Helping My Pregnant Foster Dog Give Birth To Identical Puppies!

18. feb.. 2021
812 567 Ganger

My foster dog gives birth to identical puppies! 😱🐶
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  • 4

    Jasmine ResendezJasmine Resendez56 sekunder siden
  • 4

    XYLØXYLØ10 minutter siden
  • I'm immensely grateful at this moment that human mothers are not expected to eat sacks and afterbirths...

    MidnightStingMidnightSting13 minutter siden
  • Guessing 5 pups

    KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope16 minutter siden
  • 5 idk

    Melany &DannaMelany &Danna29 minutter siden
  • Why douse your voice sound like a girl

    Leon KurkowskiLeon Kurkowski29 minutter siden
  • I think 5 puppies 🐶

    Abigail PerezAbigail Perez33 minutter siden
  • Dr Gracefa as your service miss mama to help deliver urgent baboos

    Joanne ZuluJoanne Zulu50 minutter siden
  • 6

    Amanda KohrAmanda KohrTime siden
  • 6

    Nevaeh LesterNevaeh LesterTime siden
    • I got it right

      Nevaeh LesterNevaeh Lester58 minutter siden
  • 6

    Q U A C KQ U A C KTime siden
  • I’m guessing 6

    Enisa HEnisa HTime siden
  • I got it right

    Riley’s FamRiley’s FamTime siden
  • 6

    Riley’s FamRiley’s FamTime siden
  • I think 4 or 5 puppies

    UwU OwOUwU OwOTime siden
  • 8

    Caitlin DowningCaitlin DowningTime siden
    • I love it

      Caitlin DowningCaitlin DowningTime siden
  • i’m guessing there’s five puppies :D

    annie lovs youannie lovs youTime siden
    • there’s six!:)

      annie lovs youannie lovs youTime siden
  • I think 6 puppy’s

    AlorvellaAlorvella2 timer siden
  • Puppy at 19:13 really said "I'm dead but aLiVe-"

    Serenity yangSerenity yang2 timer siden
  • I guess 6 puppies

    Peachy_Peach 207Peachy_Peach 2072 timer siden
    • Yay I was right!! I just guessed that because of the last puppy birth there lol

      Peachy_Peach 207Peachy_Peach 2072 timer siden
  • You being 100% calmer and better than I would... full respect lol

    Shauna HamShauna Ham2 timer siden
  • I was right it was 6

    Isabelle HouseIsabelle House2 timer siden
  • Hmm I think 8

    tdbears GEMtdbears GEM2 timer siden
  • i think she might get 5 puppies

    Tajia MillerTajia Miller2 timer siden
  • 8

    Madison LoveMadison Love2 timer siden
  • Tan Sables and Red Sables. They will look like momma.

    RougeLoreWindRougeLoreWind2 timer siden
  • 5 or 6 puppies

    Isabelle HouseIsabelle House2 timer siden
  • Imma say 6? EDITED: I GOT IT RIGHT

    Addysxn GrxggsAddysxn Grxggs3 timer siden
  • 6 puppies

    Sophia RowlandSophia Rowland3 timer siden
    • ay i was right

      Sophia RowlandSophia Rowland2 timer siden
  • Its gonna be 6 puppies

    Cassie ClarkeCassie Clarke3 timer siden
  • I think.6. 9:42 now

    Nadia GonzalezNadia Gonzalez3 timer siden
  • I’m literally sitting at my desk cheering her on lol. Good thing I work alone 😂 GO MAMA! I’m saying 6

    bilinas minibilinas mini3 timer siden

    Billijo BohananBillijo Bohanan3 timer siden
  • 5 i think

    Sandra VazquezSandra Vazquez3 timer siden
  • He's going to get six puppies

    Paty DelacruzPaty Delacruz3 timer siden
  • 6 puppies?

    ItsRaynieItsRaynie3 timer siden

      ItsRaynieItsRaynie3 timer siden
  • And I think it’s a pug mix

    Sadie ChamblessSadie Chambless3 timer siden
    • 6

      bilinas minibilinas mini3 timer siden
  • 7

    Meredith MayMeredith May3 timer siden
  • 8

    Sadie ChamblessSadie Chambless3 timer siden
  • subscribed because I love that you are actively participating and involving yourself in good causes.

    Cloie TangonanCloie Tangonan3 timer siden
  • Dogs make giving birth look so effortless 😩

    Cedes GbabyCedes Gbaby4 timer siden
  • I think 6 puppies

    Brydie FellowsBrydie Fellows4 timer siden
  • 6

    Olivia SummersOlivia Summers4 timer siden
  • I think it's 6 puppies😀🤓

    Gwen althea MandaganGwen althea Mandagan4 timer siden
  • 4

    Stephanie MersfelderStephanie Mersfelder4 timer siden
  • I’m guessing... 6 or 7

    Lana Pham-NguyLana Pham-Nguy4 timer siden
  • 11bog

    Samantha AriasSamantha Arias4 timer siden
  • 2 puppies

    mzmochacutiemzmochacutie4 timer siden
  • 6 or 8

    eleyda vegaeleyda vega4 timer siden
  • 6

    Elena AgisElena Agis4 timer siden
    • 6 puppies

      Elena AgisElena Agis4 timer siden
  • I hav the feel8ng of 6

    Fausto TaverasFausto Taveras4 timer siden
  • 6

    Ava CurtisAva Curtis4 timer siden
  • 5

    Alondra NavaAlondra Nava4 timer siden
  • You should name her Queenie!

    Emelia O'BrienEmelia O'Brien4 timer siden
  • 100000000000000000

    William BruerWilliam Bruer5 timer siden
  • 6

    Caitlin CrierCaitlin Crier5 timer siden
  • i think like 4 or 5 puppies

    Princess LynxPrincess Lynx5 timer siden
  • I think there will be between 5 or 7 puppers

    Skylars SilhouetteSkylars Silhouette5 timer siden
  • 6or7

    Monique nenstielMonique nenstiel5 timer siden
    • I think I’m leaning more to 6

      Monique nenstielMonique nenstiel5 timer siden
  • 8

    Sarah HiggsSarah Higgs5 timer siden
  • 8

    Thea OverbayThea Overbay5 timer siden
  • I think 6

    jk videos togetherjk videos together5 timer siden
  • 6 puppies?

    Evelyn KeverEvelyn Kever5 timer siden
  • I think 7 lol let’s see 😂

    Addison KeeblerAddison Keebler5 timer siden
  • 6

    dinkydonkdinkydonk5 timer siden
  • 6 😵😵

    AyphiAyphi5 timer siden
  • My guess 7

    blueeyes1welchblueeyes1welch5 timer siden
  • I think three

  • 6

    Aesthetic NatureATWAesthetic NatureATW5 timer siden
    • I was right

      Aesthetic NatureATWAesthetic NatureATW5 timer siden
  • I guessed 6

    Liv StevensLiv Stevens6 timer siden
  • 8

    Nia ByersNia Byers6 timer siden
  • 5/7 mabe?

    Willow MarinelloWillow Marinello6 timer siden
  • Hmmm I thing 6 or 7

    Scarlett OsmentScarlett Osment6 timer siden
    • Omg I was right🥳🥳🥳

      Scarlett OsmentScarlett Osment6 timer siden
  • 7

    Marielle JosephMarielle Joseph6 timer siden
  • 7

    Eperansa FariasEperansa Farias6 timer siden
  • I’m guessing 6

    Falisha LeaFalisha Lea6 timer siden
  • 5-6

    Madison DeRoseMadison DeRose6 timer siden
  • 7

    Tyler ZuegeTyler Zuege6 timer siden
  • 8

    Dan JurenkoDan Jurenko6 timer siden
  • I’m kinda going for about 6-7 puppies???? I’m not sure really

    Ariana WeigelAriana Weigel6 timer siden
  • I love this so much. You’re so good at it. You’re just so calm and make the momma feel safe. We need more people like you in the world! ♥️

    Kami SeifertKami Seifert6 timer siden
  • Yeah they kind a look like a Rottweiler mix 🧐

    melanie lunamelanie luna6 timer siden
  • 6 🐶 little puppies

    DearsatinDearsatin6 timer siden
    • Six was correct!!! 🥳😊🐶❤️

      DearsatinDearsatin6 timer siden
  • 7 puppies maybe? I was close

    Haylyn WallaceHaylyn Wallace6 timer siden
  • i think 6 puppies

    Tia LTia L7 timer siden
  • Puppies! ........... Puppies!

  • 8

    gacha club gamerzgacha club gamerz7 timer siden
    • Puppys

      gacha club gamerzgacha club gamerz7 timer siden
  • 5 puppies

    Go To GabbyGo To Gabby7 timer siden
  • I hope they don't fight like moon and idk I forgot the name

    taylor belliveautaylor belliveau7 timer siden
  • I say 6 puppies!

    Kimberly GarofanoKimberly Garofano7 timer siden
  • Omg good job you are saving lives!🥺

    Lucy playz RobloxLucy playz Roblox7 timer siden
  • 5

    Teal StarTeal Star7 timer siden
  • 6 pups maybe

    RyleyRyley7 timer siden
  • I’m guessing 4 pups

    The Drueke Family Adventures!The Drueke Family Adventures!7 timer siden
  • I’ve helped give birth to puppies before and it’s just like something you only experience when you’re there in the moment! It’s so emotional and beautiful!! Congrats mama!!❤️

    Madeline ChandlerMadeline Chandler7 timer siden
  • 12

    Wendy OlsonWendy Olson7 timer siden
    • I was wrong

      Wendy OlsonWendy Olson7 timer siden
  • 5 😁

    Kathrinaki GldKathrinaki Gld7 timer siden
  • 6

    Emma HendersonEmma Henderson7 timer siden
  • 6 six puppies

    Gianna 22Gianna 227 timer siden
  • I think 10 idkkk!I haven’t seen yet!omg I remember you helping another dog give birth I forgot!

    Eloise taftEloise taft7 timer siden