Google Translate Makes A Cake Live!

20. feb.. 2021
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Thank you all for 3 million subscribers! This was one of the most fun lives I’ve ever done! And I couldn’t have done it without..these high quality t-shirts with my name on them sold only at ...and you 🙄😂 love you all!

  • i love you so much, you make my day so much nicer

  • im sorry i didint wach it

    little_leolittle_leo5 timer siden
  • The funniest part was he sat there then just said “balls”

    KAMRYN CAGEKAMRYN CAGE12 timer siden
  • The funniest part was he sat there then just said “balls”

    KAMRYN CAGEKAMRYN CAGE12 timer siden
  • Can u make a fnaf vidioe

    Isla KitsonIsla Kitson14 timer siden
  • 😂👌 yessir

    #Itzz_Opal_UwU#Itzz_Opal_UwU21 time siden
  • ZEZZZZZZZ thats long hair love you bradon

    Joe and Kamala kittensJoe and Kamala kittens22 timer siden
  • F for Kelly, r.i.p

    Kaley McinnisKaley McinnisDag siden
  • you make me smile

    Nayelli TravenyNayelli TravenyDag siden
  • You should make pizza with google translate

    XXbananamasterXXXXbananamasterXXDag siden
  • Such an amazing piece of art lol

    theanimeteatheanimeteaDag siden
  • Hi

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  • When I miss the live 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • My dog has those hats and they love them lol

    •Dino••Dino•Dag siden
  • Hiiiii

    Misty CookMisty Cook2 dager siden
  • Me: see’s title.....has fire department on speed dial

    iris hamliniris hamlin2 dager siden
  • Hi

    whitley Gwhitley G2 dager siden
  • Wait, what if covington has become Brandon and the face reveal is ..........covington

    Queencontessa McCorkleQueencontessa McCorkle2 dager siden
  • I am so sad that I missed this.

    musicforlife613musicforlife6132 dager siden
  • I like his vids cause it's funny ...messy to watch mostly funny who ever didn't subscribe us missing out on some funny shit

    Gina MaciasGina Macias2 dager siden
  • Hey

    Misti Kawasaki GarberMisti Kawasaki Garber2 dager siden
  • When ur house cleaner hates and loves u at the same time.DAMN THIS MESS!!!YET ALL THEY SEE IS DOLLAR SIGNS!!!!!😘LOVE U

    Shami Unique.Shami Unique.2 dager siden
  • I wish I could have watched it live, but I was shopping.😭😭

    Mckenzie VangriethuysenMckenzie Vangriethuysen2 dager siden
  • I dare you to shave your beard

    Ebony OrzegowskiEbony Orzegowski3 dager siden
  • Would love to see you google translate a bologna cake and make it

    Amber InnesAmber Innes3 dager siden
  • lmao I need to find the other person who simps for Tokoyami

    Kelly MyersKelly Myers3 dager siden
  • People: lockdown hasn’t deteriorated my mental heath whatsoever The people:

    A random girlA random girl3 dager siden
  • its just you and fudge imbrandonfarris

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  • LoL

    Klee Tom0Klee Tom03 dager siden
  • Hi

    Cathy StarnesCathy Starnes3 dager siden
  • I’m so happy cause this was streamed on my b-day!

    The Pink PlaybuttonThe Pink Playbutton3 dager siden
  • Lookin less homeless when you lived in your car... 😂😂😂 Omg “Ew Deevid” just happened 😂😂😂😂😂

    Julie CJulie C3 dager siden
  • Ever time he sat on the floor i play the Busting song

    Asmr not all asmr I love u allAsmr not all asmr I love u all3 dager siden
  • this isn’t pointcrow wait was his ideas original

    Username Was TakenUsername Was Taken3 dager siden
  • I don't know how you manage to clean your kitchen XD

    Caitlin LunaCaitlin Luna4 dager siden
  • The leaf blower had me 😂🤣😂

    Christina HoustonChristina Houston4 dager siden
  • *when*

    •ląży_đìňö••ląży_đìňö•4 dager siden
  • I wish I was in the live can't stop laughing 🤣

    Wild TL FoxgamesWild TL Foxgames4 dager siden
  • Is it really live🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

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  • Yeah, this cake is basically poison

    SkeletonJillSkeletonJill4 dager siden
  • Brandon!

    Kayla JohnsKayla Johns4 dager siden
  • he's slowly going insane and we're condoning it hahaha

    Retrc FutureRetrc Future4 dager siden
  • June 5 1989 .... my birthday 🎂 .... 😳 you should do a birthday stream for us all!

    Lisa BenedixLisa Benedix4 dager siden
  • Oh god, please dont eat the floride toothpaste😂 you're gonna get so sick

    Erin BattenErin Batten4 dager siden
  • Jear desus I love when you say that I love you videos

    Trista LaGrangeTrista LaGrange4 dager siden
  • Hey Brandon Farris use a blender and make a cake I know you're making one right now but use the blender to make the cake and then put it in the heart

    Trista LaGrangeTrista LaGrange4 dager siden
  • Hi Brandon Farris I love your videos my name is Trista

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  • I didn’t lol

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  • But I missed it 😭😭😭😭

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  • can u play the game called roblox? and play the game tower of hell!?

    《iicloudyii 》《iicloudyii 》5 dager siden

    roblox gamerroblox gamer5 dager siden
  • A orange skin if you crush it hard enough it makes a liquid and that liquid can pop a balloon

    Bernt TongBernt Tong5 dager siden
  • Hi can you Please Donate to a pet shelter🐶

    Kristin FahsKristin Fahs5 dager siden
  • Need to do a Google translate of one of Gloria's makeup tutorials while using the labor simulator🤣🤣😁

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  • Um

    Game LoverGame Lover5 dager siden
  • Congratulations 🎉 ✨✨✨💜💜💜💜 I love all the “balls” haha 😂

    Brittany03Brittany035 dager siden
  • I AM YOUF BIGGEST FAN AND IM GETTING YOUR MERCH.whew I need to calm down oh and btw I'm getting the yelow one that say jear deasus in sign language and yes I am and 8 year old who loves your videos🤗 oh and it's also almost my b day!!!

    Jose MontoyaJose Montoya5 dager siden
  • Haha floor boogers for days! Lol

    VidfinnerVidfinner5 dager siden
  • He changed his name to velocity_gaming_master for a few seconds for some reason who else noticed that

    ZigarboZigarbo5 dager siden
  • Has anyone else been here since Brandon had 100k subscribers and seen his channel grow every day witch make me happy to know his channel is growing and his videos are are getting better 😂🥺

    HarrypotterTokHarrypotterTok5 dager siden
  • My birthday is on Valentine's day so every year i make me a double layered heart cake💜

    Theresa HenryTheresa Henry5 dager siden
  • It’s so hard to shorten this... but I will... lol... It’s still gonna be 15 minutes, Brandon!!!! I’m like the mom who keeps her kids teeth, lol, is that a good analogy? 🤣

    Licia YoungLicia Young5 dager siden
  • Can you make a “music lessons for dummies” video?

    Joshua Trent KimballJoshua Trent Kimball5 dager siden
  • Bruh that’s Enough baking soda to make 4000 million cakes

    Asha KAsha K5 dager siden

    - Skyxn̸ -- Skyxn̸ -5 dager siden
  • Can you play horror games with your sister please

    animesimpforboys teeheeanimesimpforboys teehee6 dager siden
  • @imbrandonfarris When’s your next Q&A

    Justin Matton labrecqueJustin Matton labrecque6 dager siden
  • Do you still have pumpkin in your toilet

    DevilinmeDevilinme6 dager siden
  • Let's all just take a moment to be thankful we aren't his cleaning lady! 🤣

    Mindy BreslinMindy Breslin6 dager siden
    • 🤣 she loves it, she’s Wonder Woman

      Licia YoungLicia Young5 dager siden
  • Sir I'm slightly convinced you're not a real person

    gay aliengay alien6 dager siden
    • He’s something else.

      Licia YoungLicia Young5 dager siden
  • Brandon: I look dumb Me: I know 😂 that’s what we love abt you

    Morgan FieldMorgan Field6 dager siden
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  • Question,when will u do an opening video?

    Teyana RandolphTeyana Randolph6 dager siden
    • @Amy Church oh

      Teyana RandolphTeyana Randolph5 dager siden
    • He spoke about this in the live, so sorry if I'm restating something you heard after commenting lol But he is no longer filming opening videos 💜

      Amy ChurchAmy Church6 dager siden
  • i say oof

    Lps Sugar*cookieLps Sugar*cookie6 dager siden
  • He missed a Tuesday something he said he would never do

    The money lord Emiko-ChanThe money lord Emiko-Chan6 dager siden
    • He changed his upload schedule a few months ago :) He posts about once a week now 💜

      Amy ChurchAmy Church6 dager siden
  • lol

    Sweet EmmaSweet Emma6 dager siden

    Denise LisieckiDenise Lisiecki6 dager siden
  • Just me and you, fudge.............

    Isobel PicklesIsobel Pickles6 dager siden
  • Thank you Brandon. I just recovered from my childhood nightmares a few nights ago and then I run back right into the terrifying thumbnail that starts it and I have been scared if it since u was like 3

    Raymond DhondtRaymond Dhondt6 dager siden
  • i love your videos

    James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)6 dager siden
  • Here are all the ways you can say no Chinese no Portuguese no Spanish no and English no

    Melodie DeMarcoMelodie DeMarco6 dager siden
  • lol

  • yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo i a fan ayeee

  • "I see you donating when I'm bent over" *I am dying*

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  • Im comment number 930. Dont forget me because ill be lost in the comments... remember me

  • hi Love you

  • Yes.

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  • Congrats !!! Come make me a cake! 😁

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  • Ok I’m sorry but I have a music box and it’s 4 at night and it just went off for a bit no joke well I’m not scared I’m just saying it went off to see what y’all think?

    Shanna DavisShanna Davis6 dager siden
  • Omg that new character should be Courtney’s long lost twin

    Brigida KiszkaBrigida Kiszka6 dager siden
  • The daffy veil timely murder because dinosaur conversely flap by a pointless walk. quizzical, brawny bumper

    Denise LongeDenise Longe6 dager siden
  • hi

    Tiffany MainaTiffany Maina6 dager siden
  • ?

    no you no youno you no you6 dager siden
  • Nobody else noticed that he moved and then moved back? I thought he had a new apartment?

    Abigail MartinAbigail Martin6 dager siden
    • He kept this apartment as his office/studio, he doesn't live there :)

      Amy ChurchAmy Church6 dager siden
  • Does he have multiple copies of kelly he might need em

    Nathan RyanNathan Ryan6 dager siden
  • Congrats for hiting 3 mil

    kid off fredomkid off fredom6 dager siden
  • Fixing to watch this entire thing because why not and because I love him

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  • Hello

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  • 😑

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  • I'm wondering can you do bob ross season 8 episode 13 Northern Lights

    Caitlynne ArdCaitlynne Ard6 dager siden