden
  • How to beat Hostel: Stay home

    tea n crumpetstea n crumpets16 timer siden
  • "Because they think we are all rich." Do not worry, we do not think you all are rich, not at all, we do think you all are stupid.

    Lilli WöhlerLilli Wöhler17 timer siden
    • True 😂😂

      okay melookay melo12 timer siden
  • “because they think we are all rich” i mean really..

    ladlad18 timer siden
  • 1:20 The ppl at the back: Yamete kuda~~~~

    CedricCastor _-CedricCastor _-18 timer siden
  • I am going to Finland this Christmas

    sahil baruasahil barua19 timer siden
  • Once I realised my friends are missing, I would go to the foreign embassy. It is more likely that they would help and they would have more influence.

    Alfred LiuAlfred Liu19 timer siden
  • not true; severed fingers can last up to 14 hours without ice

    Augustine SirillaAugustine Sirilla22 timer siden
  • Mandela effect: I remember Paxton killing the business man inside the men’s bathroom at the train station

    L 2L 2Dag siden
  • spain but with out the s seem very sus to me lol

    Deshawn ChristDeshawn ChristDag siden
  • Imagine going to the snowy night in a tent and you hear someone from afar speak "As you can see, this was the worst mistake someone could've ever done in their life"

    KizotayoKizotayoDag siden
  • Did this movie have multiple endings? I swore when i watched it, the man with the daughter got killed

    Wilhelm Ferdinand IIIWilhelm Ferdinand IIIDag siden
  • When the killer ask him to speak i would use a non America accent

    Michael DowlingMichael DowlingDag siden
  • As a danish man, I can confirm we're all freaks

    Frog NoodlesFrog NoodlesDag siden
  • I love your channel

    Nekochi -Nekochi -Dag siden
  • He should've brought a weapon. Why does no one bring a weapon. Wait of course but wait.

    future cartoonistfuture cartoonistDag siden
  • Your the last person anyone should Listen to

    Aaron LybbertAaron LybbertDag siden
  • I am from Denmark, i really love Your videos! Some a quite spooky... And You’re a legend for mentioning Denmark!

    Just HereJust HereDag siden
  • 10:35 the police oficer is actualy a well known czech actor

    honsis gaminghonsis gamingDag siden
  • Guy: how would you beat HOSTLE? Me: I'd be dead AF

    jaiden spearsjaiden spearsDag siden
  • Just a casual day in Europe

    Megabyte CtiMegabyte CtiDag siden
  • Who's heading to Finland after watching this?😂

    Aartrta ArtaaAartrta ArtaaDag siden
  • i swear he killed the man in the end and put his head in the toilet

    Call me Ken FloresCall me Ken FloresDag siden
  • I think the reason these dont scare me is that in life aslong as you stay smart, you will never get into a situation like this

    TOM_M :3TOM_M :3Dag siden
  • Niga

    Tad LadTad LadDag siden
  • Don't stay in a hostel to begin with

    TheRubberStudiosASMRTheRubberStudiosASMRDag siden
  • Me: Hey I'm researching Spain

    Karl OhnKarl OhnDag siden
  • Who is at the back? 1:16

    Dayne Gabriel MedranoDayne Gabriel MedranoDag siden
  • how to beat anything: don't have a social life, play videogames and watch netflix.

    Aluneth MasterAluneth MasterDag siden
  • 1:27 we got what we needed im going to Finland.

    Aluneth MasterAluneth MasterDag siden
  • Wait? What? Are there different versions of this I’m guessing so as the version I saw the business man has no daughter he sees him on the train and waits for him to go toilet and kills him while he’s on it

    db1990dbdb1990dbDag siden
  • they smoked Palestinian shisha/hooka

    OrianaOriana2 dager siden
  • Gets kidnapped Cinema summary:Thats the first mistake

    Kuba BednarczykuKuba Bednarczyku2 dager siden
  • I wouldn't kidnap the girl I would have broken both his kneecaps and leave the country

    M00RE GAMINGM00RE GAMING2 dager siden
  • Some random nerdy guy who be totally fucked in the situation teaching us how to get out of it lol

    Jacob BridgesJacob Bridges2 dager siden
  • I remember the ending different. He doesn't kidnap the daughter he finds the dude in the bathroom n cuts his fingers off before drowning him in the toilet

    Chris MarieChris Marie2 dager siden
  • Awwww. They are so nice. They all wore mask.

    Aidan GrahamAidan Graham2 dager siden
  • actually, I was caught in a bad mood with the previous statements and apologize for them.

    pillyouuppillyouup2 dager siden
    • i am just too pissed right now to think clearly.

      pillyouuppillyouup2 dager siden
    • the killer in the movie i mean.

      pillyouuppillyouup2 dager siden
    • ps. about the family statement, I would never do anything to a child even if they were the child of a killer just made it look like it to the killer before killing them.

      pillyouuppillyouup2 dager siden
  • i would do to his daughter what he did to my friends and make him watch then set him on fire while he was watching.

    pillyouuppillyouup2 dager siden
    • teach people like that a lesson. I would carry grenades for my own protection.

      pillyouuppillyouup2 dager siden
    • ps. in that movie. i mean.

      pillyouuppillyouup2 dager siden
  • that's why i will never travel to any country ever!

    pillyouuppillyouup2 dager siden
  • Step one - think with your 🧠 not with your 🍆

    Joe AnkersJoe Ankers2 dager siden
  • are you purposely dropping and breaking your phone?

    nibby629nibby6292 dager siden
    • i mean in the commercial (the verizon one?)

      nibby629nibby6292 dager siden
  • Hey are u copying nerd explains?or are you nerd explains on a diff acc

    M SM S2 dager siden
  • Kinda cool when u didn't include all 27 nations of the EU you were talking about at 6:43 :/

    Boris KaraivanovBoris Karaivanov2 dager siden
  • simple, dont be american

  • How to not get kidnapped: - Listen to your mama

    Daniel MatsuiDaniel Matsui2 dager siden
  • In conclusion: if it were women, none of that would’ve happened

    AwholegaymessAwholegaymess2 dager siden
  • Finland is my favourite Country

    MercuryMercury2 dager siden
  • can you make a how to beat every game in to your last death mr. summary

    Mailani CunninghamMailani Cunningham2 dager siden
  • Down bad

    I_Are_Venom *I_Are_Venom *2 dager siden
  • Is this an alternate ending because I remember the ending where instead of the guys daughter being taken, he is killed in a bathroom.

    Austin WattsAustin Watts2 dager siden
  • Suomi mainittu PEKELE!!!

    Juustosiili csJuustosiili cs2 dager siden
  • Can you do a "how to beat hostel:part II"?

    per sonper son2 dager siden
  • in every horror movie i watched, the protagonist always end up dying no matter what. But, this movie is an exception. I really like his character.

    amirul hafidzamirul hafidz2 dager siden
  • mhm.

    apyr zonedapyr zoned2 dager siden
  • “If I was kidnapped I’d just use this really obscure military technique idk I’m just built different”

    The Gay OneThe Gay One2 dager siden
  • I watched it now on tv and they changed the ending of the movie

    more like as ? Godzillamore like as ? Godzilla2 dager siden
  • It's time to go to Finland

    Just Another Cancerous PersonJust Another Cancerous Person2 dager siden
  • Then hostel 2 drops and he gets wacked easy

    Bryan PerezBryan Perez2 dager siden
  • I hate how I click your videos thinking their the last and since the thumbnails r scary I remove all your videos from recommended only to go to ur channel to play ur next one

    *MERCURY **MERCURY *3 dager siden
  • I'll get out of there, i choose life

    JarOfRossJarOfRoss3 dager siden
  • Finally a horror movie where the bad guy gets everything they deserve

  • Wow!!

    Reptile gunnerReptile gunner3 dager siden
  • these men just fall in the simplest traps

    Koen JohnsonKoen Johnson3 dager siden
  • I seen you went with the directors cut ending. In the original ending he essentially swirlerys him in his own feces then proceeds to slit his throat

    David SalazarDavid Salazar3 dager siden
  • So extra to take his daughter like wtf are you gonna do with her???😭😭😭💀

    untrustingsuntrustings3 dager siden

    anthill.anthill.3 dager siden
  • There's actually two different ending to the film. In my copy, the film ends with Paxton following the man into the bathroom and cutting of his fingers, before escaping on the train. The daughter is never seen.

    JakeJake3 dager siden
  • The original Hostel was a very well made film. It was genuinely intense, and I felt the hopeless of the protagonists. The revenge at the end was great too. Shame about the shitty sequels.

    JakeJake3 dager siden
  • Why didn't he just kill the guy in the bathroom after he sent his daughter in?

    CookieCookie3 dager siden
  • Do Jeepers Creepers!

    Go DIG or go HOMEGo DIG or go HOME3 dager siden
  • The alternate ending where pakston kills the old guy is way better in my opinion

    Eric SandersonEric Sanderson3 dager siden
  • how to beat hostel? don't be h*rny

    xoKyokoxoKyoko3 dager siden
  • i think the ending is fucked up and it shouldnt have been put in child kidnapping is a horrible fucking thing and it should never be recreated in a movie he should of just killed the man

    danny ohantom Officialdanny ohantom Official3 dager siden
  • Him being like.... Hey siri, where are hot russian singles in my area

    Colin YungColin Yung3 dager siden
  • "you've been kidnapped" Ahhh shit here we go again

    Kyle ColeyKyle Coley3 dager siden

    Kubča BrumčaKubča Brumča3 dager siden
  • sorry bud, but if you pay attention, the handcuffs in the film have an elongated base extending from each cuff. so there is only a small piece of metal binding you. still not impossible to break, however your chain-breaking trick doesn't apply here.

    Now_thats _pretty_niftyYTNow_thats _pretty_niftyYT3 dager siden
  • So Dababy or lilbaby

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar3 dager siden