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15. feb.. 2021
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Congrats to Velocity Aircraft and Jye Holt for being our 250k and 500k sub winners! Do you want a chance to win one of my vehicles? Literally all you have to do is subscribe to the channel:
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  • Cool man

    Turok ColombTurok ColombTime siden
  • I like Polaris snowmobiles

    Kyle MorganKyle Morgan2 timer siden
  • Bro Heavy D your living the dream man. I want to be like you one day. Poco a poco mi amigo 👍 why not get a toy while at 😬

    Cristofer HernandezCristofer Hernandez3 timer siden
  • Very nice video

    jose jimenezjose jimenez3 timer siden
  • Love the content. From upper Michigan would love to see yous up this way.

    Tj SelkeyTj Selkey4 timer siden
  • Dios vendiga a los disel brothers

    Arturo SkamillaArturo Skamilla5 timer siden
  • Yall have some of the most rad vehicles. Hook me up and I'll grow a beard.

    Chris SChris S7 timer siden
  • Yeah so he worked for it

    Jj RayJj Ray8 timer siden
  • I need a new Dirt bike

    big blocksbig blocks9 timer siden
  • I'm in a bad way in life right now s vehicle would change everything for me

    Christopher MaxeyChristopher Maxey12 timer siden
  • I want to win a big truck!!!!! We love your videos!!!

    Whitney BeechWhitney Beech15 timer siden
  • Love

    Austin gunAustin gun16 timer siden

    Dalton FoxDalton FoxDag siden
  • Turned on notification

    Dalton FoxDalton FoxDag siden
  • I keep missing the good videos lol

    Dalton FoxDalton FoxDag siden
  • Hi

    bubba smithbubba smithDag siden
  • So if some one that wins choices the big Bird what would be your reaction lmao

    Steven FethSteven FethDag siden
  • I need one of these! I’m 70 so time is very important! I have a fixed wing license.😳 make me happy!!!! Love the channels be safe, well and warm. If you need an old guy to sweep I’m your man.🤠

    jjstep87jjstep87Dag siden
  • i dont want to win i just love your channel you guys are great

    The KidmetzThe KidmetzDag siden
  • I want rattletrap. Just saw the video of you "pulling" out Worseboy. I mean bad boy.

    SwanAttack87SwanAttack87Dag siden
  • Heavy D, for your give away, you may try to give ultra light planes for every 5 million subscribers.

    Gilbert RestoGilbert RestoDag siden
  • Heavy, congrats for hitting half a million subs! Looks like I win again! You guys have way too much fun. I really appreciate you all taking us along for the ride!

    Bill KlementBill Klement2 dager siden
  • That ending lmfaoooo ayyyyy why would you do that 😂😂😂😂

  • this guys the man!! cars, bikes, aircraft

    SmokeScreen426SmokeScreen4262 dager siden
  • Congrats Rahily enjoy

    Arturo V. YepizArturo V. Yepiz2 dager siden
  • Even though bye justEven though I just subscribed, I already love this channel. It has everything I love, lifted cars, trucks, and even a bus. Sure I may not win anything from anyone, but don't just watch them for giveaways, watch them for enjoyment and inspiration. I look forward to watching this everyday and week. :)

    ItsJDK_ OkayItsJDK_ Okay2 dager siden
    • I can't spell

      ItsJDK_ OkayItsJDK_ Okay2 dager siden
    • I know the part after the lifted his doesn't make any sense, nor does the part at the very beginning, but listen or read the part after the bus.

      ItsJDK_ OkayItsJDK_ Okay2 dager siden
  • You have a lot of cool vehicles I watch every episode you guys have every new one every old one I like you guys NOworld

    Victor RubioVictor Rubio2 dager siden
  • I felt froggy

    Steve AnthonySteve Anthony2 dager siden
  • Dude....your life is ridiculously awesome

    JD McCuneJD McCune2 dager siden
  • I want the cash

    Homeboy VisitacionHomeboy Visitacion2 dager siden
  • Me i want to win

    Homeboy VisitacionHomeboy Visitacion2 dager siden
  • Awsome content guys.

    Steven LeonardSteven Leonard2 dager siden
  • Um yeah I definitely need one of these 😍

    Kirsy KunardKirsy Kunard2 dager siden
  • I've been watching u guys since day one. I love that you are on the tube now lol. The videos are amazing. This is the stuff we wanna see that baller life. And a year head. My dream. Keep killing it at life guys and letting us watch. Fan for life. Being a fabricator car builder hobiest. Turbo Boost deisle lover. Braaapp.

    ctperkinsconstructionllc calvinperkinsctperkinsconstructionllc calvinperkins2 dager siden
  • I'll take the Cessna at least from what I can see it looks like a Cessna LOL just kidding

    Gary PotterGary Potter2 dager siden
  • As a local Utah fan, I love seeing that there are real people doing awesome things in this state. Not just in Holywood and other places beyond. Dont change a thing!!

    Ben AngusBen Angus2 dager siden
  • Hi, my name is random, im here to pick up my vehicle !!

    Cava CanemCava Canem2 dager siden
  • We all gonna win with me in charge! I got dat 🔥... hit ya boy up when you get that foteen hunned I seent you!

    President BidenPresident Biden2 dager siden
  • Awesome videos. Glad I came across your channel

    Tim TarzwellTim Tarzwell2 dager siden
  • awesome choice that is one thing on the top of my list if i was to win. Love watching you guys make peoples day and the comedy you guys do.

    TBASS BatsonTBASS Batson2 dager siden
  • You guys are bad ass!! Keep on keeping on!!!

    Shawn JinkinsonShawn Jinkinson3 dager siden
  • i pass the shop everyday.

    Kyler RiesterKyler Riester3 dager siden
  • A rzr is waiting for me. Straight from Utah as well!!

    Emilio OrozcoEmilio Orozco3 dager siden
  • What do you guys think of the new bronco? I'm very interested to see what you all would be able to do to one.

    Michael PowellMichael Powell3 dager siden
  • I want to go find good. Shit I'd be happy with a RM 250. Wild ride back in the day bro!!

    Charles McClainCharles McClain3 dager siden
  • You guy are awesome with everything that you do for others.

    Phil ThomasPhil Thomas3 dager siden
  • I have never been inside a helicopter, but your's, is so fine-looking, I just want to hug it! lol...ok I'm weird. I'm trying to sell my Saturn Ion. If interested, contact my Facebook marketplace, I'm located in Sandy Vally NV. I LOVED my car just can't afford to get the clutch fixed, and I have ignored it because I got mad at it so now the battery is dead. But, I live in a wide-open desert, so you can fly and land on the driveway, or front yard :) I did by a used truck, that I needed even more and always wanted one. I'm so sick of everyone not wanted to pay what I'm asking for. The engine alone is worth it. What do ya think??? Please. How much fun would that be!!!

    Tammy FrangellaTammy Frangella3 dager siden
  • Damn nice toys y’all got must be fun especially the side by side and the quads and dirtbike I remember when I had my quad I had a blast on it but unfortunately when I moved somebody stole my 2017 kodiak 700 4x4 out of my yard so I haven’t had the money to buy another one but god bless y’all and hope y’all have fun on them toys y’all got even though I know y’all will lol but congrats on all the progress and positivity y’all have done and do each day for a positive life but if y’all pick me ever I’m 100% sure I’ll cherish the prize I win if not I completely understand it wasn’t meant to win but god bless you and y’all family and y’all achievements in life

    redneck nation yee yeeredneck nation yee yee3 dager siden
  • I feel already have 500k subscribers 😕🙁☹

  • Nice give away guys. You should have let Bad Boy complete his plea for subscribers.

    Leo HaleLeo Hale3 dager siden
  • I could always use another diesel

    Dakota ParsonsDakota Parsons3 dager siden
  • Yall are the best!#lovefromtheboonies

    Get GoneGet Gone3 dager siden
  • Loving the content guys! See that 750k subscribers coming soon.... 💪🏻

    Donovan CogillDonovan Cogill3 dager siden
  • Imagine if i win that will be so crazy ive never won any giveaways and this one would be crazy.

    LuvxoLuvxo4 dager siden
  • Heavy D you had me looking for my old cards all day after that last vid.

    doug trimoltdoug trimolt4 dager siden
  • 🦍💪🏼🦍

    Salomon RojasSalomon Rojas4 dager siden
  • Mil Vet here, about to return home from a deployment. I didn't start to subscribe until I watched your video helping out Jose and his family, definitely some good American heart there! It wouldn't matter what to win, would just be nice to "win".

    zsydeout00zsydeout004 dager siden
  • I want to be happier 😅 pick me 😀

    Houston Texas #1Houston Texas #14 dager siden
  • I was sent a message on FB saying you won 5k Dedave what a bunch of bullshit!!!

    Chris LupeChris Lupe4 dager siden
  • Gotta love this channel, it's always fun and always teaching us something. You have a a new fan guys 💚👽

    Rizk TakerzRizk Takerz4 dager siden
  • Ducking love y’all I got DM on iG that I won the jeep hahah I dm the real page to really see though

    Luis DasilvaLuis Dasilva4 dager siden
  • I hit the button and didn’t win shizz. I’m suing...😂😂 you guys are awesome. But throw a win Utah’s way bro.😎

    Jk Triple threat industries. The ridersJk Triple threat industries. The riders4 dager siden
  • You guys do some great stuff 👏👍keep it up shows karma is true

    Benjamin LozanoBenjamin Lozano4 dager siden
  • I’d pick the big bird in the back ground

    Devon ViresDevon Vires4 dager siden
  • Hey heavy d I sure would like to win one of those

    Rickey MRickey M4 dager siden
  • Riley's a very lucky guy

    Rickey MRickey M4 dager siden
  • Very nice slingshot

    Rickey MRickey M4 dager siden
  • Heavy D it would be nice if you come to Holland, your the man!!!

    Lars Van der BruggenLars Van der Bruggen4 dager siden
  • This is better than tv :) tbh I don’t really watch tv but this pretty good channel

    Exploring With CaelanExploring With Caelan4 dager siden
  • Love this channel. Love the builds

    Jonathan FisherJonathan Fisher4 dager siden
  • Does my helicopter come with flying lessons?

    Robert ReddickRobert Reddick4 dager siden
  • You guys are really the best

    mikaeel lambatmikaeel lambat4 dager siden
  • I just need help y’all are some great dudes

    Jason BrownJason Brown4 dager siden
  • Hey heavyD could you make a device to help the Sea Shepherd save whales , needs to spit a 5 gallon pail of contamination up to 700+ meters with compression onto where they butcher whales on their whaling ships. Pls , figure if anyone could you could .

    Stance NationStance Nation4 dager siden
  • For the algorithm

    Mike \Mike \4 dager siden
  • Love watching good to know there is still good people still out there

    Kevin ClarkKevin Clark4 dager siden
  • I just survived loosing my truck... sure could use a replacement

    Ramon DuenasRamon Duenas4 dager siden
  • Holy shit i never knew you fukers were on you tube im here subed and notifications hit that thumbs-up 👍

    LiL LenLiL Len5 dager siden
  • My friend you are living the dream I guarantee it was not easy!!.I thank you for helping me through the past year, please know you and all of your family are more influential an epic then you understand please keep it going!!

    Live life nowLive life now5 dager siden
  • With one of those toys, I will never be bored😁

    im so boredim so bored5 dager siden
  • You have the coolest toys ever

    Zane HalousekZane Halousek5 dager siden
  • God bless you guys man 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    Richard MilanesRichard Milanes5 dager siden
  • Done

    Lisa ChavesLisa Chaves5 dager siden
  • Woah oh Black Betty, bam ba lamb!

    Alderbottom OutdoorsAlderbottom Outdoors5 dager siden
  • Pick me bud life's good but can always be a bit better .. have a good one guys !!!

    Top NotchTop Notch5 dager siden
  • This Chanel is one of the best to watch for sure.

    k kk k5 dager siden
  • Gang bros love your products

    Mr TMr T5 dager siden
  • you should do a truck give away for the channel

    Rylie PorterRylie Porter5 dager siden
  • that was a cool video

    Brandon SistrunkBrandon Sistrunk5 dager siden
  • I think I need a new toy... And when you guys bring it you can drive my Viper!!!!

    James GuyJames Guy5 dager siden
  • ITS THAT DANG EASYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB HANDS

    Guy's Trail RideGuy's Trail Ride5 dager siden
  • I’d rather have a work truck...

    Jo FosterJo Foster5 dager siden
  • Heavy d I need a vehicle because I’m turning 16 in five days please be one of the people that you got it

    Stone McminnStone Mcminn5 dager siden
  • Heavy D is definitely living my dream. Having even one four wheeler would be a dream come true.

    Lucas FlintLucas Flint5 dager siden
  • Great choice Riley! Make sure no pizza crust was left in there

    Kristopher BohnKristopher Bohn5 dager siden
  • Y’all are awesome. Thanks for all you do

    WestaffleWestaffle5 dager siden
  • id love to win a polaris rzr i have always wanted one its my dream

    Carter DenneyCarter Denney5 dager siden
  • Love the vids and show brother.

    Jose SaldañaJose Saldaña5 dager siden
  • Hey Dave I just got a friend request on face book , someone is posing as you asking for Google play cards , he is using one of your photos! Just thought you should know bro. Keep up the awesome work

    Jon CrandellJon Crandell5 dager siden
  • Living the dream nice to see all your hard work paid off brother

    Live life nowLive life now5 dager siden