Henry Stickmin Logic | Cartoon Animation

28. april. 2021
1 903 428 Ganger

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Player and Captain work together to beat the Henry Stickmin Collection. Throughout the first episode, they try to escape prison after being arrested while robbing a bank.
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  • Yass

    LanceMacPlayzLanceMacPlayz49 minutter siden
  • cool gametoons

    Pump and Skid Its spooky monthPump and Skid Its spooky month51 minutt siden
  • Can you do a part 2 when they steal the diamond and take down or join the toppat clan.

    GristlyDragon46GristlyDragon46Time siden
  • Dang mr. cheese is a lawyer? And he lied!

    tiana stavistiana stavis3 timer siden
  • Mr. Cheese, attorney at law!

    Kobe RegaspiKobe Regaspi4 timer siden
  • Can you make paper io or fortnight or Roblox

    It’s Lilly xoxIt’s Lilly xox5 timer siden
  • 3:32 he died I think

    Maruchan ManMaruchan Man5 timer siden
  • I really like this can you make more?

    AwgdgamingAwgdgaming6 timer siden
  • 4:25 minutes later: guard: oh god dammit! NOW YOU GUYS?

    Seattle1345RBLXSeattle1345RBLX6 timer siden
  • I can't believe how similar this is to the original.

    NickTubeNickTube6 timer siden
  • Do a henry stickman logic 2

    Hamza GamingHamza Gaming7 timer siden
  • lol

    Andre MaloneAndre Malone8 timer siden
  • 1:12 I was dying of laughs

    Amanda MaccallumAmanda Maccallum9 timer siden
  • Uhh

    Pablo DonosoPablo Donoso9 timer siden
  • I am curious, will there be a part 2 of this?

    SUPER ST1CK N0DESSUPER ST1CK N0DES10 timer siden
  • 1:12 guards at the same time: yes :|👍

    SV LasagnaSV Lasagna11 timer siden
  • plz make more!

    Ross HooverRoss Hoover12 timer siden
  • Can be continued

    Эренцен БочкаевЭренцен Бочкаев13 timer siden

    LIM64LIM6413 timer siden
  • 1:11 ahhhhhhhhhh!!

    Therese Frances Marie EscuetaTherese Frances Marie Escueta14 timer siden
  • 1:10 "This is starting to turn into a popular meme really."

    CreeperLuke MineCraftCreeperLuke MineCraft15 timer siden
  • Do part 2

    heating serviceheating service16 timer siden
  • 1:12 amogus (look at the captain’s mouth)

    SMFB7SMFB717 timer siden
  • make another please

    EpicAlexanderEpicAlexander19 timer siden
  • 1:12 in captains face.. IS THAT BLACK FROM AMOGUS???? WE CAN NEVER ESCAPER

    Muhaini OthmanMuhaini Othman19 timer siden
  • 7:45 "did- db bibd gdbid dib- g gdidb THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEEE!!!!

    Wyatt NeaceWyatt Neace19 timer siden
  • Wait something NOT among us from you omg......................................................................wait it’s just reanimated henery stickmin

    PhinalbossbeaterPhinalbossbeater20 timer siden
  • Where's Part 2?

    Chan ChanChan Chan20 timer siden
  • Hey when is part 2?

    Dallas and the famDallas and the fam22 timer siden
  • The shovel failure screen should of been: Bro just dig straight forward then up and your in the bank

    GirlfriendGirlfriend23 timer siden
  • I what to see part 2

    Raul SotoRaul SotoDag siden
  • I want part 2

    Sarv and ruv And ak47Sarv and ruv And ak47Dag siden
  • Honestly,there isn't really a way to lose in this game right?,it's like undertale, if you die,to can just go back to the most recent save.

    like zavodilalike zavodilaDag siden
  • 😄😁😀😉

    Tatiana OliveroTatiana OliveroDag siden
  • Ola soi tatiana olivero 😀

    Tatiana OliveroTatiana OliveroDag siden

    DreamFan88 DREAM ROCKSDreamFan88 DREAM ROCKSDag siden
  • Клёво

    juunljuunlDag siden
  • cool

    C H A R A D R E E M U R RC H A R A D R E E M U R RDag siden
  • I want see more

    Nadia GonzalezNadia GonzalezDag siden

    Lisa HurlimanLisa HurlimanDag siden
  • When part 2 will come

    Kevin and Rachel YoungKevin and Rachel YoungDag siden
  • wdo henry stickman logic again pls among us in dying I love the animations though! con tinue to do among us logic and more henry s t ickman!

    Naivea ToussaintNaivea ToussaintDag siden
  • Make more of these

    Freddie CluttenFreddie CluttenDag siden
  • Niceeee

    Glitchy kidGlitchy kidDag siden
  • I'm not going to lie Henry stickman escape jail my most favorite ending in that one was the phone it was the best ending for me

    Fire FoX 2kFire FoX 2kDag siden
  • 1:13 me in clash royale when I am about to lose

    Gamergeorge 147Gamergeorge 147Dag siden
  • Make Henry Stickmin Logic 2

    Kylemashed10Kylemashed10Dag siden
  • This video would be more epic if this was interactive like the game

    Spirko RodriguezSpirko RodriguezDag siden
  • Pls make more of this logics they are so funny 🤣🤣

    Minecraft, FNF, CoDM & among us fanMinecraft, FNF, CoDM & among us fanDag siden
  • Please logic 2

    Tj GroupTj GroupDag siden
  • 1:12 my cat climbing the wall for the first time

    XxskidplayzxXXxskidplayzxXDag siden
  • wait it says the footage of the bank was recorded in 2008 and the court is taking place in 2021 were they in jail for 13 years?

    fade-wayfade-wayDag siden
  • Uhhhhh

    skidskidDag siden
  • Guys do something really serious happened to me do you know the coronavirus the coronavirus killed my grampa I am is my grampa Alot

    preety sagarpreety sagarDag siden
  • 4:24 technically it’s player’seye

    Isaac_le SlayerIsaac_le SlayerDag siden
  • When you made the video, did u know how many memes would come out of it?

    Jai KonetiJai KonetiDag siden
  • I can't wait for another Animation where someone besides play suffers!

    Gheto knightGheto knightDag siden
  • Wait did Mr Cheese say ball exam what is gametoons becoming?

    BrodyShaw888BrodyShaw888Dag siden
  • Lol I know

    Fantastic CoderFantastic CoderDag siden
  • 1:12 that's the funniest scream I've ever seen! Kinda sound like soilders scearm like this

    DanilDanilDag siden
  • 1:30 dis is da scene of the 2 using da fake bags

    Aizen Zendrich CalizoAizen Zendrich CalizoDag siden
  • 1:30

    Aizen Zendrich CalizoAizen Zendrich CalizoDag siden
  • Plz do Harry stickman diamond

    Dylan sipesDylan sipesDag siden
  • It can ca aca a abeeeeee3

    dayon savagedayon savageDag siden
  • 0:19 Can Player even physically take it off?

    Herobrine_PlayzHerobrine_Playz2 dager siden
  • How to download the game

    Ruv FnF ilham syah funkinRuv FnF ilham syah funkin2 dager siden
  • 4:19 MY NAMES NOT ....!

    XxG4m3r_ Dud3XxXxG4m3r_ Dud3Xx2 dager siden
  • The first multi ending ending: LAWYERED UP

    Hazren TengahHazren Tengah2 dager siden
  • Do more Henry stivkman videos

    Julia SchreinerJulia Schreiner2 dager siden
  • Please make a part two!

    Nelly KellyNelly Kelly2 dager siden
  • Players first win 🥲

    Hannah playzHannah playz2 dager siden
  • Finally you stop playing among us, that game was destroying you

    Sebastián LópezSebastián López2 dager siden
  • Hey you can get your dad

    Ayaan DarAyaan Dar2 dager siden
  • Hey

    Ayaan DarAyaan Dar2 dager siden
  • Hey

    Ayaan DarAyaan Dar2 dager siden
  • 69k likes yooooo

    Hunter RustHunter Rust2 dager siden
  • Captain’s screaming be like 😂🤣😂🤣

    Chace ThompsonChace Thompson2 dager siden
  • 7:54

    Fernando ???Fernando ???2 dager siden
  • Nice

    [zachay] proto gang[zachay] proto gang2 dager siden
  • 0:13 click it again and again

    Monster YTMonster YT2 dager siden
  • Instead of watching these animations why don't you watch other players play in fnf

    Roxo gRoxo g2 dager siden
  • HENRY :)))

    Nathaniel EscusaNathaniel Escusa2 dager siden
  • Evebody: 2 Logics Only- GameToons: 100 Logics

    Ultra BangUltra Bang2 dager siden
  • Make more for that pls

    dominus gamerdominus gamer2 dager siden
  • "Did u really think player was gonna win the first try? " Me:Absolutely not

    Murali RMurali R2 dager siden
  • 1:05 i can see were this is going😂

    kingsavagekingsavage2 dager siden
  • StD plz I'm waiting 4 that

    Trần Gia KiênTrần Gia Kiên2 dager siden
  • 1:12 that made me laugh to death.

    Ronald Isaac CimafrancaRonald Isaac Cimafranca2 dager siden
  • 1:12 LOL! Captin Screaming is the #1 meme

    Andrew WellsAndrew Wells2 dager siden
  • It's was Henry stickmin have multiplayer mode be like this

    ikhsan gamingikhsan gaming2 dager siden
  • Let's just go over the plan one more time 1:29

    Joseph RipaJoseph Ripa2 dager siden
  • Hey you could do logic 2 violent hero

    Dianne vernice CasimiroDianne vernice Casimiro2 dager siden
  • I'm feeling a series out of this coming and if there is it's going to be good

    Tiffinnie MorrisTiffinnie Morris2 dager siden
  • Please make " NEXT " episode 😍😍😍

    tommy vercettitommy vercetti2 dager siden
  • henry stickmin

    Sanddesh ShresthaSanddesh Shrestha2 dager siden
  • BRUH

    Manman shelbyManman shelby2 dager siden
  • You guys waiting for part 2?

    A Friggin Unnoticed Twitch StreamerA Friggin Unnoticed Twitch Streamer2 dager siden
  • Do minecraft story mode

    shadow freddyshadow freddy2 dager siden
  • 4:19 that will hurt alot,

    Joy RachoJoy Racho2 dager siden
  • Girls when the light turns off 1:12

    George agostoGeorge agosto3 dager siden