Georgia Secretary of State Criticizes Trump’s Election Data

6. jan.. 2021
363 702 Ganger

Seth Meyers' monologue from Tuesday, January 5.
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Georgia Secretary of State Criticizes Trump’s Election Data- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    lam nguyenlam nguyenMåned siden
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    Tiia parmTiia parmMåned siden
  • It's surreal watching this a little more than a week later. Life was softer, kinder, more innocent just a week ago.

    Katie CottinghamKatie CottinghamMåned siden
  • Does EVERYONE'S state's McDonalds have broken ice cream machines?

    Jema 1412Jema 1412Måned siden
  • To compete with ChicFil-A, McDonald's is releasing 3 new chicken sandwiches. In order to compete with McDonald's, ChiFil-A is installing 3 broken ice cream machines 😂

    Toni SmithToni SmithMåned siden
  • I'm a fat boy and I really appreciated that McDonald's/Chick-fil-A joke.

    tony btony bMåned siden
  • HEY! McDonald's ice creamachines aren't BROKEN! They just don't feel like filling them & making your kids weird a$$ blizzard combos..."I want Butterfinger in the bottom with a little carmel just in the middle -don't let it mix with top!😱 And some Oreo next ..but you can mix that with the Carmel & cam you put some hot fudge & M&Ms on it too, but don't let them mix with the hot fudge!!" Yea, it gets like that.

    Susanne GrabowskiSusanne GrabowskiMåned siden
  • Heard what? Baksetball?

    S. HodgeS. HodgeMåned siden
  • Best part if that? The dad jokes 😎

    Mike DalleyMike DalleyMåned siden
  • Raffles burgers?

    Robert FarrRobert FarrMåned siden
  • The broken McDonald's ice cream machine was top notch 😙👌

    Analicia KocherAnalicia KocherMåned siden
  • Agreed I live in hour south of indy. Good news with the new airport I never have to see the city again!

    SarahSarahMåned siden
  • Sunday😂

    rugby846rugby846Måned siden
  • Ugh, I hate to agree with someone else, but I think the jokes the crew laughs at are the best. It’s like the old saying goes ‘two in the bush, is worth one ‘just laugh Terry or I swear I will kill your wh- oh and Terry thought that was ok!... laugh at the next one Terry or I swear to g-‘

    Kevin MorganKevin MorganMåned siden
  • Think about it this may be the last time we see a trump tweet in the news

    David MiscaviageDavid MiscaviageMåned siden
  • That's an insulting stereotype generalisation of us Scots Seth! *proceeds to punch Seth on the monitor* ... Oh wait.

    AyeshteniAyeshteniMåned siden
  • I agree, it should be on a Sunday.

    Ian AlbertIan AlbertMåned siden
  • Seth is a zaddy

    A TA TMåned siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bal BenryBal BenryMåned siden
  • Ok... I have to admit... that was the perfect Dad Joke and the end! Kudos 👍👍!!!

    Mike LeeMike LeeMåned siden
  • For the record, Indianapolis has some amazing night life.

    EvilGuacamoleGamingEvilGuacamoleGamingMåned siden
  • you should try listening to the whole thing, not just the cherry picked editing.

    Mathew StaceyMathew StaceyMåned siden
  • My Scottish wife would like to point out that Americans don't get to watch their Capitol attacked by an army of "hold my beer" insurrectionists and then claim the Scots are the ones having drunken brawls.

    Micah FurlongMicah FurlongMåned siden
  • No more dad jokes...

    Lewis BeshersLewis BeshersMåned siden

    ALYNA MALYNA MMåned siden

    ALYNA MALYNA MMåned siden
  • Memphis is a death trap. We're having to phase out the rental scooters because people keep hurting themselves on the bad sidewalks

    Gaasuba MeskhenetGaasuba MeskhenetMåned siden
  • It's alright, Seth. I thought it was cute. I love Dad Jokes.

    Rowynne CrowleyRowynne CrowleyMåned siden
  • This feels like it happened so long ago

    Bear BrandBear BrandMåned siden
  • As someone who grew up in Indiana, skip it. Yeah, it's affordable, but there's nothing there. I mean, South Bend has a train station. but I used it to go to Chicago.

    sailtheplainssailtheplainsMåned siden
  • Thank god I needed this.

    Aidan McNarieAidan McNarieMåned siden
  • All this craziness was started 4 years ago by: The democrats,, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS. They mocked and attacked President Trump every single day! People are not stupid these media's created treasonous acts against President Trump. Now everyone will understand why President Trump is acting and feeling the way he is!!

    Roman WardRoman WardMåned siden
  • I should not have been drinking during the CIA joke...

    Marek LillelehtMarek LillelehtMåned siden
  • Afraid that Democrats will make Republicans, ie. Mc Connel as a scapegoat is behind the acts against Trump in election irregularities.

    Jerald LeungJerald LeungMåned siden
  • Everybody has a mind known, of course he said that only after Biden have a power to cover up

    Jerald LeungJerald LeungMåned siden
  • 🤣That whipped cream/Sunday joke slayed !

    MrDjsmooth87MrDjsmooth87Måned siden
  • Broken icecream machine. So true.

    Ashish ChoudharyAshish ChoudharyMåned siden
  • @13:19 it says ... (2)☭abolition of Private properties, (4) abolition of Patriotism, (5)abolition of Family, (6)😈abolition of Religion, (7)☠️creation of a World government. thx and no thx to the wicked🔺👁️illuminati.

    Liam LeeLiam LeeMåned siden
  • The sundae joke was gold. Superb. 🙌

    Heather Nicole ArtripHeather Nicole ArtripMåned siden
  • You are too funny.

    jahosaphatjahosaphatMåned siden
  • 4th second and it reminded me so much of Mr Zed! :D :D :D

    emils2000emils2000Måned siden
    • Zed is so good at what he does.

      Massimo O'KissedMassimo O'KissedMåned siden
  • Can Democrats get rid of electoral college or is a supermajority needed? That way everyone’s vote would be equal

    Richard KellerRichard KellerMåned siden
  • We serving overseas know fear. But we combat personal have learned to cope with it and work around it. But this different. We are terrified and that's different. Why? Because we deal with terrorism and know the signs of fanaticism and terrorist insurrection. This is not over. It is just beginning. These traitorous trump supporters are just beginning. We are terrified that our friends and loved one are in danger and we won't be there to stop it. For God's sake fellow Americans, please be vigilant and careful until we return. There is no disagreement among us. Our country and values are under attack from within. And the danger is not trump, he is an inane moronic narcissist. The real danger are his fascist supporters and the corrupt politicians that enable him. This is a dire warning to all loyal Americans. Take it from the experts, your military service son's and daughter's overseas. 'America is under attact. Not from a foreign power. We can take care of them. America is under attack by fascist traitors from within who claim that they are loyal Republicans but are actually Nazi wannabes. Do not let your guard down! Not even for a moment or they will make you their slaves just like the Taliban, ISIS or Al-Qaeda. We are experts at recognizing the signs of infiltration and insurrection. You are in danger. Please contact us. We may not bend from fear. But we are terrified by what we see is inevitable to come. These terrorists are not going to stop. They have just begun. Be careful. Be very, very careful. This is the worst kind of war and it is coming to America in the guise of domestic terrorism. To the Honor of Our Ancestors, Capt. Tamre' Colby USAFE/NATO

    Capt.Tamre' ColbyCapt.Tamre' ColbyMåned siden
  • Meyers, I'm POSITIVE that's not your REAL NAME !! WHY THE CHANGE ??

    Ts68moTs68moMåned siden
    • Facts aren't your friends.

      Massimo O'KissedMassimo O'KissedMåned siden
  • That Sunday joke!

    xirsamoht xxirsamoht xMåned siden
  • nice closer, so me

    kristoffer baldovinokristoffer baldovinoMåned siden
  • storm the capitol hill

    sxli3340sxli3340Måned siden
  • his fake arguments with anyone off screen are always the best. @LateNightWithSethMeyers, PLEASE PLEASE do a compilation video of all of Seth's off camera arguments. and especially the ones of Trump trying to talk Melania. it's TOO GOOD

    M SM SMåned siden
  • Scotland fights over Zoom and the US has an open brawl inside the capital.

    Rondalyn ReynoldsRondalyn ReynoldsMåned siden
    • sdf

      sxli3340sxli3340Måned siden
  • I appreciate the sundae joke; thanks Seth!

    Ramen DragonRamen DragonMåned siden
  • Senate minority leader Moscow Mitch!

    Greg KGreg KMåned siden
  • yikes this is trash

    Stale KoryStale KoryMåned siden
  • It’s ok Seth, I think you’re cool.

    sean hsean hMåned siden
  • Tonight's monologue is going to have a very different tone.

    sammygirl6910sammygirl6910Måned siden
  • Seth, after today.....Where are you???

    Cy *Cy *Måned siden
  • I thought the scooter incident was in Austin? Oh well, maybe both!

    Jon BlondellJon BlondellMåned siden
  • Get Seth an audience....STAT

    writerpenn2012writerpenn2012Måned siden
  • Seth Meyers, of soliloquy's and monologues: That I love your work like there's no tomorrow, may I offer my own take of one particular verse written in 1731 by Jonathon Swift (1667-1734) from 'An Epistle to a Lady'; of wit, and by way of somewhat muted soliloquy: I have added but two words, and deprived 'Ermine'of the single letter 'e' and added it to 'Spy': From the planet of my birth, I encounter vice with mirth. Wicked ministers of state, I can easier scorn than hate: I find it answers right, that scorn torments them more than spite. All the vices of court, do but serve to make me sport; should a monkey wear a crown, must I tremble at his frown? Could I not, thro' all his 'Ermin' (sic) spots and blemishes): 'espy' the strutting chattering vermin, and safely write a smart lampoon to expose the brisk 'orange haired' baboon? In deference of George Santayana (1863-1952) who apparently wrote his oft misquoted quote in 1905: 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it'; in case you're wondering: - - of course we read the bloody comments! That, ladies and gentlemen: is a monologue!

    Jan UlfJan UlfMåned siden
  • January 5, 2025 is a Sunday. Then the dad joke works!

    Marc KloostermanMarc KloostermanMåned siden
  • You had me until you said that Indianapolis is a death trap 😂

    Greg LindquistGreg LindquistMåned siden
  • It's been xxx days and I still don't miss the audience even a little

    Brian JacksonBrian JacksonMåned siden
  • I take it we aren't going to get a funny coup segment what with someone dying for trump and what not.

    Sway MagnusSway MagnusMåned siden
  • Oh he had no idea what kind of material was headed his way...

    lapb5555lapb5555Måned siden
  • 3:02 A day with a joke like that can only be Sadder-day ...

    Lawrence D’OliveiroLawrence D’OliveiroMåned siden
  • 1:48 That’s so passive-aggressive, though: trying to suck up to Trump while wearing something his side don’t want you to wear ...

    Lawrence D’OliveiroLawrence D’OliveiroMåned siden
  • Omg the whipped cream joke was the best 🤣🤣🤣

    Lara ResendeLara ResendeMåned siden
  • "Lunch with nothing" lol that's harsh

    Cam BrtCam BrtMåned siden
  • Hollywood needs to go they live in a different universe telling me how to live in mine I don't tell you how to live in yours.

    Not SureNot SureMåned siden
    • 1) You just did. 2) You don't have to listen to Hollywood.

      Massimo O'KissedMassimo O'KissedMåned siden
  • You are one of the few SNL Jackwads I really like, but this IS not the time to be seeing Guy Smiley with a big stupid guy smiley face; this Crap we're seeing is not going to go away ; this is the beginning of the beginning.

    gary rainesgary rainesMåned siden
  • I can't wait for tomorrows show after what just happened

    Tiff NidellTiff NidellMåned siden
  • Now I want whip cream

    Sven JorgensonSven JorgensonMåned siden
  • I think Seth’s starting to lose it! 😂

    ProudPapaJDProudPapaJDMåned siden
  • America became an African Dictatorship!

    Arif HasanArif HasanMåned siden
  • Wooow, reddit ain't like that

    Philip O'DuffyPhilip O'DuffyMåned siden
  • 😂👍

    CashCashMåned siden
  • President DonaldTrump won the electoral and popular vote and will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021!

    Christina CraftChristina CraftMåned siden
  • Oh no, It's Seth Meyers, the Trump dumper! Yes Seth, it would appear that you too didn't listen to the whole call. You listened to... "The abbreviated phony media version" As fed to that media by "corrupt wounded pretend Republican fraud in Georgia". FYI: There are 74 million "real" American's who don't agree. These are the same Americans who know full well that the DemocRATs and their influence peddling illegitimate "President Elect" stole these elections with the phony stuffed, harvested, printed, adjudicated ballots, they processed while in control of the polling stations and counting centers in a handful of corrupt states, Georgia being the "Big Guys" main man. Seth, guess who is a bought and paid for puppet of China, senile, and illegitimate... as demonstrated by bulk payments of $4.5 million from China, $3.5 million from Russia, and $83,000 in monthly installments from the Ukraine?. Let's see what brownoising and appeasing gets America. While your DemocRAT's are at it, we'll no doubt see someone tagging along on AF1 to bag as much as is humanly possible from all their new "business partners". You get what your bought votes deliver Seth. You DemocRATs now own this loser administration. So, suck it up and enjoy the next four years! Let's see how far down the road your senile old goat gets us before he has to let someone else drive because... I'm.... just.... so.... sleepy.

    John DoeJohn DoeMåned siden
  • Can't wait to see the video of Trumpist republicans storming the Capitol building.

    SCP - 1471SCP - 1471Måned siden
  • 😈🤑🇺🇸Senator & Congress🇺🇸 we never VOTE Vote you again, if you don't stand up for 🌋80+Million Americans who are crying out daily for Justice & Fair elections.

    W LawrenceW LawrenceMåned siden
  • that satanic family should be arrested and the key thrown away

    Ivana SapirovIvana SapirovMåned siden
    • Satanic? No, they're more like Evangelists, which is worse.

      SCP - 1471SCP - 1471Måned siden
  • The very centre of American government is under siege by thugs but sure, the Scots are the belligerent ones.

    Alan HopeAlan HopeMåned siden
  • Never give up on your country. ⭐️⭐️⭐️TRUMP2020⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Brutus SmithersBrutus SmithersMåned siden
  • Thanks Seth for saying it the correct way - Day-ta - and not the wrong way - Dah-ta ;-)

    HellwyckHellwyckMåned siden
  • Thanks Seth. 👍 I would love to see trump removed by force from the white house. Lol

    Time WarpedTime WarpedMåned siden
  • your jokes are starting to suck more and more. obviously your writers are consuming too much youtube and its becoming you. its pathetic. dont be a youtuber.


    Stuart LaidlawStuart LaidlawMåned siden
  • THE END IS NEAR, GET RIGHT WITH JESUS NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE BREATH IN YOUR LUNGS! REPENT AND GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS, why wouldn't you want a savior who is REAL and LOVES you. Lets wake up and get right, your life is like a VAPOR, here today and GONE tomorrow. Please do not wait, do not let another day go by without receiving GOD'S love for you today He's been waiting for you to come to him for so long do not turn away from him, he wishes no one to perish and wants as many people to come to him as possible. Jesus is the ONLY one that saves. God bless you all, and let's stay prayer up these times are only becoming darker. Ask Jesus to protect you, save you, and your LOVED ones, now.

    Kayla SwanKayla SwanMåned siden
  • Considering as of time of writing this comment, the Stain's anarchists are storming the House and Senate. Yet we all know if they were black they would've been shot, but since they're white they're gently moving them.

    Grima the Fell DragonGrima the Fell DragonMåned siden
  • #cancel for doing #manface

    dankwrasslin experiencedankwrasslin experienceMåned siden
  • Just saw what is happening in your capital. You can now never say anything about any other country again. The final nail has struck your eagle.

    erebus krakenerebus krakenMåned siden
  • As I watch this, trumpsters are storming the capitol.

    PyroNymph -PyroNymph -Måned siden
  • Love ya Seth, but a joke about Trump mispronouncing names followed by you mumbling half the word candidate makes the joke on you 🤣😂🤣

    Travis KeenaTravis KeenaMåned siden
  • Is it nothing because of the coup?

    Jane BakerJane BakerMåned siden
  • "Never forget?" Elephants never forget either🤣🤣🤣

    ꧁Lil Fairy꧂꧁Lil Fairy꧂Måned siden
  • One can only try to understand an equal, judgement occurs from a pedestal 🔴

    STILLSTILLMåned siden
  • Catherine Austin Fitts covid the economic war......

    vasari corridorvasari corridorMåned siden
  • Americabns must Remain diligent. Trump's evil reign of terror has not yet been redirected or the worshipers and rebel groups believing trumps Propaganda remain uneducated. Remain diligent. Even with a 50-50 balance in the Senate between the Communist Republican dictators and the American Democrats, still, the Republicans can FILIBUSTER the SENATE to prevent Americans from restoring a Democracy in America. Remain diligent. "DEMOCRACY WAS ONLY When LIVING THINGS raise the babies and select the best to lead the village forward, The only thing that matters in a DEMOCRACY is for Intelligent Human Life to make their decision by VOTING. in spite of whatever dictatora, kings, priest communists,, capitalists or corporatists object to their abused SLAVES stearing their own destiny. DEMOCRACY PROTECTS HUMANITY. BRAVE IMMIGRANTS escaping the DARK AGES of the OLD WORLD crossed oceans and wrote our Constitution so we could speak freely here without being Stoned to Death, Burned at the Stake, or Nailed to a cross for sharng the accumulating WISDOM of the WORLD, here and refusing to salute, worship and obey the "King's," Priests" and other retarded crusading predators of the Medieval military DARK ages of the Old world. Americans, Remain diligent. The saluters and worshipers of President Putin and Comrade Trump have not formed enough Rebel Groups, not bought enough military weapons to turn our democracy into a communist dictatorship. According to the Voting , the defeat of Human freedom is CLOSE. (50-50) Remain diligent. Trump's evil reign of terror has not yet been redirected or the worshipers of their Propaganda educated. Remain diligent. Even with a 50-50 balance in the Senate between the Communist Republican dictators and the American Democrats, still, the Republicans can FILIBUSTER the SENATE to prevent Americans from restoring a Democracy in America. Remain diligent.

    Thomas PantoThomas PantoMåned siden
  • if trump committed suicide his suicide note would read "someone else did it".

    Thomas PantoThomas PantoMåned siden
  • And now...thanks to traitors like Cruz and Hawley we now have right wing protestors (you know...the "non violent" ones) feel justified to invade and destroy property

    michael Vincentmichael VincentMåned siden
  • Trump is definitely the funniest president to have ever taken office. He is so ridiculous, so delusional and outspoken, everything he says sounds like it came right out of a SNL skit or Onion article. He's essentially Borat if Borat was American; you can't take a guy like that seriously

    Lord FarquaadLord FarquaadMåned siden