Hiring a Lawyer to Go to Food Court with Me

12. april. 2021
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Brett McIntosh
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0:00 Legend
0:02 Coffee challenge
1:37 Wheel chair on ramp
2:32 Hiring a lawyer to go to food court with me
4:31 UPS roof top delivery
5:18 Knocking on people’s door in a towel & asking to finish my shower
7:23 Mini van with hydraulics in drive-thru
8:25 Lawyer tells a story
10:07 At parents
10:54 More coffee in mini van
11:08 Baseball coach

  • 0:02 Coffee challenge 1:37 Wheel chair on ramp 2:32 Hiring a lawyer to go to food court with me 4:31 UPS roof top delivery 5:18 Knocking on people’s door in a towel & asking to finish my shower 7:23 Mini van with hydraulics in drive-thru 8:25 Lawyer tells a story 10:07 At parents 10:54 More coffee in mini van 11:08 Baseball coach

    Project ManagerProject ManagerMåned siden
    • It’s in the description

      ShadeDisplayedShadeDisplayed5 dager siden
    • No need for this this was in the description

      HardcoreXoneHardcoreXone21 dag siden
    • Thank you mr manager

      JaiidenxJaiidenx21 dag siden
    • Imagine if the outside shower was the sprinkler

      TJ WilliamsTJ Williams27 dager siden
    • It's in the description all the time stamps

      I can kinda drawI can kinda draw27 dager siden
  • Lawyer thing was so original! Loved it!

    Al KHALILIAl KHALILI12 timer siden
  • Why make fun of the disabled?

    Mom Of TeensMom Of Teens19 timer siden
  • holy shit the coffee is everywhere

    JohnJohnDag siden
  • Hahahahahahs I loved the shower thing

    Eric KnowlesEric KnowlesDag siden
  • That UPS guy has probably done that before, it was too clean.

    AnthonyAnthonyDag siden
  • Hydrolic mini van had me dead lmao. Bruh!

    God of LoversGod of LoversDag siden
  • slip and tear *doom music plays in the back ground*

    Cameron HarperCameron Harper2 dager siden
  • Trying so hard to be funny... Cringe 😬👎🗑️

    Venture VlogsVenture Vlogs2 dager siden
  • Omg I can’t stop watching these videos!

    Rachael BrowneRachael Browne2 dager siden
  • guy in the passenger seat with the coffee was throwing it out of the cup on purpose

    Propane & Propane accessoriesPropane & Propane accessories2 dager siden
  • Cringey Ross. You’ve gone stale.

    m km k2 dager siden
  • “Is there a drink involved?” 😂😂

    AmazingMozaAmazingMoza2 dager siden
  • Putting the wrong car logos on cars.. Example: benz logo on a bmw 😂😭

    Cayden CollinsCayden Collins3 dager siden
  • this man is a master of not laughing

    Joshua DrennanJoshua Drennan3 dager siden
  • That lawyer is cool

    Juan MartinezJuan Martinez3 dager siden
  • wtf .. they made the best sandwich deal of the year ^^

    Ha KaHa Ka4 dager siden
  • Fill a shopping cart full of goods and trade it with a homeless mans, for his cart.

    Ryan HackerRyan Hacker4 dager siden
  • that knocking a door and asking for shower its how porn starts

    James McleenJames Mcleen5 dager siden
  • i dont think anyone got the whole food court joke

    KevinPlayz RobloxKevinPlayz Roblox6 dager siden
  • Ik the place he was that!

    Josiah PaigeJosiah Paige6 dager siden
  • Few lines in the van with Mr. Lawyer.... Lovely

    Kev 6326Kev 63266 dager siden
  • Nice mask loser

    Jose BloodthurstJose Bloodthurst6 dager siden
  • Lawyer looks like Ray Liotta🤣

    EdgarTVEdgarTV7 dager siden
  • Put hydraulics on your scooter.

    Joshua HenryJoshua Henry7 dager siden
  • Definition of what the boys are doing 😂

    Alex GutierrezAlex Gutierrez7 dager siden
  • Dang do you have to be that rich to have an OUTSIDE shower??

    duckduck7 dager siden
  • They are the friend group goals

    Avril YielenaAvril Yielena7 dager siden
  • Food court, man, that's fucking hysterical.

    OutsidersViewOutsidersView8 dager siden
  • These guys are literally having so much fun lol

    RetroSoaringRetroSoaring8 dager siden
  • What vid were they talking about

    Landon_CollverLandon_Collver8 dager siden
  • I put body wash on my arm pits once because I didn't have any deodorant and my skin under my arms got really dry and it hurt, then I put a lot of lotion under my arms and then it healed

    ????????????11 dager siden
  • Not only does he have a great lawyer, but his lawyer is mad loyal af!!! I need his number!!

    Christopher LewisChristopher Lewis12 dager siden
  • "Eli package " *bonk*

    Dr. PhilDr. Phil13 dager siden
  • I almost started crying when cole asked to borrow the shower

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden13 dager siden
  • In 2 years she's prolly gonna be up at 3 am thinking about that then realize that she was working at a food court and the realizations gonna hit her like a truck

    Blob_of_JelloBlob_of_Jello13 dager siden
  • The lowrider minivan is the best thing to ever happen. Ever.

    i eat assi eat ass13 dager siden
  • Lol “Caterfilter”

    Keenan ChandlerKeenan Chandler14 dager siden
  • I simpy fckn LOVE you guys! 😂

    R.E.C. OfficialR.E.C. Official14 dager siden
  • That lawyer is amazing!!!

    A GA G14 dager siden
  • it's really weird seeing my old lawyer in your vido, which was released on my birthday. it's like a sign. I wish I could afford to hire him again.

    BrendanBrendan15 dager siden
  • Ross looks like a Walmart bootleg jake paul

    Finn DillonFinn Dillon15 dager siden
  • whos actually been to that food court?

    Tony PlaysTony Plays15 dager siden
  • 0:16 me when there is a free car on wish

    Valek ShillingValek Shilling15 dager siden
  • Why won't people just let them in? I would. Why did that guy even ask where he lived if he didn't plan on letting him in.

    Kevin MKevin M17 dager siden

    I'm GabeI'm Gabe17 dager siden
  • washing satellite dishes

    Thomas PietyThomas Piety17 dager siden
  • this is why they don't have a REAL white merc

    Springbokkie_ CenterSpringbokkie_ Center18 dager siden
  • *Charles*

    Po TatoPo Tato18 dager siden
  • wait. you can get three for one deals if you just ask?

    NovagunnerNovagunner18 dager siden
  • 4:36 damn that catch was smoooth!!!!

    Lavendeer 201Lavendeer 20119 dager siden
  • Awkward

    jeff freijeff frei19 dager siden
  • Ahhh, no , that's okay

    jeff freijeff frei19 dager siden

    Ethan CormierEthan Cormier19 dager siden

    Xxx2Fizzy_Keen2xxXXxx2Fizzy_Keen2xxX20 dager siden
  • his name is charles

    Gannon GamesGannon Games20 dager siden
  • Wow this one aged well

    The way of WestonThe way of Weston20 dager siden
  • Cole is discount Jorge masvidal

    ethan wilsonethan wilson20 dager siden
  • When the lawyer said “at this point it’s ricotta” I laughed so hard

    Nacho TVNacho TV20 dager siden
  • Y'all remind me of impractical jokers so much ayeee

    E.L.E.L.20 dager siden
  • law noworld.info/video/video/uImnjNOnpKyv26c.html

    I love videosI love videos20 dager siden
  • Ups guy lookin like trevor

    HardcoreXoneHardcoreXone21 dag siden
  • Go to a sneaker store and try on running shoes. And run around the store like you're running for a marathon then decide not to buy them.

    Enrique CaceresEnrique Caceres21 dag siden
  • This is not going to come off from your car..

    Марио ПетровМарио Петров21 dag siden
  • you should go to a dinner and ask for the usual and when the say they don't know you say you do they say like what the usual and you say like you know the usual

    SSloth GamingSSloth Gaming21 dag siden
  • he thought "moms gonna be pissed" was gonna be way funnier ha ha bomb been there

    Jackson DiamondJackson Diamond21 dag siden
  • Wait what is the crime

    Rolando BajolocheRolando Bajoloche21 dag siden
  • Ross!!! Brett lives on the other side of the forest from me we share back yards!! I’ve met Elliott and your parents but never find you😭

    Hannah MeekHannah Meek21 dag siden
  • That shower one is the best one yet 😂

    JaredRogersWordJaredRogersWord21 dag siden
  • What's the difference between a Empire and.......... 11:30

    Pu1se sharkPu1se shark21 dag siden
  • Cole should go in the store covered in soap and a towel and hes going in to buy soap mid shower 🤣🤣

    TylerTyler21 dag siden
  • 0:27 some random car at 3am

    Spydr_50Spydr_5022 dager siden
  • Go to a packed parking lot with the van and have a speaker play sexy time noses and have the van go up and down

    Nicholas DewsNicholas Dews22 dager siden
  • Should of have put on a banana costume

    ÆyææāăäÆøœīůįųřėæy ůğøœđ?bŕøgeèæèæææÆyææāăäÆøœīůįųřėæy ůğøœđ?bŕøgeèæèæææ22 dager siden
  • Your Sprinter Van looks like an Amazon Van. You guys should drive around and put empty boxes on people's porches. LOL

    Jacob WallerJacob Waller22 dager siden
  • Oki

    SomeoneSomeone22 dager siden
  • ... all these people live in such nice houses. Proves anyone can be successful.

    Friendly Neighborhood CthulhuFriendly Neighborhood Cthulhu22 dager siden
  • 0:15 i literally died so hard XDDD

    Nathan BeersNathan Beers22 dager siden
  • haha, comedy

    BlitzneticBlitznetic23 dager siden
  • How many teeth dose ross have wth 10:03

    CommandBlockTurtleCommandBlockTurtle23 dager siden
  • you guys should do a video where you guys have a squirt fun fight but instead of squirt guns use cans of bear mace LOL

    Yoyo MaYoyo Ma23 dager siden
  • *i hope that coffee pot’s awfully hot that’s an awfully hot coffee pot*

    andy rogersandy rogers24 dager siden
  • this lawyer is too good

    deepsdeeps24 dager siden
  • The funniest thing in this video is the insanely large Mercedes symbol on the van lmaooo

    case2capcase2cap24 dager siden
  • thank you for making videos like these the coffee always gets me keep it up man.

    Ontsu the OrcaOntsu the Orca24 dager siden
  • 4:31 you guys have that women a hemorrhoid in her brain.

    Don. ViverosDon. Viveros24 dager siden
  • To go a restaurant and eat the crayons and play with the food

    Owen PopeOwen Pope24 dager siden
  • ah, a sneaky 1146 (11:46) on his jumpsuit

    lessurlessur25 dager siden
  • If my calculations are correct, then their combined IQ's don't add up to a 3 digit figure.

    Deuce BigalowDeuce Bigalow25 dager siden
  • can you put hydraulics on the electric wheel chair

    James BJames B25 dager siden
  • Damn, that coffee went everywhere...

    Tazerboy10Tazerboy1025 dager siden
  • Danny Duncan has a lifted Honda fit and you have a hydraulic Chrysler caravan

    Nathan YuNathan Yu25 dager siden
  • 0:11 i love that one its funny 5:13 the slide that can make you look like a cartoon 5:50 yep its Florida man 7:49 he has a transformer car

    Nathan YuNathan Yu25 dager siden
  • Enter a store dressed as an employee and pretend to skip out on the job while asking a customer to cover for you

    Guy BGuy B25 dager siden
  • 7:35 the window outside do be bouncin'

    help me name this channelhelp me name this channel25 dager siden
  • Me: wonder how much it would cost to put my minivan on bags with a hydraulic lift system. Wallet: Nuh Uh

    No light, no water, no late night snacking.No light, no water, no late night snacking.25 dager siden
  • I don't know how the lawyer held a straight face

    No light, no water, no late night snacking.No light, no water, no late night snacking.25 dager siden
  • you shouldve went through a drive through and ordered coffee

    Jacob LearyJacob Leary26 dager siden
  • You should pretend to be two different gas station employees and just roast each others gas station or something idk

    Jillian SilkJillian Silk26 dager siden
  • lmfaooooo

    Shay JonesShay Jones26 dager siden