How Dream redefined MINECRAFT content

9. okt.. 2020
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#Dream #Minecraft #MinecraftManhunt
Over the past year Dream went from 1000 subscribers to over 10 million subscribers, revolutionizing and redefining the Minecraft community with series like Minecraft Unsolved or Minecraft Manhunt. It all started with videos about Pewdiepie's Minecraft seed, and it turned into original, highly entertaining content in a genre that was considered to be oversaturated. Today we take a look at how he did it, in an attempt to draw some helpful conclusions for anyone who wants to pursue a similar path, whether on NOworld, in Minecraft, or anywhere else, because the same principles apply everywhere.

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    • You thought you were slick i see your getting a youtooz

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    • Do a video that isn't sponsored, I dare you. You can't do it.

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    • and btw, the top of the totem pole is the most irrelevant part. the bottom is considered the most important

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    • Pls do about tommyinnit

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  • Is it bad if I say as of now I do not like dream Maybe I'll find s love fir him but hed really not my vibe rn

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  • i love your vids and i use your code

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  • If the train is a train of opportunity, I swear I've been sleeping for years

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  • maybe mrbeast is the reason why

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  • So, looking at the mystery youtooz, I think andrei terbea is get a youtooz. How did I know? Wilfur

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  • I been playing Minecraft for 7 years. Personally I’m not a fan of Dreams fan base but it’s still good videos

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    • Smoll dream: ello Big dream: "OH GEORGE!"

      Rock girlRock girl2 timer siden
  • 2 weeks later, and he’s at 11 mil.

    Coleman StudiosColeman Studios3 timer siden
  • Anyone else prefer old Minecraft NOworldrs?

    Alex MAlex M3 timer siden
    • I do too

      Emilio ArmentaEmilio Armenta2 timer siden
  • It’s the squad Gogy Piss baby And Samsung refrigerator

    Charlotte SullivanCharlotte Sullivan4 timer siden
  • dream's whole strategy is starving his viewers of content by not uploading for 2 months and the moment he uploads his video gets a ton of views and interaction and goes into trending.

    FyreFyre4 timer siden

    King Doge7777King Doge77775 timer siden
  • he really didn't though he's just a minecraft speedrunner whos kinda funny and had the algorithm on his side

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    • @Emilio Armenta hi

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    • Hi

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  • You should animate his videos man,it would probally get a lot of atention

    M_ MitsueM_ Mitsue6 timer siden
  • Dreams avatar is literally a failed oversimplified drawing of the background people and people fan art him as literally a anime character

    Kirby BlastersKirby Blasters7 timer siden
  • Andrei

    KirboKirbo8 timer siden
  • 😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎

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  • alternate title: how dream FUCKED UP his speedruns and things

    when you cant think of anything and u do thiswhen you cant think of anything and u do this11 timer siden
  • That how its sayd wrong argh u frote it haw?

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  • I will never blow up its impossible

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  • I was subbed on dream when he found pewds seed on Minecraft

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  • Smoll dream: *ello* Big dream: *"OH GEORGE!"*

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  • more like among us in i=minecraft a legend is born

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  • HAW

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  • I cant even get 10 subs lol

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  • Andrei we have the same name

    jon andrie galitjon andrie galit18 timer siden
  • And then the “bad guy” gets even more hate

    Red MuffinRed Muffin21 time siden
  • I love your videos but I do think you fan the flame a bit on your videos on drama I don’t think it’s on purpose but when put your opinion into any of the video on this type of channel that causes the people watching to pick out a good guy and bad guy even if you didn’t mean to do anything but break everything down

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  • Did Linus send ridge wallet to sponsor you????

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  • i just comment here so that in 10 years my comment reaches to 1mil likes

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  • The fact that I saw DanTDM in the over satiated Minecraft content sorta makes me mad. I really hope you know better than to just say something that could offend millions of people. I’m not mad, but I’m just looking out for your channel

    Tobias LogueTobias Logue23 timer siden
  • i found dream and late 2 millon subs when skeppy was about to hit 3 mil as well

    This THingThis THingDag siden
  • "i studied reddit" dream do you mean minecraft tricks or algorithm

    TsukiTsukiDag siden
  • Hi

    Teraz boy Mi panTeraz boy Mi panDag siden
  • When you can animate so well that you can't draw a perfect one line smile. The thumbnail:

    Someone's AltSomeone's AltDag siden
  • I love how he made bad hold a muffin

    Hintz_Hintz_Dag siden
  • No one to 1 million subs in a day by Mr. bro the is the fastest

    Luises Gaming channelLuises Gaming channelDag siden
  • Petition for dream to collab with Older Minecraft NOworldrs

    Connor WallaceConnor WallaceDag siden
  • Me taking notes

    DangerDangerDag siden
  • I hate dream cuz he is a cheater

    Abhimanyu RajeshAbhimanyu RajeshDag siden
    • @tanja vasic watch the whole video:

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    • how

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  • now i know what train should i jump for thx to andrei ty alot and ill see if this really work

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  • 0:40 that says HAW

    Joshua HernandezJoshua HernandezDag siden
  • Dream invaded NOworld and took over the platform and became the biggest NOworldr of all time just like how the Beatles invaded America and got famous due to their popularity

    the running manthe running manDag siden
  • Um what country are you from because that accent is kind of hard to pronounce

    Shain LewisShain LewisDag siden
  • i like the badboyhalo drawing with the muffin

    Aleiz Sandy PabonAleiz Sandy PabonDag siden
  • I love how so many weird things are happening around dream and he just smiles and blinks.

    Hannah McHughHannah McHughDag siden
  • It also helps that he held a world record

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  • HAW?

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  • Dream’s not at 10M. 11M!!??

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  • bine acolo pe romana :)))

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  • I was subbed to dream since he was at 20k subs, i feel special

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  • 3:50 not gonna lie i dont know if that's referencing George's colorblindness or if it's an error in the color of Dream's jacket

    Cam'ronCam'ronDag siden

    Alexander RamirezAlexander RamirezDag siden
  • 04:40 anyone else realise bbh is holding a muffin 😂

    ItzHyPeZzItzHyPeZzDag siden
  • He said "among them" i think that was a secret way to say the next video

    Jon BroJon BroDag siden
  • I wouldnt say he "redifined minecraft content" sure he made good content and thats why he grew fast but he basically milked manhunts, unsolved and pewdiepie. I wouldnt call that "redifining" what exactly did he redifine.

    Jack NugentJack NugentDag siden
  • Update hes at 11.9M

    Puppy PowerPuppy PowerDag siden
  • subs. The smp generates stans, only to fuel into dreams channel. It's kinda cool.

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytDag siden
  • dream basically hired people to find the seed. He didnt really find it himself.

    Jack NugentJack NugentDag siden
  • dream is a literal dick being "smart" and earning hella shit out of mrbeast

    Bananastock!Bananastock!Dag siden
    • He whas growing be4 mrbeast mrbeast helped him gain even more momentum

      TSG-FroakTSG-FroakDag siden
  • “The Ridge wallet can hold 12 credit cards!” Yes because we all have 12 credit cards

    Maybe CalebMaybe CalebDag siden
    • Dream didnt find the seed, thats a lie. A group of people did, like earthcomputer, cortex, and polymetric, and neil. there were more to the project, but dream did NOTHING for it.

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytDag siden
  • i hate dream because he voted for the glow squid

    Matthew DonaldsonMatthew DonaldsonDag siden
    • Almost every single NOworldr told their fans to vote on a specific mob, do you hate all of them for that?

      BatataBatataDag siden
  • How to see clays face : 1.get cancer 2.make a wish 3.wish to go to dreams house 4.take a pic with dream 5.if he blurs his face cry in front of him 6.profit $$

    Time Traveler • 56 Years AgoTime Traveler • 56 Years AgoDag siden
  • I'm happy to finally see a place without dream and techno fans insulting each other. Both are good, and their fanbase, its not just dreams or technos, the majority of both their fanbases are really just...something special.

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  • Yo Andrei I made a story about you and animators, Its named the Animaton Clash

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  • Frate esti cel mai popular youtuber roman

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  • So, looking at the mystery youtooz, I think andrei terbea is get a youtooz. How did I know? Wilfur

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  • Hey can u do a vid on the vegan teacher and the drama

    Ismary FarquharIsmary FarquharDag siden
  • oh no i thought he said RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

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  • 1:13 Wilfur Face Reveal!!!!!!!

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  • امه داعيتله

    محمد الشبلمحمد الشبلDag siden
  • Guys I went to youtooz and guess’s what in coming soon there is a whole black yourooz and it says mystery creator so we don’t know who and when I see closely I think that it is Andrei and guy keep this prediction in mind bcuz I want to see if I am correct or wrong

    Khalfan KKhalfan KDag siden
  • MEOW

    CatCatDag siden
  • I guess you can say he reached his dream

    PurpleVIPurpleVIDag siden
  • Dream didnt find the seed, thats a lie. A group of people did, like earthcomputer, cortex, and polymetric, and neil. there were more to the project, but dream did NOTHING for it.

    AaronAaronDag siden
    • ye he basically hired them, idk if he even payed them

      Jack NugentJack NugentDag siden
  • do a video about corpse

    attic rhetoricianattic rhetorician2 dager siden
  • What animation software do you use

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  • #dream

    Kenzil FNKenzil FN2 dager siden

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  • I literally started playing Minecraft since i started watching dreams videos

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  • Fun Fact: Dream actually purchased his username, he was not the original owner of the Dream username.

    yasio boloyasio bolo2 dager siden
    • Proof

      SpookyBobSpookyBob5 timer siden
    • lol who is the owner of da username

      Niña ComisoNiña Comiso14 timer siden
  • Dream: cracks code Dream: +10m subs Andrew: cracks dreams code Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, see ya in a year

    Death LifeDeath Life2 dager siden
    • Talk about the gacha community an its cringy

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  • Make a video about Dixie cheating at mr beat competition

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  • You got a guud sponsor

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  • It’s 11 million now (2 weeks after this vid was posted)

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  • dream is exploding

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  • ba andrei ce faci

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  • i like how he said "Andrei"

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  • Roblox Players: Pathetic

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  • Romani pe aici?

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  • 0:41 haw? What

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  • is you're name Romanian?

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  • he did it by scripting videos to make him look better at the game when he isnt

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  • Talk about the gacha community an its cringy

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