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Purchase link - amzn.to/2yifrPq
This is a almost completely unedited video of the assembly process of a Haynes models V8 engine. #v8.

  • Please send me purchase link to me.....

    Manish MistryManish MistryÅr siden
    • Got one at hobby lobby one for 50$ the other 75$

      Recruit RushRecruit Rush5 måneder siden
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      Jose PirelaJose PirelaÅr siden
    • Link is in the description. 👍

      REKT RCREKT RCÅr siden
  • Luckily I have my dad

    Splash __Splash __15 dager siden
  • Well done.

    fred schollfred scholl27 dager siden
  • Does it come with tools

    Ncnxjdnddj NdndjdxnndsnNcnxjdnddj NdndjdxnndsnMåned siden

    David jeffersDavid jeffers2 måneder siden
  • As another commenter pointed out, you seem to have skipped the crucial timing step that makes this model so cool and educational. When done correctly, all four strokes are easily discernible. That’s why there a timing belt that links the crankshaft to the camshaft. That’s why the cams have to be added to the camshaft in a specific order and orientation. That’s they there’s a distributor. This is what makes this model so cool. In this model, just like in a real engine, 1) the intake valves open in the first stoke as the piston moves from top dead center to bottom 2) then, in the 2nd stroke, the piston moves back up with both valves closed in the compression phase 3) when the piston is at the top again (TDC), the spark plug fires pushing the the piston back down (power stroke), then 4) the pistons moves back up with the exhaust valve open. But if the timing step is skipped, these events (valve opening/closing, piston position, spark plug firing) happen in an uncoordinated (and far less educational) way. If your goal is to make a model that “moves”, then feel free to skip this step. But if want to make the most out of this we’ll-engineered learning tool and want to know how a 4 stroke engine works, take the time to get the timing right.

    midaztouchmidaztouch3 måneder siden
  • Don’t you ever just want to 🤜🐈‍⬛

    Nate MorelandNate Moreland4 måneder siden
  • I sort of smacked some things together and might have skipped a few steps. End result.... Failure

    Juan PabloJuan Pablo4 måneder siden
  • Cooking fat

    Bev BrownBev Brown4 måneder siden
  • Cats man am I right

    the coutrykidsthe coutrykids4 måneder siden
  • Nice engine its awesome

    Murdoch the big engineMurdoch the big engine5 måneder siden
  • Pretty dumb not to add narration as you are building!!

    Pure TroublePure Trouble5 måneder siden
    • That was done intentionally. Sorry you don't understand.

      REKT RCREKT RC5 måneder siden
  • Is there a sound board you can turn off, or is it just noisey.?

    ChrisChris5 måneder siden
  • Good video. I built one as well. Then modded it.

    Tom WilsonTom Wilson6 måneder siden

    derek crymblederek crymble7 måneder siden
  • Nothing like the original "Visible V-8".

    Mark HallMark Hall7 måneder siden
  • Imagine putting fuel in this, the melting down of this engine will be glorious.

    WZRWZR7 måneder siden
    • Xd right

      Murdoch the big engineMurdoch the big engine5 måneder siden
    • 😂😂🤣 lol

      Dev VarshneyDev Varshney6 måneder siden
  • Just wait till it warms up it really purrr's🙄

    meehfoo1meehfoo18 måneder siden
  • Wouldn't start....

    1x2x3xdk1x2x3xdk9 måneder siden
    • Oml

      Keaton HKeaton H8 måneder siden
    • I know I've put the batteries in backwards before. I'd look there first.

      REKT RCREKT RC9 måneder siden
  • How realistic would this be if you actually built a V8 engine?

    SGT SpookTaylorSGT SpookTaylor9 måneder siden
  • Ha! I guess this one gonna be " Cat" powered. To bad, the cat didn't have a yellow streak thru it. Would've been " Puurr fect ".. Haha!

    ToyManFlyer1100ToyManFlyer110010 måneder siden
  • That kit is such a great way to learn how a V8 works

    Restoration ObsessionRestoration Obsession10 måneder siden
  • Your cat is awesome 😎 lol thanks for posting this, wanted to see what it was before I purchased

    phil Hollandphil Holland11 måneder siden
  • Что это за говно?

    Антон КардашАнтон КардашÅr siden
  • I’m getting one soon Btw I Subbed😀 I have it now

    Purple SchatzPurple SchatzÅr siden
  • How come you jumped the part at 1:05:19... that was the part I struggled with eventually breaking a piece and had to throw my model away

    Jolly red GiantJolly red GiantÅr siden
  • Cat did not care

    KingTheProtogenKingTheProtogenÅr siden
  • Такая ерунда ппц!

    Георгий КузьминГеоргий КузьминÅr siden
  • ohhh my, and this first few seconds from Back to the future :)))

    Dark Sun GwyndolinDark Sun GwyndolinÅr siden
  • The green timing belt sucks, it is to loose and the engine goes out time very quickly

    RJ HoggRJ HoggÅr siden
    • I've done some looking around on Amazon for "toy timing belts". I found a lot of things on there and it would be interesting to see if anyone could find one I would be appropriate for this application. I would think something like that could also be found at a good hobby shop.

      REKT RCREKT RCÅr siden
  • Had to laugh when he put all the cam lobes on the second cam shaft in the wrong order.

    Brian SudentasBrian SudentasÅr siden
  • this engine sucks it wasted lots of time

    SelectSelectÅr siden
  • god the cat is a frick

    SelectSelectÅr siden
  • Good helper

    Shawn OelrichShawn OelrichÅr siden
  • Great video. Can you tell where to buy a link? Thanks.

    • Link is now in the description.

      REKT RCREKT RCÅr siden
    • I found this one on Amazon.com

      REKT RCREKT RCÅr siden
  • The cat is the best part of the video :)

    José CabréJosé CabréÅr siden
  • 👍👍

    Keston GillKeston GillÅr siden
  • Unfortunately on mine the green belt is too lose and doesn't turn :/ really disappointed as was a birthday gift. Any suggestions on the belt!?

    Pablo WhiteoPablo WhiteoÅr siden
    • @REKT RC thanks for the suggestion. The parts spin pretty freely. It's a shame the kit doesn't come with a few spares.

      Pablo WhiteoPablo WhiteoÅr siden
    • I did a search on Amazon for "small toy timing belt". You might be able to find something there that would work. A suggesting somebody else brought up was perhaps lubricating some of the parts with food grade silicone lubricant to make it spin easier. Not the belt itself but perhaps the pistons and crankshaft and such.

      REKT RCREKT RCÅr siden
  • Where can't I buy that thing?

    jaybee sebastianjaybee sebastianÅr siden
    • Idiot lol

      jaybee sebastianjaybee sebastianÅr siden
    • hitman berdugo if you’re in the uk it’s £55 at Argos or think you can get them on amazon

      UpsideDownGrapeUpsideDownGrapeÅr siden
  • The cats not helping is he!

    Richard, Things i likeRichard, Things i likeÅr siden
  • Bro how much does this cost and where do I buy it from?

    Farhan SiddiqueFarhan SiddiqueÅr siden
    • If you’re in the uk it’s £55 at Argos :)

      UpsideDownGrapeUpsideDownGrapeÅr siden
    • @REKT RC Thanks, will be ordering mine soon.

      Farhan SiddiqueFarhan SiddiqueÅr siden
    • I purchased mine from Amazon for about $60.

      REKT RCREKT RCÅr siden
  • The result is a bit underwhelming

  • u can tell he gets impatience at the end

    Riley WayRiley WayÅr siden
  • I wonder if the part would have run better if they were sanded and a plastic safe silicon lubricant was applied to the spinning parts. This engine looks like it was suffering to turnover. Maybe some more beefed up electric motors could be swapped out.

    Penfold8Penfold8År siden
    • if only we had a hand full of different lubricants and brushless motor back then. i'm talk pager technology sorry. but ya see through engines exist. and yes i was waiting for the Back To The Future theme song to start when he was first thumbing the instructions haha always wanted this model. was too expensive for our family :( i like this vid Thanks and great job!!!!

      Moto4 LifeMoto4 LifeÅr siden
    • Those are some really great ideas. I never would have thought to use a silicon lubricant.

      REKT RCREKT RCÅr siden
  • I use the same editing software

    Ethan GEthan GÅr siden
  • el gato mas interesante de todo youtube, muy buen video esperamos mas. ojala de montajes de motos

    Juancho ZambranoJuancho ZambranoÅr siden
  • Pretty lame, I want one more realistic

    Dalton PerryDalton PerryÅr siden
  • Thank you a ton, I was stuck on the fan part for what it seemed to be an hour I had no idea how to put it on, thank you!

    Crazy CakerCrazy CakerÅr siden
    • I can't find the cam shafts and rocker shafts

      Sean mSean m4 måneder siden
  • Not that fast

    karoljo80karoljo80År siden
  • We’re here for the cat

    varshidavarshidaÅr siden
    • Cool

      varshidavarshidaÅr siden
    • I'll let Peeps know.😁

      REKT RCREKT RCÅr siden
  • I see you have a quality control expert working with you.

    James WestJames WestÅr siden
  • Did anyone else notice he put the intake backwards

    Doug BracwaterDoug Bracwater2 år siden
    • No he didnt, but he did run the wires on top of exhaust instead of underneath

      Timmy GlassTimmy GlassÅr siden
    • No, he didn't.

      Chemical SporeChemical SporeÅr siden
  • nice video but sorry to say that you have incorrectly fitted the engine distributors as you havent adjusted the ignition timing or rotated the crankshaft manually for the pistons to be at its tdc ( top dead centre ) the spark plugs will misfire / light up at the incorrect cylinder position

    Stephen WilcoxStephen Wilcox2 år siden
    • It seems crazy to miss out such an important part

      David BeatonDavid Beaton24 dager siden
    • I noticed that too. That’s is such an important step for getting the most out of the learning opportunity this mode provides. The model is supposed to show each of the four strokes. When the timing is adjusted correctly, the valves, pistons, and spark plugs are synchronized as they would be in a real engine. That’s the beauty of this model. Otherwise, it’s just a toy that moves.

      midaztouchmidaztouch3 måneder siden
  • We built a 4 cylinder motor like these and powered it by an electric drill..... Now it runs like a beast.... :)

    PowerOf OnePowerOf One2 år siden
  • Fuck that sounds so bad rip 😂

    O.G Frank WhiteO.G Frank White2 år siden
  • your cat...makes me laugh !

  • I think I'll build the 4 cylinder version once this video hits 5000 views. Thumbs up if I should do it.👍😁

    REKT RCREKT RC2 år siden
    • @REKT RC I found it much harder than the v8 but a lot of fun

      James TervitJames Tervit2 år siden
    • Looks like I will be ordering the 4 cylinder version. Should have the video posted next weekend. (April 14th) Be sure to turn on notifications.

      REKT RCREKT RC2 år siden
  • Highly disappointed! I came for the V8 sounds as advertised on the box. All I got was the sound of legos and a wheezing robot. Wtf... builder did an excellent job, but he should’ve been rewarded with a more realistic experience.

    TidalWave DanTidalWave Dan2 år siden
    • The speaker could've been better, or something, because it really did sound like Lego's... Stupid model. At least build a REAL model engine. 😂

      Todd AmtmannTodd AmtmannÅr siden
    • @Uncle Gilbert lol

      BarbarossaBMW88ϟϟBarbarossaBMW88ϟϟÅr siden
    • Schwany 🤓🤓

      Ghost JrGhost JrÅr siden
    • @Ghost Jr ...

      SchwanySchwanyÅr siden
    • Schwany obviously a rumble like a real V8 engine 😂😂

      Ghost JrGhost JrÅr siden
  • I had that and the belt is 100% RUBBISH I regret having it and wasting my money on a new belt

    Super Sam The incredibleSuper Sam The incredible2 år siden
  • thanks for making this video, gave me the motivation to build mine tonight, 80% done after 2 hours.

    James TervitJames Tervit2 år siden
    • 4 Cylinder all works great, I may have to take the 4 cylinder apart asevery now and then something sticks. vimeo.com/328921990

      James TervitJames Tervit2 år siden
    • my video of the V8 vimeo.com/328921953

      James TervitJames Tervit2 år siden
  • My timing belt is not fitting

    Jawad ZaiterJawad Zaiter2 år siden
    • @REKT RC mines too loose :/

      Pablo WhiteoPablo WhiteoÅr siden
    • Have you tried using the timing tool provided with the kit or is it that it won't stretch on?

      REKT RCREKT RC2 år siden
  • Did anyone else struggle with putting on the timing belt?

    3p1ks3p1ks2 år siden
    • @REKT RC I am building the V8 tonight, I found the timing belt on this model easier than the 4 Cylinder engine. I really love them they are better than I thought and well worth the money. lots of fun.

      James TervitJames Tervit2 år siden
    • I know I did.

      REKT RCREKT RC2 år siden
  • I had that kit it broke at least yours Worked

    Max CosgroveMax Cosgrove2 år siden
    • Yeah you DEFINITELY did it wrong.

      SchwanySchwany2 år siden
  • My engine fan doesn’t spin, think it’s the motor at the back any suggestions

    xX Beefy BTWxX Beefy BTW2 år siden
    • powered it by an electric drill..... Now it runs like a beast.... :)

      PowerOf OnePowerOf One2 år siden
    • I would look to see if your timing belt and fan belt are on tight enough. If you make a short video I would be happy to take a look.

      REKT RCREKT RC2 år siden
  • Thanks helped a lot.

    AbbasAbbas2 år siden
  • Wow very nice v8 engine big thumbs up XD

    엠쥐알씨[MGRC]엠쥐알씨[MGRC]2 år siden
  • First. Also, this is super awesome. Thank you for doing no commentary, its relaxing

    FaceValueGamingFaceValueGaming2 år siden
    • Great video.

      Damian BakerDamian Baker2 år siden
    • Thanks.. That means a lot to me. I just had another comment come in saying I should have narrated. So again thank you.

      REKT RCREKT RC2 år siden