Giuliani: I can't sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden

24. jan.. 2020
3 795 693 Ganger

Rudy Giuliani joins the 'Fox & Friends' live studio audience show to discuss the Trump impeachment trial and his investigation into Joe Biden's 'corruption.'
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  • Ježiš to rozprával pred 2000 rokmi

    Pacaj AlbertPacaj AlbertDag siden
  • vhs-exclusive-'reality', dat Rude

    9ЯiИ9O9ЯiИ9O2 dager siden
  • Äntligen så kommer Skiten fram i solen vad som skett och sker i USA.

    Liselotte AntonsdotterLiselotte Antonsdotter3 dager siden
  • He sold out to Trump

    Will DerbyWill Derby3 dager siden
  • Gulianti can't sit n watch but can the population . Put a stop by law

    Lupita SanchezLupita Sanchez6 dager siden
  • Trump please come back!

    Sophia MassinoSophia Massino6 dager siden
  • Yes rudy juliani

    Sophia MassinoSophia Massino6 dager siden
  • You go Rudy!!!?❣️

    Robin RoushRobin Roush7 dager siden

    Zoo ZooZoo Zoo7 dager siden
  • Like little girl 👧 💗 🔐 HIM UP sick old man 👴

    Jack WilliamJack William10 dager siden
  • Go to sleep and don’t wake up

    Walter FisherWalter Fisher10 dager siden
  • Unfortunately NOTHING will ever be done.

    Kris JutrasKris Jutras11 dager siden
  • Thanks ruby for telling lies

    susan ferriesusan ferrie13 dager siden
  • Go Rudy!!!!!! Finally some truth.

    SimonSimon13 dager siden
  • You been selling this country out for years old man.

    Merton WhitneyMerton Whitney13 dager siden
  • Giuliani is 100% right Nothing Democratic about the Democrats. Liars, thieves, cheats, corrupt to the core. They operate like the Mafia. Trump will always be the winner, God is on his side and all 75% of Americans take care you are the man we always love.

    Ian CallejaIan Calleja14 dager siden
  • Most Powerful, Eternal, Merciful & Almighty God bless & protect Father Frank Pavone. In Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless, save & protect patriotic, law-abiding President Trump & all the members of his family & also all the patriots. In Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless & protect Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Sebastian Gorka, Dan Bongino, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pompeo, Lt Steven Rogers, Michael Flynn, Ted Cruz, Most Powerful, Eternal, Merciful & Almighty God bless & protect Father Frank Pavone. In Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless, save & protect patriotic, law-abiding President Trump & all the members of his family & also all the patriots. In Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless & protect Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Sebastian Gorka, Dan Bongino, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pompeo, Lt Steven Rogers, Michael Flynn, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ron DeSantis, & all the hungry for freedom Americans, & the patriotic American military. In Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless Elon Musk who is for free speech. In Jesus' Name. Amen Merciful, Eternal & Almighty God, Please completely save & protect all the unborn babies from abortion. In Jesus' Name. Amen & all the hungry for freedom Americans, & the patriotic American military. In Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless Elon Musk who is for free speech. In Jesus' Name. Amen

    Maria LlaveMaria Llave14 dager siden
  • President Trump will be back!!!! He is probably already working on his comeback!

    Trump is Still PresidentTrump is Still President14 dager siden
  • If Giuliano’s lips are moving, he is he supported a delusional psychopath who INCITED a “deadly “riotous attack, against the White House and is thereby complicit, in the deaths of five people!!!

    Jean LuneyJean Luney14 dager siden
  • Rudy Giuliani is a Warrior for our Creator, not knowing God Jesus Christ, we prayed for Justice and couldnt the corruption by so many to block and control everything especially those who dare speak out, i was favored by God for this job and i did it without pay, i love Jesus and i love Rudy and Donald Trump

    AngelaAngela14 dager siden
  • Gotta due the president upp.

    Anson & Suzi ScottAnson & Suzi Scott14 dager siden
  • FBI seventh floor,been crooked since day one bout Counter Intel.

    Anson & Suzi ScottAnson & Suzi Scott14 dager siden
  • What to whack first off TV,make Room for Rudy & Doug.

    Anson & Suzi ScottAnson & Suzi Scott14 dager siden

    Rosa ColonRosa Colon14 dager siden
  • 🦊 fox friends. Shut the fu..k. Up. Let Rudy talk.. u 3 just can't let a guest talk more than. U... uR. Not. Wat eye am watching ur show 2. C. The GUEST u have invited 2. Talk...eye am. 60. Been waty Brian and the old dude. For. 30 years....tha hot anchor ladies.. come and. Go. Thank goodness...

    Tim McKelveyTim McKelvey14 dager siden
  • Giuliani is all about the truth. And he doesn't back down from the corrupt government. He is a true American Hero.

    Bill HepBill Hep15 dager siden
  • Why doesn't the truth come out❓🙉💜🙏

    Jill AdolfssonJill Adolfsson16 dager siden
  • Rudy " Scratch my nuts Borat" Giuliani

    Robert EvansRobert Evans16 dager siden
  • Thank you

    Lucy VuLucy Vu16 dager siden
  • Can't keep a hairline either. Lol.

    Brooks FlemingBrooks Fleming16 dager siden
  • Will Biden be kicked out? And trump reinstated?

    Teresa CharlestonTeresa Charleston17 dager siden
  • And.... intro China virus smoke show to cover up all this🤔

    MissCoCoMissCoCo17 dager siden
  • Biden is just plain dangerous to America !

    Abraham TovAbraham Tov18 dager siden
  • If Giuliani believes that his country stolen by other people not the same kind as his, he should follow rules we already have to win it back by getting more supporters, not by breaking rules or any kind of violence.

    日出东方日出东方18 dager siden

    2coryman2coryman18 dager siden
  • Clown on clown network

    nuno gomesnuno gomes18 dager siden
  • Giuliani obviously suffers from feverish dreams. He‘s not a lawyer but a corrupt liar!

    Raffael DenglerRaffael Dengler18 dager siden
  • how unprofessional and intimidating. saw this trial start to end. what a waste of these people time. even nowing that it would be acquitted. now the house should be putting on stand those who brought impeachment forward. hope that donald trump and his family can sit back now in peace. now im looking forward to 2024.

    Martin HiscocksMartin Hiscocks18 dager siden
  • It ends with Dominion Voting systems and Smartmatic Voting Co. suing this comedy coach of corrupt sycophants

    speedoflite1speedoflite118 dager siden
  • Democratic leaders may not seize power w/the help of foreign governments or individuals. The USA's duly elected president is also ordained and "beareth not the sword in vain."

    John CerminaroJohn Cerminaro18 dager siden
  • I,m British. What do I know ?

    French CuisineFrench Cuisine19 dager siden
  • I'm moving to a red state I'm sick of you Demon/crats Mpls Mn 👊💥💔👹💜 👍🚀✈️🛸🌱⛱️🏡👰💒🌟Time to Exodus I'm getting ready to pull a makaveli

    Takoma El XTakoma El X19 dager siden
  • We Love Rudy's Loyalty....He is our Hero....!🦌🏛️📡💃🌹🕴️🛰️🎿🎙️👏👏👏👏🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🗽🌎🌍🌏❤️🇮🇱⏱️🇨🇦🇨🇵😷🇺🇲

  • 🔎🔊 !!!

    Delia PavanDelia Pavan19 dager siden
  • The only man who has the courage to expose the corruption of Briben

    Eve GoodmonEve Goodmon19 dager siden
  • If I have superpowers like Mind-reading and Teleportation, I have helped them reveal the ultimate truth. I sounds nuts when I say if I have those, but what we can only do is Pray for who fights for the ultimate truth, the truest of the truth

    Jannalyn StaanaJannalyn Staana19 dager siden
  • Gulliano ser ut som Satan selv. Løgner å møkkamann.

    Ronny DrivdalRonny Drivdal19 dager siden
  • It is a shame that when Bill Clinton was President he got a pass.

    Deborah J. Dirk-HalleyDeborah J. Dirk-Halley20 dager siden
  • want some real news There it is it’s out

    Christo SavosChristo Savos20 dager siden
  • Well, what are you going to do about the "sell out", Rudy? Now it's too late.

    Curt CollerCurt Coller20 dager siden
  • Giuliani, you told the mob trial by combat, you should be in jail for inciting a riot

    larry corklarry cork20 dager siden
    • Oh shut up the democrats incited violence all of 2020 and even said they would bail out looters and rioters

      Natalie ThompsonNatalie Thompson19 dager siden
  • WHY DOES HE NOT TALK ABOUT THE CORRUPTION IN HIS LIFE AND HIS FAMILY; LOOK INTO HIS PAST;!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally saw that and it is eough..

    wolfgang Wichmannwolfgang Wichmann20 dager siden
  • Yes biden with Obama sold to china and Ukrania our country.and today biden and his wife went to china to celebrate china new year. Instead to care about immigrants promised he made and take care because no enough vaccine in america Obama and Biden sold 20.000.00 vaccine's .and democrats are impeach the best president we america ever have Donal JTrump. People democrats congress are complete swamp.

    Ana SanchezAna Sanchez21 dag siden
  • AZZ WIPE!!!!

    Angie MacAngie Mac21 dag siden
  • I believe Giuliani sold us down the river where is he now

    Robert AlcalaRobert Alcala21 dag siden
    • Rudy prosecuted a lot of Mafia Folks. He was a real animal when it came to corruption.

      Deborah J. Dirk-HalleyDeborah J. Dirk-Halley19 dager siden
  • This is that storm ive been warning Dems about. They cannot escape whats coming. The bozo in the whitehouse and many others, are gonna be wearing orange when the smoke clears and the water gets drained

    Dewayne BoswellDewayne Boswell21 dag siden
    • @Dewayne Boswell You guessed who I am, haven't you? You girlfriend says Hi!

      Dat Frog KurtisDat Frog Kurtis12 dager siden
    • if you do know me, come see me. dont get all bent out of shape on your computer. I have no clue what a FB warrior is but come on over to Allen st, Im in the same spot ive been in for 15 years.

      Dewayne BoswellDewayne Boswell19 dager siden
    • @Dat Frog Kurtisyou dont know me boy

      Dewayne BoswellDewayne Boswell19 dager siden
    • Dream on grifter , dream on my little FB Warrior......

      Dat Frog KurtisDat Frog Kurtis20 dager siden
  • This impeachment is a well done fictional fairy-tail, I sure hope someone gets an Oscar for there outrages performances. No Fact! all conjecture snippets taken out of context and biased personal opinions, presented by the film industry and the crooked Dems that took this election dishonestly. Biden should be Impeached and when removed any and all involved with this farce should do jail time or we will never have a fair election ever again.

    Canute PettersenCanute Pettersen21 dag siden
  • If Rudy is not arrested, it will show that the bad guys really do get away with everything!

    Robert SipesRobert Sipes21 dag siden
  • Get on Rudy don't cut him no slack

    Robert RobersonRobert Roberson21 dag siden
  • Y'all need to leave the man alone and get the job done sending somebody some money

    Robert RobersonRobert Roberson21 dag siden
  • I'll tell you what makes m angry, everyone is on Lockdown for months and yet Footballers are on tv playing their favourite game jumping on each other hugging each other No Distance between them, it makes me very angry, Why are these privileged footballers out there playing football while the rest of us are on the third Lockdown, We have to do as we are told, Footballers don't, is that it Boris Johnson I'm sick of all this.

    June SherburnJune Sherburn21 dag siden
  • Feb 11 '21 What happened to this investigation?? Biden is "President".

    Sacred SpaceSacred Space22 dager siden
  • Possibly the only person on this planet who qualifies as being more stupid, incoherent and senile than Trump !

    Jerry WestJerry West22 dager siden
  • If Trump is our only hope we are in real trouble. Trump is the laughing stock of America.

    Ronald PealeRonald Peale22 dager siden
  • Biden needs to be impeached

    Pax MedicusPax Medicus22 dager siden
  • Friggin crook juliana

    Randy JettRandy Jett22 dager siden
  • Poor bloke, he’s got three muppets sat with him 😂

    Sharon barnardSharon barnard22 dager siden
  • The great Rudy Giuliani has the truth,evidence ,and Must be heard!! The commie left is stealing our country right out from under our noses !

    Ed SauerEd Sauer22 dager siden
  • OMG Rudy you need sectioning for everyone's sake

    Ilkeston RoboticsIlkeston Robotics22 dager siden
  • Rudy I will give you a nickel if you’ will shut the f-- up!!!!

    • And I'll throw in a bottle of hair dye!

      Dat Frog KurtisDat Frog Kurtis20 dager siden
  • What?

  • I have a request guiliany pull your f-in head out of your proverbial rear-end

  • At the end of the day & on balance Biden has basically got rich, By deceiving his own country. By virtually & possibly making it bankrupt, which is exactly 💯per cent what he will do as President. They have stolen the election to enforce their doctrine unto the American people, & turn it into a totalitarian nation thus the beginning of the New World Order.

    Noel Derek HillierNoel Derek Hillier22 dager siden
  • Burglar in chief! BS for 47 years ongoing!

    14344lem14344lem22 dager siden
  • President Trump america's true president give biden time no jobs no respect no harmony

    Jeff MotsJeff Mots22 dager siden
  • So whatever happened to this?

    topsy Tee83topsy Tee8323 dager siden
  • The blonde lady is kind of hot , otherwise it's just sad.

    David BuxtonDavid Buxton23 dager siden

    Ruben FONTAINERuben FONTAINE23 dager siden
  • Ukraine people knew that. I know this story also before americans knew And Poroshenko laundry money in S. America.He open chocolate factory here long time ago.

    Lia KayteLia Kayte23 dager siden
  • Greu au greșit romanii

    Caty MocanuCaty Mocanu23 dager siden
  • Mulțumesc eheee

    Caty MocanuCaty Mocanu23 dager siden
  • Da Eu sunt Caty Mocanu de Tulucești Io non parlo inglese

    Caty MocanuCaty Mocanu23 dager siden
  • Giuliani? Ha ha ha h ha ha ha ha!

    Gurinder SinghGurinder Singh23 dager siden
  • The jaded step-father orly smell because acoustic feasibly test despite a subsequent growth. alleged, snobbish crop

    Viktor FrolikViktor Frolik23 dager siden
  • Giuliani is the second dumbest man I know next to his buddy Tronald Dump.

    C JC J23 dager siden
  • Lo

    Eulaine rtafsEulaine rtafs23 dager siden
  • Well done Rudi

    paulbodypumper1paulbodypumper123 dager siden
  • Amen !!! Y’all do something ow It we the People are rising UP!

    Barbara BBarbara B23 dager siden
    • Troll's crawling out from under the bridge?

      Dat Frog KurtisDat Frog Kurtis20 dager siden
  • You said you can't sit and watch your country sold to Joe biden but it's already sold.

    ailia naqviailia naqvi23 dager siden
  • The absorbing objective seemingly instruct because light preferentially x-ray given a sassy competition. uttermost, knotty hardcover

    Bread ChaserBread Chaser24 dager siden

    TestyGatorTestyGator24 dager siden
  • How many Chinese trademarks were granted to Ivanka Trump the same day that President Xi visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago?

    TestyGatorTestyGator24 dager siden
  • No vou b

    Jay StrocchiaJay Strocchia24 dager siden
  • 같이 갑시다ok

    강주효강주효24 dager siden
  • USA !!! USA !!! USA !!! 🇺🇸 Thank You Sir GIULIANI for your Bravery In the Beginning of Draining The DIRTY SWAM !!!! Thank You for Taking a Stand for the AMERICAN PEOPLE 🇺🇸 keeping you in Prayer 🙏🏼🇺🇸

    Emmalee MEmmalee M24 dager siden
  • This all makes so much sense now!!!

    KazzaeKazzae24 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️RUDY! We all American who have the power and opportunities to help to stop and save the America and the world, from falling in the traps of remaining Communist parties in around the world.

    LyndaPhuong NgoLyndaPhuong Ngo24 dager siden
  • Giuliani has been eating magic mushrooms. The guy is so demented looking and his head full of all this conspiracy nonsense.

    Scottie LaurenceScottie Laurence24 dager siden
  • God lawyers bulding ok

    강주효강주효24 dager siden
  • Love your brain not anyone can trick your stem cells!!!!Enjoy listening to your interviews!!!

    Pamela HugginsPamela Huggins24 dager siden