Helping People Out

3. april. 2020
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  • This video was a hard one for me to make. We both broke down many times filming, but had to cut that footage out along with others because it just got too depressing. I’m only here to spread positivity and love. I hope you guys are staying safe out there. Please stay inside, much love ❤️🙏🏻

    TechSourceTechSource8 måneder siden
    • Bro this video should have gotten more views! Thank you so much for speeding awareness and helping others!!!

      Davolaf EditsDavolaf Edits6 måneder siden
    • Ur such a nice guy man, keep doing what ur doing and stay safe

      flame Lessflame Less6 måneder siden
    • You are an inspiration, Ed. God bless you.

      Jagdish ShenoyJagdish Shenoy7 måneder siden
    • Thank you for what you do and also my name is Gabriel

      Gabe’s AquaticsGabe’s Aquatics7 måneder siden
    • @techsource hey eddy can u tell me how to participate in setup wars worst setup edition i want to send my setup too

      GOD BEATZGOD BEATZ8 måneder siden
  • God bless u man.

    Jhai SeritJhai SeritMåned siden
  • Me: Sees 188 Dislikes Also me: *Activate Instant Kill*

    Mr TheManMr TheManMåned siden
  • This is getting the seal of KINDNESS

    Iram RahmanIram Rahman4 måneder siden
  • 8:40 That man is so kind, and so are you Edgar Ogayseyan (sorry if I butchered your last name)

    Muwahid TrowellMuwahid Trowell4 måneder siden
  • This man deserves an award

    Dian OyDian Oy4 måneder siden
  • You are truly a man of humanity God bless you May you always suceed in your life I will always be a regular subscriber ♥️

    PARA GONPARA GON4 måneder siden
  • i had watched about 50+ videos on your channel but this is the time i subscribed you

    i0Tai0Ta4 måneder siden
  • I wich everybody can be rich life would be easier

    Yogi 我保Yogi 我保4 måneder siden
  • This man really warms my heart

    FALLEN JAMFALLEN JAM4 måneder siden
  • I just saw your burgling video from 2 year ago but I hope everything is okay now and you really did not deserve that. You're a very very good person man.

    ConorConor4 måneder siden
  • Hey ed, keep up dude, this vid made tears into my eyes

    Mohammed FawaazMohammed Fawaaz5 måneder siden
  • This makes me so happy😁

    Kaian EstillKaian Estill5 måneder siden
  • You care so much for the others that only good persons do...!!!!

    Xp ProjectsXp Projects5 måneder siden
  • Bro thx so much

    Djouma OusmanDjouma Ousman5 måneder siden
  • Nice 80 k views

    Fd ergiFd ergi5 måneder siden
  • y does this have only 80k views. This is the most important tech source video yet its the least viewed.

    Deal With ScxrDeal With Scxr5 måneder siden
  • sad this vid getting dislikes

    tree丫tree丫5 måneder siden
  • Who disliked this

    MotoMikey 688MotoMikey 6885 måneder siden
  • U are a great guy Ed

    Samurai GamingSamurai Gaming5 måneder siden
  • The guy who asked if he could return the favour warmed my heart, gives me some hope and happiness for the world despite all these issues. Thanks Edgar this video made my day

    David XuDavid Xu5 måneder siden
  • You really did a great thing . I am from India and I think you are the perfect guy to own the seal of approval. I really loved your work. Love from India

    Moumita Mondal PanjaMoumita Mondal Panja6 måneder siden

    XavierzaberXavierzaber6 måneder siden
  • 4:17 Really break my heart :(

    Ciprian BejanCiprian Bejan6 måneder siden
  • Love your channel !!!! & been sharing ur BLESS to others more POWER & GOD BLESS

    Felic ceFelic ce6 måneder siden
  • Your Channel just pop up!!!!! in my youtube page see you quite sometimes now!........

    Felic ceFelic ce6 måneder siden
  • the funny part is most of the homeless people arent showing any respect like they seems to not mind these things at all u know what i mean right

    zabzab2zabzab26 måneder siden
  • Your video gives some of the people hope and if your interested go to

    Paul CochranPaul Cochran6 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one that thinks those people didn't see the $40 in the bag and threw it away

    Dane WilliamsDane Williams6 måneder siden
  • Home tour video: Ed is so much rich! This video: Ed is so much rich from his heart!!

    Samrat ChakrabortySamrat Chakraborty6 måneder siden
  • Edgar is not just talented but he is also care about others :D

    SPLOOTZ GamingSPLOOTZ Gaming7 måneder siden
  • Rich people have to help poor people ❤️

    Shotz0YTShotz0YT7 måneder siden
  • Absolute legend👍

    curtiscurtis7 måneder siden
  • Its sad that if we compare the view count to setup wars, it’s so low

    BluenisBluenis7 måneder siden
  • Way to go. First NOworld I subscribe to that has put themselves out there for others.

    david milchertdavid milchert7 måneder siden
  • Ur really changing lives out there keep it up

    FaZe_Nine9 MomentsFaZe_Nine9 Moments7 måneder siden
  • Your a good man Ed

    Designs By IFRDesigns By IFR7 måneder siden
    • Yes, he is.

      DadDad7 måneder siden
  • Youre a king

    LukiGLukiG7 måneder siden
  • He has the only "pure ❤️"

  • انت رجل عظيم تستحق كل خير متابعك من مصر

    محمد لا انتي مش جدعهمحمد لا انتي مش جدعه7 måneder siden
  • the first person was so ungrateful smh

    Jason HongJason Hong7 måneder siden
  • wow Tesla car

    FireFlash_-FireFlash_-7 måneder siden
  • ٲ We are a poor girl from Syria due to the wars. My house was completely demolished and I lost my mum, dad and siblings, and my little brother survived 5 years old. My little brother lives in Lebanon with my uncle's family, and work has been suspended because of the virus. I created a channel that I hope you can help me with ..... I just want a family And brotherhood. I am a Muslim, and I do not hate other religions as some believe, I respect all religions اع I live with my uncle in the countryside of Damascus in a house where there are no neighbors near me, and I do not have friends only on NOworld, but sometimes I got bored from the period of sitting at home and there is nothing they begged with him and my uncle was working but stopped working because of the curfew. I hope to have a lot of foreign and Arab friends Thank you.😭😭

    ŁʉҎʉѕ ••ŁʉҎʉѕ ••7 måneder siden
  • Why did that homeless man have Fiji water?

    TRX_SKYANTRX_SKYAN7 måneder siden
  • love u bro!

    GingerexGingerex7 måneder siden
  • you are the best man!

    ASMR SoloASMR Solo7 måneder siden
  • I love it to see that people share there money

    Wijnand DeceuninckWijnand Deceuninck7 måneder siden
  • Can you please help me out by getting me a gaming setup. I only have 500$ I can’t buy a pc with that. I really want to start my gaming career. I want to start my twitch account. I hope you see this. Please respond.

    Gainz_ytGainz_yt7 måneder siden
  • It's really a good cause and video is good yet it's your most poorly performing video recently by a lot.... I'm so confused as a starting NOworldr

    Moses OnyangoMoses Onyango7 måneder siden
  • keep doing this good stuff

    alfie wilsonalfie wilson7 måneder siden
  • why some people dislike this video i dont understand ...bless you sir Ed TechSource

    Frederick DenumFrederick Denum7 måneder siden
  • Man you are helping the world in so many ways. Respect to you.

    Coolness201Coolness2017 måneder siden
  • Excelente.

  • I am glad that I am not the only gamer with a hott girlfriend 🤓

    Alpha 97Alpha 977 måneder siden
  • Which mask do you have? XD

    SlayedSlayed7 måneder siden
  • this guy really deserve much more recognition and respect

    Ayyub SolihinAyyub Solihin7 måneder siden
  • you definitely deserve much more subscribers

    Ayyub SolihinAyyub Solihin7 måneder siden
  • youre the nicest youtuber i have ever see

    Ayyub SolihinAyyub Solihin7 måneder siden
  • ZelZel7 måneder siden
  • this is the most wholesome vid since cat vids

    HW GamingHW Gaming7 måneder siden
  • 0:51 you’re always nice😑

    genuine th0masgenuine th0mas7 måneder siden
  • This video kinda flopped

    Anthonylew123Anthonylew1237 måneder siden
  • Restores my faith in humanity

    Itz_NathanItz_Nathan7 måneder siden
  • Your the best

    qape__qape__7 måneder siden
  • Can you help me out with a set up 🥺

    ZayMulaBabyZayMulaBaby7 måneder siden
  • I Hope god will give you enything you wann your so a Good Guy thanks For helping Other People

    BlackStrix TVBlackStrix TV7 måneder siden
  • Costco be vibin bro

    VectiveVective7 måneder siden
  • Man ur videos r the best I love ur content Ur always so nice U help people with setups Give us entertaining content Help the homeless especially during this time keep it up I wish there r more people like u

    Jade HuangJade Huang7 måneder siden
  • Ed is such a good human being! God Bless you and stay safe!

    Andy The WitcherAndy The Witcher7 måneder siden
  • I am a new subscriber of TechSource. NOworld recommended me one of his Setup Makeovers and then I subscribed. The best thing about him is not the fact that his videos are amazing, but that he is such a kind, warmhearted person. I subscribed and I am here to stay for a long time to come.

    Christos TsioridisChristos Tsioridis7 måneder siden
  • God bless you... Guys Let's give this video a 👍 up

    Martin chegeMartin chege7 måneder siden
  • This is amazing you are touching lives and protecting them during this tragedy....

    Martin chegeMartin chege7 måneder siden
  • long live tech source. and may God bless you for the good deeds you do.

    Marco BilledoMarco Billedo7 måneder siden
  • Its pathetic that this type of video on such a huge channel like this doesn't get the attention like others. I'm all for this type of content to help during this pandemic.

    Justyn HarganJustyn Hargan7 måneder siden
  • dislikes are from the poor people who didnt got that food xD

    Rebellion CursedBladeRebellion CursedBlade7 måneder siden
  • "The most suspectable". it's susceptible. It's not a hard word.

    The Micro ATX ManiacThe Micro ATX Maniac7 måneder siden
  • The stupid thing is that this video has 70 k views but the rest of his videos get 200 to 300k views People just don't care about others

    GiGiGiGi7 måneder siden
  • 7:20 is that homeless guy dan bilzerian?? lol

    QoumQoum7 måneder siden
  • You're not just helping those who are homeless, you are also helping us who is staying inside our houses by entertaining us with your videos. Thank you and godbless!

    Gian LorenzGian Lorenz7 måneder siden
  • ur the nicest youtuber i ever watched

    S CS C7 måneder siden
  • Why tesla??.....

    Roger SmithRoger Smith7 måneder siden
  • God bless, poor people

    im_Jadonnim_Jadonn7 måneder siden
  • Can I send you An Email personally?

    MunifMunif7 måneder siden
  • Bro you are a very kind hearted human and you truly are the best from giving people brand new setups to helping the homeless keep the kindness going bro!

    Chetan balChetan bal7 måneder siden
  • Uncle You are a Good person I've seen in the NOworld. God Bless You Uncle.

    ruzaini carrimruzaini carrim7 måneder siden
  • can u help me by getting me a new keyboard? 🥺 i have membrane keyboard ⌨️ and some of the keys wont even respond

    PaderPader7 måneder siden
  • You are wrong, what you're doing makes the world of a difference to everyone you've helped.....your a miracle for all those ppl that you helped

    Marsden DownerMarsden Downer7 måneder siden
  • yiu should not film people for mony keep that for your self

    obito obitoobito obito7 måneder siden

    bernie henodialabernie henodiala7 måneder siden

    AccioAccio7 måneder siden
  • Great job man

    Vishnu MohanVishnu Mohan7 måneder siden
  • great man God Bless you!

    Lovepreet singh gillLovepreet singh gill7 måneder siden
  • NICE NOworld VIDEO

    splintercfsplintercf7 måneder siden
  • You are truly great person that I have seen ever in my life....... 😍❤May God Bless You

    Anirban sardarAnirban sardar7 måneder siden
  • great guy man great guy

    JRooJRoo7 måneder siden
  • ok we all know for a fact techsource would never ever do this ever if there wasn't a camera filming him doing this all of this is just a publicity stunt to give him and his brand a good rep no one ever does this out of the goodness of there hearts we aren't made to be nice and so this shit without wanting something in return.

    Urban CyberUrban Cyber7 måneder siden
  • Amazing work. Good job doing this in a good manner keeping others and yourself safe.

    SpookSpook7 måneder siden
  • Epicest chad ever

    Jonah TritzJonah Tritz7 måneder siden
  • 1 happy boi with money = lots of happy homeless bois :D

    HappyKrecikHappyKrecik7 måneder siden
  • didnt like japan's flu med or smth like that kill coronavirus cells? and australia is 1 step closer to making a cure lmao

    FΛDΣFΛDΣ7 måneder siden