How Pringles Got Their Slogan

19. okt.. 2020
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  • I didn't get into marketing to lie to people! 😂😂😂

    Tim HollingworthTim HollingworthDag siden
  • Colin: Pringles are fun Everyone else: WE ARE GONNA DIE

    Luke DunnLuke DunnDag siden
  • First

    Jesse RothhammerJesse RothhammerDag siden
  • "They designed a lid specifically so it could be closed up again to stay fresh longer."

    ZraknulZraknul2 dager siden
  • If a brand had a stupidly long and complicated slogan like that that would take up all of the space on the packaging, I would love it.

    Mikey McCaffertyMikey McCafferty2 dager siden
  • "I didn't get into marketing to lie to people" 😂😂

    fapnawbfapnawb3 dager siden
  • colen better have gotten a raise

    AAC's lets play'sAAC's lets play's3 dager siden
  • Pringles

    Aidan McCarelAidan McCarel3 dager siden
  • This video has 901,901 views as I'm watching

    EnTaku SilvaEnTaku Silva4 dager siden
  • Once you poop you gotta scoop

    whynottalklikeapiratwhynottalklikeapirat4 dager siden
  • “Everybody dies at some point” Me: now that’s my motto

    **f e l i n e* ***f e l i n e* *5 dager siden
  • do how gol fish got their slogan

    Bryson YatesBryson Yates5 dager siden

    Mama MiaMama Mia5 dager siden
  • the fun will stop when they die xDDDDDDD

    KingUman30KingUman306 dager siden
  • "I didn't get into marketing to lie to people" Oh you poor naive soul

    Tykool 1000Tykool 10006 dager siden
  • ...... ..... .... ... es hilarious

    Tristan CarterTristan Carter6 dager siden
  • "Once you Pop, the fun has to Stop!"

    mijmijrmmijmijrm6 dager siden
  • Pringle and lays be loke, COLLIN YOU ARE NOW HEAD DIRECTOR OF SLOGANS!!!

    Zabriel McAndrewZabriel McAndrew7 dager siden
  • New goldfish slogan: the snack that smiles back but not really because it's very one-sided because if ur an adult eating goldfish ur probably depresso espresso

    Unreasonably RandomUnreasonably Random7 dager siden
  • "I didn't get into marketing to lie to people" The people of the Ryan-verse are too kind... Suspiciously so...

    Celtic ConlangerCeltic Conlanger7 dager siden
  • If you can't stop, why do Pringles come in a resealable tube? Once I open a regular bag of chips I can't stop or they'll go stale, Pringles have gone out of their way to ensure I CAN stop.

    SirenHoundSirenHound7 dager siden
  • I've got to say I love all of the diversity you have with all of the different actors you get to help you with your bits.

    The RealThe Real7 dager siden
  • "I didn't get in to marketing to lie to people!" ~ Biggest lie of all time

    JhongYTJhongYT7 dager siden
  • The seriousness in the argument between all these different guys is what is killing me😂😂😂

    Jo NightwingJo Nightwing8 dager siden
  • The seriousness is what is killing me😂😂😂

    Jo NightwingJo Nightwing8 dager siden
  • 1:16 "I didn't get into marketing to lie to people!!!" Well my guy, you fucked around and got into the 100% wrong field.

    growingoaks productionsgrowingoaks productions8 dager siden
  • “Can I have some lays?” Store client: just have some Pringle’s same difference

    RocktagamerRocktagamer8 dager siden
  • If people where so literal

    Bryan Stuart • 6 years agoBryan Stuart • 6 years ago8 dager siden
  • Immortality isn't fun you watch as all your loved one fade away and at one pints it's yust you it isn't fun to be mortal

    Apexkillza 453Apexkillza 4538 dager siden
  • 🧢 😂💬 🤛🧥🤜 👖 👣

    MR royal sheepMR royal sheep8 dager siden
  • "I would be happy to share my Eggo with you. There are several more in the box, and who would get in an over-the-top battle over a waffle, anyway? There are clearly enough for everyone."

    William NelsonWilliam Nelson8 dager siden
  • Kinda selfish he doesn’t give credit to the other actors in the video

    KidKid8 dager siden
  • Now I want pringles Imma go buy pringles

    SeanSecretSeanSecret8 dager siden
  • 0:11 turn on captions

    Manak BasnetManak Basnet9 dager siden
  • I’m sorry but why are we just brushing off the question that Pringle’s make you immortal?

    The_ Comic_GuyThe_ Comic_Guy9 dager siden
  • whats the deal with his eyes it looks cool but unnaturally is it contacts or what

    RegretfulRatRegretfulRat9 dager siden
  • Please make a lace Logan video

    Decky ClarkeDecky Clarke9 dager siden
  • McDonald's I am ok with this food it tastes great not amazing just great why would i even bring affection involved it's a hamburger

    Starving SharkStarving Shark10 dager siden
  • once you eat your first chip, you never stop eating chips until your last chip, only the time between the chips is longer

    Casey De LucaCasey De Luca10 dager siden
  • Once you pop you can stop whenever you want just stop popping and you'll be all done with the popping

    JennieJennie10 dager siden
  • All white employees... really Pringles?....get on with the diversity...this channel is racist...and Pringles is a bigot...

    nitin wolfnitin wolf10 dager siden
  • "the fun would stop once people are dead" 🤣

    Guillaume LéveilléGuillaume Léveillé10 dager siden
  • I don't wanna sound weird but the slogan sounds like a sexual challenge.

    I'm SamirI'm Samir10 dager siden
  • Its hilarious, because its true, and sad.

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez10 dager siden
  • 0:11 Wow, Even the subtitles are weirded out by that.

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda10 dager siden
  • I hope Colin got a huge raise that day

    Durag DemigodDurag Demigod11 dager siden
  • I miss read this as poop haha “once you poop, you can’t stop”

    Mr nice guy *Mr nice guy *11 dager siden
  • Lol

    Bbraysen 04Bbraysen 0411 dager siden
  • Whats lays and why does it the walkers logo?

    Blake AllenBlake Allen11 dager siden
  • You can’t stop, because of the implication

    John DoogieJohn Doogie11 dager siden
  • The enemy’s

    RadiicalRadiical12 dager siden
  • HEINZ: IT HAS TO BE HEINZ! Me: well does it have to be HEINZ tho?

    Scotty CraftScotty Craft12 dager siden
  • oop in the thumb nail i thaught it said poop instead of pop xD

    Z_IDIXZ_IDIX12 dager siden
  • Apparently, the Pringles inventor was actually buried in a coffin shaped like a huge Pringle's tube! Anyone else hear that story?

    theymusthateteslatheymusthatetesla13 dager siden
  • "Once you pop, you can't stop" also applies to virginity.

    sephiroth8377sephiroth837714 dager siden
  • Oh, I thought that said pimples...awkward.

    Haylie WintersHaylie Winters14 dager siden
  • Pop Guy T,shir-sh-ir-T srry ༼

    muffinmuffin14 dager siden
  • is it just me or does "When you pop, you can stop whenever you want" sound better?

    teetoo _teetoo _14 dager siden
  • The fun has to stop at some point Colin! Sheesh!

    Roshan SatapathyRoshan Satapathy14 dager siden
  • "i didn't get into marketing to lie ti people" you ain't getting fare then fella

    Thatnameman GachaThatnameman Gacha14 dager siden
  • Im eating pringles rn. Who else?

    BIG BUSTERBIG BUSTER15 dager siden
  • I am eating Pringles rn

    Logan tolley Games and funLogan tolley Games and fun15 dager siden
  • HAHA LOVE YOUR VIDEOS YOU ARE AMAZING I FOUND YOUR CHANNEL LAST WEEK AND CANT STOP WATCHINGGGG Also I’m a small youtuber it would be awesome if you could subscribe to me ♡

    Ocean PlaysOcean Plays15 dager siden
  • Bubble wrap be like :

    Wafiq NasnaWafiq Nasna16 dager siden
  • *Calls the cops* "Pringles is threatening me."

    Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TVWesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV16 dager siden
  • Have a coke and a smile.

    D SD S16 dager siden
  • I can't stop once I pop.

    i GoT tHeM tHiCc TeEtH bOii GoT tHeM tHiCc TeEtH bOi16 dager siden
  • I am disappointed he didn't wear a Pringles-man mustache

    FanTazTiCxDFanTazTiCxD16 dager siden
  • And that’s how Collin became a legend within the marketing community...

    Mr. The ULTIMATEMr. The ULTIMATE17 dager siden
  • Dipitty pop

    CrazCraz17 dager siden
  • I’m sorry guys

    Big Dick JohnsonBig Dick Johnson17 dager siden
  • Collin is going places

    ManderWayneManderWayne18 dager siden
  • It's great how he's got stache but puts on a fake stache anyways

    kenny neudorfkenny neudorf18 dager siden
  • This is basically r/slash woooosh

    KaiiscoolKaiiscool18 dager siden
  • The old slogan was the better one Why pringles gotto remove that #get the slogan back

    Vishwa MusixVishwa Musix18 dager siden
  • This guy deserves more subscribers

    Clone 1367Clone 136718 dager siden
  • In a future where everyone is a clone of Ryan

    Phalanx CuthalionPhalanx Cuthalion19 dager siden
  • Colin kinda the best marketer

    Polish FilipinoPolish Filipino19 dager siden
  • I just got a Lays add on this video lmfao

    BoggarthBoggarth20 dager siden
  • how about pringles: pre-chewed & re-molded to fit in your mouth?

    joe stewartjoe stewart20 dager siden
  • me whos name is colin and they say it every 5 seconds: am i famous?

    future vlogsfuture vlogs20 dager siden
  • now i want pringles

    Atlantean OctopusAtlantean Octopus20 dager siden
  • lays = we are just another bag with air

    TREVORTREVOR21 dag siden
  • "Colin" is always the smart one

    RockeyRock PlayzRockeyRock Playz22 dager siden
  • i

    Eli SchmittEli Schmitt22 dager siden
  • Pringles: Once you pop, *you can never stop.* *you will continue to pop* *THERE IS NO ESCAPE*

    ChumBucket347ChumBucket34722 dager siden
  • :( :( :(

    Cameron fleenerCameron fleener23 dager siden
  • "I didn't get into marketing to lie to people" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Brit SehnsuchtBrit Sehnsucht23 dager siden
  • I thought the thumbnail said: Once you poop, you cannot stop

    Zen KurahashiZen Kurahashi23 dager siden
  • Pringle man for president 2024 join my campaign

    PringlePringle24 dager siden
  • A couple moments later... Sour cream And onion

    ChristopherSavage 21ChristopherSavage 2124 dager siden
  • My brothers name is Colin Man I knew he was smart

    Dragon2Dragon225 dager siden
  • Amazing!

    Jamie RussellJamie Russell27 dager siden
  • Pringle’s has a slogan?

    Milantique StudiosMilantique Studios28 dager siden
  • Why are they all yelling at me?

    Collin ShookCollin Shook28 dager siden
  • I didn't get into marketing to lie to people! LIE!!!!

    Lauren ClawsonLauren Clawson29 dager siden
  • I dont know, we might be making some enemies in the pharmaceutical industry... That is their territory I died

    Lauren ClawsonLauren Clawson29 dager siden
  • Once you pop the container is open, why would you pop more?

    Astral BlazeAstral Blaze29 dager siden
  • “I didn't get into marketing to lie to people.” *and other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself*

    Alec BainAlec Bain29 dager siden
  • "I didn't get into marketing to lie to people" What else is there?

    Plague ProdukshunsPlague Produkshuns29 dager siden